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  1. I found the text myself.. The song is uploaded in youtube and one must listen to this and you will get addicted regardless of whether you know the language or not. I don't know the language, but still I am addicted to the song. Can post the meaning of the song if someone is interested to read it. Shyam
  2. Can someone write the text version of Shree Hari Stotram please. The song starts as Jagadjaala kaalam gajadganda maalam sharat chandra galam maha daithya maalam. Thank you very much Shyam
  3. By the way GITA has been interpreted by many sages over the course of different centuries. I have read the interpretations by Sankaracharya and Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa also other than the book B-GITA as it is by Swami Prabhupadha. I have read the essence of GITA written by Bharathi in his poetry, I have different kinds of interpretations written by different scholars in my mother tounge. Certainly Swami Prabhupadha by himself would have read those different interpretations. To understand and gain a deep insight into something one has to really read many things and not just confine to one author, and this is what I mentioned. Any well learned scholars would certainly agree with me. I would like to stop here and dont want to argue with any one anymore as i dont have to prove myself for useless ignorant people's comments. Shyam
  4. I thought I should not reply to guruvani's comment but it does not make any sense if I dont reply. I have not made any personal comment on any individual mentioning any name. Can you point any name. I am not a person like guruvani to make such baseless comments on enlightened souls like Swami Prabhupadha. What nonsense this guruvani is talking. Is he really having any sense of understanding and analysing others words. Yes i still stress from my experience, its hard to find a spiritual master in this world because many people really exploit others in the name of religion and spirituality and some of them have even got into legal trouble for that whose names I dont wish to mention. They are quite well known in Indian community. Here in US, next to Swami Prabhupadha is really there any enlightened souls to his extent. So thats why I have mentioned, reading Gita is more than sufficient as it gives explanation for everything. You guys i dont know if you read GITA, but certainly its clear from the way you talk and interpret, its obvious none of you are really even fit to even comment about me. It does not make any sense to even argue with you guys trying to prove any point. Its waste of time and energy as its clear that you have no rational thinking from all your words. Mr.gurvani think whatever you want and I dont care. This is what you level of thinking is and that shows your mind. Please write whatever you want and whatever you wish. Bye bye Shyam
  5. The following link gives you information about Sharadha Devi http://srinaath.freeyellow.com/maa.html Shyam
  6. I dont know how many of you are aware of Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Sharadha Devi. Sharadha Devi was the wife of Paramahamsa and she was equally a teacher who learned spirituality and religion from her husband and performed the role of Guru and universal mother to all his desciples. One of his desciples who is well known is Swami Vivekanandha. Regards Shyam
  7. Encyclopedia Britanica is not something all in all. There is good number of evidence that there were many women scholars in India. Gargi, was a wise and learned daughter of Rishi (sage) Vachaknu, who was also known as Brahmavadini as she possessed the knowledge of Brahma-vidya. It's known that She participated in a debate with Yajnavalkya in the Yajnasala (place for sacrifices) of King Janaka." (father of Janaki (sita Devi) “Series of dialogues in the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad between Gargi and Yajnavalkya explains this. Thus it is evident that in ancient India, women used to obtain knowledge of many sciences and disciplines. NOn only that, the rishis's wife's (rishi pathni) were also teachers to the respecitive desciples of her husband. But as the society was patriarchial they too bear the same gothram of their husbands and hence their husband's lineages were known. But it is normally understood that rishi's pathnis from the fact that they also used to participate in public functions and take part in intellectual debates. There used to be no ban of any sort in the field of knowledge, this is established very clearly from the account of Gargi's life. This is also evident from the fact that In south India too, there were many women poetess during ancient India. ONe of the famous poetess of the second century was Avaiyar, who was devotee of Karthikeya (warrior form of Shree Krishna worshiped in tamilnadu) and history says that she not only participated in intellectual debates, but also acted as a major peace keeping force among the emperors. In present day India also there are good number of women in spiritual paths who has good number of followers. Regards Shyam
  8. HI., Nice to know that you have read my posts in the past. You are right. I dont have to care about someone's immatured comments. But Its not out of hurt or ego or anything i felt like not posting anymore, but honestly I am tired of dealing with people in this country ever since I came here. This not only includes the americans, but also some of the Indians who have settled here for more than 20 to 30 years especially the younger generations. I dont know how their minds change or this is their level of thinking. Its really sick to deal with it, when they suspect you for nothing. Right from begining, when I came here alone and trying to talk to people just to have some friends, people did not extend any friendship, rather they talk nonsense, or try to take advantage which is really shocking. I was under impression that this forum is written by people with some spiritual elevation, but later in course of time, i realised that most of them (not all) read some books and talk the same things whether they actually follow such principles in their lives or not. When they follow spirituality or atleast trying to understand, certainly they will not talk nonsense, but rather they would try to analyse. First one must keep their mind pure without any corrupted thoughts which i dont find with some people here. I truely feel I am a wrong person in this country itself. Well I am a research scientist and I have come to conclusion that Krishna wants me to concentrate only on that and that I am doing now. This is fine for me and spirituality and aquiring knowledge and understanding of GOD comes from within more than just reading and discussing texts and books of different authors. It comes only by real practice of those words which is very difficult. I am performing the ascribed duty given to me by Krishna and my duty is to conduct research in science and so let me stop with that. Thanks for your concern. I still read this forum although I may not wish to reply and get into any trouble. Regards Shyam
  9. This previous post in the name of guest was mine and I did not want to register as I am removing my id and leaving this group. but just writing this because i dont want you guy's dirty mind to think that this guest and the previous guest who posted his strange situation are the same. Regards Shyam
  10. By the way, the picture of arjuna grabbing krishna is wonderfully and naturally depicted the way it should be. When you want to stop someone your mind does not think of anything about where and how you grab the person. Arjuna's mind is clearly depicted in the first picture that he is begging Krishna to stop by running behind Krishna and grabbing his foot. Whats wrong with the idea of the picture. Its in our analysis and understanding. Regarding the femininity of Krishna's face, none can ever predict in a figure how beautiful Krishna could have been from all the descriptions on Krishna. While its true that most artistes portray the beauty in efiminated way, there are many picutres of krisna in temples of India in which HE is really masculine. Probably you would not have seen and I dont have them to post here. regards Shyam
  11. I am just curious to know if this forum is mostly written or posted mainly by american brought ups who has not lived through the Indian culture and traditions, who have recently converted to vaishnavism or come into Krishna conscious thoughts. I am not offending anyone but would seriously like to know, because from the way people misinterpret other's words, commenting on someone without even knowing anything, from the way a person has questioned about how arjuna is grabbing the legs of Krishna, femininity in Krishna's face, I guess I am a wrong person to write anything here being brought up in INdia, and lived through the Indian culture and traditions. I have been observing in US ever since I came here as a student that most people's mind think first about sexual approach and hence their interpretations too, which I noticed in this forum too from guruvani's comment and your comment on my id that I am fooling all you guys when you all dont even know me. We Indians are brought up in different cultural and traditional ways and we are brought up along with the thoughts of KRishna/GOD ever since we know ourselves, we were brought up with thoughts of friendship and brotherhood towards others. Just like that we dont misinterpret anything and we never bother to see things from sexual angle like you guys, which I also faced in this forum with some nonsense misinterpretation. Why they are not able to discriminate a normal friendliness from sexual attraction and why such corruption in thoughts. Its very sad to know that people's mind are so much corrupted here on sex whether you all agree with me or not. I really thought this forum is something useful in spiritual discussion but ultimately it proves to be nothing since i guess its being written by people (it not all atleast some of you) who does not know much actually about Krishna, but read few books or texts and simply talking like a parrot whatever the book says without analysing properly what the author tries to bring out in essence and without understanding or living through what GITA says. Anyway I dont blame you guys, since you dont even know India, her culture and traditioins, friendliness among people and brotherhood nature which can be understood only if you live there. I am sorry to write like this, but I have to stand atleast now to express my views after facing nonsense comments from people. If this is run and written by american broughts ups probably yes I am a wrong person to be here. Regards Shyam
  12. Hi..Well..I keep chanting HIS name all through the day consciously while doing any work even while writing this to you and also in sleep, which my people told me that once they observed that I was telling krishna krishna while sleeping. I dont know if this is the reason, I was protected several times from many big dangerous situations. By the way chanting HIS name also implies that one has to live through the life with purity of mind and only then HE stays with us. Its a wrong conception that what ever sin we do, HE will forgive us if we chant HIS name. GITA does not say like that. I have written about this and explained in detail in my other postings. If you are interested you can read. Regards Shyam
  13. Mr. Govindaramji I stressed to say that I am a pure devotee of Shree Krishna to imply that I dont disgrace anyone since that person who accused me has also mentioned that I am disgracing hara-krishna people. I dont disgrace anyone implies that I respect everyone irrespective of whether they beleive in Krishna HIMSELF or not and this is what my Lord says. For your question on finding a spiritual master, read GITA concentrating your heart and soul into it and live as how it is mentioned. When I can live such a life, being in this materialistic world anyone can live. When i say, I am living as Krishna says in GITA, I am not a sanyasi or a person who has given up materialistic life, but I dont hurt anyone with my words and action, I do my best by extending anything sincerely, as a good friend to my friends or even to any stranger which certainly one will realise it in course of time when they move with me and as a son to my parents and as a good employee to my boss. I am also keeping myself pure physically and mentally, to be a good husband If I get married. This is what I have understood by reading GITA and hence practicing it as far as possible in day today life. I fell HIS presence with me all the time after I started living HIS words. Certainly Krishna HIMSELF will come into you dream when you put your heart and soul in your prayers and HE is the only spiritual master I have ever known. But you have to work hard to see HIM through your mind. Regards Shyam
  14. HI...Thanks for giving your explanation. GOD BLESS YOU Shyam
  15. By the way, by mentioning that "go to the ISKON temple and give that person nicely" i meant sarcastically as i did not want to write any harsh words in this forum unlike most of the people. Didn't you read the following sentences " give him nicely with strong words" This does not mean, be nice and gentle to that person, but make that person realise that what he is talking in the name of spirituality and misbehaving should be brought to light, so that he does not misbehave with others. Also why somone has to stop going to temple for an idiot's misbehaviour. THats why i mentioned dont stop going to that temple. From your posting its very clear, that you are a person with no understandings of anything and just blindly come to conclusion without knowing anything about anyone and just pass some comments baselessly. You dont even know who I am and there is no personal interaction between you and me and how can you just pass on such comments towards someone without knowing that person. Shree Krishna will teach you a lesson for your arrogance certainly. Regards Shyam
  16. I cant beleive that you people who talk so much about GITA and Krishna are not able to stop thinking anything nonsense about sex and the usual nonsense thought prevailing in the society. I was born in the year 1969 and my name is shyam. I am a pure devotee of Shree Krishna which I dont have to explain to all you kind of people who talk about Krishna but with no values in mind. My krishna knows me better than anyone else. I was born and brought up in India in an orthodox shastry family, a pure brahmachari in heart and soul and I am the last person to disgrace anyone. By commenting so dirty on my id name without knowing anything, shows that you people just read GITA and talk about Krishna for the sake of it but not with any real understandings. Hare Krishna why do you put me amidst such kind of foolish people Regards Shyam
  17. My sincere adivice or suggestion to you is to stop searching for any spiritual master in this world. Honestly people who claim that they can show paths to salvation are not actually renounced by themselves which is true from the best of my knowledge and experience with such nonsense so called spiritual masters. Just read GITA interpreted by different people at various times. Again dont confine just to one interpretation and block your thoughts based on that individuals purport. You dont have to stop going to ISKON temple where someone misbehaved with you but go and give him back nicely because its one's duty to establish dharma when you find adharma, and who ever he may be dont bother to throw away and smash that person with strong words who exploit others in the name of Krishna/GOD. Reading GITA alone is more than sufficient than searching for a guru. regarding your relationship with your friend, continue the friendship as a true friendship from the heart and not from the body. It may be difficult initially but in course of time, you will realise that mental attachemnt devoid of physical attraction is much wonderful.
  18. Hi. gathering the information through internet is absolutely fine. We all learn from many source. If you have written the essay after understanding the essence of your learning from the internet, its fine and you dont have to feel bad about it. If you just submit the same content what you downloaded without even modifying or adding any of your comments or ideas to it, then its plagiarism especially when it goes for competition. So one practical way to get rid of your guilt conscious is to rewrite the essay with few more additional thoughts or ideas of yours from whatever you have understood on that topic after reading the contents from net. So this becomes the way you present the essay and you can provide references at the end or in the text sentences itself and this shows that you gathered information from different sources and also you acknowledged them. This is the practical solution to your problem I can think of. God bless you Regards Shyam
  19. You have done something that bothers you and you want to rectify or compensate for that. If you are bold enough to accept the realities of your faults, just accept it boldly and openly. If its something which will affect you very badly out of which you dont want to accept openly, dont worry, you will pay for it by some other means inspite of the fact that you realised that you were wrong. Its a wrong concept that GOD will forgive whatever we do and this makes people to repeatedly commit mistakes and apologise to GOD. Krishna/GOD accepts the soul that realise HIM only after that soul has paid for whatever mistake it commited. Today or immediately after the mistake is commited, you may not pay, but in course of time one will definetely pay for his/her mistakes that hurt other person in some way and the magnitude of your pay is much higher than the hurt what you created for the other individual. Thats why, its better to accept to the same person to whom you caused the hurt or to whom you commited something which is bothering you. Krishna/GOD certainly forgive you once realised, but only after HE makes you realise the pain of suffering, so that you wont repeat it again on anyone. But once you realise your mistakes and surrender to Krishna/GOD, naturally you wont do it again and hence He forgive the soul and accept the soul to Him. Its a wrong concept to think that Shree KRishna/GOD forgives everyone irrepsective of whatever they have done. A person who has really understood Bagawat-GITA will not say this and Bagawat-gita does not say like this. Karna who was known for his giving attitudes was still punished, because he supported Adharma by going behind Duryodhana for the sake of his personal benefits, he asked Draupathi to sit on Duryodhana's lap just because duryodhana was his friend. Krishna did not forgive him just because karna was good in other aspects. In the same way, Dronacharya although he was a great teacher, he kept quiet when Draupathi was insulted, also Beeshmacharya who kept quiet for the sake of personal benefits and all these people were punished for not raising their voice against adharma. So dont think that Krishna/GOD will forgive once you apologise. He will forgive the soul and accept to HIM instead of giving rebirth, once the soul realise the mistakes and does not do after that, but yet the soul is made to pay for all the faults which is repercursions of its own actions. This is clearly explained in second chapter of Gita. Please dont just read and blindly accept the interpretation (purport) given by other person. When you try to understand every concept by yourself by deep meditative thinking that GOD does not forgive some soul so easily unless the soul realizes its mistakes and pay for it. So in your case if you dont accept your mistake openly today, you will certainly pay for it on someother day in someother way. Regards Shyam
  20. Nice answer for such a question from a conflicting and confused mind. shyam
  21. Srivats, your answer to that querry on origin of casteism is quite convincing. I guess that person who put the querry or initiated the thread, must be like the other regular brahmin haters who always hates brahmins from their birth for no reasons without trying to analyse anything in logical way. Unfortunately in India, people always think upper caste means only brahmins and most of the movies misinterpret its the brahmins alone who discriminate people based on caste, which is not true. There are many communities like Reddy, Naidu, Mudaliar, Chettiar and they are more aggressive towards the scheduled caste and tribes since they have financial background and they are the one who are landlords or zamindars in the past and using the labor class for their convenience. They do protest and go to any extent if their children fall in love with a labor class scheduled class, but the movies always portray that brahmins are bad. For example if you take the communal clash in tamilnadu in the southern district, its between vanniars, or thevars and SCs and where is the brahmin element here. IN fact, Ambedkar who is the idol for labor people was basically encouraged by his brahmin teacher only. But they conveniently forget the good aspect and all other communities who illtreat the laborclass and use them conveniently put the blame on brahmins. This is what is happening out of which hatred is always there in India towards brahmins. I wonder if these people get equal treatment from the other communities i have mentioned for them to blame only the brahmins?
  22. Hinduism is not a religion like christianity, or islam or any other religion. Hinduism originally called sanathana Dharma is actually the way of life. This way of life has actually kept and still keeping different people of India living in different states socially and morally intact. Irrespective of the language we speak, we are united by the culture on the broader scale which is unique to this country. Minor differences may exist in the ritual and ceremonies as per different states, but this way of life following sanathana dharma without any restrictions like other religions is keeping the people intact, which yu will understand only when you live in India. People from south are visiting Varanasi, Badrinath, kedarnath, etc, and in the same way people from North are visiting Rameshwaram, Madurai Meenakshi temple, Guruvayur Krishna temple, Thirupathi, etc. It is this way of life with no restrictions, it is getting preserved by its own nature and which also preserved the ancient traditions for several centuries inspite of the heavy invasions by Mugals, Christianity and finally the British People living in that country still have truthfulness in their actions out of the fear of getting punished later by GOD. On the whole, a stranger from other country if he visits and stay in a colony, he will certainly get all kinds of help from the colony of people, and he will be treated like a family person, unlike what I have found in United states, where people discriminate you largely based on racism and its difficult to trust anyone for any reasons. You will understand the difference if you actually live in India atleast for a while. Morality rate is certainly high in India when compared to other countries and this is basically one of the essence of sanathana Dharma Regards Shyam
  23. Hi.. I felt a tricle coming out of my eyes when i read the following lines what you have cited. "Narayana took efforts to stay in all the pillers avaialable in the palace , not for any thing else , but to keep up the words of his great devotee." yes its true, and I have felt it. Shyam
  24. Hi.. I felt a tricle coming out of my eyes when i read the following lines what you have cited. "Narayana took efforts to stay in all the pillers avaialable in the palace , not for any thing else , but to keep up the words of his great devotee." yes its true, and I have felt it. Shyam
  25. Hi.. I was searching for the namavali of Narasimha swamy and thanks for posting that. Regards Shyam
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