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  1. Hello mperatrixmundi starting from sep 2008 , your husband will get a new begining. pl ask him to chant the following at least 324 times daily after lighting a lamp before the lord OM SAVITRE NAMAH may mother bless all. regards sasisekaran chennai
  2. hello shl153 did you get married on 15th July 2007 and divorced in february 2008 regards. sasisekaran chennai
  3. dear sri.amit, i get your lagna as virgo- 3 deg 56 mins., using time zone as GMT. you could have started stammering between aug 1994 and oct 1994. you were born during the kaala of sun. exactly during its antar dasa you started to stammer. if second house from lagna, second house from mercury and mercury are disturbed, one stammers. second house is sign asp by ketu. mars and rahu casue graha drishti on the second house. second house from mercury is aspected by saturn and rahu. mercury is with bhadakathipati jupiter and sign aspected by mars. as per paachakadi sambanda principle mars if placed 3rd to mercury, mars will pierce mercury. MERCURY is vaani prathayaka.. (speech) more can be said about your shasthamsa ( seen for disease ) and shastiamsa ( seen for your past birth ). all have connections to second house. hence the problem is certainly karmic. start chanting aaditya hrudayam aloud. try downloading it from the site prapattin.com. the first sloka is aadityahrudyam. sun dasa stars from oct-2010. ketu bhukthi in venus dasa starts in aug 2009 when the problem can increase. the above mantra is to counter the evil effects. start doing it as soon as possible. start it during " sun " hora. if further help is needed pl write as to when you are ready to start, i will tell you the periods of sun's hora. download the file before writing to me may other bless all, regards, sasisekaran chennai.
  4. om gurubhyo namah dear amit, namaste, sorry for butting in, for june 25, 1989 at 11:28 in birmingham, i get leo lagna 23 deg 28 using lahri ayanamsa. the time zone used is 1 hour east of gmt. pl confirm. may mother bless all, regards, sasisekaran chennai
  5. om gurubhyo namah,, namaste dear manaswini, The period you are running is one of difficulty. you were born on a trayodasi thithi. the lesson one has to get from this is that one should learn from and respect one's guru. when you are committing a mistake, the advisor is certainly a guru. i am not supporting your husband. it is very bad to beat a wife. read varaha avatar... your navamsa lagna is occupied by jupiter, you have been blessed by god. dont worry. how many children you have ? may mother bless all, regards, sasiskaran chennai.
  6. dear fani_kumar please ask her to chant the following. 1. om sarphebhyo namah.. 3x108 times daily 2. om girini twashtaadityaya 3x108 times daily 3. om chandikaayai namah 3x108 times daily .. after sunset you may go to a temple of durga or chandi and request the priest do the pasting of tamarind paste all over the deity. also give a yellow coloured vastra to the deity. while do this place a request with the mother lord to cure your sister. it appears that your sister finds the communication with her husband a hard thing to come by. am i right ? is her husband a little violent ? i wish i am wrong. pl do reply praying for speedy recovery, regards, sasisekaran, chennai.
  7. dear Amit, Bhadakesh 'Sun' for libra lagna is placed in 8th house along with 'HL'. Rahu is placed in 12th to 'AL' whose antar dasa is running from june 17, 2006. Did he close down during the third week of August 2006 ?. Please give feedback. If time of birth is accurate, it would be better for him to go for service. But the age appears to be a bit high. Please ask him to chant the following atleast 4 x 108 times at the time of sun rise daily. " OM NAMASIVAYA NAMO MALLIKAARJUNAYA " regards, sasisekaran, chennai
  8. hellow moon123 venus , the planet ruling relationship , is associated with saturn and mars. It is also aspected by rahu. the house of marriage, "uL" is with shatru pada. your moon is with ketu and aspected by saturn. you are running the sub period of rahu in jup major in "moola dasa". Please worship the following mantra 432 times daily , at the time of sunrise. Also everyday during " rahu kala" chant this mantra. Have faith and do it. your difficulties will be over gradually. This the mantra. " om namashivaya namo nageswaraya " i will be here after a week. If it is possible , post your husbands birth details. good wishes, regards, sasisekaran, chennai.
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