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  1. Mahaprabhu's movement is not some mundane off the street carnival that someone can shame with his deeds. All that the actions of some deviants does is provide fodder to the doomsayers (spelling?). It does nothing to slow down the movement and even if it does, it's very temporary. It's predicted that this movement will last 10,000 years and you bet it will, no matter what.
  2. Tell me about it! I envy all those devotees that live close to Govinda restaurants. I received a call from a devotee buddy of mine a few weeks ago. He called to tell me he was on his way to Govinda's with his family to enjoy their Mexican special! Needless to say, I burned with envy because all I can do is drive by the local 'Chipotle' helplessly
  3. Ok prabhu, then please continue eating out but just don't tell anyone :)
  4. I agree, prabhu. Lord Caitanya's mercy is incomparable. I was told that the qualification to get His mercy is to be among the most fallen
  5. Thank you prabhu. Yes, he is a truly exalted Vaisnava and has inspired scores of people to take to Krishna Consciousness. I agree with you, his disciples are indeed most fortunate.
  6. That is a beautiful prayer gHari prabhu. Did you write it or someone else?
  7. Too fallen is when you do one of the following (I'm sure there are more)- 1. Kill a brahmana 2. Eat cows flesh 3. Have sex with another man's wife.
  8. It may be a personal question, but has anyone here broken any of the 4 regulative principles after initiation? Also, onions and garlic consumption isn't a violation of the 4 regs, IMO. Because it says 'no meat eating' and onions/lic are certainly not meat! So Murali Mohan pr, there's hope yet but make sure the rice you eat in mexican restaurants doesn't contain animal broth
  9. I agree. Sorry for any offences prabhu. - Deborah Pitts originally from Fortworth, Texas
  10. The answers to all the questions you are asking are in the Vedic scriptures. Nothing needs to be speculated about. - Deborah Pitts Fortworth, Texas
  11. But for the 'notalgic achievements' & sacrifices of folks like Guruvani pr, guys like you and I would have no clue about Krishna Consciousness. Rather than belittle another devotees achivements so you can continue your fault finding crap, you should develop a little gratitude. It'll help you make progress, no seriously it will!
  12. 150,000 Bhagavad Gitas! That is staggering! And 200,000 dollars back in those days was HUGE, it is very big money in todays times as well. Please accept my humble obeisances at your feet, prabhu. It is no small sacrifice you have made. It is a giant contribution.
  13. It's very clear now. Thanks. - Deborah
  14. I have little doubt that you're a Christian. Fanatic or not, that will be revealed in due course.
  15. I wish I could carve too but I just go to the local art store when I need to buy something like that. I prefer wooden carvings over stone.
  16. OK, good luck in your quest to serve the human form of God. He'll be back in the next Yuga. You better practise being patient, boy, coz you got a long wait ahead of you!
  17. Dattaswami seems to just be copy/pasting from somehwere. I can't believe someone can type so many lines, punctuation marks and all, in such a short time!
  18. The more I read your posts, the more I am disappointed. I expected much more from you considering that you have been in the movement for decades. Let me explain .... of all the wonderful things ISKCON has done, post after post, all you seem to be able to see are the faults and fall downs. A far cry from the ideal character of a Vaisnava. So many nice things have happened in our movement but all you can see is Kirtanananda Swami and Harikesh Swami. By the way, don't mind me asking but what are your contributions to this movement in relation to what Kirtanananda Maharaja & Harikesh Swami achieved? Ever read about Srila Prabhupada's comparison between a honey bee and the common fly? If you're just looking for sores and rotten stuff, it's all you're likely to find.
  19. Guruvani prabhu's posts are coming down like big hammers today! Please continue prabhu. The clarity and force of your posts is amazing!
  20. I fail to understand what this has to do with Srila Prabhupada being the 'current link'. I simply corrected you that Srila Prabhupada is the current link only to his followers, just as other bonafide Gurus are the current links to their followers. The bottomline being ... the 'current link' is not limited to one Guru. There are many.
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