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  1. Hi. I have my Ketu in the 7th house(Saggi). My current dasa is Ketu Maha Dasa. I was advised to get married before the dasa starts or to wait till the dasa ends. However, the first didn't happen and the last wasn't an option due to age. I would be in my early 30's. So, somehow I ended up getting married last year at the age of 27 when the dasa actually started ( I hope) Its been 1+ years now. I got relocated to a different country now. I am curious to know if a change of place of living would have any influence(good/bad) on the predicted happenings of a period in a person's life. if so, what can I expect out of my next few years of Ketu Dasa and the next Ve MD. Here are my details : 3rd July 1982, 6.11 AM, Thanjavur, India. Thank you. chinnu
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