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31 percent of Indians are vegetarian

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Jahnava Nitai Das

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NEW DELHI (ICNS) -- Contrary to beliefs, majority Indians eat meat or fish but at least eight percent of Christians in the country eat only vegetarian food, revealed a survey that two media organizations jointly held.


The Hindu -CNN-IBN State of the Nation Survey, conducted between August 1 and 6, is based on interviews with 14,680 respondents, spread across 883 villages and urban areas in 19 states.


The findings show that only 31 per cent of Indians are vegetarians. The figure is 21 percent for families (with all vegetarian members). Another nine per cent of the population is “eggetarian” or vegetarians who eat eggs.


The survey shows that vegetarianism is a habit inherited by cultural practice rather than individual belief.


However, religion and community do matter because as many as 55 per cent of Brahmins are vegetarians. But only 12 percent tribal people are vegetarians.


It also says Hindus who does daily worship are more likely to be vegetarian, but the majority of all Hindus are non-vegetarian. While 45 percent Upper caste Brahmins eat meat, people of other upper castes eating meat are said to be 72 percent.


Generally, Christians in India are considered to be meat eaters but the survey says, eight per cent of India’s 25 million Christians are also vegetarians.


More women are likely to be vegetarian than men. Also, those who are above the age of 55 are also likely to be vegetarian, showing a relation between age and vegetarianism. Among the young, the figure is only slightly below the national average.


Location too matters than caste, religion or community. The lowest number vegetarian families are in coastal states such as Kerala (two per cent), Tamil Nadu (eight per cent), Andhra Pradesh (four per cent), Orissa (eight per cent) and Bengal (three per cent).


Most land-locked States, especially in the west and north, are places with the highest proportion of vegetarian families: Rajasthan (63 percent), Haryana (62 percent), Punjab (48 percent), Uttar Pradesh (33 percent), Madhya Pradesh (35 percent) and Gujarat (45 percent).


An alarming revelation was on hunger in India. Some 35 per cent of people said at least once during the last year, they or someone in their family could not have two square meals a day.


Seven per cent say this happened `often.' This incidence is higher among Dalits and tribals and the urban and rural poor. The survey is a reminder that hunger is not related only to natural calamities or famine, but reality of daily life.

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Hmmm I thought we had the numbers and we were on the winning party.

Man there is still a lot of work to do huh? Did we poll in Manipur?

I reckon it was rigged by the meat industry.

Guess that explains why all the other living entities on the planet are in anxiety.

You mean that's only about 300 million, I'm feeling lonely:rolleyes:

Did they mention how many nectarians there are?:pray:

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There is Lies than


there is Bloody Lies


than there is Stats.:deal:



This is from the mouth of one of the professional statistician at the MBA Unit where I am studying.


But it makes life a little interesting to have numbers that gives some sort of indication or Trend of what you are interested in.


Hare Krsna


Jay Sirla Prabhupada

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