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    And once again, religious hatred rears its ugly head.



    The tradition of indiscriminate, politically-correct, acceptance of all and sundry religions is the characteristic of neo-Advaitic cults like Sai Baba, Vivekananda, Chinmayananda, etc whose respective audiences consist of those who are trained to avoid critical thinking or thinking of any kind. Apparently, iskcon people desperately want to be counted within this crowd. Well that's fine by me!.


    Now it's reared it's head. Along with it's twin brother, hypocrisy.

  2. I really like these ones :)


    ālī! mhāne lāge vṛndāvana nīko

    ghara ghara tulasī, ṭhākura pūjā, darśana govindajī ko

    ālī! mhāne lāge vṛndāvana nīko


    nirmala nīra bahata yamunā ko, bhojana dūdha dahī ko

    ālī! mhāne lāge vṛndāvana nīko


    ratna siḿhāsana āpa virāje, mukuṭa dharyo tulāsi ko

    ālī! mhāne lāge vṛndāvana nīko


    kuñjana kuñjana phirata rādhikā, śabda sunata muralī ko,

    ālī! mhāne lāge vṛndāvana nīko


    mīrā ke prabhu giridhara-nāgara, bhajana vinā <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:City><st1:place>nara</st1:place></st1:City> phīko

    ālī! mhāne lāge vṛndāvana nīko


    1) O friend! I like Vṛndāvana so much, where in every home there is worship of tulasī and the Deity with darśana of Govindajī.

    2) Where the pure waters of the Yamunā flow and where the foodstuffs are milk and yoghurt. O friend! I like Vṛndāvana so much.

    3) Where the Deity sits on a jewelled throne, with tulāsi in His crown. O friend! I like Vṛndāvana very much.

    4) Where Rādhikā roams from kuñja to kuñja, having heard the vibration of His flute. O friend! I like Vṛndāvana so much.

    5) The hero Giridhārī is the master of Mīrā, who says that without bhajana a person is dull. O friend! I like Vṛndāvana so much.



    ab to hari nām dhun lo lāgī, sādho!

    saba jaga bolata mākhan chorā,

    nām dharo vairāgī!


    kaha chāḍi vahu mohan murali?

    kaha chāḍi saba gopī?

    mora mundāyi gora kati bandhī,

    māne na mānī gopī !


    māta yasomati mākhan choran

    bāndhi jāki bāha,

    śyāma kiśor bhaye nava gorā,

    caitanya jāko nām !


    pitāmbar ko bhāva dikhāvai,

    kaṭi kaupīna base,

    gore kṛṣṇa ki dāsi mīrā,

    jasa na kṛṣṇa bane na bane!

    ab to hari nām dhun lo lāgī!


    1) O pious souls! Now, my consciousness is absorbed into the Divine vibration of the Names of my Hari! I surrender myself to His Holy Name! The entire world addresses Him as the 'Butter Thief'. But now, He has earned another popular Name for Himself, as 'Vairaagi'- the dispassionate wandering monk! (Sanyasi)

    2) O my dearest Mohan ( Enchanter, <st1:place>Krishna</st1:place>)! Why have You discarded Your intimate companion, (Priya-Sakhi)- the Divine Flute? And why have You renounced all Your eternal Sweethearts, Gopis? You appear now with shaven head and ochre cloth at Your waist! But this clever Gopi uncovers Your disguise and doesn't care to conceal it!

    3) Now it seems like Mother Yasoda has tied up the both arms of Butter Thief! Alas, no more mischievous tricks! My Dark Beloved has now reappeared as the newly fresh Golden Lord Whose blessed Name is 'Caitanya'!

    4) Though clad Himself in skimpy rags, His Pitambara (Yellow Divine Attire) as well as His inner most Divine Love Sentiments are revealed to me. Now Mirabai is the maid-servant of the Golden Krishna Caitanya, whether the Glory of My Krishna is recognized by all or not!


    (I never knew Mira Bai was devoted to Lord Chaitanya before!)


    AATHREYA aarbeekay - Dr.BalaKrishna Murthy Ramaraju

    27 Mackay Dr. , Marlborough , MA 01752 - 1935, USA

    E.M.:- dr.balakrishnamurthy.ramaraju@gmail.com

    Cell : 508 - 265 -1124 ; L L : 508 - 229 - 2028


    Kali Yug 5109 - 02 - 07 ; 2008 - 05 - 11 , Sunday ( Bhaanu Vaaram )

    Chaandra Maana , Sarvadhaari Parivatsara , Vaisaakha Maasam ,

    Suddha Sapthami aka BHAANU SAPTHAMI , Pushyami Nakshathram ;




    I.Sapthami is The Day of Sun. Sapthami occuring on a Sunday as on

    May 11 , 2008 is Bhaanu Sapthami , doubly beneficial.




    II.On 11 th May 2008 , Sunday ,Moon is in Pushya Nakshathram , hence

    Pushya - Arka Yogam , which according to Vedic Jyothish Pandits is

    Very Auspicious for One and All . It is VRUDDHI YOGAM .

    III. Vaisaakha Suddha Sapthami is The Day that Bhageeratha , a descendent

    of Sagara Chakravarthi brought Pavithra Paavana Ganga Maa to Earth.

    IV. MOTHER'S DAY : - Ammala Kanna Amma , Muguru Ammala Moolapu Amma =

    Aadi Paraa Shakthi - Mother Of All Mothers , Original Mother of Three Mothers -

    Paarvathi , Lakshmi and Saraswathi.

    Three Mothers Savithru Mandalam - Gaayathri , Saraswathi and Saavithri.

    Kaushalya , Sumithra , Kaikeyi - Mothers of Raama and His brothers.- Sabari


    VakuLa Devi - Foster Mother of Baalaaji.

    Saptha Maathrukas - Seven Mothers of SubrahmaNya.

    Devaki and Yashoda - Mothers of Lord Krishna

    Our Mothers : Birth Mother ; Grandmother , Mother-in-law , Guru Pathni

    ANTHROPOLOGICAL MOTHER : " LUCY " and her Seven Daughters -

    Modern Scientific Mothers Of Humanity.


    aathreya - ramaraju , bala krishna murthy of guntur ( gartha puri )


    I really appreciate that you make postings describing Divine Personalities, but I often have trouble seeing how they work into these conversations. :confused:


    The Pope noted that rather than "thinking with the Church", some Catholics believe they have "a right to pick and choose" in the faith, "maintaining external social bonds but without an integral, interior conversion to the law of Christ."


    I was talking about this the other day with my Catholic mom. I think that part of the reason why they blow off big things (like abortion, etc...) is because Catholicism makes such a big deal out of the little things (like saying that missing a day of Mass is the same kind of 'sin' as ripping an unborn child from the womb and killing it).


    Yes, as I said before it is Kali yuga and everything is becoming corrupt.

    But the religion itself, established by the Supreme Lord cannot be at fault. The fault is that of the people who don't follow His instructions.

    Totally agreed. The Lord isn't at fault at all for what pseudo-religious people do while proclaiming Him.


    That's rich, coming from you. Weren't you making fun of some bhAgavatam stories the other day? Apparently, it's ok for you to make fun of vedic scriptures, despite calling yourself vaishnava. But it's blasphemy if we pass comments on 'other religious figures.' You can't even respect your own religion, but are upset if other religions are attacked! How silly!

    What are you even talking about?! I've never made fun of the Bhagavata Purana. I believe in it. It'd be pretty silly for me to make fun of it. :rolleyes:


    Yet, its linked to Jesus. That you can hardly deny.


    The Gospel of Thomas is another one. Who really knows what this man Jesus was all about. Face it, many mordern scholars believe that Jesus was an essene. And it is well known that essenes were influenced by Buddhists.


    Basically, the Gnostic Jesus is a buddhist. The Jesus of the canonical gospel could be a devotee of Yahweh, Allah, Shiva, Vayu, or Varuna.




    Standard morals and renunciation does not need to come from Vishnu. They are already known by everyone. Even an atheist has morals.


    And if this Jesus character also talked about a 'Self', then again, Advaitins, Shaivas, Shaktas, and whatnot all have the concept of the 'Self' as distinct from the body.


    So, unless the name of Lord Vishnu is mentioned, we have no reason to assume that Christianity is Vaishnavism.


    And I have already proven how Jesus' story is ripped off from Buddha. Plus, I have refuted all your asinine questions in the other Jesus thread. Don't make me bring it up again.

    What do you mean by 'that you can hardly deny'? We don't know who wrote it and when. It could've been written by anyone. We don't know if it was a direct disciple of Jesus or not.

    Once again, I don't really care if he was Vaishnava or not. I like his teachings. They're interesting and teach good morals. I don't see any problem with me following his teachings and being a worshipper of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna.

  8. I had a horrible pain in my neck the other day and prayed to Sri Dhanvantari. I prayed the mantra, "Vande Dhanvantarim Vishnum Ayur Veda Pravartakam Piyusa Purna Kalasam Smrita Matrarti Nasanam." When my neck didn't feel better I playfully asked Him, "Lord, why does my neck still hurt! :P" Just then, my neck popped with a loud cracking noise! Concidence? IDK... maybe?


    That is indeed sad, since traditional Vaishnavas reject incorrect ideas in favor of correct ones.


    The tradition of indiscriminate, politically-correct, acceptance of all and sundry religions is the characteristic of neo-Advaitic cults like Sai Baba, Vivekananda, Chinmayananda, etc whose respective audiences consist of those who are trained to avoid critical thinking or thinking of any kind. Apparently, iskcon people desperately want to be counted within this crowd. Well that's fine by me!

    You know, I totally agree. I should definitely start mocking every religion I don't happen to agree with and put their religious figures on the same level as cartoon characters on a regular basis. That's the much more Vaishnava thing to do than to just state my opinion in an adult manner without purposely offending others.


    Read the Gospel of Philip. Sounds like a mixture of advaita and buddhism.


    You do know that the Gospel of Phillip hardly includes any of Jesus' words, right? It's the writings of an early Gnostic.



    And even in the canonical Gospels, there are several instances where Lord Buddha's teachings from the Dhammapada appear to have been inserted.


    Maybe that's because both Jesus and Buddha received their wisdom from a common source.


    Yeah, believe in everything, including Mickey Mouse, Popeye, and what else not. Anything goes! This is what Vaishnavism has come to, sadly.

    Oh yes, it's so sad that there are open-minded Vaishnavas who are willing to accept others and their beliefs and not constanty ridicule them by putting their religious figures on the same level as cartoon characters.:rolleyes:


    All of Srimad Bhagavatam doesn't make any sense if Lord Chaitanya was the Kalki-Avatar. Lord Caitanya was especially merciful to the fallen souls of the Kali-yuga because he gave them the maha mantra but the Kalki-Avatar apparently is going to be a killing machine right from the get go in other words he is not going to be asking any questions but apparently even those that get killed by the Kalki-avatar will be liberated from birth and death so its not like the Kalki-Avatar is going to be some mundane madman.

    That's exactly what I thought when I first heard it. I kind of liked the idea though. But, if Krishna will liberate them in the form of Kalki, then I really see no problem (since God is, ultimately, the one who decides when our spirits will leave our bodies anyway).


    How does a one time world tour on a horse cutting off asura heads, help?


    There are many people in the world at this moment who are responsible for causing pain and suffering in the world. But their parents [previous generation] were not bad people.


    So even if all the bad people of today are slain, many of the children born to the good people of today will be evil tomorrow and things will be back to exactly how they were.


    Kalki's stated mission appears to be a pointless task. It would be much better for Kalki to offer some concrete evidence of an afterlife, so that people who are not taken by fairly tales can accept the big picture based on evidence and not because some old book from India wrote stories about it.


    That would be much more sensible, in my opinion.



    IDK if you're a Gaudiya Vaishnava or not, but I believe I've *heard* that Kalki isn't coming to the earth in our current world cycle because Krishna already came in our Kali Yuga as Lord Chaitanya. I'm not sure how true it is, but I sure hope that's the case for the future generations! I can see what you mean though... I have much trouble understanding the Lord's avatar as Parashuram, myself.


    That's the way I feel about it. I just can't find anything wrong with the message of Jesus. Maybe he is a myth or something who knows for sure? but believing in him has made my life feel more meaningful so I don't see any harm in it unless you become a crazy sectarian fanatic.

    My thoughts exactly. :)


    If you don't believe in Krishna, then don't call yourself Vaishnava. Simple.

    I believe in Krishna. I also believe in Jesus. I don't see why I have to give up belief in one to believe in the other. They can both be proven to the same extent (which is slim-to-none). That's all I was saying.

    I don't claim Jesus to be a Vaishnava. I don't really care if he was or wasn't. I like his message. It's a good message.


    As Jesus' existence hasn't been proven, the question as to whether he was Vaishnava doesn't arise. It's as foolish as discussing the favorite color of a barren woman's son!

    Krishna's existence hasn't been proven. Rama's existence hasn't been proven. Shiva's existence hasn't been proven. That there's even a Creator of our universe hasn't been proven! So, going by your argument, I guess we shouldn't talk about anything to do with the spiritual world or God, since none of it can be proven.

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