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Dear all,


I have been having this problem quite sometime now. Its like some years ago , guess may be 10 years ago, I had told one of my friends, rather a cousin some bad words, which i was not supposed to say. I dont remember even why exactly I had said them. I had even apologised to him many times after that..But it seems like he has not forgotten it even now, so whenever i visit my hometown and whenever i meet him , he again reminds me of that it pisses me off completely.. I just dont understand , why he does this even after 10 years.. I just dont understand how to get rid of this situation.. coz I visit my hometown for peace , and this bloody guy is out to destroy that..


Can anybody here please help me in solving this problem.. i couldnt find a better place to put forward this request...


Thanks in advance..



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Don't know for sure but it seems all you can do is apologize and be humble which apparently you have. Maybe what you said created some karma so basically just pray to the Lord that things will be solved peacefully and if there is karma to endure then wait it out. Just my 2 cents but who knows.


Thanks AncientMariner, I have been humble with him even after this as I have absolutely nothing against him. I appreciate your opinion, a that has stopped me becoming aggressive and also has pacified me to certain extent..


Hare Krishna

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You must undo the effects of your original words. If they made him feel dumb, you must make him feel smart. If they made him feel unloved, you must make him feel loved. You must demonstrate practically and sincerely that those hurting words were incorrect and not the way you really feel about him.

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it takes a man to realise his mistake, accept it and then ask for forgiveness. To you using foul language was offensive and to correct this you have asked for forgiveness. But you have done something all people who make mistakes should do and this is to take responsibility for your actions.


Just remember in life that ones duty is not another man's right. For example, it is you duty to ask for forgiveness from your cousin but it is not you right to expect forgiveness. Also its his duty to try to make this situation a thing of the past, but it is not your right to demand that he forgets this.


There is only one remedy for this situation and all other tiny situations in life. Understand what you have done wrong and try not to repeat the mistake. Then always chant the Lord's name...after all if we think about all the little stifles of life, we must remember that in the end we only answer to the Lord and no on else.


Jai Shri Krishna

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