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Want to know when physical seperation from my wife will help

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TIME OF BIRTH--10:10pm

DATE OF BIRTH--19th December 1980




Wife's data

Time of birth- 3:25pm (india)

date of birth-11th June 1982

Place of birth--Port Blair, Andman Islands, India.



Hello I am in some dire need of help, I got married on 8th of Sept. 2004, in India but as soon as I came back to US I lost my job and subsquently I have been jobless and homeless right after my marriage, all of 2005 to mid of 2007, my wife is Indian, we are an inter-racial couple. Haven't met her since late of 2004 because of financial problem, I do have a job right now (since Aug 2007) and also have applied for her visa(on February 29th 2008, takes around 9 to 10 months for approval), wants to know will she get the visa or not and when will I have a settled life with her. I can't go to her right away because my job won't let me.


I am also willing to move to India if that has to happen, just want to know what the future holds for us and how soon me and my wife will start living together.


Thanks for any help


Hari Bol



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