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  1. Namaskarams! The Srivaishnava tradition is a tradition of 'Ekadevopaasana'. So as advised by our Acharyas one should worship Sriman Narayana only. Essentially we see him as our Husband and should treat him as such. We rely on him entirely - this is what a Srivaishnava declares...if this is to be true why should such a person have to perform upasana on other deities? Any mistakes in my statement are my own and all that is correct is simply the reproduction of what I have learnt from great Acharyas. Hope that was a little helpful Mohan Krishna
  2. I feel very sad... at a desperate time when I failed to see Krishna, a time when i went into severe depression - it was his books, articles and lectures that rescued me and put me back on me feet! I will be enternally indebted to this great personality.
  3. "Sadaputa Dasa (Richard L. Thompson) was born in Binghamton, New York, in 1947 and left this world on September 18th 2008." WHAT?! WHEN did this happen?! Oh my goodness! SUCH A GREAT MAN - He served Prabhupada's word and wishes...he had so much more in him to give us. This is truly very sad for us all! NARAYANA! HARI!
  4. Namaskarams I was wondering where I could obtain books written by our sampradaic scholars and Acharyas? Has Srimad Rangapriya Acharyan written much in english? Unfortunately for me, I can't really read Kannada; just English. Please take this in to consideration. Thank you Mohan ps: I'm also interested in material from Sriman Narayanacharya of the Kautilya Institue. Upanyasam CDs/Tapes, too, would be beautiful.
  5. Namaskarams I have heard that Patanjali muni is an avataram of Adi Seshan himself. Is this true? I've not been able to find information from a reliable sampradaic source. Thanks Mohan
  6. Namaskarams Swamin Yes i find it is the best part of the whole tape! hahaha i can't help but be attracted to his voice! are you a disciple of His? Mohan
  7. LOL! OOops! I didn't notice! hahaha ...thanks for pointing out. Govindarupini...she's not been on since i take it?
  8. Govindarupini, please check your private message inbox on this forum...
  9. Thanks for your response indulekhadasi ! I know that sounds painful - but if he does I hope he finds the ultimate Mohan
  10. okay so i'll asume noone here has clue. thanks anyway
  11. Namaskarams To the learned astrologer: I was wondering if it is possible to actually predict if someone is going to become a sanyasin. Is it possible to predict such things? Thank you mohan
  12. Namaskaarams I've been looking online to hear this Swamigal's lectures...but have been unsuccessful. I was hoping someone here would have some recordings which they could give me. Unfortunately I only know english and some kannada so it's hard for me to find Upanyasams which I can understand. So if anyone can help me out I'd be extremely grateful Jai Sriman Narayana mohan
  13. Namaskaaram! Does anybody know if there are any srivaishnava communities in the USA? Thank you mohan
  14. Please check your "Private Messages" at the top right of your window.
  15. Actually, nipples are the natural compass of man - they always point north!...well, when you're facing north.
  16. WHaow! Another genius - seriously though. Why do people clearly with great intelligence; like shvu and yourself hang around these Theistic forums so much? I mean why give a care about a bunch of people who're clearly ignorant toward the might of logic and all the good stuff in life? People who posess such intelligence as yourselves should be on a scientific forum - like quantum physics for instance...or whatever your background is. You'd be of more use educating people in those forums than here where noone pays heed to your time consuming posts - and I respect that. You see if you hang around here too much then people will think that you have doubts in your sciences and are leaning toward foolish religion! And that's the last thing you want! I'm sure a lot of people already think that - so you better just go before it consumes all of your dignity. Good luck guys!
  17. You are ignorant of the knowledge I have...let alone the knowledge you have! I do not think it is a theory - that's what it is known as to the scientific community. Unfortunately you do not study anything and are susceptable to mass media brainwashing. Why don't you pick up some real antro and archeo books?! study the cases then you can talk! You just know a thing or two and try to make it appear as though you know the subject - well it's not working! What have you studied at school or uni (if you made it that far)?! And quit saying "Cheers" at the end of every bloody post you make - NOONE is applauding you; so there's no need to thank them.
  18. Dude! It's the THEORY of evolution...NOT the FACT of evolution. You want to believe that your gran'daddy was a chimp, that's fine! - I'm not stopping you. But her question does not pertain to the likes of you. "cheers"!
  19. Srimate Ramanujaya namaha! Namaskaarams! In out tradition is it forbidden for a brahmachari to bathe multiple times in a day? Thank you
  20. Do not worry! I know the situation. Surprisingly the answer is simple ; you must read a few books :- Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race and Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin's Theory These two books are a must for you! They've been authored by Drutakarma das (Michael Cremo) and sadaputa das (Richard Thompson) And check this out http://www.archive.org/details/HGSataputaDasRichardLThomsonSciencefromtheVedicperspective Lectures mohankrishna
  21. Thanks Guruvani! Those are excellent quotations - that's what I was looking for Thing is; I came accross this singing of the Buddhist 'Heart Sutra' on youtube and the meaning is given at the same aswell. So I was wondering if it described the truth about any aspect of the Lord.
  22. The reason for cremation is to ensure the atman does not hang around. I believe this is one of the reasons. Actually in the Vedic system trees are meant to be planted on various ocasions - not just when someone's dead. True - disease is a good reason. hahah you can choose you body to be tree fertilizer - I'll stick with ash!
  23. Wikipedia states:- "Traditionally, Zoroastrians disposed of their dead by leaving them atop open-topped enclosures, called Towers of Silence, or Dokhmas. Vultures and the weather would clean the flesh off the bones, which were then placed into an ossuary at the center of the Tower." It does appear wise but I'm sure our Acharyas have a good reason for not following this method.
  24. Hahaha! I think they are Zoroastrians.
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