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ghost hauntings

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Most people here will not like it, but someone has to do this. There are no such things as ghosts. A ghost is a physical impossibility.


You have a vivid imagination blurring the lines between the real and the unreal which happens to some people. You will have to use logic to solve this problem. Basic questions...How can a ghost have a voice? There can be no voice without a physical voice box. Has it ever tried to communicate with you? Have you tried to communicate with it? If not, you should.



You said earlier that you cannot see it. How then do you know it goes away for the mantras?


Also look into your past. You were most likely exposed to ghost stories and haunted house stories which had a profound impact on you. If you can understand that you are creating the ghost, then your problem will be solved. Try watching movies like a beautiful mind and flightplan. Else, you can consult a doctor.


Good luck


Dear Mr.shvu.

you were right about many people not liking your comments on ghosts.


you are right. Ghosts have no physical existance. Hence no physical Voice box. meaning no source, no output.

Ever heard abt "aerial molecular resonance"? When you close your ears tight with your hands, you hear something very very squeeky and so loud right?

so do you think there is a dome tweeter hidden deep in your brain?


Leave apart Ghosts and UFOs, There are other things being seriously discussed and researches are being made on them by greats like NASA!!! Example, "Paralell Universe Theory".

Haven't you felt at times that something thats is happening NOW has actually happened before also. You believe it has happened before and now its happening for the second time. But you remain confused and finally....Just like that you forget it. Things flow smooth agin.

There is a universe paralell to our universe.


People who come milimeters close to death but miraculously survive to talk about the same, are always convinced that this world is not all that what we know abt. Lets say (just for a thought), you are destined to get hit by a car at some point of time. Lets assume due to some miracle you miss the impact and survive the brush with the death. That car actually hits you in the parallel unverse. So if the things donot go as intended here in this universe, it will for sure in the paralell universe. But the worrying part is, if the car missed you in the paralell universe..........it will find you for sure in this Universe!!!! Beware! That explains the term "ACCIDENT"...generally.


Infact, we humans know just about 1% abt "UNIVERSE", Ironically we may never find out more than 2%. May be because there is a restriction to our thinking, discovering, inventing, calculating, analyzing and most of all, UNDERSTANDING capabilities.


I have seen the film "A beautiful Mind, The fkightplan...and many many other movies for that matter!!!

-------B U T-------

Do you think science has all the answers we need?

Then let me remind you what science failed to provide.


Science says, billions, trillions and zillions of years ago

two energy charges (+ annd -ve) came from nowhere (THE BIG BANG) and collided with each other causing a series of explosions multiplying in magnitudes as it went on to form universe ( Space, Stars, Planets, Gasses....and life!!!


But dont you think the word "NOWHERE" is just not enough!!!!



Thats the point Mr.shvu.


We never and neednot fear the things we already know.


Its always, the fear of UNKNOWN!!!!


If I ask you this one simple question, will you be able to answer it correctly?


this is the question:-

Define "NOTHING".


when i say " nothing", Imean, no life, no planets,stars, gasses, solar system, No space,

no energy......NOTHING!!!!!!


What do you see when u try n picure "Nothing" in your mind? you see total black righ?


well, Black is also something Mr.shvu. its a clolor to begin with. so even that shouldn't be there!!!!!


once you try indulging yoursef attempting to understand what is unknown, (rather than listening, reading nd seeing what others have to say about what they think abt things), you will start having a whole new perception of things.


A whole new Approach to................ "EVERYTHING"!!!!!


Have a nice day Mr.shvu.


Please do reply.

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