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  1. <p align=center> </p> <h3><p align=center>Sree Ganesha Sharada Gurubhyo Namah</p></h3> There is no Yantra equal to the Sree_Chakra There is no Mantra equal to the Sree_Vidya There is no diety equal to Lalithambika And there is no Sahasranama equal to Sree Lalitha Sahasranama. In this post I would like to discuss about the meanings of the names of the Divine Mother Lalithambika.She has now accomplished a very critical thing for me, without which my life would be doomed, now I want to express my thanks here. I invite all the Devi Bhakthas here to express their views and experiences with the Mother.Also, if anyone knows about the names in this mystical Sahasranama, then please write them here so that it could benefit others. I can only give very precise ideas about the meanings due to my limited knowledge.I would mainly depend on the commentary written by Bhaskaraya named 'Sowbhagya_Bhaskaram' <p align=center> </p> <h3><p align=center>She is the shelter for all.The final refuge.</p></h3> The following were the web-pages I could find which dealt with the meanings of the names in the Sahasranama. http://www.apsahaj.org/thousandnames.htm http://www.hinduweb.org/home/general_sites/sita/sitakasansar/1-50.htm http://www.adishakti.org/book_of_enlightenment/book_of_enlightenment.htm
  2. <p align=center> </p> Your post gives the impression that you are a child.Thus, all your arguments are forgiven.I should now try to correct them peacefully. "..A vaishnava must be humbler than blade of a grass and he must not indulge in hurting others..." Nice. Everyone should be like that.But that can happen only if we all realize that we all are children of the same Mother.Distinct deities can cause only mutual abuses. "..At the same time,he is given authority by his Acharyas to stand upon his view and prove Narayana is only Supreme..." Please dont listen to such acharyas.Those drove us away from the real smartha philosophy of Lord Veda Vyasa. Listen only to what Lord Vyasa had given us. "..In his process of arguing, he should give utmost respect to great material controllers Shiva and Shakthi." They are all ideas after all.and were developed by some religious men to prove their supremacy. Actually, Mother in Lord Vishnu form is the material protector.He is made to be born inside the universe like an ordinary human only to protect the material universe. His boar form with the long teeth which lifts the earth from the ocean shows that He is the one to raise us from the mud of materialism.Only then we can reach the higher truths. "...In Durga incarnation,Shakthi was brother of Krishna.In Lalitha Sahasranama also one nama is there as 'Padhmanaba Sahodari'..." True. Brother-Sister relation can also be applied since all came from one source. Some philosophy is like this: ParaBrahma-- during creation becomes two--one the Purusha namely Vishnu and next, the Prakriti namely MahaLakshmi(Durga). Thus, your argument is correct.They can be siblings. "..It is a great philosophy sustaining on its own and in the strenght of great Acharyas..." Philosophies are after all Philosophies. There can be numerous. But truth is only one. We cannot make philosophies the truth, because truth is already there. quote from Sri Nirmala Devi: "At the very outset we have to understand that we cannot create truth, we cannot organize truth. Truth is, was and will be. We cannot cheat truth. We have to reach that point to receive it. It is not a mental achievement. It is not a concept, we cannot change it. Sahaja Yoga establishes the proof of truth and enables you to experience it. Where the seekers of truth are misled, the results have been disastrous." "....Even today when thousands of devotees has invested their life air on Tirupathi lord,there exists some people of shaivism to say that the statue is Lord Murugas one.For this I will never mean to say Shaivities are cunning..." What if Muruga? Will you go to hell? Very humourous statement of yours. "..Actually I like your profound knowledge,faith and devotion.From my starting post I never missed to first appreciate you before arguing..." I dont know anything, and I am not satisfied with my devotion. Your logic is like saying: "I NEVER MISSED TO LIFT YOU ONE MILE ABOVE THE GROUND BEFORE DROPPING YOU DOWN" see the blunder yourself. We should not Flatter someone if our next step is to abuse them. "...If you accept Vaishnavas to mix up all deities and finally claim I am all of them,it is never possible and we are stubborn on that..." Yes. it requires a lot effort to realize or at least accept it.May be you can escape into Vaikundam through Vaishnavism. i wonder what would happen to the inhabitants of that planet when the Maha-Pralaya comes. <p align=center>Sthowmi Nidraam Bhagavatheem </p>
  3. <p align=center> </p> I applaud you Jayan. You have done it.Nice reply to these fanatics who dont know the essence of Hinduism. Hope you are a Malayali. We should not allow the poison of Saiva-Vaishnava trends and mutual jealousies spread into our Kerala also, where till now, there is no disruption to the Hindu harmony.
  4. <p align=center> </p> <p align=center> </p> "....Nowadays people go to Sabari mala after taking 3 or 12 days fasting. But they should start fasting 48 days before,observe strict veg(without onion & egg also) and perform daily pooja.”...." Yes of course they should observe very stringent fastings-chantings, meditations etc. The main reason why people don’t see this sacred fast serious is that now a days the trip to Sabarimala Sannidhanam is like a pleasure-trip. The main reason for this is the current comfortable roads till the Holy river Pamba at the foot of Sabari mountains. This road is not the prescribed path.It is only 35 years old and was constructed when Governor V.V Giri reined Kerala. This road is not the recommended one.Traditional way to Sannidhanam is on foot from Erumeli, where the Lord gave Moksham to Mahishi.
  5. <p align=center> </p> <p align=center> </p> That picture is a painting of the original Moorthi inside the temple. If the picture itself is so inspiring, then imagine what would be the bliss of the darshan of the real diety.That is the main reason, why inspite of the climate, double bus-fares, rude police-men, the hectic mountain climbing, a hostile govt board , poor sanitations etc, devotees still like to go there. Other peculiarities are the relief features, the 18 Holy Golden Steps, the Sannidhanam , the unique posture of the diety and a package of legends.the rituals here are also very much striking. The Bhagavathy who waits nearby to marry Him is another attraction. I also find more attached to Her than towards Him. The prasadam is also unique ....and lots more....
  6. <p align=center> </p> There is no use of being angry to others.We dont know the past nor the future.May be the person we hate now was our own child or parent in our previous birth, whom we loved with utmost affection and got love and affection in return too.So we should not hate anyone.Serve the Lord through His creation should be our motto. Forgive me if I was angry in my post. "..It is mankind love that binds material existence together..." Carry on. Good luck.Please be careful not to be attached with material relations too much.(remember the case of jada Bharata)
  7. <p align=center> </p> <p align=center> </p> The MANDALA period is going on(41 days) and is special for all the Hindu temples world-wide.In Keralam, this period is associated directly with Swami Ayyappa (incarnation of Sastha).
  8. <p align=center> </p> You said: ".....Its after all an idea exchange. If somebody uses words such as fool and all,dont reply for them.Simply ignore.........." Sorry I didnt know that while calling me a fool, idiot, dog etc, you guys were actually exchanging "ideas". Nice way of exchanging IDEAS. I didnt know such ways. I remember you as the one who tried to defame and abuse Mother from your very first post.See, it is still there. Even though I asked a genuine Question about the Sattwik deity, Lord Vishnu, you replied in a way that each and every sect use to proclaim their superiority over other sects.In that course, you people insulted me and Mother also. Now you pretend to be humble. But I know that when you remove that mask of humility you are the same as other Vaishnavas. Thanks for Kamakoti.org, am not tamilian, speak Malayalam, a sweet blend of Sanskrit and Tamil. =========================================================== <font face="verdana" ><h3> By mutual differences of Shiva and Shakti, the (three) gunas originate. All things, such as Brahma and so forth, are my parts, born from my being. Dividing and blending, the various tantras, mantras and kulas come into being. After withdrawing the five fold universe, I, Lalita, become of the nature of nirvana. Once more, men, great nature, egoism, the five elements, sattvas, rajas and tamas become manifested. This universe of parts appears and is then dissolved. </h3></font> <p align=right> <font face="verdana" size=4>-- Divine Mother</font></p>
  9. <p align=center> </p> You said: ".........This fool Bhadramoorthi thinks Visvam(sahasranama) means matter...." Your dosage will be coming soon.Currently I have shortage of time.
  10. <p align=center> </p> ".....I realize your feelings have been hurt by likes of Govidram and you are angry justly so. We Hindus are our worst enemy sometimes, without knowing the subject matter we jump to wrong conclusion..." I am surprised your post starts with pranam instead of calling me a fool/idiot.Are you really a Vaishnava? Then how come only you are so polite and humble? I am not angry towards Govindaram. he should go through several janmas yet to come to learn the truth. Otherwise, we can see a person in Vaikunda, calling everyone idiot and "dog", like that. "....Have you ever tried to find out at what age this Lila of our Lord took place? Do you know the position of gopis?...." KRISHNA'S AGE: Anyway, in your Krishna-book, it is given that Gopis felt desire(lust?) for Him when He stole their clothes.So age didnt matter. Inference: he was perfect youth for a woman to lust. GOPIS POSITION: They were lusting towards a boy, but already married. This was their position. "........Try to read udhav conclusion on this or ask some one like Rameshbhai Oza who is a great Bhagvat scholar.." Since they were all devotees, they can only explain it that way. "........It is great to worship mata don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, but please do not write derogatory things about our lord..." Yes,Indeed great,i agree. Hayagreeva says: " Punya attained through crores of Janmas of worshipping Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, and all other Devathas lead us to the Mother in the last birth. Devi upasana and Lalitha Sahasranama chant are done in the Last birth...." Who is this OUR LORD? There is only one Lord.It is childish to say that only one sect worships Him
  11. <p align=center> </p> Sorry, this post is late, but they had banned me for my previous posts, which they took as blasphemy to Vishnu.But for me, Vishnu and Mother are the same. I hope the 27th verse would be helpful for you.Read the original Sanskrit verse and meditate on the Mother keeping that in mind. [ Let speech be muttered prayers,and all manual tasks the mudra(symbolic arrangement of fingers in worship),let gait be pradakshinam(the steps of circambulation of the deity), let food etc. be the method of offering oblations,let sleep be salutation, let all that is facilely manifested in me be synonymous with worship to you from the point of view of offering the self (in worship). ] You can chant the Durga sooktham with devotion and a pure mind and body. I think you mean the Rathri Suktam and the Devi Suktam in the Durga SapthaSathi(Devi Mahatmyam). They are all very powerfull mantras. Lalitha Sahasranamam is also an unequaled hymn. Hayagreeva says, "No other hymns in the whole Tantras are as effective as the Lalitha Sahasranama." May you hear the mother soon.There is no matter of wishing Mother hear you because She is always listening to each and everything in Her creation.It is we who dont hear Her due to our self-made partitions from the Divine. http://www.amritapuri.org/cultural/mantra/lalita.php http://www.amritapuri.org/cultural/mantra/archana.php
  12. <p align="center"> </p> Bindu said: =========================== Lalitha is always supposed to be a Shodashi (a 16 year old); when someone portrays her as a 8-year old, alarm bells for the accuracy of the tale toll for me. ============================ Sure, Lalitha is "THARUNI" meaning 'lady of age range 16-35'. May be the number 16 is significant because Her Mantra form has letters numbered 16 . Cant She come as an 8-year old, if She wish so? Your words reveal that you sincerely wish that the story were false.I cant reject the story because Mother gave the story the very next day I asked Her.If you dont want to believe you are free to think it as a fake story. Such stories are told and retold through decades and hence various inconsistencies do arise, but not completely fake. ==================================== Secondly, I have studied Lalitha Sahasra Namam, Vishnu Sahasra Namam and the Shiva Sahasra Namam, the latter two from Mahabharatha. Among the three of them, I find Shiva Sahasra Namam to be the most beautiful and profound. It portrays God in the best possible way. This is just a comment on my own personal view; no one needs to agree with it. ==================================== Very nice. I am unfortunate. I havent read the Siva Sahasranamam yet. Since you are a Smartha(i hope) it doesnt matter who is your Ishta Deva or which Diety you praise, since simultaneously you admire the other Devathas also and know that they are One.Problem arises only when "para-devatha-Ninda" occurs. ========================================= "...For your information, one million is still a finite number. But the number 1000 represents infinity in Hinduism..." ======================================= Great information . Thanks. If 1000 represents infinity, then my point is again re-inforced. Look at the following quote from Brahmanda puranam: "....Chanting Vishnu names is greater than speaking worldly great things;One name of Shiva is greater than a thousand such names of Vishnu. One name of Devi is greater than a thousand names of Shiva. Of a thousand Sahasranamas dedicated to Devi, Lalita Sahasranama is the most exalted...." Actually I calculated from the above verse only that Devi names are 1000000 times that of Vishnu. Thanks to inform me that actually the "thousand" in the verse refers to infinite! Then, one name of Devi is equal to infinite Vishnu names. Great! True!True!True! Thanks once again.May Mother bless You.
  13. <p align="center"> </p> Guest said: =========================== The devata of Isavasya Upanishad is Yajna, an avatara of Narayana, who was born to Svayumbuva Manu. Svayambuva Manu is the Rishi for Isavasya Upanishad. ================================ Please forgive if I am being foolish in my doubts. I was not asking who is its devata,rishi,chandas etc when it is used as mantra.I actually dealt with its contents and specifically the shlokam: "..Purnamadah...". I was asking whether the Isavasya upanishad has anything in favour of your argument that Brahman is Vishnu(or any man with eyes, ears, genitals etc..) Or please quote anything from It against the "Nirguna Brahman" or "Smartha Theologies" or against "Advaitham". The Isavasya Upanishad derives its name from the opening word of the text "Isavasya" or "Isa", meaning "Lord" that encloses all that moves in the world. Greatly revered, this short Upanishad is often put at the beginning of the Upanishads, and marks the trend toward monotheism in the Upanishads. Its main purpose is to teach the essential unity of God and the world, being and becoming. It is interested not so much in the Absolute in itself ("Parabrahman") as in the Absolute in relation to the world ("Paramesvara"). It says that renouncing the world and not coveting the possessions of others can bring joy.
  14. <p align="center"> </p> You said: "...If Brahman is attributeless then how can you call it complete or perfect which is also an attribute..." ===================================== So are you saying that Brahman is not perfect and not complete? I said the supreme Brahman to be perfect only to distinguish IT from the lesser forms(Brahman with forms). I said the supreme Brahman to be complete only to distinguish IT from so many incomplete forms(which are also Brahman). But you guys say Brahman is a man with four hands and two legs and with a plant growing from his navel and with eyes(to see), nose(to respirate?), mouth (for?), lying on a snake, etc etc... When I said Brahman Has no attributes, I was actually refering to such ridiculous attributes. Brahman in Its Infinity cannot be characterised by any positive attribute, which is expressed by declaring it to be nirguna or beyond all qualification," and again nirvishesha (or beyond all distinction) " ; on the other hand Deities are called saguna or qualified," and savishesha (or conceived distinctively).Only because He is capable of receiving such attributions, which are obtained by an analogical transference into the universal of the diverse qualities or properties of the beings of which He is the Principle. Nirguno Nishkriyo Nithya Nirvikalpo Niranjanaha Nirvikaaro Niraakaaro Sarva Mukthaihi Labhyaha "Attributeless, unattached to work, ever pure in mind, ever blissful, unsullied and formless. He (the absolute) is accessible to all liberated souls." ===================================================== All the names and forms attributed to the Brahman(Atma-tattva) are all our own making. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to perform several methods/modes of worship to Mother Kali throughout the day. One day the Divine Mother appeared before him and enquired, "Ramakrishna! You are getting mad day by day. You worshipped Me in a particular form. Why do you confine Me to this form and that form. In fact, all forms are Mine. Whomsoever you come across, consider them as the embodiments of divinity.God is pure and attribute-less. Such an attribute-less and unsullied divinity is present in every human being. All human beings are, in fact, the reflections of such an omnipresent divinity. Hence, every human being has to be considered as the embodiment of divinity and respected. Though God is omnipresent, He assumes a particular form and serves the human beings in many ways. Right from now, realize this truth that all names and forms are His. Anybody you come across, consider him / her as the embodiment of Divinity. When you develop such an attitude, you can see God anywhere and everywhere..."
  15. <p align="center"> </p> "....and that is why Shankara and other Vedantis wrote commentaries on Visnu Sahasranama ? Only a fool like you thinks so Bhadramoorthi..." =========================================== You spare no opportunity to call me a fool. Anyway i am now used to it. Your question is why the Vedantis like Sree Sankara explored Vishnu Sahasranama. One possible reason is that the Vedantis like Sankaracharya does not have the view that one diety is different from the other.We Smarthas are at the same time Sakthas, Vaishnavas, Saiva, Christian, Muslim etc etc. We dont believe in two powers.There is only one God .Praising Him/Her through Vishnu Sahasranamam does not mean that there are many other Gods also. I had read your post days before and asked Mother for a possible reason why the same Sankaracharya who wrote Soundarya-Lahari would write Bhashya to a very lesser hymn like the Vishnu Sahasranama.She didnot respond instantly but gave me the reply.It was when I was reading the November 1st edition of the Spiritual magazine Jyothisha-Rathnam(in Malayalam) , i saw Her reply in that.There was a column about Sankaracharya writing Bhashya.In that, i read the following incident : " ..Sankaracharya, after completing Soundarya Lahari , thought of writing a commentary to Sree Lalitha Sahasranamam. He sat for initiating His work and asked one of His disciples to bring the Lalitha Sahasranama Grantham(of palm-leaves) from His study. Sishya brought Him the Grantham and Sankara found that it was the Vishnu Sahasranamam. He asked sishya to bring the correct Grantham again, but sishya could find himself bringing the Vishnu Sahasranamam once again. Thinking what could have happened to His disciple, Sankaracharya Himself entered the study and found Mother Lalithambika sitting there on the floor in the form of a girl of 8 years,with unequaled beauty, wearing silk costumes and Her hair covered with flowers of various kinds. Instantly Sankaracharya realised that it was the Divine Mother Herself and He folded palms in reverence. She spoke immediately: "Sankara, I was the one who sent Vishnu Sahasranamam to you twice.No need of writing Bhashyam for my Sahasranamam. Your work Soundarya-Lahari is sufficient. For the common people, to attain merits, the Vishnu Sahasranamam is enough.Write a Bhashyam for that." and Mother vanished....." (check the magazine if you want to) You see, how Mother made reply to my doubts.Believe in Her and always consult Her for every need of yours. She wont reject your plea saying that ' you have not surrendered ' or that 'you have ego' like that. This incident once again proved to me that She answers every query of Her children. Just call Her with devotion and concentration. I also chant the Vishnu Sahasranamam in some mornings. Now, I saw that the mother Herself had said that Vishnu sahasanama is "ENOUGH" for common people to cross the samsara-sagaram. Eventhough Vishnu names have only one part in 1000000 of the greatness of Devi-names, it is enough for us humans.Hence Sankaracharya wrote the Bhashyam.Similar may be the case of other vedantis.This is the reply of me and my Mother.
  16. <p align="center"> </p>
  17. <p align=center> </p> "...I am sure while your having your cup of coffe, you don't write in this forum?.." no i dont. But i am sure you are in some bad company or perhaps in some bad sect.Recover soon.Chant Lalitha Sahasranama daily.
  18. <p align="center"> </p> You chastised govindaram for no use and heard undesirable statements which were meant for me.When they are knowingly included in such a vulgar sect, how can we refine them!
  19. Best wishes for your new visitor account.
  20. <p align="center"> </p> "...Please clarify wht you ean by "fanatic", and "all deities". List the deities included in your view..." People appear more dignified in their own login accounts than in guest accounts.
  21. <p align="center"> </p> Firstly, i thank Govindaram for giving me this link. http://www.krsnabook.com/ch33.html i quote some of your krishna book here. These are some of the things i am doubtful about Krishna. and that made me a Mother Worshipper. "...............because the gopis wanted to enjoy Krsna, they were given the opportunity to associate with Him for a long period. This was done according to His promise. When Krsna stole the garments of the gopis while they were taking bath at Ciraghata on Yamuna, Krsna promised to fulfill their desire in some future night. In one night, therefore, they enjoyed the company of Krsna as their beloved husband, but that night was not an ordinary night.........The necks of the gopis became tinted with red due to their desire to enjoy Krsna more and more......... They became filled with attraction for Him, and they began to kiss one another. Some gopis touched Krsna cheek to cheek, and Krsna began to offer them chewed betel nuts from His mouth, which they exchanged with great pleasure by kissing. And by accepting those betel nuts, the gopis spiritually advanced.................. The gopis became tired after long singing and dancing. Krsna was dancing beside them, and to alleviate their fatigue they took Sri Krsna's hand and placed it on their raised breasts. Krsna's hand, as well as the breasts of the gopis, are eternally auspicious; therefore when they combined, both of them became spiritually enhanced. The gopis so enjoyed the company of Krsna, the husband of the goddess of fortune, that they forgot that they had any other husband in the world, and upon being embraced by the arms of Krsna and dancing and singing with Him, they forgot everything....................allow a person to enjoy sex with any woman except one's own wife. Krsna's appreciation of the gopis appeared to be distinctly in violation of these rules.................but because Krsna wanted to exhibit the rasa-lila, they also appeared as ordinary human beings. In the material world, pleasure is ultimately manifested in the sex attraction between man and woman. The man lives simply to be attracted by women, and the woman lives simply to be attracted by men. That is the basic principle of material life. As soon as these attractions are combined, people become more and more implicated in material existence.In order to show them special favor, Krsna exhibited this rasa-lila dance.It is just to captivate the conditioned soul. Since they are very much attracted by sexology, they can enjoy the same life with Krsna and thus become liberated from the material condition..........They are addicted to material enjoyment and are accustomed to reading sex literature, but by hearing these transcendental pastimes of Krsna with the gopis, they will be relieved from material contamination..............If one actually hears rasa-lila, he will become completely freed from the lusty desire of sex life and elevated to the highest level of spiritual understanding..........." It clearly says that Krishna worship is for sex-lovers, which i am not. Look at another paragraph of the chapter: "....Another important point is that all the gopis who danced with Krsna were not in their material bodies. They danced with Krsna in their spiritual bodies. All their husbands thought that their wives were sleeping by their sides. The so-called husbands of the gopis were already enamored by the influence of the external energy of Krsna; so by dint of this very energy they could not understand that their wives had gone to dance with Krsna....." The sect is some kind of sex-worshipping sect, to attain God through sex. This is completely against the Pati-Vrata Dharma as elevated by Mother Lalithambika, Lopamudra etc. Any worshipper who adores PathiVratha Dharma would get offended.
  22. <p align="center"> </p> Govindaram said: "...You just cannot get away from Him can you? Now what's so attractive about Krishna? Maybe ask yourself that question, instead of being an arrogant fool..." We should be away from those things that prevent our self-realisation goal.
  23. "...Your an idoit..." thanks.carry on. ================== "...You just cannot get away from Him can you? Now what's so attractive about Krishna? Maybe ask yourself that question, instead of being an arrogant fool. [Did that Hurt your ego?]..." I keep away from Krishna, a myth. =============== "....Vaishnavas say one thing, that we are servants of God, if YOU don't like that them go somewhere else..." Vaishnavas are one among the funny sects inside Hinduism. I like to be Her servant.So no matter of going anywhere. We are free to worship our Ishta Deva.The Vedic path of upasana got trapped into a similar situation wherein fights regarding the superiority of respective ishta devatas became quite common. Initially the Vedic religion was only Smartha. There were people among smarthas who didn't have the spiritual maturity to engage in panchAyathana puja with special upAsanA for their ishta dEvathA and without indulging in 'para dEvathA nindhA'(denouncing of other deities). That is, they considered only their favourite deity as the primordial Godhead though at the philosophical level they seemed to have accepted advaitA. Among such people, the hardcore/hyper(thivira) Vaishnavaites remained as dvaitins.
  24. I have got tired reading the childish posts of the Vaishnavas. They say Vedas said this, Vedas said that and so on. But they never quote what originally they want to show me in the Vedas. Atmost, they would paste a line which has no head nor tail like the line "avamo agni vishno para..." and we cannot conclude the context from that. I am sure Vedas never say us to be fanatics.Vedas only support the Smartha principles. Vedas consider all the deities as the manifestation of the same paramAthmA and view all of them equally. In rudram, every thing would have been referred to as the Shiva svarUpam [form]. Purusha sUktham may see every thing as Purusha svarUpam. In some other place, varunA himself would have been referred to as paramAthmA; IndrA would have been identified as paramEshvarA; Agni as the only primordial godhead ; SuryA as the primordial God etc. Thus, it can be seen that, whenever Vedic sUkthAs refer to any deity, they identify it as the paramAtman Himself. Infact, Vedas have unequivocally concluded that 'There exists only one satyA; many names have been give to it by gyAnis' (yEkam-sat-viprAhA-bahuthA-vadhanthI). Similarly, even in the sphere of upAsanA, Vedas don't proclaim either 'Vishnu alone is superior and Shiva is inferior' or 'Shiva alone is superior and Vishnu is inferior'
  25. Even though these men dont know anything, they speak like omniscients. Look at one child's reply: "...Tamasa Puranas or fake puranas like Devi Bhagvatam.." But what I quoted was from Markandeya Puranam not Devi Bhagavatam. =========================== "...People believe in crazy things. Vedas say Brahman(Narayana=Visnu) is GunaPurna...." Vedas are saying that Brahman manifests as forms with attributes.Otherwise Sagunopasana would become futile. But we cant replace the real Brahman with substitutes like one among the Thrimurthis.See what you have done.Equating Brahman with Vishnu(Material universe). It is not correct.But correct in the sense Brahman manifested as the universe(Vishnu). This may be said as: Brahman created Universe.But not enough correct. "..Purnamadah Purnamidam...." That verse that you used is this: om purnamadah purnamidam purnath purnamudachyate purnasya purnamadaya purnamevavasishyathe om santhi santhih santihi It is the shAntipATa (prayer verse) with which IshAvAsyOpaniSad begins. meaning: Purnam is that, Purnam is this from Purnam , Purnam comes forth. Purnam from Purnam taken away Purnam remains there. (purnam means Complete) That (Brahman) is fullness. This (apparent creation) is full. From Fullness (Brahman) this full (apparent creation) comes about. Bringing out this full (apparent creation) from Fullness, Fullness (Brahman) remains. Where does it say Vishnu? One would require the Smartha principles to prove that IT is Vishnu.
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