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Found 3 results

  1. Can mahadasha of Ketu be good to anyone at all. I am wondering how will it be me. My details are below : Vipin 25-apr-1978 7:50 am New delhi, India I am advised that, a. 7 years of Ketu's mahadasha will not be good. Carrier will see bad phase. b. Don't wear cat's eye gemstone c. Immediately wear 1 carat original white diamond. Will elevates Venus that should help passing this 7 yr long bad phase. Later in venu mahadasha it will get max benifit of the period. d. Wear Blood Sapphire / Khooni neelam to get 45% boost to saturn & mars, which inturn will raise confidence & administrative powers to handle things better in carrier. e. Finanically period will go below average. g. Continue to wear Emerland to give peace to mind and grow thinking abilities. Want to understand how correct is above prescription and will these 7 yrs will be really bringing bad to all aspects of life ? Please guide and suggest. Thanks in advance to all viewers and responders.
  2. Hi. I have my Ketu in the 7th house(Saggi). My current dasa is Ketu Maha Dasa. I was advised to get married before the dasa starts or to wait till the dasa ends. However, the first didn't happen and the last wasn't an option due to age. I would be in my early 30's. So, somehow I ended up getting married last year at the age of 27 when the dasa actually started ( I hope) Its been 1+ years now. I got relocated to a different country now. I am curious to know if a change of place of living would have any influence(good/bad) on the predicted happenings of a period in a person's life. if so, what can I expect out of my next few years of Ketu Dasa and the next Ve MD. Here are my details : 3rd July 1982, 6.11 AM, Thanjavur, India. Thank you. chinnu
  3. Version


    The book titled "Rahu and Ketu in Predictive Astrology" in English in PDF format.