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    I am a spiritualist and astrologist working in both western and indian astrology. I am also well read in Tantric practices.
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  1. This site looks like it is working again. I continue to do more reading and still have not found anything more practical than the book I mentioned in an earlier post. In particular I can give the example of one mantra I have used which has taken nearly one year to bring a good result (I wanted success in getting a well paid job in a particular city). Now my job makes me too busy to give much effort to applying mantra for something else. But at the moment I am content in what I have got from applying the practical method. Anyway good luck!
  2. An effective mantra and the use of the secret power of lists for getting a job can be an effective tool to help in matters of employment. The procedure must be followed as described in the book and the mantra must be spoken at the same time as writing the list. It does require some time and commitment to do the lists but Deepak Rana book on lists is very effective in this regard.
  3. Other learned persons will be able to provide specific cleansing procedures for your case. May I also suggest the use of a Zakti-Mani as part of these cleansing procedures.
  4. One must also consider the alternative that your sister may perhaps have been saved from a problem marriage because of the fact that she is of small height. Sometimes behind negatives are also a greater positive so do not always think in black and white. Second there may be a very good match waiting for her in which the issue of height is of a minor consequence and will lead to a excellent marriage. I know you are asking for a solution to height but perhaps you should also consider that things are as they are meant to be and instead simply ask for a solution to a happy marriage and not a solution to the height issue?
  5. The person who advised on the gemstone should ideally have knowledge of the correct vidhi which must be performed. All I can say is to get a second opinion of the gemstone- it should be matched to your particular astrological chart- which will also ascertain the correct fitting of the diamond (in gold, silver or copper). The diamond itself must be cleansed in the correct way. You will also have to be presented with the diamond and wear it for the first time on a particular day which will be determined by astrological charts.
  6. Hello. Tulsi should never be overwatered. To test, use a finger and scratch away the top bit of soil. If it is dry then you should water. If it is very dark in colour and feels moist then it does not need water. It is best if the plant gets full sunlight and the soil gets warmth. Any sign of a cold temperature will put the plant into a mini hibernation and it will start to get brown and leaves will drop off. You will then have to wait a few months for new green shoot to appear. Any sacred sound can be played to Tulsi- they will respond to sound as well as peoples thoughts so mindful of thoughts. I find that placing crystals around the tulsi will boost the energies around the plant- quartz clear crystals charged in the sun are best. Zakti-mani are amazing energy orbs that you can also place near the plants- but zaktimani are almost impossible to find so quartz crystal will be okay. Feeding- yearly feeding is all that is needed-liquid fertilizer is best. I feed in feb/march over a period of two weeks-a little each day. Good luck!!
  7. Perhaps there needs to be a few more moderators selected so that posts do not take so long to be approved. I also am waiting for posts to appear and Im sure some people will be put off from posting again when they have to wait so long to view any of the posts.
  8. Are you aware of the Akashic records? There is the concept that there is a unified field of memories of everyone and everything and that this is what people tap into when they retrieve memories of past lives. However this field is also accessible by anyone and I do think that sometimes we tap into this field when we sleep. Not always but sometimes. I have found in my research that a lot of people have dream of certain places they always seem to visit in dreams almost as if these are real places. I also know a lot of people will seem to be meeting the same people in their dreams even though they have never met them-but they seem so real. I believe this is because they have tapped into the field I alluded to and indeed these places are real and exist. Your dream could be this-but as I say not all dreams are tapping into this field-and only experienced meditators are able to do this with controlled precision-and so they are able to recognise when their dreams are just dreams and when dreams are the drawing of memories from the universal memory field. It is possible to come to some form of understanding about your dream but it would involve a deeper analysis of yourself and your current life. Hope that explains a little!
  9. I can not specifically say what this mantra is from. It is likely that the mantra will have been prepared alongside some rituals or practice to cause harm or disagreement within the household. The suggestion above by another poster has been provided, but there is plenty that can be done by individuals or as a family group to strengthen yourselves against negative influences and forces. I have only joined this site today so I dont know if I can post links to other website- but one website I know does provide free advice and practical free of cost suggestions. Actually it is just a blog but the person is very helpful. Contact me if it is possible and I can provide details. Remember because of the very nature of energy the power of such negative effects do change and can dissipate over time-it may be that the effects of this procedure are complete. Of course it does mean that the person who initiated the practice may wish to repeat it for further effects. Please be positive and I will pray.
  10. Temples were never originally meant for God worship (most of the ancient ones). They were meant as energy places to go to sit and contemplate be it with God or the universe or with nature. Of course since they were places of energy certain effects could be seen and heard and certain idols put by those who had certain visions of the types of energy at those places.
  11. The book you mentioned is also not very practical. There is one book called The Secret Power of Lists. This book uses mantra and has practical instructions. Also a newer book called Yantra, Mantra and Tantrism: A complete guide has been very useful to me. The author is Deepak Rana and is very learned in these matters.
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