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  1. guru finds you sincerity sincerity sincerity
  2. the tamasic king is the need at this time , to overcome ignorance , what we all might see is a demon king rise to smash this time to pieces , including all your minds, as you rake over what you can notknow , who is who , you do not even know who you are , stuck in your skin and brain , everyone is an alien in sudra form , shiva can not be aproached , he will cover you with lies to mess with your minds, and burn you up , but if your clever you will own your life as one and different , and do the bahkti , if you fake you are dead , and kali will eat your head for tea , go bow down , and let these cheating liars kick you all around , or use ypour intelegence, and kick them out , but no all are decieved while we sweep up dust , and call it gold, words are vibration , vibrate your own soul , and cut the rot , otherwise it stool and think it great , no great is known and it is obvious , when it shows , natures show , is not a joke it is only a joke on you , while you blow words at keys , the heart is the key and when that glows tears flow atmatic a momement of static faster than you , let go , stand up and blow the crap away jai rahda jai kaliu
  3. i blame krishna , but i dont want his fame, or his flames, i want his love ,and then i am grateful to burn, in any flames, for this flame within is all,we rattle in our heads , as threads of thought burn oxygen , cool or not , threads can be knots, unwind ride the storm, threads weaved back as truth , healing takes time, body mind jiva , homeward buond, healed the center is all, but this flame burns you until healed, until all is renewed, you think you control, no you only role play, play , play rahdas goal ,eyes of love to see, your thoughts have form, morphic monkey show ,be careful words choose , practice practice practice , the science, pulse to breath, hari hari hari , do the work and the result is garanteed, love heart love thougt love sense all around, krishnas gift to all , now role play as you , love love love , all , please please lease , prabhupada
  4. dear devotees , this temporal form is bound by flow , this flow is infinitesimal, and can not be fully known , but it all still shows all as all, the whole spectrum ,pineal to penal and gross flesh , all at the same time , practice what or practice love , if you practice love do your cells know , and are the cells in the brain saying , yes yes yes ,to mind body soul , or something else, you must ask yourself and others what they see , this is a personnel science of soul , not a religion , similarity is more ,difference is more , love is one , but only with hari hari hari , one to three , mind body sense , mind ache body brake , soul forgot , mind clean body does heart clean ,the juice of mind clear , the juice off body well , the juice off soul flow , hari hari hari , it is not a joke , the rest is a choke , until hung , thank you prabhupada for helping us all , this job on you soon done , and then golden age , one at a time , or all at once , only when the devotees stop rowing , and start loving as prabhupada told, a call to arms that hold all with love , a call to words that bathe all with love , and a heart that glows and glows and glows , all with love eternal , sequential perpetual love , is alll hari hari hari , now do do do , and never stop . this love never does , go go go ,all the way round , there for all if they choose, choose hari
  5. row row gently in the brain ,the stream rolls along , word to word pointing, at what is so , or what is known, only one moment, so give it a go , three words at a time ,one concept to hold , hari hari hari , mind body soul , then it show , the words that go , the words that show ,going home or not ,hari hari hari flow jai prabhupada
  6. sequential que in the queue is there a clue, word---ology , morphic monkey tree, is the a que in the neuroloy, or a clue in the queue, what que ,vedic clue, or vedic queue ,or vedic stew, weaved as word, by monkeys ,or you , whats the que in the clue, prabhupada told real , a friend to all , prem prem prem, trickerling through all , always hold this top most goal as you do do do , intelegent compassionate love , real safe and true , prabhupadas gift to all jai rahde syam
  7. morphic monkey tree one word starts it off , as you see , desires dreams and natures rules, then it show , now see the word at the top of the tree,what it be, love safe and real, jai rahde syam
  8. This Material Desolation Is Nothing In Comparison , To The Soul , This Jiva Roamed Far , Until This Pain Comes Home ,how To Uproot Such Fear And Pain , If Not Love , The Soul Weeps , Perpetual Tears , Separation Is A Terrible Thing, Time Consumes All Things, Soul Lives Perpetual,this Love Is Yours To Know, A Momoment To Know ,these Events A Moment Go , As Things Continual Change , Change To Love Moments Show, And Then It Show Love Of Course , What Do You Need A Gun To Set You Off, No The Bullet Is The Tongue , The Gun In Your Mind , And A Machine Gun In Your Heart And If Need Be An Atom Bomb No Thats Krishna , With Rahdas Fuse ,waiting To Blast , Stop Stop Stop , And Load With Love , All That Is , As You Go , Until Love Shows , Simple Simple Simple ,and Mop Up The Blood Bury The Dead And Heal The Sick Feed The Poor Help The Aflicted And Make Buiseness For Love And Take Over The Show ,love Works Best , And Everyone Knows , So , Lllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvve Is Good Jai Rahda
  9. jai prabhupada jai rahda , our hearts cry out for this love , to see feel hear and do , this love is ever present , only we wonder wander away , stay close to prabhupada, until rahda smiles , eyes of love always show , practice practice practice , mind body soul , eyes of love know , now work for this no other goal, jiva atma paramatma whole, sequential perpetual momemt ,love love love all , jai rahde syam
  10. dera devotees if you put them all together, imagine the weight , but if you could say what it is , is it not just us ,as all trying to say what is impossible , i don't read books i look for verse that applies to my dis ease until ease shows ,this mind body soul knows it all when revealed , if your a scholar ,then great , verse to chant personnel, if your as me , i like to travel light ,and dance the dance as my self as soul as the dance leaps out of my soul to mind and body found , a beautiful sound vibrational soul HARI HARI , one perpetual moment to be found as you , then you know , all is hari hari , including you , one ,same , different , all at the same time , the book is us the book is nature , the words only discripsions of the same , you and all , love love love , the only goal , look in the book of all and you,jai prabhupada jai rahda jai krishna
  11. dear devotees , separatist, perception only not the truth , the truth is ever complete, vedanta , what is this , if not whole , language is a vibration , phonetic kinetic faster than you , words form on your tongue before you know ,when you are conditioned , the bell rings without you knowing , but the sound you make is heard by all , including you , so listen hear the truth of you , if you live in your mind , you speak in your head as thought, instead of off your tongue , krishna dances on your tongue infinitesimal,when you express your love for god , it does show , hari hari , all peoples all creeds , all an expresion of conciousness , within natures dance , do not reject or accept take what is use full, verse is for the curse until the curse is gone , so what of verse if well , the verse speaks this best as rass lila , eternal relationship, cosmic bliss our eternal form , spoke here as love to all , no divisions , or maths to perform , just 9 to one as skin to breath morthic monkey , with rahda and krishna in side jai all atma jiva rahda krishna sing jai prabhupada
  12. shiva is the phalic god , who roams as if mad , giving according to desire ,yes even babies to kill, he waits for kalis scream , which is rahdas soul , only this his goal , his mystical powers are about ignorance , if you go thruogh shiva you learn about poison until the poison has become necter , the moon pendant protectes , just the same for us , rahda love is what keeps us cool, shiva is furious and cruel , but to the pure , who perform as demons for duty he is very kind , shivas fire can only be aproached , if your desire is for purging and purifying , if you lie you go mad , and the fire only burns you, even krishna gives his obiances to shiva,,and kali is a manisfestation rahda , only blackened by yoga maya , yoga maya , the eternal play ,dimly represented here as relationship, all is a reflection, the fire in human , is as shiva , if shiva has the moon pendant , what of us , the fire of lust greed lies , can not aproach until purified , some burn and go mad,and some burn until the madness gone , tama guna transformed , do not underestimate shiva, he provides the spoils , in hells domain , he remains in tapasya aloof , and sends his gouls ghosts and vampires , he provides the victim, for all our crimes according to desire ,om shiva please be mercy full and hold kalis sword and chop my head of please , om shiva om kali om bhagavan
  14. time straight its not to late , why so precious ,this verse , while you regurgitate, lies of truth , and truth of lies, have you got it straight , if so then brake awake , courage felt straight , without prabhupada there is no courage , and instead you brake, now brake this lie awake , we are as one , as one moment passes by , why so precious, because its all you got ,to late , no such thing , purge your poison now , speak the lie , dam consequence , yes yes it were iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,and now , you must choose ,for that is your greatest gift , what , free will , yes , can i force you to love , no ,same goes for krishna , can you force yourself to love , no no no, sorry , the law of atraction , is the way it goes , now now now , or your to late mate , what back to sex life and lies , well well is krishnas space here in this time , ever so , only look again with loves eyes , rahda knows , and she glows, as time goes by this mind this moment is time jai prabhupada jai jai jai
  15. dear devotees this bend of light and time to perceive , when nature nurture bend you out of presence, where do you go , reflective mode , where this light bends is stored refracted and whole ,awaiting you ,what does this mean , (the auto sympathetic and parasympathetic nerv system) you remain whole only your perception of time changes as the light bends in your mind body sense , when the human is to excited out side the juice of life runs out , and the brain becomes weak , when atma stirs hari hari the juice of life runs back in , and where the light traveled in time is revealed , back through your brain until healed , some damage is deep , the devotee is never afraid , because his light is coming back instead of going away , every life different ,it is always unberable pain that stirs jiva , and unbearable love that stirs atma , until this jiva is consulted full you remain depleated ,atma must see all its light home , so that it can wake here in present form , and then this smile of krishna will be known, light come home fully reflected self , from inside out,to out side in, until inside out again , this beam of light a momement so,as if to tumble in to this new unknown, raging loves home, bhakti born this light knows when it shows, love is home in my moment , mind body sense one again 1 2 3 reflected so ever tumbling through ,this you know as known , this light one again refracted whole, flashing through a moment known , in this moment sow bhakti prem unconditional jai prabhupada jai prabhupada jai prabhupada
  16. dear devotees,my work in london is yielding gifts , i work with the homless and broken people, but the magic is they are speaking with self knowledge , unlike they were before , there is a mood growing for new , 9to1 tips out its spoils. golden age , at the bottom of the pit a seed of soul singing hari hari,some are born clean, others aflicted and clean, now awaiting for union , this great learning soon to be revealed, any god sister or brother, that you abandoned because you judged , now give this up , and if you feel or think that you gave up , now give this up, all are fallen here , all as sudra , but with devine origin , krishna is so infectious , that to here his name once , is to stir atmas rest ,you can not resist , in other words too late mate , even a demon always thinking that he will kill krishna , krishna takes his head, his soul released,some now will know his jest , just like the beast on the street , to the highest kings , atma speaks , now listen again to all as new , commpassion love intelegence , confusion gone for good , mercy mercy mercy jai prabhupada jai rahda
  17. dear devotees , this great strain that has been experienced by all in different ways , mental emotional physical and then soul scape , the wounds of mind and body are different and same at the same time , but to cognate and release deep seated pain is hard work , no other can judge , your experience is entirely individual ,just as your soul one and different simultaneous , to smile at krishna in your mind is to smile at life , to smile at pain takes a very strong mind , not mention a conscious death ,this smile is the greatest gift for human , prabhupada revealed the process , but we must follow our individual soul process, not all manifestation are same , even the mellow of rasa is eternal for all , trust prabhupada , his teachings are personal to each and every seed of soul as to how to overcome illusion for its self, krishna smiles and these seeds of soul know when they are healed , this good this bad known true all revealed , no more doubt , because the felling is so strong , and grounded so , mind body sense as one free from agitation , just take one look now , and smile at this human form whatever its condition , we all know pain , and some soon to die , do not lament ,this great rush of life and death,smile at those who suffer with souls love , this courage all must learn , to do otherwise anchors us again to this realm ,this realm without love is unberable ,krishnas love is supreme , prabhupadas love devine , follow and serve know and do as you , not as another or you fail ,do not give up , no, rise up , bhakti for all , dear godsisters and brothers open your hearts to all especialy to each other, devotees are special do not dishonour them ,embrace them all , commpasion love inteliegence , jai prabhupada jai rahda
  18. dear prabhu there is a way , like all organizations , some good left some good stayed , but if you sincerely accept prabhupada he will never leave you , in this time remember your god brothers and sisters of old ,and rekindle your affections ,seek out and inquire after them , great courage comes from this , this good this bad , seen anew , link up with view of duty to do , this prasad for life , only takes a few in your town as mine , small steps to reengage us all,if you attend a temple take more offerings simple fruit ,if you do not attend make your own , and invite all , start this work now, kindness shows and everyone knows, jai prabhupada jai rahda
  19. dear prabhu what to say , i am a practical man , a builder most of the time , i pray to hold prabhupadas hand as i fight these demons , my inner battle near over , but my heart is heavy as i look at the world , food for life is not a joke , when peoples minds are so disturbed it is kindness that they respond to , as the fire fighter mentioned , let us begin to serve all this bhakti , not as folls but as glorious warriors of love placing our selves as the lowest of the low so that we can pick everyone up to the lord ,food for life , this mercy felt , and then these sweet words of verse opon a beasts heart sung to all ,, this jiva stirred ,this memory real , this atma felt , feed them sing to them , attract there souls , verse is not a hammer to brake heads open , verse is love spoke from heart to heart , verse in action is bhakti born prasad for all , now urgent no more slumber no more luke warm , but a firery storm under the pot so all can eat this mercy jai prabhupada jai rahda
  20. what really , take a look prabhu , what spurs us to action, blah blah , if you wish ,then respond to content , with reason , food for life is a good place to start ,now that people are hungry,devotees must become very personnel with there words , not this impersonal dead end version of verse , engage your heart when you write ,and then we will get result ,compassion love intelligence,
  21. dear devotees these moments in time that are unraveling , who has eyes to see ears to hear , we are all wrapped up in this great drama , the demons are banging on the door of god ,along with all the suffering , there need for compassion is ever increasing , this age of kali speeding up ever faster , all in time to be consumed , if you desire to be a devotee, now is your chance to prove your love of god ,this great work will only be given to the sincere and fearless, according to ability , it is far better to clean the toilet with devotion and love , than to assume some other duty without love or capacity , each and every sincere person must now pray for clarity as to how they are best placed to serve , dedicate your minds to this service , so that this mind is fixed and unwavering , we do not need to speculate , prabhupada explained everything so nicely , so why do we constantly rattle around the track of verse, get of this mental platform , perform your duty as prabhupada ,no hasitation ,this is true devotee life , chaitanyas message set free, if you lie stop , if you cheat stop , surrender now ,do not waste this beutiful oppertunity to serve prabhupada , take off your masks and reveal your souls , to fake is to die , why die when this mellow of love awaits ,do the work and success is garanteed , do and see taste and hear prabhupadas mercy
  22. dear devotees you may well consider that many sins have come and gone as many lives, but your challenge is this life , if we hold secrets and are always hiding them , our energy to do service is disapated , the mind revealed is just that ,revealed . the baggage of mind only disturbs the being, until you give up and accept that you are hellpless without prabhupada, we use our own flawed perceptions, and forget instruction or at worse follow some else false instruction,you i must test everything guru says, until your minds become free, heart for love ,body for compassion , mind for intelegence , only tools reflecting soul , vessel clean , forget the meat heads , they are not atractive , forget the sentimental they are fools and be very careful with frauds they are demons , love shows compassion shows mind knows , we must come to life now and as ajuna stand not afraid by prabhupadas side jai rahda
  23. dear devotees time to reveal your minds , as if to empty ,your hearts await this evacuation , any parrot can churn out verse , but to tell the action of verse upon the being is a different thing , this baggage of past a past thing,this emotion you hold a present thing,this mellow so bestowed as prabhupada told,ecstatic love perpetual know, and now show as servant to all, sincere and real bahkti born compassion seen love real krishna now
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