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    Very interesting as some people do not understand truth. How can truth be made up? Truth cannot be made up. Truth is eternal. You nor me can change that.You simply cannot agree as your ignorance does not allow you to.


    You do not like to do research.You do not like to read the Vasudev Mahatmyam and any other scriptures which declare Swaminarayan Bhagwan as God by the sounds of it.


    Ah well..Good luck in what you follow.


    What some claim as truth can be made up. Koran declares Muhamed as messenger of god. You believe that? New Testament declares christ as god. You believe that? I like and enjoy researching the greatness of Sri Krsna. Just don't like researching nonsense claims. Lord Sri Krsna is ultimate truth.


    Nope. Swaminarayan Bhagwan declares that His followers should not have avarice or jealousy (irsha). Its about the philosophy -His siddhants. This oly those who actually follow His word.


    Not for he likes of you, who seems jealous of the Swaminarayan faith as your posts in the other thread also shows.

    No need to be jealous. He can declare whatever he wants. You are jealous.


    Yeah? some daft people in this world also eat feaces. And what? LOL Doesnt mean its best and most worthy food item. In same way what seems sour grapes to you doesnt mean anything to anyone except you.


    Nor is any fake God made up. Its all there in black and white in the Vedic scriptures.


    Still sounds like jealousy to me.


    Nice. First of all i would like to clarify that the name Swaminarayan is one name. Not two like Swami and Narayan.Swaminarayan means the Master of all Narayans such as Maha Vishnu, Gharbodak Vishnu etc.


    Secondly this temple however nice and bog it may be ..the followers of this sect (BAPS) are not following the authentic teachings and philosophy of Swaminarayan Bhagwan Himself.


    From far a mountain looks lushgreen and beautiful. Its only when you go nearer you get to know the reality of its rocks and steep hills.


    Jai Swaminarayan:)


    Sounds like sour grapes to me.:smash:


    Bhagwan Swaminarayan sent thousands into samadhi ,where they saw 24 avtaras all standing before Him(Swaminarayan) holding hands in prayer.Those 24 avtaras then merged into Lord Swaminarayan's form.No other avtara has shown this.This alone confirms that Swaminayan is Avtari ie the Supreme Godhead and cause of all other incarnmations (avtaras).If the Vachanamrut is studied there are many instances where Maharaj hints that the is the supreme Puroshottam-the Supreme God.Accept this now or after billions of births but you cannot get away from this immutable truth.

    Sounds like...... to me.


    Radhe Krishna,


    Sathya, one thing I agree with u that it is sin to mock devotees. But ekagratha is very badly required for bhakthi. U do shiva bhakthi or krishna bhakthi. Bhakthi is bhava based and from binna bhava u can not reap the fruits of bhakthi.


    Radhe krishna


    That is not true. My bhakti is strong. I read many scriptures and do not distinguish between Vaishnav or Shaiva or Shakta. To me everything is part of Sanatan Dharma and it should all be respected as such. I pray to many deities/Devs because I know that thay are all forms of Bhagwan. I have strong firm beliefs and my Bhakti is stronger now than it has ever been in my life. Also who sets all these rules? Why is ekagratha a badly required neccesity for bhakti? I am living proof that you can pray to many forms of god and still have great devotion for bhagwan.


    Jay Siya Ram, Jay Shree Krsna, On Namah Shivayam.


    Well readmg the whole disscusion i must say that there are alot of people who still dont understand the BAPS faith of swaminarayan is the only way to ultimate salvation..there is no sense me arguing on it..but when the day comes people shall realise wat the truth is...so i pity the ignorant..n the curious..ones...this is the time 2 change track n go on the rite path!!!!-

    Kunal- Dubai,U.A.E


    Isn't that how Muslims justify their religion?


    Why would you chant om namah shivaya in front of Gour Nitai?


    Why would you not? The Lord is everywhere around us so what is the harm of chanting Om Namah Shivai in front of Krsna?


    This is not meant to cause offence but it is very disapointing to read some people telling others that they are wrong for chating Lord Shivas holy name. This is not what Sanatan Dharma is about and we are forgetting the basic principles of our great way of life.


    It is good to know that you are getting good fortune.

    Use your prosperity to help others. Use the peace of mind and time to pray to god any god) with true heart. It is said that one's guru represents all the gods and holy places in the world. If that is true, how can Shiva or Krishna or Jesus be any different. They are the same. Ignorance and bookish knowledge has corrupted all religions from their true and pure forms by insisting on importance of single god or religion.

    Don't fall into arguments of god - who is easy to please, easy to anger, true god etc. Do not seek material desires from god for you are back on square one then. Do puja, yoga and meditation. All gods are but ONE and SAME.


    You are falling into very wrong impression that praying to Shiva gave results but not Krishna. They are the same god.


    Hare Krishna, Om Namah Shivaya


    Thank god that there are some open inded people. I completely agree with you. People are forcing one group of believers to turn against another with ignorance and misreading the texts. Shiva, Krsna, Ramchandra, Mataji are all the same. They are all forms of parabhrama. It is sin to mock devotees of god and so these people should really look at themselves and ask are they really true bhakts of bhagwan.

  10. The following 'proof' was emailed to me. Can anyone actually say whether this is a true quote from the Vishvaksen Samhitah?




    In the Vishvaksen Samitah Lord Vishwaksen says:


    II Bhumyam krutaavataroham sarvannataam jaganmaham

    Praapishyaami vaikuntham Sahajanand Namataha II


    This Verse states that :


    Among all parts of the universe I take birth on Earth, I shall adore Vaikunth adopting the name Sahajanand. Such scriptures prove Lord Sahajanand Swami (Swaminarayan) as the vedic acceptance of incarnated Suprememe Reality.


    The full name Shajanand is given by Lord Vishvaksen. The Brahmapurana also states such: " Kalouswami Vrushatmaja". That in Kaliyug "i" as in Lord supreme will come as 'Swami' son of Dharm.



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