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  1. I also bought some flax seed oil, do not know how much to take. Unfortunately, it looks like this thread is from Nov 2007. Can anyone help? If not...can anyone is there is something auryvedic that can help reduce cholesterol? Thanks in advance. your servant, Damodara Priya dd
  2. Does anyone know a recipe to making pizza dough with buckwheat flour? (for ekadasi)
  3. Hare Krishna, PAMHO AGTSP. I have been vegetarian for 4 years now. Vegetarian does not equal weight loss. Can anyone help me find a liveable food plan to help me lose the weight, but also increase my health and well being? I need to lose aprox. 100 lbs. Thanks in advance. your servant, Damodara Priya dd
  4. Dear Guest, In a way I can understand your thoughts. I am rather new to this myself,as I have only been studying for the last six months.But,you know,even though I may be fallen in some areas,I feel Krishna knows and understands.Sure we are really busy in all the things we do in this material life, but still we have to make the time for God. If nothing else,set aside a little time in your day,just for Him. That may include chanting or reading the Bhagavad Gita,etc..I know sometimes it may even get overwhelming,it does for me sometimes,but take it slowly, and as you said take baby steps. I think it will be well worth your continued effort.I know even now, when things are up in question, I have a few friends,some from the forums,that I can openly discuss my questions, and this really helps. Even if you just post your feelings here, it sometimes help. Any number of the regulars are sure to help. Debbie
  5. I found a bottle of saffron at the health food store,but it was kind of expensive. I did not get it yesterday,but I will try it sometime.. Debbie
  6. Avinash, Are you and animesh,one and the same person?? Just curious. /images/graemlins/grin.gif Debbie
  7. Just thought I'd tell you, I just sent you an email. Hope you got it.And about being fifty soon, I am not that many years off myself..But I will surely listen out on May 26 for that horrid scream.In all honesty,though,I think age is just a number.It is how you feel and how you decide to go at life, that makes the difference..For me, I feel pretty good physically, but I know if I could get about eighty pounds off this 5'2-1/2" body,I would feel alot better..But that's another story,that I could use some help on,big time. Hope to hear from you soon.. Debbie
  8. I will have to try this. Debbie
  9. Tell me Shiva, where do you find the saffron, you had mentioned? In a grocery store? In a health food store? Is it some kind of spice? Debbie
  10. 46 years old,switch assembly operator,living in very small town in North Carolina. Have been increasingly drawn to Krishna Conscious,by a dear friend I had met on the net,after we had many conversations about his religion and being a vegetarian. Not that I can be swayed that easily, but it made me stop and take a good hard look at myself,and I decided that I wanted to follow a path to bring me closer spiritually with God. I also started to think more about the pain and suffering animals had to endure, in order for me to have their flesh on my plate. That was not a pleasant thought at all. I am, but one person,but,even so, that is just a little pain and suffering some poor animal won't have to endure because of me. Sorry, got carried away there.That is probably not what anyone wants to know about me. Anyway through reading and now listening to the Bhagavad-Gita on CD,the posts on this site,a few friends I have met on this site, and exchanged emails with privately, and a few of my friends that I speak with occasionally through emails and on instant messenger,I am learning more everyday. A few short months ago,I would not have ever thought of chanting the mantra.I didn't even know what it was,then. For now,I will continue to practice it often.It may take some time before I ever get up to 16 rounds,but I will practice,anyway. As as some of these people who know me, on this site,can tell you,I am full of questions needing answers..I am thankful that I have friends that do not mind my lengthy emails and numerous questions..Afterall, I am but a beginner..Hare Krishna, Debbie
  11. I live in a very small town,but I normally go to a grocery store in a much larger town..I have been able to find Soymilk, which is mixed with the regular dairy items..The soy cheeses, I normally find with the produce items. To tell you the truth, I had not checked the ice cream, because I didn't know they had that, until I read it on this board..That tells you how much I buy ice cream,right? I don't eat it often, but once in a while I get a taste for it.. Debbie
  12. Theist, I will post some my questions here, but as you know, I tend to write a bit long. I know some of the posters here also write long, but I am not quite comfortable doing that yet.Hope we can get back in contact by emails soon. I will check this health store out, hopefully the weekend. I hope it more than a vitamin shop, as there are quite alot of them around the area, and I am looking for something quite different. Hare Krishna, Debbie
  13. Theist, Thanks..I have not ever been in a health food store.Didn't know one was nearby,but I just spotted one a week or so ago in the same town where my daughter lives.I will check it out and see if I can find this Soy Delicious ice cream. As far as problems with my server,it might be, but I recieve mail almost daily from India, with no problem. Seems like where you stay should be easy compared to there.I also have not recieved mails from JNdas lately, so I don't know..Hope this is cleared up soon. I have so much I want to say, but don't want to waste it, if you can not recieve it and I can not get your replys..So what to do? Hare Krishna, Debbie
  14. Theist, Hare Krishna! Just reading the posts..Where do you find these Soy Delicious ice creams.? I have experimented with the milk and the cheese, but didn't know about the ice creams. Debbie
  15. I would much rather someone be what they are, than pretend to be or feel something they are not. It is better to lay it on the line and tell the truth. Debbie
  16. Recieved your offline message, but did not see an email address..Sorry about all the trouble I am causing you,not to mention taking up a page on this thread..My sincere apologies for this,but I did want to have contact with theist. Thanks. Debbie
  17. Just checked..No mail from you..I am still getting other mail so I do not know the problem, and how to fix it.Debbie
  18. Hi, Still have not recieved anything in my box..Debbie
  19. Livingentity, I really have never flown before. I have always thought I would like to fly, but have never had the oppor-tunity to do so..I can think of three places right now, if I would ever get the chance, and they would be India, Hawaii, and California. Why? I don't know. It seems that something deep inside wants me to go to India, not really to live, but to experience something that I am not sure exactly what yet. Perhaps one day, in my future,that will happen. Now Hawaii,I have seen the beautiful islands there, and it seems to be such a beautiful place..It would be nice to be on a deserted island,just for a little while there,just sit,think, and pray without outside interference I think that would be so peaceful. Californina, I don't know,just want to go there..Maybe one day I will fly.. Debbie Sorry for rambling on..THis suppose to be a Joke thread..Sorry..
  20. We must have a mix-up here. I still have not recieved it in my box. If I do not hear from you today,I will ask JNdas to send it to you.Maybe something is missing,like maybe 2000. I don't know. Debbie
  21. I have never had the pleasure of flying, but I don't think I want to go on a airline like that, for sure.. /images/graemlins/smile.gif Debbie
  22. I like that JNdas..Funny /images/graemlins/grin.gif
  23. My score was 34..Most of it seemed pretty accurate about me, except the part that says I do not make friends easily. But what it says about the trust I give and what I expect from them, sounds on the mark. I like this test. Debbie
  24. I never recieved your email or your address,if I had,I would have contacted you long ago. If you have mine,please email me..I do have some questions for you... Debbie
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