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  1. there is a family history. my aunt was affected by a ghost. by the grace of Sri Krishna She was releived. But still she suffers from it sometimes. a few days before she tried to kill her mother in her own hands. but somehow it didnt happpen. my aunt became a widow recently. still she may be under the ghost's control. the same ghost is threatening me in my house too. i want to get away from the ghosts. Please advice me, as to what i should do? Jai Sri Krishna
  2. i am feeling that there is a ghost in my house. i have never seen it. when i cry, i hear its voice. it cries with me. Late at night 1 30 midnight i hear its voice. And when there is a death to any of the relatives of the family it is sorrounding the house. i dont know what to do? i daily do poojas sing bhajans. but even then it is evident that something is there. When i chant the mantras it goes out of the house. but it never goes away. i dont know what to do? i am always afraid. Please help me. Jai Sri Krishna
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