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  1. Dear Member, Please suggest something. regards lisa
  2. Dear learned Member, My Date of birth is 21 April 1972 Place-- Cuttack Time---7:35 PM My question is can I gat a job in software? Do I have a veeparita Raja Yogo?12th lordn 6th house(mercury) Dusthana lord in Dusthana (12th8th6th) Now I am In Mercury Dasa. What kind of result shall I expect? Please suggest Kind Regards Lisa
  3. Dear Member, Do i have Veeparita Raja Yogo.Mercury is 12th lord and residing in 6th . regards Lisa
  4. Dear Sir, Is mercury Anterdasa is good for me because of Veeparit Raja yogo. Kindly suggest something. Regards Lisa
  5. Thanks a lot, But now I am already getting goood time.or not. Is mercury giving me veeparita raja yogo? Dusthana lord in Dusthana gives VRY. venus is also giving me Sarala Yogo or not? Kindly sir ,give me some suggestion. Regards Lisa
  6. Respected Gurujis, I wanted to know about my husbands career . We are now in usa. Can he stay in usa? His date of birth is April 8th 1970 Place--Bhubaneswar Time --1:00 pm Thanks in advance Regards lisa
  7. My birth time is 7:35 PM Birth place is Cuttack Thanks in advance. Regards Lisa
  8. Thank you very much vivek ji, Yes my husband is trying to give some finance exam .It will take time ,after that I think he may find a good position. We are in usa.I am always a busy person with his problem . I know that there is wrong in my chart,so I always try to please him. I was lazy about myself.Though I took some training here and I have a good degree from India. Yes I am an artist.I love to play with colour. I am afraid about next 2 year.I faced disharmony with my spouse from the beginning.Its been 6year to my marriage.I am slowly learning to coup with his nature but I myselffeeling empty inside me.But its again in my chart. We don't have kids.Because first my husband want to be stable in his job but he is not stable yet.He is afraid of responsibility. I dont know his time of birth. But his DOB 8th April 1970 Bhubaneswar Question 1-What can I do to improve happiness and harmony in my marriade life. Thank you once again for the effort and time you spend for me.
  9. Thank you vivek ji, I appreciates your quick reply.Your reading is currect.Please go ahade. My Husband is not holding a class1 job but in his mind he is always a star. (I think lots of ego) I am good in communication you are right. I am waiting for some good dasa or mahadasa which will give me some relaxation in life.If I will do some good effort during that period I think I will get result soon. Please take a look in my chart ,and what I can do to improve my situation? Thanks in advance Lisa
  10. Respected Guruji's I have this Question-- Which dasa or mahadasa is now running in my chart and when my good period will come? I am marriade and staying in usa. DOB- 21 april 1972 cuttack 7:35 pm Please this time I am hoping for some output. Thanks in advance. lisa
  11. Respected Guruji's I have this Question-- Which dasa or mahadasa is now running in my chart and when my good period will come? I am marriade and staying in usa. DOB- 21 april 1972 cuttack 7:35 pm Thanks in advance. lisa
  12. Hello There, Its good to know that they are giving free training. I was looking for one. I have a question. Is it free for any course I want to learn? Regards Lisa
  13. Dear All, I wanted to know is there Devorce in my Horoscope? If so then is there a 2nd Marriage. I have been marriade since 6 th year and manage to stay with my husband. But My mother in law dont want me to stay with my husband . I am in usa. So she is doing what ever she can do .I have been polite to everybody. My husband is also listeening to her. Here also he is bleeming me for everything. my date of birth 21 april 1972 time--7:35 Place--cuttack(orissa) His date of birth--8 april 1970 Place-----------bhubaneswar I dont know the time. please suggest me.Please some one read my chart . Thanks in advance. Regards Lisa
  14. Namaste Gurujis, I am worried about my Life.I am married (6th year) But its not going smoothly .There is a fear in my mind.Tipical in- laws problem are there. I am in US with my husband. Is my chart showing staying in foreign land? Which Dasha or Mahadasha now running in my chart? When my good tme will come? I am reciting Hanuman Chalisha When I feel sad. moon sign -CANCER Lagna------Libra 3rd --------Jupiter 4th---------Rahu 6th---------mercury 7th---------sun 8th---------venus,saturn,mars 10th--------moon,Ketu Date of birth-21 april 1972 place--Cuttack Time--7:35pm Regards Moon123
  15. Dear scholars, I am a new member. I have a question about my marriage life. In my chrt sun is in 7th house. My date of birth is 21 April 1972 cuttack at 7:35 pm I am now in Saturn 7 and half period. moon sign is cancer. Iam married My question is== I have an unhappy marriage life. What can I do to improve this ? Any suggestion is welcome. Take care moon123
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