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  1. Om namah shivaya. Respected guri jis, I am a confused soul. I have had tragic issues, my father passed away few months & all my relatives are forcing to get married quickly or atleast in next year. At this time in my life I never felt comfortable with it because of personal choice. Please can u tell if I ever get married and lead a normal happy married life? & time frame is it. My DOB 21 DEC 1982 Time: 12:15 pm daytime Location: F aridabad, H aryana
  2. Thank you so much!!!!! I believe you have truly analysed it. Because like you say luxury in office, I get all facilities in office, transportation, phone and also freedom to work from home, so I hardly have to go to office, no chance romance then.. Also regarding my marriage etc, I really dont wish to marry , I know it sounds absurd. Also is there any chance to settle abroad in future? Right now I was just full tensions about my career, getting my sister married, taking care of my grand parents... my ftather & his 2nd wife are trying to kabzaa the house that my grand father built for us & throw us all out of it, but if my career is good, it doesnt matter I will build my own house since I dont wish to take things for granted... so I wanted to do good and earn well in life.
  3. Om namah sivaya. Hi, I am usually cool headed, honest & never harm anyone in my life, I pray for every ones success, even with some major problem in life, childhood, (my father left & married some one else when I was small, I was brought up with the help grand parents & I very grateful to them for providing me education, & respect them a lot. The 2nd wife of my father did some magic, but because we did not do any harm & even dont wish anything bad to happen her, she is only suffering because of it & losing her mind, mental) I have been able to pull through my education & get my job on my own. I thank god this, & pray that he does the same for every one. There is few things which have been keeping me tense since a year now. Date of Birth, 21-12 1982 Time of Birth Around 12.12 pm Place Faridabad, Haryana 1) My career - I was doing well until I changed job in 26'Oct2006 I joined my current company, right now I am not satified by my job, no recognition for any of my efforts, no motivation left any more. Recently I interviwed on 1st feb 2008 for a job, for which I got offer in 1st week of may 2008, in bangalore but for some under pressure I refused, which I regret now. Please tell me when will I get a better paying job, I am trying very hard now since 1 month but everything is failing, no one is ready to give salary I want & I am losing hope that I am ruining my career..... so I am frustrated, as all my juniors who I trained & woreked under me are getting higher salay, get foriegn trips, I am not jealous in any way & wish them success but, God why I am not getting salary/position I deserve, & no recognition of my hardwork, when will I get a better job? Is there chance of going abroad? Getting fame & money?? Or will i stay in job suffering like this? 2) Disease - I had serious serious skin problem since I was a teenage, acne, rashes are common in teens, but for me they continue to appear & they spoiled my whole face. I used to depressed that I didnt even look into mirror. I was so shamed at it, I didnt like getting photographed. Because of this I dont have any self confidence to meet anyone or go out anywhere. Now I take medicine since 3-4 years but I dont want continue all my life? Will I be ever normal?? When my skin disease get over??
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