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  1. No need to be afraid. She is a goddess and if take refuge in her, nobody can shake your hair. Chant 'Om bhagalmukhi' with faith
  2. kunal714k

    A query

    Chant simple mantra 'Om Chamundi'. Lord sees ur devotion, not pronounciation. If a child calls his mother, mom or mumy, wil she forsake you
  3. Goddess is one, forms may be many. U can worship other forms, but don't change your ishta devi (durga)
  4. Chant any one of her name which you like the most, with love and devotion. This will take you to her
  5. Chant with feeling & devotion. Don't worry abt spelling/rules. God is manifestation of love,not a strict examiner
  6. You are calling her ma. Then how can you be afraid, when your own mother is with you. Be free, Take complete refuge in her. She knows whats best for her child and arranges accordingly.
  7. Take any name of god. Keep chanting it always. Don let the mind wander. Merge the mind in the divine name
  8. Karna is greator than arjuna in every way. I donno y krishna sided arjuna
  9. keep chanting the mantra. Everything ll b normal. God doesnt get angry with anybdy. Everything happens acording to his wish
  10. Continue chanting. Don be afraid, she is god herself. She always protects you
  11. Chant any mantra of kali like "om kali jai jai kali". Mental repetition is better than external worship
  12. This universe is projected by the divine. God is one, forms can be many. You can call water as jal,neeru,pani. But the content never changes.
  13. Vishnu is the male aspect of divinity. He is ever existent
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