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  1. Hello Sir, I have read books on YANTRA and Tantra but not specifically on Mantra. In the books which I have read there are many mentions of Mantras and their usage. One famous book is Madhu Khanna's - Yantra- The Tantric Symbol of Cosmic Unity. Where he shows some images of Sri Yantra formed by chanting Mantras.(Which I later found out to be false). But anyways the book is very good and authoritative about many facts about Yantras. Sir, Kindly go through the link below. There is a study called "Cymatics" ( Wikipedia - (from Greek: κῦμα "wave") is the study of visible sound and vibration, a subset of modal phenomena. Typically the surface of a plate, diaphragm, or membrane is vibrated, and regions of maximum and minimum displacement are made visible in a thin coating of particles, paste, or liquid. Different patterns emerge in the exitatory medium depending on the geometry of the plate and the driving frequency) There are videos which actually show Cymatics which can help you in your study of Mantras and can be a very interesting part of your research I feel. Thank You,
  2. Hi Indra, First step read any book on meditation and get a basic understanding about it. I would suggest Raja Yoga by Swami Vivekananda. The Process- Stop fighting the thought. Relax yourself completely while doing Sandhyavandana. Sit in a comfortable pose and observe your breath. Just observe it, nothing else is to be done. If the thoughts arise just observe them unattached/detached. As if they are not your thoughts. Be aware of your breath constantly & observe the thoughts. If you get distracted bring your focus back on your breath and stay there. Try doing this for at least 20 minutes daily and twice a day. And if you are regular enough you can see your thoughts going down and down. Settling down. This is one of the major MEDITATION Technique used by Buddhists and which has its mention in THE VIJNAN BHAIRAVI TANTRA. Where Lord SHIVA explains the techinque to MATA PARVATI. This greatly helps your focus, concentration and helps in controlling your thoughts. Along with Bhagavad Geeta read local books in the sense normal spiritual books like AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI, Living with the Himalayan Masters by Swami RAMA etc. These books guide us in many ways and can be related to our lives. They provide us great spiritual insight into our lives and how the universe works. They commonly speak in our language. One more thing I met one MR.Vibhuti Ganesh who can understand your situation I think. 'Coz he had posted a link which is very similar to what you are going through. He is a senior person who can guide you well, better than me. You can search the forum for him - (VibhutiGanesh) Take Care, God Bless
  3. Hi Indra, I would like to understand your problem in detail so that i can serve your need. Observe your routine and understand what is actually going on. Most of our problems are self inflicted. See what u can do about it. When did it start, Why and what could be the solution? Every person will be knowing the route cause of his problem and also the solution. He just wants someone to shed some light on it. So do a detail self analysis report and tell me what's going on. I ll try my level best to guide you out of this. Take Care, God Bless
  4. Hello Ganeshji, It was a great pleasure talking to u. I can see your intentions very clearly. I know that you meant no harm or to hurt our sentiments. I was just asking for your guidance and support to make myself better in serving others. Pardon me if I have hurt any of your feelings or anyhting like that. I am a constant learner and would like to share something I have learn t only, after thorough practice and scrutinizing the methods for a real long time. Anyways If the person we are trying to serve is helped along the way then the whole situation is solved. Thank You for your kind words. Thank You Sir,
  5. Hello Ganeshji, Thanks for your suggestions/advice. I went through your profile and your website. Seriously I am no match for your experience. But there is but one small suggestion from a small time sadhak like me. That there is something very important missing in your sentences I feel. Which moves the worlds and everything around us. Which makes the flowers blossom and the clouds to rain. Which heals the wounded and rescues them from the pain. Which I consider to be the most essential thing to communicate and counsel. That most important thing is LOVE. Sir you might be right or wrong. But before meeting the person in person. You can't judge his mental balance or imbalance. But what i suggested was more a overall development process which doesn't depend on any exterior analysis of the person. The process depends on the will of god and the devotion of the student. And Avanija as i see comes from a very good cultural family background and is practicing spiritual austerities from child hood. B'coz nowadays people have not heard of any lalita sahasranama or chadi japa or anything like that. Pardon me if I am wrong. And kindly suggest me if there is anything. Thanks, Anahatanada
  6. Hi Avanijaji, The best book for Raja Yoga is the one written by Shri Swami Vivekananda. This book contains almost everything about yoga itself. Its just a 150-200 pages book and u can get it for approx Rs.100/-. And you can also read the writings of Shri Swami Sivananda its free on the net. U can download the Pdf's. Take Care, God Bless
  7. Hi Aavnijaji, That's great news to hear from you. Since you r practicing yoga u can easily understand the chakras systems and where they are what their basic purpose is and everything. May be only basics but that is enough to understand the rashmimala mantras. Lalita sahsranama regularly that's great. And its even good that u do poojas and meditate quite often I suppose, not regularly! thats ok . Yes that can be considered as a basic deeksha. Now stop thinking and get started. Download the MP3's and listen to them first in a calm relaxed and in a devotional mind set. So start with doing 1.Prayer to the mother and guru (the guru aspect of the mother) 2.Asana-Surya Namaskar (Optional)/ Aerobics 3.Pranayama (atleast 6-8 rounds) 4.JAPA/Chanting -the mantra your poojari gave. 5.Narayana Kavacha 6.Rashmi Mala mantras 7.Final Prayer and end If you r honest, devoted and regular enough all the trouble will be solved within 6 months. This is my strong belief. I will also pray to the mother for your well being. Did u get Narayana Kavacha? If u want anything more about chakras I can provide u with a link. In the 4th point - While doing japa include pranayama with it. Which means inhale with both the nostrils and chant until your comfortable. hold and chant until u r comfortable. also chant while exhaling. chant in shunyaka also. note that breathing should be done simultaneously and spontaneously without any stress and strain in a relaxed manner while doing japa. Do atleast 3 rounds in the morning and 3 in the evening.(3*108- is one round). Japa can be done at any time because it includes no harm, but japa with pranayama should be done only when the stomach is empty. And about raja yoga if u r interested i can suggest some books and links. Take Care, god bless
  8. I have been practicing yoga for past 6-7years now. I have not received any formal diksha from any formal guru. But I know that i have been blessed by the divine grace of Shri Mahavatar Babaji and I consider him as my Pram GURU. Yes getting a formal Deeksha is a very good step to start anything spiritual and helps a lot in our progress as the guru looks after us as his own extension. But nowadays a realized soul/GURU is very rare to find as we all sadhaks know. But there are such masters still around us but in disguise. So I suggest you to download the e diksha mp3 from the site and start to practise first.I will pray for your deeksha and well being, dont you worry about such things as deeksha and stuff. You will have to trust me on this. But instead worry about things like discipline, honesty, being patient, regularity in practice and most of all devotion and love towards the Almighty. There are certain mantras which has to be chanted before beginning the actual mantras where you salute the masters, and the lord. After that there are mantras which will destroy all the possible obstacles in the way of your sadhana for that particular time. And then the actual process starts.So there is nothing to worry. Moreover you are praying to the "Mother of allShri Lalita Maha Tripura Sundari". She knows your situation very well. So don't worry. And if you have a chance to visit andhra where Shri Amritanandaji resides do take deeksha from him. I have not seen more authentic practices than in that website until now. There is one more thing which you can do. I was reading Shrimad bahagavatham and came to know that there is certain kavacha, a shield which protects us against any evils ad weapons. Which is called as "NARAYANA KAVACHA". This was given to Indra at the time of great trouble from the lord himself you can get it on the internet or else I can post u the link. I would like to know, if you have practiced any kind of yoga so far. If not what you know about yoga. Because it would be good to suggest you more specifically about the sadhanas. Out of topic- I am new to the concept of forums and posting stuff. Does it always take 2-3 days to post something and get a reply? Take care God Bless
  9. Hi Avanija, I too am new to this forum and really new to this world of social networking and stuff. I just wanted to share this information I had which might serve/guide you in your situation. There are various mantras including SRI VIDYA UPASANA which will help you to get rid of your problem. I strongly recommend you to go through the website thoroughly and you can find mp3 downloads in the download section for all the mantras.I have been following a set of very powerful mantras called RASHMIMALA mantras for the past few weeks.And they are extremely powerful in healing various ailments regarding your physical, mental and also spiritual ailments. I would rather suggest you to practice any type of YOGA which include the basic 8 stages/steps and then practice these chantings which will empower you with abundant grace of the almighty. God Bless, Take care... Have faith, nothing is impossible. Every possible situation given to us is just like a test, a stepping stone towards our progress towards self-actualization/realization. I don't hope that this works but rather I strongly believe that this works.
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