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  1. Radhe Radhe! And Hare Krishna!


    he asked the gopis to come out naked out of the Yamuna to get there clothes

    I once read one of the most beautiful meditations on this story. It said that we must come out of the cold waters of the world and appear naked (stripped of all desire and hatred) before God before we can be clothed by Him in bliss and enlightenment.

    I guess this didn't have much to do with this discussion, but it's just such a beautiful meditation I felt like sharing it!

  2. Jai Sri Krishna!

    No, I don't believe I ever did read a passage regarding that... speculation I guess? I just can't stand the thought of Mother Devaki losing Lord Krishna after such sorrow and hardship! But, no... sadly I don't believe that Devaki left the prison until Kansa's death. But, your solution makes so much sense. Maybe Jasoda is a kaya-vyuha of Devaki? Just like the Gopikas being kaya-vyuhas of Srimati Radharani? That way Devaki could express Her mother's love for Krishna through Jasoda Ma's person? But, there I go again speculating!

    Jaya Radha-Jasodanandana! :D


    I'm doing a research project comparing Krishna and Christ. While looking through some books on the subject I came across this comment which confused me a little:


    For some time Nanda was unaware that Krishna was but a foster-child and not his own son after the flesh; so too, perhaps, Joseph who looked after the Child Jesus.


    What confused me was that this comment likens Nanda to Joseph (Jesus' "father"), when it seemed to me that Vasudeva would be a more obvious comparison. I've come to the conclusion that the person who wrote this passage sees Nanda and Yasoda moreso Krishna's parents than Vasudeva and Devaki though, so I have this question:


    Was Yasoda pregnant before Vishnu set his plan to be incarnated in motion, making Yasoda somewhat of "virgin mother" to Krishna, or was Yasoda's pregnancy something that occured beforehand? In other words, was the baby conceived by Yasoda that was switched with Krishna of divine conception?


    If I understand the question right, I've always thought that both of them conceived without sexual union, in perfect chastity... Mother Devaki and Mother Jasoda both conceived Divinely and in perfect purity (similar to Mary's conception of Jesus and Maya Devi's conception of Buddha).


    Gaura Govinda Maharaja explains: Both Yashoda and Devaki gave birth to Krishna at the same time. Yashoda also gave birth to a baby girl. When Vasudeva came to take the baby girl and give Krishna to Yashoda, Yashoda's Krishna and Devaki's Krishna merged together. So both Nanda and Vasudeva are fathers of the Supreme Lord.


    Detailed secrets...:)


    I think that makes ALOT of sense... b/c it says that Maya was incarnated in Mother Jasoda's womb, but Maya is a facet/power of the Lord, so I've always thought that the Lord incarnated in the two forms at once. Another thought I (once) had (before reading this) was that Devaki just fled the prison immediately after the birth and did a witness-protection style name/location change... any thoughts on those two views? I guess the second one was rationalizing so that poor Mother Devaki didn't have to lose Her precious Krishna!

    Jaya Radha-Madhava :D


    i have asked this question several times before but no one has answered. every religion has a form of devil, the chief of all evil powers and the chief of darkness. in persian religion it is ahriman, in islam it is seytan, and so on.

    the question is timely, because we said that happiness depends on obeying god's law. then my clever friend will ask why people who disobey god's law are more happy. the obvious answer is that those who disobey god's law obey devil's law and get their reward for it. while god is hardly worshipped in deed in this era, they say they worship god but in practice they worship devil. SO THE QUESTION IS CRITICAL, PLEASE ALL WISE DEVOTEES ANSWER: WHAT IS THE HINDU FORM OF DEVIL?


    Well... the Hindu name for evil is "Mara" if that helps... there are demons and such within Hinduism, but none of them are given the... importance (?)... that the devil is given within Judeo-Christianity, God is all powerful, so any foe (e.g., Mahishasura) is annihilated immediately by God or one of God's devotees (e.g., Mother Durga) and subsequently either: a) reincarnated, or b) liberated by God's mercy... the "devil" isn't really a problem for Hindus :D

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