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  1. Thank you Ayush I was born on the 10th day of October 1961 In the town of Barmera, in the state of South Australia/Australia Time was 12.30am (although time is based on my mother's memory, as I do not have access to my birth certificate at this time)
  2. Namaste, I was born 10/10/1961 just after midnight in Barmera, South Australia. I was told I am a Jeevatma yogi and my jeeva is Jupiter. After doing a little research, I feel Jeevaatma is more appropriate as I have been caught in Karmic fetters most of my life. I had a spontaneous Kundalini experience in 1985 and again in December 2001. I trained in Kung fu, and Satyananda Yoga during the eighties and backslid during the nineties. I basically volunteered to be a householder sanyassin/bodhisattva and rough it in the suburbs instead of being 'driftwood' (as Milarepa put it) in an ashram or temple but it near killed me so here I am asking help from your sangha. I am currently regaining my health and psychological stability after years of trying times, including many coincidences, visions, synchronicity and dealing with volatile kundalini shakti. I feel intuitively drawn to Yoga Tantra and Buddhism. I have been meaning to visit a local Buddhist establishment in Adelaide where I now live but always seem to be distracted from doing so and feel drawn back to Yoga, so I plan to visit our local Shiva Yoga centre. I seem to have experienced past life regressions and rapid karmic purging over past 20 years but am stabilising now. My question is regards to distinction between Jeevatma and Jeevaatma. Also any relevent information regarding my astrology,etc. I do not own a computer, so I will not be on this site often. Thank you for your time. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Har Hari Hari Om Tat Sat Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
  3. Not Evolution vs Creation again? How about Evolution and Creation for a change. Evolution of the Gods create universe which continue to evolve. Speaking of evolution, must be that time of the Kalpa again, given Kali yuga has spiraled down to now. When does the next Kalpa begin? Must be 'round about now in human time. How much longer must we put up with these monkeys fighting about who did what and what started when?
  4. Ancestors of this mob perhaps: [url="http://www.ainu-museum.or.jp/english/eng01.html"]<link no longer exits>
  5. Try this link rohit: http://www.astrobhadauria.com/
  6. And for the big picture:
  7. If I had more faith in the Judicial process, I would agree with the death penalty in certain cases.
  8. Desperate times for the needy.
  9. Taipan

    oh, Bama

    Pre-election talk is cheap. The Republicans have lost much credibility, so we will see who gets in.
  10. Such efficient use of resources reaching so many. Something Bill Gates might consider assisting.
  11. Wonderful. Let's hope more people with money and influence in the material world follow his example.
  12. Natural is real. Mother nature! Look around........touch it.......smell it!
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