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Sign petition to Liberate Holy Ganga from Canals and pollution

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With all the people here on this board, it is a shame only 25 people have signed the petition for Maa Ganga. When I hear that people defile her body with garbage, sewage, chemicals and other vile things it brings tears to my eyes. Would anyone go into a temple or to a shrine and put these foul things on any murthy of God/dess? No I don't think so! I think it is just as equally wrong to put foul things into the body of Maa Ganga. She has a living presence here on Earth and humans who know full well that she is sacred has polluted her presence and ruined it for future generations. Even though I know that this is a product of Kali Yuga, it is still a shame, and it still makes me cry. Our Earth is a sacred nurturing mother, and look how we have fouled her? Look at how we dump chemicals into her veins, and throw garbage on her body. Would anyone do this to their own home or mother? No! Then why do this to our Earth Maa and Maa Ganga? Shame on anyone who does these things.

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