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  1. What about when it really isn't about us attaining anything, more like Guru showing Himself? Is that something we should keep to ourselves? My experience involves how I came to my Guru, and I often thought it was interesting from a preaching standpoint. Agian something tells me that a public forum isn't the appropriate place to share it, but I'm not sure that it is that off-limites to share when appropriate. I have told close devotee friends, and my wife.
  2. I think he was seeking the mercy of your instruction
  3. I recently posted a 'mystic' experience I had on these forums, but quickly reconsidered the wisdom in doing so and pulled the post. I think some desire for pratistha is connected with the desire to share these kinds of experiences, and internally I felt some imbalance. Woosyness. I knew it was wrong.
  4. Aren't shastra like Dieties, in that they manifest themselves? We may think someone took some wood, carved it, painted it etc. but the Lord was already there before the Dieties manifest. Krsna Lila is eternally present, so aren't shastra just the manifestation of the already present truth? We should treat the 'books' as non-different than the truth they describe, and the words of a bona-fide Guru are also scripture to me, so they are coming from the eternal realm. Sorry if I don't make any sense, this body/mind doesn't feel well today.
  5. See, I think this is the thing: no one here is thinking it is so cheap and easily attained to be Guru, we all know this is true. So when someone hears that it all you need is Caitya-guru, or anyone who has Hari-nama initiation can be Guru, or you can be a saint even though you got the Name from a sinner, it sounds wrong and throws up red flags. The bottom line is this is a very rare state, no matter how it may be manifested. But if Krsna wants you to know Him, he will make himself known, that's the bottom line. Ultimately the Name descends, I think that is the most important point, it comes down, it isn't from our own effort but through the will of the Lord. We are all dependent on that mercy.
  6. My wife says I'm the donkey from Shreck and she is the dragon. (Chinese born in year of the dragon). I guess that means she agrees that I'm an ass!
  7. Sorry theist, my comments weren't directed at you and I definitely wasn't trying to give you instruction, just clarifying to the original poster to search out a Guru manifest on earth. And I'm not saying Caitya-guru is not of primary importance. Also, I'm not trying to exert any 'peer pressure' to join a 'club' and find it distasteful to hear Guru parampara referred to in that way, though it may be true that often that is the case. I personally think those comments may not be altogether helpful. The reality is scriptures don't tell us to only read shastra and listen to Caitya-guru, but to find a bona-fide spiritual master and surrender. This is what the association of the devotees means - who is His highest devotee? Guru. If we can't find (or can't see we have) physical association we can rest assured we can find 2 of the three readily in shastra and Caitya-guru. Anyhow, I don't want to discuss some chicken-and-the-egg scenario - which comes first, Guru inside or Guru outside? I am too fallen to understand that clearly. Srila Swami Maharaj Prabhupada took initiation from Guru manifest on earth, His example was to surrender in that way. If you take your instruction from Him, I would think you would see this as the example. This is the way of the Vaisnavas.
  8. I definitely agree that you should try and listen to Caitya-guru and that Guru is there in the shastra (which I include all Srila Swami Maharaj Prabhupada's books to be, not just His translated ancient scripture), but the importance of Guru in bodily form can't be minimized. It may be possible only to listen to Caitya-guru and books, but can you hear Caitya-guru clearly? Do you fully understand all you read? Keep searching for the Guru in physical form. It is my feeling so many of the problems ISKCON has had is because they are lacking the Acharya in physical form, and even though Srila Prabhupada spelled it out so clearly so many times, without His direct association misunderstanding of His desires occured, still occurs. Even when Guru is there, in the same room, we may misunderstand, what to speak of when we can't ask for clarification. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada and His mission, I don't mean to say anything offensive. I recommend you read the book Sri Guru and His Grace in it's entirety online here. Search for Guru even when you find Him, because he is deeper than we know.
  9. You really need to have a serving attitude to approach Guru, not to 'take' something but to surrender yourself. My Gurudeva is so merciful to me, the only direct instruction (beyond instructions in sadhana etc in darshan or if I was directly asking for service) was to chant 16 rounds without offense and follow the regulative principles. This is His great mercy because I am so fallen, if He gives me too many instructions I may not be able to follow and cause offense. It sounds like you want this sort of merciful Guru. But really you should beg for service from Guru, this is the point of bhakti yoga, to surrender to the servant of the servant of the Lord and serve. We are here to serve the Holy Name, it isn't here to serve us. You (nor I!) will receive it truly until we are proper receivers, this means taking a negative position with deep humility and selflessness. I would suggest you aren't ready to take initiation until you feel the necessity inside yourself to serve.
  10. poster known as krsna: could you try posting in a smaller font, I just disregard all your posts and threads because they bug out my eyes. No need to 'shout'.
  11. We are what doing? Arrangement, making arrangement for Sankirtan. If there is no Sankirtan there is no result. And Sankirtan will be without offense. And first offense is satam ninda namnah param aparadham vitanute that meant sadhu ninda we not with... abuse anyone. Who is sadhu we do not know. Then we will be protected with that thought. I shall be good. You are good or bad, that is another thing. But first I shall be good, and with that knowledge if I shall proceed, I shall get benefit. ~ from Sharanagati To Humility, Tolerance & Giving Honor To Others Krsna.cc radio archives, by Swami B.S. Govinda I should consider the following is for me to practice, not for others. Sorry if this is inappropriate, I'm not trying to instruct anyone, I just want to remove the obstacles that are getting in the way of the mercy: Trinad api sunicena taror api sahisnuna amanina manadena kirtaniya sada harih "One should think oneself to be more humble than the blade of grass, more tolerant than the tree, devoid of all sense of false prestige, and ready to offer all respect to others. In such a state of mind one can chant the Holy Name of the Lord constantly."
  12. As I've said, I'm unqualified and can't make the subtle distinctions in interpreting sanskrit in the scriptures. You have no arguement from me there, I am a beginning beginner. Maybe all I can handle now is the books of my Gurus. Though I am low and unqualified, I will end my posts here by trying to answer some of your questions: No mention of Demigods?: amara (though I am no scholar) is used frequently in shastra to describe Demigods. Daivata is as well. If the English word 'Demigod' doesn't appear them I'm sorry. The vedas weren't written in English. And I know depending on the context different words can be interpreted differently, that is why we need Guru and sadhus to guide us in our understanding of shastra. No reference to mayavadi in the scriptures? From the Padma Purana: māyāvādam asac-chāstraḿ pracchannaḿ bauddham ucyate mayaiva vihitaḿ devi kalau brāhmaṇa-mūrtinā "[Lord Śiva informed goddess Durgā, the superintendent of the material world:] 'In the Age of Kali I take the form of a brāhmaṇa and explain the Vedas through false scriptures in an atheistic way, similar to Buddhist philosophy.'" Second of the Offenses to the Holy Name, also from the Padma Purana: sivasya sri-visnor ya iha guna-namadi-sakalam dhiya bhinnam pasyet sa khalu hari-namahita-karah To consider the names of Lord Siva or Lord Brahma to be on an equal level with the holy name of Lord Visnu. And since you accept Sri Caitanyadev as the Lord (I think), from Śrī Caitanya Caritāmṛta Madhya 6.169: jīvera nistāra lāgi' sūtra kaila vyāsa māyāvādi-bhāṣya śunile haya sarva-nāśa Śrīla Vyāsadeva presented the Vedānta philosophy for the deliverance of conditioned souls, but if one hears the commentary of Śańkarācārya, everything is spoiled. Anyway, I'm done with this game. The Infinite is infinitely beyond me! I will look into Lord Siva's position more closely, I have a lot to learn and I can only benefit in learning to regard and respect all aspects, potencies, parts and parcels of the Lord more fully. My Gurudeva has an intimate personal relationship with Lord Siva and Lord Ganesh so I definitely want to pay my highest respects. I definitely never would intend to minimize Thier positions and meant no offense towards Them. With the Grace of Sri Guru, Sadhu and Shastra hopefully I will becone a proper receiver of the Lord's mercy. Please forgive my offenses.
  13. Guest1 reading your last replies maybe I was too harsh, I may sound more serious than I intend and I know reading words on a page isn't the same as having a face to face discussion. Maybe face to face we would be smiling. Part of what you are saying not to have a party spirit and I definitely feel the same way, and if you believe in the Personality of Godhead then I think we essentially agree and it may be more a matter of using different words to describe the same thing. Different perspectives or realizations on the same truth. But to be clear Mayavadis are in denial of the Lord's form and seek to lead the jivas into an extinction of thier individual personality through merging into 'one'. Wanting to be God themselves. To my internal feeling and the teaching of my Gurus this is a bogus goal and and therefore I can't ignore the distinction.
  14. Thanks for your kind words but regarding what I may say, if my Guru says Siva is a demigod, then that is what I accept. Because you don't accept the authority of Guru I believe you have a fatal misunderstanding. I never said you need to be in a certain sect or line, I said you have to be chaste to your Guru because he is your guide. If you are in a Math class do you seek independent confirmation for every lesson the professor is teaching or do you have faith that you have selected the correct school? What kind of success will you have if you don't trust in him? Anyone in school knows that there are other schools and classes available but they chose thier current school because they found it most qualified or suited to thier needs. A cheater may have chosen his school because they will give him a Master's degree in only six weeks, but it would be obvious to all the value of that education. Srila Sridhar Maharaj: Anyone can say, “I am guru, he is not guru.” Imitation is always possible, but the scriptures give the criterion for the selection of a real guru, and the real guru will extract the meaning of the scripture. Guru and sastra are interdependent. One will help another for our edification. The scriptures say we must read the scripture under the guidance of a proper professor, a Vaisnava guru (acaryavan puruso veda). So, the scripture is dependent on the spiritual master. And who is a spiritual master? The scriptures will explain. So they are interdependent: sadhu and sastra are both necessary. They are the active and the passive agents. I'm in no way angry with you, why should I be? Krishna is for Himself and by Himself, and no amount of arguing will change that. The truth is beyond me and I have no illusion that I possess it. That you see anger where it isn't should tell you something as well. That Mahaprabhu chose a mayavadi guru for His own purposes in no way means someone wishing to engage in devotional service should seek initiation from a Mayavadi. Because Lord Siva drank an ocean of poison doesn't mean that you can! Because Krsna dances with the Gopis doesn't mean we should attempt to enter in that pastime. That would be offensive to even consider. What my Guru has said resonates in my heart, what you have said shown a lack of manners. No offense intended, but I think I'll stick with my line, even if you don't approve. I'm not offended by you personally, I know in you're own way you mean well, but you have written offensively which is unfortunate for you. These forums should at the very least be a place where ideas can be discussed with civility. You should appologize to the disciples of Srila Swami Maharaj Prabhupada and seek the mercy of Nityananda Prabhu. As for appreciating my bhakti, that is impossible because that is something I don't possess. With the mercy of the vaisnavas may that one day be true.
  15. Can anyone recommend the best spiritual videos for young children? I need the audio in English for a 4 year old, I have the Ramayan made in Japan (pretty good, entertaining for all). What other videos should I look out for?
  16. Theist - charter schools are voucher systems. I totally agree with the sentiments you expressed, especially the demon's caffeteria. Guestabc - I agree with you that contemporary science doesn't necessarily teach atheism. Srila Sridhar Maharaj said "We have to accept something of what Darwin says but where does the fossil come from?" I think we need to make sure the curriculum in a science class is not preventing this question from being asked, not in that class necessisarily but not teaching children to close the door on the question. Then in philosophy class (younger children should have some exposure before High School!) these sorts of topics can be discussed. In a school run by your faith, then they can be intricately described.
  17. For His lila Krishna may do something seemingly mundane to a mundane person. You think Krishna needed a Guru for His instruction, whether as Rama, Krishna, or Mahaprabhu? I'll definitely read Nectar of Devotion because I lave learned to take good advice no matter the source, but honestly any credibility you may have had to be taken seriously dissolved when you started to be offensive. I wish you well, but please consider how you present your case. As for myself, I would never claim to be qualified to argue Shastra but again only shared what I heard from Guru. If in any way I have caused offense to anyone here I deeply regret it and seek your forgiveness.
  18. The Lord isn't bound by our laws, and moves in His own way. From Srila Swami Maharaj Prabhupada's Śrī Caitanya Caritāmṛta purport to Ādi 3.34: During the time of Lord Caitanya, the influence of Śańkarācārya in society was very strong. People thought that one could accept sannyāsa only in the disciplic succession of Śańkarācārya. Lord Caitanya could have performed His missionary activities as a householder, but He found householder life an obstruction to His mission. Therefore He decided to accept the renounced order, sannyāsa. Since His acceptance of sannyāsa was also designed to attract public attention, Lord Caitanya, not wishing to disturb the social convention, took the renounced order of life from a sannyāsī in the disciplic succession of Śańkarācārya, although sannyāsa was also sanctioned in the Vaiṣṇava sampradāya. ~~ To say that because He took sannyāsa from a Mayavadi is to ignore His teachiings. We (including Mayavadi sannyasis!) are here for His service, He isn't here for ours. So he picked up and used a hammer when he wanted it. He is the Lord after all. Now Guest1, you can bad-mouth Gaudya Vaisnavas all you want, you are entitled to your opinion, but I feel you should be careful what you say, it may come back to haunt you. I am being chaste to my Gurudeva and not engaging in mental speculation. You say 'think for yourself' to interpret scripture but the scripture itself says to hear from Guru. I will not offend the gurus you mention above but please understand they are not my Guru and not in my line, and as you see my parampara as invalid so may I see yours as well. Please stop causing offense through slander since you surely put your own fortune at risk.
  19. I'm humbled by your kind words Prabhu. It is the mercy of Srila Govinda Maharaj who has told us 'don't think I'm the only Guru' when maybe some disciples were feeling a little puffed-up and full of party spirit. Srila Sridhar Maharaj and Govinda Maharaj give honor to Christians liberally, of course without being unchaste to our line, but they pay thier respects and acknowledge wherever they see Guru. Like was mentioned before, how many disciples can a Guru take? So even if one Guru can take a million disciples, that isn't even a drop of the jivas crying out for mercy in this material world. Maybe some can't hear from the Vaisnavas, so Christ is there to help them and so on. Dayal Nitai, may all receive His mercy.
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