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Help, seek proper advice, disease, career

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Om namah sivaya.




I am usually cool headed, honest & never harm anyone in my life, I pray for every ones success, even with some major problem in life, childhood, (my father left & married some one else when I was small, I was brought up with the help grand parents & I very grateful to them for providing me education, & respect them a lot. The 2nd wife of my father did some magic, but because we did not do any harm & even dont wish anything bad to happen her, she is only suffering because of it & losing her mind, mental)


I have been able to pull through my education & get my job on my own. I thank god this, & pray that he does the same for every one. There is few things which have been keeping me tense since a year now.


Date of Birth, 21-12 1982

Time of Birth Around 12.12 pm

Place Faridabad, Haryana


1) My career - I was doing well until I changed job in 26'Oct2006 I joined my current company, right now I am not satified by my job, no recognition for any of my efforts, no motivation left any more. Recently I interviwed on 1st feb 2008 for a job, for which I got offer in 1st week of may 2008, in bangalore but for some under pressure I refused, which I regret now. Please tell me when will I get a better paying job, I am trying very hard now since 1 month but everything is failing, no one is ready to give salary I want & I am losing hope that I am ruining my career..... so I am frustrated, as all my juniors who I trained & woreked under me are getting higher salay, get foriegn trips, I am not jealous in any way & wish them success but, God why I am not getting salary/position I deserve, & no recognition of my hardwork, when will I get a better job? Is there chance of going abroad? Getting fame & money?? Or will i stay in job suffering like this?



2) Disease - I had serious serious skin problem since I was a teenage, acne, rashes are common in teens, but for me they continue to appear & they spoiled my whole face. I used to depressed that I didnt even look into mirror. I was so shamed at it, I didnt like getting photographed. Because of this I dont have any self confidence to meet anyone or go out anywhere. Now I take medicine since 3-4 years but I dont want continue all my life? Will I be ever normal?? When my skin disease get over??

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Keep patience till the current antardasa of Sun ends on 14 Oct 2008. The next antardasa of Moon in Jupiter's Mahadasa is very likely to provide good professional opportunities besides foreign assignment which will remain effective from 14 Oct 2008 to 13 Feb 2010. Even, the next antardasa of Mars will be very good for professional and financial matters and you may enjoy specific social recognition.

If possible, donate wheat Equal to your Weight (Tula Daan) in Shiva Temple on Sunday (One time), it is very likely to reduce troubles from enemies and disease problem.

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Dear visitor,


(This reply is not intended for you. I am only a student.)


Satabhisha - 1- Rahu

Meena lagna - lagnesh in 9th house!

Exalted Mars in eleventh

Exalted Rahu/Ketu (ketu took parents away, gives strong enemies but fame/recognition too)

Mercury not combust - forms budhaditya yog in 10th house

Venus - not auspicious for meena lagna - in 10th house indicates luxury in office but its also debilitated in navamsa - Stay away from Office Romance!

The Sun-Mer-Ke-Ve conjunction seems to me more good than bad for career. Though job changes will be seen throughout. (dasha change will see that happening too)

Moon is 4th from Jupiter - indicates gaj kesari but not a powerful one because moon isnt bright. Its ill placed and major cause for worry and disease. Its in 6-8 relationship with its own house - a trikona.

Exalted Saturn in 8th house will give longevity and journey to foreign land. But its aspect upon upachaya (10th house), house of gains and again 5th house - I dont know what the effect will be? Worries it will surely give.


Its easy to answer the 2 queries asked. According to me, remedies for Moon is an absolute must. As we can see a moon antardasha too. Success, fame, recognition is strongly possible after moon antardasha ends in 2010 Feb. Mars antardasha should give great results even though its 12th from moon. Saturn mahadasha indicates foreign journey, but also worries, inheritance problems, and expenses. Self confidence can be regained through shiva bhakti and positive thinking, counselling sessions, etc.


I would have been more confused had he asked about wife/family life. There is a group division between planets between two opposite answers.


Dear sirs, pls explain.




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Astro_Tech ji,


Pranam! Lot of Regards and Wishes to you.


It seems we have posted a reply at the same time! As i read your reply only after submitting mine!


Kind regards,




Dear Mrs. Deepa Bhandari,


May this finds you in best of health and spirits.


Not only you, but any one is free to submit his/her understanding. I do not think, I have any right to restrain others to explain their understanding. Moreover, the analysis done by you is quite good and too the point.


best wishes.

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Thank you so much!!!!! I believe you have truly analysed it.


Because like you say luxury in office, I get all facilities in office, transportation, phone and also freedom to work from home, so I hardly have to go to office, no chance romance then..


Also regarding my marriage etc, I really dont wish to marry :), I know it sounds absurd.:)


Also is there any chance to settle abroad in future?


Right now I was just full tensions about my career, getting my sister married, taking care of my grand parents... my ftather & his 2nd wife are trying to kabzaa the house that my grand father built for us & throw us all out of it, but if my career is good, it doesnt matter I will build my own house since I dont wish to take things for granted... so I wanted to do good and earn well in life.

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