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  1. All blessings to you, brother in Australia. The AtharvaVeda clearly explains than when a cow has not given milk for 3 years, then that cow must be given to the brahmins who sacrifice it according to all the rituals of the Vedaas (the gomedha sacrifice) and give the prasaada to exalted people as Raama was on earth. That was the law at Raama's time. So Raama lived according to the dharma of his time and of his xatriya caste.

    Now this kaliyuga is entirely different: Animals are killed in the most hineous way without sacrifice, so anyone who eats such meat is not a human being really, but a raaxasa, as mahabhaarata says.

    It is a simple matter, find peace again, and answer that to your friends who do not know anything about sacrifice.

    And yes, anyone who wants to eat meat and feed it to his / her children, should first watch how chicken are slaughtered and how quadrupeds suffer with a broken skull - not even beheaded! to furnish that "precious" food. After watching the slaughter, they are free to eat meat if they still want it.

  2. bhaviṣyottara purāṇe rakṣobhuvana mahātme śrī śanaiścara kṛta śrī nṛsiṁha stuti

    Can you please help me find the above? I have a text, but it contains mistakes, and the grammar is difficult to understand. In which (number) adhyaaya of the bhavi,syottara puranam can it be found?

    Thank you.

  3. There is a famous Nrsinha stuti made by Shani, that Stuti remedies all trouble caused by Shani (Saturn). It is in the Bhavi,syottara Pura,nam. But i cannot find it, because the Bhavi,syottara Pura,nam is many hundreds of pages. Where exactly is the stuti? Can someone please tell me which adhyaya is that Stuti in?

    Thank you in anticipation.


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  4. Anukoolp speaks quite sensibly.

    1. True, the hindu scriptures (and other scriptures, like the Apocalypse), speak symbolically and not directly, so that the wrong people will not understand.

    2. Only the Raama incarnation is mentioned in the Giita. Although Kalki and other incarnations are not mentioned, still they aggree with Krsna saying that he incarnates in every yuga to protect dharma and punish the wrong-doers.

    3. I wish that Satya yuga could come peacefully, but this is impossible, because people do not aggree that this person or that is Kalki, or Visnu incarnated. Since they cannot aggree, war proves to be the only way to test who is God and who is God's enemy.

    Iisha Krsna Om!


    A worshipper of Lord Shiva cannot be considered as Vaishnava then how come worshipper of Jesus can be considered as Vaishnava.



    Shiva is a form of Visnu, so even Shaivas worship Visnu while they don't know it.

    Krsna said "among all Shivas, i m Shankara". There is nothing except Krsna.

    Work to unite people, do not work to divide.

    If fact, Krsna worship cannot unite people, because most people in this age are pashughnas, so they cannot understand Krsna.

    One thing can unite all people: the SAAWITRII gaayatrii, samano mantra, which is for all people regardless of religion. Even buddhists should use the SAAWITRII, because it is not against their beliefs, although it comes from the Veda.

    Pay tribute to Mahaatma Gandhi; to the Christians he said "i m Christian". To the Jainas he said "i m Jaina". To Shaivas he said "i m a Shaiva", and so on. He was not a liar. His personal deity was lord Raama. This is the best example for all people to follow.

    It is easy to divide; it is good to unite.




    this is a very good topic to discuss but i have some of my exp of my life i had never came across to any kind of Christian who worship hindu dieties or give respect to hindu gods they always says that Jesus is complete & they try to prove that hindu scriptures are not correct & u may b aware that there are several cases v have seen where Christians try to Convert people from other religion into Christianity I m talking mainly of Indian Christians.:crazy:

    Sorry, but i have to say it is not logical to rely on scriptures. Scriptures and teachings are good and reliable when they are proven by facts and by logic. Fanatic Christians reject Krsna, and fanatic Vaisnavas try to prove that Jesus was not God. I m not fanatic. How can i reject Krsna? i know that Krsna is love, and love is the cause of the universe and supreme power. Christians say that "God is Love"; then God is Krsna. Then, Jesus claims to b the supreme personality of Godhead, why should i reject it? I believe that Raama had to be punished for killing Raavana, so he was incarnated again and was crucified to pay for killing the raksasas, so all other people enemies of raaksasas do not have to pay. Raama acted as a man, so he had to pay for what he did. But in fact, Raama is the supreme personality too. Shrila Prabhupada says that Krsna incarnation is stronger than Raama incarnation. I believe this is true. Raama defeated the raaksasas, but Krsna defeated Lord Shiva himself, with all the "shankaraanucaraas". From experience i know that Krsna is stronger than all other incarnations, still other incarnations, as Narasinha, Raama, and Jesus, are Krsna too. Krsna is love, but Jesus is also a personification of love, who sacrificed himself to help people in the war against raaksasaas. Vaisnavas are Christians, so they must not try to convert Christians. Christians are Vaisnavaas, so they must not try to convert Vaisnavaas. Instead, they must be colaborate, even if they cannot aggree in everything. Not all Vaisnavaas agree in everything, there are many Vaisnava sects, e.g. the Swaaminaaraaya,naas, who differ in their idea about Krsna, but they are Vaisnavaas too, and their mantra, Swaaminaaraaya,na, is good. So Christians should be recognised as a Vaisnava sect, although they do not agree in everything. Our minds are deluded because we are in Kali yuga, so we cannot agree in everything, but all Vaisnava sects, who believe that God is love, including Christians, should ally. Otherwise, it is only fanaticism that works to empower Kali even more.



    Krishna is busy having fun with the gopis. He doesn't have time to listen to your sad story.

    Time, space and natural law are limitations for creatures, but not for the creator of the universe.

    Remember what Jesus said: "nobody has more love than to give his own life for his friends, as i m now doing for you".

    If Jesus has such love, do you think Krsna has less?

    Who are the gopis? If you love Krsna as much as the gopis, you r a gopi. If you love him as his friends do, you r his friend. A man can love Krsna as much as a woman can, because Krsna is in women too. The beloved element in everything loved, is Krsna.

    He said "i m the servant of my devotees", and this is fun for him too, because Krsna is love is the source of all that exists and of all ability.

    I myself resented Krsna and found many faults with him. Now i realise that those who are supposed to worship him are too often fakes, faults are with them but not with Krsna.

    Too many people pretend to be his devotees, and they are to blame, but Krsna is not to be blamed for anything, so he is called Anagha.

    I can give arguments for what i say, but first i must know how you came to your own ideas about Krsna, so as to see where the mistake is.

    If you read this, you who started the thread, please say something. Or send a personal message. Nobody can help you as long as you don't explain what your problem is. This thread is for you, not for everybody other to present his / her theory.

  8. The Lal Kitab And Other Works Of This Kind Are Not Meant For Knowing The Future. The Lal Kitab, Also Astrology And All Arts Of Divination Are To Diagnose The Situation, The Esoteric Health, So That We Can Heal Our Life. Divination Is Useful To Show Our Mistakes.

    The Lal Kitab Is On The Web, Everyone Can Use It. It Contains Good Advice.

    Surely, The Name Of God Can Both Enlighten The Mind So We Can Know Our Mistakes, And Heal Our Problems.

    So, Waste No Time, Use The Name Of God.

    Om Shrii Raamaaya Namah!

  9. sopatel, i cannot correct you, for i could not find a mistake in what you say. I would add that the 10 commandments of the Jewish Bible are meant for amending the 10 human shortcomings. Those 10 commandments are based on 2 basic principles emphasized by Jesus: Love God, love your nearby person.

    Of course you know the song for Kalki

    "kharatara warashara dasha-bala-damana". Why is He called dashabaladamana? obviously because he defeats the 10 evil powers, each symbolised by a head of Raavana. Evil has got powerful weapons, but God has better weapons, that is why he is called wara-shara, and kharatara (stronger than everyone).

    We can talk endlessly about Kaliyuga. The important point is that Vaisnavas want to fit confortably in it, instead of working and fighting to change it into Krtayuga. It is more honest to openly worship Kali than saying you r a Vaisnava but not fighting for the all round prevalence of dharma. If i m sincere i must say: no, we do not fit! God's will must be done ON EARTH, AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. Have you ever heard that "THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH TOO, AS IT IS IN HEAVEN".

    i apologise if there is some aggressiveness in what i said.

  10. Yes, what you say makes good sense.

    It's a pity that the person who started this thread has not appeared again.

    If possible, give me a list of all the 10 vasanas.

    In case you forgot, this is the darkest part of Kaliyuga, so Kali is impersonating all evil, and prevails everywhere (even in this forum).

    The 4 regulative principles are meant for avoiding strengthening Kali.

    When people strengthen Kali, Kr,s,na cannot weaken it.

    To pray to Raama, Kr,s,na, that is prayer with selfishness, we pray to live well or go to the spiritual abode. So i m thinking that the Saawitrii Gaayatrii is best of all, because it prays for US, not for MYSELF. It is a prayer for all creatures, and they say it brings the end of Kaliyuga.

    Remember what Shiva says to Kr,s,na:

    "Dharma is your heart".


    Problem - i get married on 20 feb 2007 ,after 2 month my wife behaviour change and now she left me, her mother is creating problem else she is a good girl. ... i am very much depressed now .

    I wish you will response me with some remedies.


    Dear friend, i had a similar problem, as long as i mentally repeated a prayer to KRSNa, my wife was happy with me. When i stopped that mental prayer, everything went wrong. If you search my posts you shall find details. You must be really optimist, because you r still very young. People wisely say "when glass breaks, you cannot stick it together again". But you r so young, why don't you expect to find a new bride for yourself?

  12. Of all siddhis the most important is the siddhi of knowledge. To get that is to be free. Everything else can be obtained through knowledge, and all evils of Kaliyuga cannot do any harm to people who have the siddhi of knowledge. Here I collect all methods I have found in Indian books for getting the siddhi of knowledge. (I shall give every mantra in my own system of transcription and then in the KyOtO – Harvard system which is more familiar to the internet).

    <FONT size=3><?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com><st1:City><st1:place><FONT face=Kyoto</st1:place></st1:City><font face=" /><st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">Om</st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype"> q,r,s,naa wilepanaaja swaahaa.

    <FONT size=3><st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">Om</st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype"> kRSNA vilepanAya svAhA.

    <FONT size=3><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">If you recite this 108 times every day, you will get the ability to know everything in past, present and future. (I cannot understand “kRSNA” grammatically. I think it was wrongly written, the correct form must be <st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">Om</st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype"> q,r,s,na wilepanaaja swaahaa

    <FONT size=3><st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">Om</st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype"> kRSNa vilepanAya svAhA

    <FONT face="Palatino Linotype" size=3>The words’ meaning is praying to kRSNa to anoint our eyes with the ointment of love, so that we can perceive everything we wish to.

    <FONT size=3><st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">Om </st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">arihante <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">ytpatti <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">swaahaa<FONT face="Palatino Linotype">.

    <FONT size=3><st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">Om </st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">arihante <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">utpatti <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">svAhA<FONT face="Palatino Linotype">. <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">This <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">is <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">named<FONT face="Palatino Linotype"> “<FONT face="Palatino Linotype">tribhuvana <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">swamin <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">mantra<FONT face="Palatino Linotype">”, <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">the <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">teacher <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">of <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">the <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">three <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">worlds<FONT face="Palatino Linotype">. <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">To get the siddhi, you must repeat it one lakh (100000) times, thereafter when you wish to have the answer to any question, just repeat it once mentally, and the answer will instantly come to your mind. This is obviously a Jaina mantra, in Jaina prakrt language, so I think it will not work perfectly unless you “upgrade” it into correct sanskrt.

    <FONT size=3><st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">Om</st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype"> qiri qiri swaahaa

    <FONT size=3><st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">Om </st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">kiri <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">kiri <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">svAhA<FONT face="Palatino Linotype">. <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">Recite this 21 times while you are completely naked during <st1:time Hour="0" Minute="0"><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">midnight</st1:time><FONT face="Palatino Linotype"> and then have a sleep, you will get the answer to all your questions in your dreams. I suspect that this mantra is of Altaic origin, given that <st1:country-region><st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">India</st1:place></st1:country-region><FONT face="Palatino Linotype"> was inhabited by populous Altaic tribes. ‘kiri” reminds me of the Turkish verb kör- = to see.

    <FONT size=3><st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">Om </st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">dhe<FONT face="Palatino Linotype">,<FONT face="Palatino Linotype">n<FONT face="Palatino Linotype">,<FONT face="Palatino Linotype">tha <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">swaahaa

    <FONT size=3><st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">Om </st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">dheNTha <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">svAhA<FONT face="Palatino Linotype">. <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">This is to be recited one lakh (100000) times by using red flowers for counting (for exaple, offer one red flower every 100 or 1000 repetitions), the flowers must be offered to the Almighty. By so doing, you will get the siddhi, so then when you ask yourself on any matter, remember “<st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">Om</st1:place><FONT face="Palatino Linotype"> dheNTha svAhA” once and the answer will immediately come to your ears. (The word “dheNTha” does not look like sanskrt. The closest words I have found in sanskrt are: dhiSNya, dhiSaNa, dheSTha).

    <FONT face="Palatino Linotype" size=3>Write this yantra: divide a square into three lines and three columns, i.e. nine squares. (Of course, aromatic substances are to be used for ink and a twig of pomegranate or jasmine instead of a pen). On the upper line middle square write 7; in the bottom line left square write 14, in the middle line right square, write 21; in the bottom line right: 28; in the middle square write: 35; in the upper left: 42; in the middle line left square write 49; in the upper right: 56; and in the bottom line middle square write 63 (preferably in devanaagari figures, or instead of numerals use dots or little circles or little crosses of the same number).

    <FONT size=3><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">This yantra is to be honoured by offerring incense, flowers etc., and then kept on person; by so doing your intelligence will keep increasing, so you will know everything. I <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">suspect <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">that <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">this <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">yantra <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">was <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">deviced <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">by <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">shaivas<FONT face="Palatino Linotype">. <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">It does not matter really; as long as it reveals the truth, it is approved, whatever its origin may be.

    <FONT face="Palatino Linotype" size=3>There are other Indian mantras too, which promise to confer the siddhi of omniscience, but I cannot cite them, because I have not found them in their original correct form, they contain mistakes in every word. Even those I cited are not totally beyond any suspicion. The one mantra that is perfectly correct and undoubtedly effective, is the Creator’s ode, the SAAWITRII:

    <FONT size=3><FONT color=black><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">OOOM VUR<FONT color=black><FONT face="Palatino Linotype"> VÝWA: SYÁ:

    <FONT size=3><FONT color=black><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">TÁT SAWITÝR<FONT color=black><FONT face="Palatino Linotype"> WÁRE,NIAM

    <FONT size=3><FONT color=black><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">VÁRGO DEWÁ<FONT color=black><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">SJA DhIIMAHI

    <FONT size=3><FONT color=black><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">DhÍJO JÓ NA:<FONT color=black><FONT face="Palatino Linotype"> PRAKODÁJAAT ))<FONT color=black><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">

    <FONT size=3><st1:place><FONT color=#000066><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">Om</st1:place><FONT color=#000066><FONT face="Palatino Linotype"> bh^<st1:City><st1:place><FONT color=#000066><FONT face="Palatino Linotype">ur</st1:place></st1:City><FONT color=#000066><FONT face="Palatino Linotype"> bh'uvaH sv'aH t'at savit'ur v'areNyam bh'argo dev'asya dhImahi dh'iyo y'o naH pracod'ay^at.<FONT color=#000066>

    <FONT face="Palatino Linotype"><FONT size=3>This ode, sufficiently used can achieve everything, so it is sure to achieve the siddhi of omniscience which is then the solution to any problem.

    <FONT face="Palatino Linotype" size=3>Also, Raama’s name is believed to confer every good thing, and more specifically the sound aa in Raama is said to represent the notional sun that destroys ignorance, therefore we must accept that invocation of Raama is a most easy means to obtain the siddhi of omniscience.

    <FONT face="Palatino Linotype"><FONT size=3>In addition to all the above, the name of God given in the Bible (conveyed slightly distorted and without vowels) is to be restored as johuwa:

    <FONT face="Palatino Linotype" size=3>yohuvaH<FONT face="Palatino Linotype">

    <FONT face="Palatino Linotype"><FONT size=3>which is expected to give all siddhis, notably the siddhi of omniscience.

    <FONT face="Palatino Linotype"><FONT size=3>The one that appears as user’s name

    <FONT face="Palatino Linotype"><FONT size=3>rii: qaro jamaho amaan

    <FONT face="Palatino Linotype"><FONT size=3>rIH karo yamaho amAn

    <FONT face="Palatino Linotype" size=3>is also a mantra conferring all virtues of the Almighty, and in particular the word yamaho signifies ya = past, ma = present, ho = future, so the whole word yamaho is to confer the siddhi of all knowledge. <FONT face="Palatino Linotype">

    <FONT face="Palatino Linotype"><FONT size=3>Of course there is some discipline to be followed if one aspires to get the siddhi: never ask oracles or soothsayers, and never ask questions unless to reply to questions of others. Last but not least: since you aspire to that siddhi, you must never tell a lie. In case it is not permitted to give an answer, you should pose a question to the question, such as “why do you want to know that?” – anyway you should not tell a lie, for if you do so, you shall miss the truth, just like Eve and Adam when they wanted to conceal their nudity, as if God does not know what people hide under their clothes. This act was a big lie, and because of it they lost the truth: that soul is immortal; so from that time people do not know that they continue to exist after leaving the body.

    <FONT face="Palatino Linotype" size=3>This is all I know about methods of getting the siddhi of knowledge; everyone who knows any other method should present it here, to help other people. Of all donations, giving a path to knowledge is the best.

  13. Yes, evil things can b necessary, because if there were no vices, there would b no virtues. Because every virtue is subjugating a vice. But the point is to defeat the vices and defeat all wrong things, not collaborate with wrong things. All wrong things are in worshipping Kali thus sustaining Kaliyuga. Others can do that, but not the vaisnavas. You shall go to Kali if you chant Hare. Be careful.

    I must speak to the point: To find the right way in this world or the other is not so simple as you think. You think you have caught the priest by the beard as the proverb says, i. e. you think you have found perfect safety by a means easier than bending your little finger. No, you have only found a narcotic, but only time can show that to you. You told me u r young, please give me (in a personal message) your date of birth so i can make a Hindu horoscope of yours.


    Lord Chaitanya once went to the bathroom and while he was going he was biting his tounge. So his servant Gopal Guru Goswami asked him why he was biting his tounge. He said, "Well I am going to the bathroom. And my mouth is always chanting Hare Krishna. But since this a filthy place how can I chant here?" But Gopal Guru Goswami said, "But what if you left your body when you are in the bathroom?" Lord Chaitanya realized that Gopal Guru Goswami was right and started chanting again.


    So simply chant Hare Krishna and be happy.

    The Hare Krsna mahaamantra is nowhere in Caitanya Caritaamrta. I searched the whole text of it, the phrase Hare Krsna is not in there. (Or please quote the verse).

    Hare is the vocative of Haraa, that is the goddess Kali. True vaisnavas keep the 4 regs because sex, slaughter, gambling and toxic substances are Kali's strength. We do not collaborate with all ills of Kaliyuga. So we can not chant Hare, because Hare is calling Haraa, that is Kali.

    Also Hare means "in Hara' that is "within Shiva". This is an offence to Krsna, because he said "everything is in me, I M NOT IN THEM".

    This is why Hare Krsna meaning "Krsna, you r part of Shiva", has not threatened the great powers of Kaliyuga, that is ADHARMA.

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