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    And if I have made an offense at the lotus feet of Lord Shiva, then I beg his forgiveness with all sincerity :namaskar: . I am sure he will be kind enough to forgive me because he is very easily pleased.


    I was fortunate of having darshan of Ekachakresvara Bhandisvara Patala Siva Mahadeva! He is so merciful. Jai Mahadeva!


    Lord Shiva only gets mad at lusty cupids that try to interrupt His meditation! I'm sure He would never get mad at someone who's trying to praise His immense Devotion to Lord Krishna. I, myself, often praise Lakshmi Mata (Radha) for Her great devotion to Lord Shiva.

    There is an extremely beautiful legend concerning Her immense devotion to Lord Shiva Ji. It is said that Lakshmi picks 1000 lotuses everyday to offer to Lord Shiva at night, and that one night, She was two short. Well, since it was already night, all the lotuses had closed their petals. She couldn't decide which was worse: offering less than She usually did, or not offering at all. But, suddenly, She remembered that Her breasts had once been described as lotuses in full bloom by Sri Narayana Dev. So, She cut off Her own breasts and offered them in place of the two missing flowers. Lord Shiva appeared with tears in His eyes and restored Her breasts, praising Her for Her immense devotion... I love that story! Not really sure of the historical accuracy, but it's still a lovely story!

    Aum Namah Shivaya!

  2. Does anyone have any information about this incarnation of Durga?

    What's Her mantra? Does anyone know why Durga Ma chose to appear in this form? Is She a form of Durga only in eternity, or did She exist in time as well? Any answer to any of these questions (and questions I haven't thought of) is welcome! ;)

    Also, has anyone had any meaningful experiences with Her?

    Thanks in advance! :)

    Jai Mata Ji! Aum Namah Shivaya!


    Namaste Celina.


    Meldi is quiet illusive in terms of information about her mythology and worship. I don't know her mantra, but there's a youtube user called aishreekhodiyaar. Google her up, and you should be able to find some videos she has of people singing bhajans to her. If you speak Gujarati you should be able to pick up on what they're singing.


    Namaskar. Thanks for the information, I'll be sure to do that... I don't speak Gujarati, but I still like listening to ppl sing the Divine Mother's praises. Om Namah Shivaya! Jai Mata Ji! ;)

  4. I have a picture of an incarnation Durga Maa in my house... but She doesn't have the same iconography as Durga Mata herself. She wears a red sari, and has eight arms and all of that, but there are some major differences.


    I'll describe what She looks like:

    1. She's sitting on a black, male goat

    2. In Her left hands she's holding (starting from bottom to top): a trident, a small knife, a cup, and a bottle

    3. Her right hands hold (bottom to top): an Aum symbol, a mace, a sword, and a discus

    4. She has on a red sari, and Her skin is the regular color of Gauri Maa.

    5. She has a flower sticking out of Her crown.


    Does anyone know the name of this incarnation of Durga Mata? If so, do you know any mantras to Her?


    Perhaps this fellow doesn't even know that Lord Shiva had actually conquered Kamadeva. Maybe he just needs to do some research. It may not be his fault it may be the fault of his ignorance.

    I suppose. I wish that everyone could experience the joy of a loving realationship with God, though. Hopefully Saraswati will enlighten him! :D


    You're totally correct. What is there to revere in a cheater, drinker and womaniser? At least Shiva adheres to a semblance of asceticism, even though he is clearly very sex-driven too. As for Rama, well, Valmiki makes it clear that he ate venison whilst it the forest. Aside from this, anyone with a half-a-brain can infer that he regularly hunted from the simple fact that he pursued the so-called golden deer. Running after animals was in all evidence not an unfamiliar act to him. I don't have a problem with this, given that humans are naturally omnivorous and can and should consume non-vegetarian food for their wellbeing and health. But those who claim to be his followers probably would take strong exception to this.


    Indulekha Dasi makes very good arguments for Lord Krishna. But, Lord Shiva, sex-driven? What do you mean? He's married to Parvati! He's never cheated on Her or anything like that! There's a parable about Him falling in love with Mohini, but I think that it's obviously only symbolic of Krishna's great power of Maya over all creatures, even the devas, and meant to show His supremacy.

    Other than that, I really don't understand why you would even post in a discussion on Hinduism, esp. a discussion on Krishna, if all you have to say is blasphemy (even if you don't believe in Krishna, it's still blasphemy to His followers!). Oh, and Lord RamaChandra and Mother SitaDevi never ate meat in the forest ->> http://www.hindunet.com/forum/showflat.php?Number=9851


    It is nice how Krishna finally made them surrender by saying that they have offended Varunadeva by bathing naked in the water and that it is bad for women to keep their hair loose. So finally they had to tie up their hair and put their hands above their hands in obesiances to ask forgiveness from Krishna and Varunadeva. OMG, Krishna is so clever!


    I love that story. I always get a little bit of a chuckle out of it :D Of course He's clever, He's Krishna! xD

    Jai Sri RadhaMadhava!

  8. Radhe Radhe, IndulekhaDasi :D!

    I think it's so cute that She's a snake charmer! xD I love reading about the Gopikas! They're all so cute and sweet, and Indulekha Devi is absolutely beautiful! I think it's wonderful that you have a picture of Her to put up! I'm sure Mother Saraswati doesn't mind! BTW, thanks for the info on Saraswati being Lord Vishnu's consort, I never knew that! Did you ever read about the joint-temple of Saraswati and Brahma? I guess that when Brahma kinda went under in importance, and Saraswati rose to prominence, the priests of Saraswati formed their own temple (hundreds of years ago). Well, just recently, the priests of Lord Brahma sued the temple of Saraswati saying that they should have to pay them b/c Saraswati and Brahma got divorced and She should have to pay Him spousal support xD I couldn't believe that they actually took that to court! Thankfully, they didn't win! I forget where I read it, but I think that story is just absolutely hilarious!


    I was wondering whether Bagavad Gita AS IT IS really as it is? Cause the sloka dosen't say that women are not intelligent. But Prabhupad claims says that in his purport. And he claim As it Is!!!This is due to his wife saying she can't give up Tea. but not alll women are the same. There are some who is really spiritual. He have done that to most of his books - Giving his own opinion.

    No... not at all... he adds his own commentary throughout the whole thing... he mixes his words w/ Lord Krishna's and everything... I recommend the translation by Eknath Easwaran... he has an introduction at the beginning, but that's it, and it's not a commentary. I, personally, am usually bugged by commentaries... if it's what Krishna said, does it really need explaining? Doesn't He do well enough explaining His thoughts w/out our input?

    Radhe Radhe! :D


    Is it true that Bhagavad Gita As it Is claims that women are not intelligent? In chapter four it says so..

    Yea... Prabhupada said that in his commentary on the Gita... that's what made me stop reading his translation and commentary. Krishna never says it though, Prabhupada said it. He was actually commenting on a verse in which Krishna says that if women fall into sin, the whole world does (I had always taken it to mean that women are SO important that if they're polluted, the whole world goes into chaos, but I guess Prabhupada took it to mean they were idiots... which I'm sure is NOT what Krishna meant.). It's especially ridiculous and hypocritical b/c he talks so highly of Srimati Radharani and the Gopikas of Vrindavan (as he should)... I guess he never understood that They're girls?


    And this is mine, as I heard way back when.


    Radha already had a husband, that her relationship with krsna was secret and daring, which increased the love even more. Anyone else hear it that way, or am I off the wall? Krsna is referred to as Paramour, which means a lover outside the constraints of marriage. Remember, this is Krsna and Radha, so please dont think this is up to us to judge from a morality viewpoint.


    Hare Krsna, ys, mahaksadasa


    Radhe Radhe :D

    I've also heard this explanation... I don't believe it though b/c I don't think Krishna would put Radha's "husband" through so much pain (my mother was cheated on... it was terrible for her) and, besides that, I don't think that Radha would ever have any other man besides Krishna. I think that She would rather have been dead than have to be with a man who wasn't Her Lord.

    I personally think that their love was beyond a ritual marriage, b/c they had been married from all eternity. I've always felt that they were married to each other by each other in the forests of Vrindavan.

  12. Haribol, friends!

    Sometimes, when I'm reciting the Maha-Mantra on a japa mala, I say "Radhe" rather than "Hare". Is that problematic? I've never really thought of it as such, b/c it's all addressing Srimati Radharani, but does it not carry the same essence or something as it would if I said "Hare"? It's purely accidental, but once I start saying it, I don't try to stop, should I? Any advice would be welcomed! Thanks friends!

    Radhe Radhe! :D


    Wow, where did you read this?

    Haribol! There's a publishing company called "Parabola Press". It has a book called "The Inner Journey: Views From the Hindu Tradition". It was a very beautiful book. The parts I personally enjoyed were the retellings of the legends, and then it would have a Hindu author explain the meaning. The one I mentioned was my personal favorite :D

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