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  1. Jai Jai Jai GiriBarRaj kishori | Jai Mahesh much chand chakori

    Jai gajbadan shdanan mata | jagat janani damini duti gata

    Nahin tab aadi Madhya avsana | amit prabhau bedu nahin jana

    Bhav Bhav bibhav prabhav karini | Bisav Bimohini sabbas biharini



  2. I don't want to come accross as being someone who wants to start an argument, but to say non-Vaishnavs need not post is frankly rude and ignorant.


    Non-vaishnavs have their view and us vaishnavs have ours. We should just learn to respect opposing secular views otherwise how are we any different from Suni-shia muslims or catholic-protestant christians? One of the most greatest qualities of Sanatan Dharma is that it is tolerant towards all beliefs. So lets try not using terms like non-vaishnavs stay away!



    I frankly couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this! At the end of the day, whether you like it or not, it comes down to personal belief. There is no proven right ot wrong, it is all belief. I am a vaishnav but I will open listen to the views of people of any faith and respect them for that view.

  3. Is it true that there are lots and lots of sects within the swaminarayan movement because they cannot decide who is the true divine acharya of swaminarayan.


    I know of at least 5 different movements. Isn't this indication of how damaging nonsecular hinduism is?

  4. I wasn't suggesting that a wife is a sex machine and I think it is a bit silly to assume that a women is getting nothing out of the sexual act. All I am asking is, it there a heavy karma against you for having pleasure sex with your wife.


  5. The majority of Hindu scriptures advise humans that it is sinful to have sex for any other reason than child bearing. I understand that sex with anyone apart from your wife is strongly condemned in most scriptures.


    But why so if it is with your own wife? Doesn't this mean quite a large part of this world is sinning? Is it regarded as badly affecting your karma ina negative way?


  6. Guest said...


    "Swami means prabhu, lord, one higher than the one saying the word. Narayan, is the supreme lord of all. In this case, it means Akshar adi pati, the one from where brahmajyoti emanates, and assumes the Shree Hari Vishnu Narayan form. Swaminarayan simply is a name to refer to the root of all. All forms are one and the same. Think of manifestations as costumes. We call them God. Why? Because God assumes the form, he takes on the form, he "puts on the costume". That's why we don't say that a certain form is the root of all. But it is God none the less."


    Does this mean that you regard Ganshyam Maharaj as a direct incarnation of this lord of Gods?

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