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  1. Thanks for all your replies. vmsunder - that philosophy is very disturbing. It does not help me distinguish whether or not the evolutionists are correct or whether our scriptures are correct. Kulapavana - here are some evidences that specifically causes me some unrest. Fossil record - shows evolution in action. These can be put into a chronological record and backed by carbon dating. Antibiotic and pesticide resistance - bacteria are evolving to become resistance to antibiotics and pesticides (superbugs). These are just a couple of examples i managed to dig up. Darwin puts a case across which gives an alternative answer to where we came from. We can see his theory in action today. Someone once said that if you had to chose between two theories, choose the one which is the simplest - or something like that. The evolution theory is the simplest as we can see it happening and is in our fiossil records. That presented in our scriptures can not be proved and therefore is not simpler than darwin's theory. Which one is correct? This is what causes me to believe that maybe evolution by natural selection is the real answer. Kelly.
  2. hi guys, thanks for the replies. My problem is with the disagreement between our religion and science. Scientific theories seem to make more sense than what the scriptures say and so much so that i am finding it difficult to believe in the scriptures. This has come about from the numerous books i have read on Evolution, big bang etc (why did i do this ...). Now that i look back, i feel that the main reason i was devoted to Krsna was as a fall back. That is, if i did not worship Krsna and later on in the afterlife i found that there was a GOD after all, i would not be a sinner. Kelly
  3. Please help me. For the last 10 years, i have tried to get closer to Sri Krsna by daily chanting and offering my services to the local temple. I used to think that only Sri Krsna was the reason for my life. Things were fine until i started to get into Darwinism. Also, my brother is a final year medical student and an atheist. Whenever we have an argument about GOD and creation, he always has something to say that would make me look at creation in a way against our scriptures. At this point, i am soooooo confused that i now doubt everything. I cannot carry on like this. Was my last 10 years a waste? Please someone help. Has someone been down my path? I've tried daily chanting in the hope that things would clear up but they haven't. I used to be convinced that GOD was everywhere and in everything and now all i see is the products of evolution. Please help Kelly.
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