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  1. because human era was not started at that time who describe about this
  2. all god is one ,they only show their different avatar to everyone,you can pray to any god which give your mind peace,happiness,joy etc.
  3. i dont say it wont work but it should be created in sanskrit language of gods,so it should work changing words will change the sentences aslo .so be sure it give you any negative result.be sure tha you spell the corrent one .
  4. now remember god don't have any religion,but humans are the one who created the religion and seperated the human right .its not the god's mistake his duty is only to balance life which they created he shown his different avatar to different religion when he got happy by their works.lord shiva ,krishna,alla,jesus etc are only the different avatar of god.
  5. whoever you are buit remember you taken birth in this land of god .they give you the body made of soil .to just live ,it minor life given us by god because of the mistake made by satan and our father adam .second the god cannot fulfill every one's wishes reason there are uncountable of living thing and people in earth so they fullfill the wishes only of some .
  6. man or girl now you like maa durga or kali its good your heart wants them .both maa durga and kali are same god with different avatar maa durga took the form of kali to kill evils .she is great one if you pray from heart she gives you averything you want .but dont use words like sexy you will never bee able to give any escuse to her if she gets angry on you.
  7. then do it this might be because the lord krishna is testing you that how long do you believe on him.
  8. till diya it is used for god and mustered is used for black magic,ghost ect.
  9. a man who is from evil world he helps you because someday he will ask something from you to fullfill his wish
  10. you have got the opportunity to get the advantage of this god but you need make them happy to fullfill your wishes or there is some problem going behind you that you dont know this goddess are warning you to be careful they being with to helpyou
  11. then free your mind if you think its vashikaran only on you then you should do the 108 jap of maa durga for 41 days and say her to broke spirit of him on you ,while doing this your mind should be free and get disturb by anyone untill you complete 108 jap or he just use mohini mantra then all of them get attract by the person .
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