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  1. Do a Ganesh Vrat! OMKARA SWAROOP! By the way can a half hindu or hindu by practice who is not indian and never got converted or his Hindu name worship other gods than Ganesh?
  2. Hello to everyone, I have always been around Indian Culture my entire life, as I however am not. I know a lot about it from a social perspective, at least I like to think I do! Anyway, I was brought up christian and know a lot about it, I however saw a lot WRONG with it and said Im breaking free to find myself and my spirituality. I have been doing personal studying on Sanatana Dharma for a few years, and have recently been doing puja for about 4 months. Ganesh of course but also to ShivaLingam. The Lingam just entrances me, i have never experienced anything like it before. I went to see an vedic astrologer, ( has 60000 clients ) and told me my aardya devta is Shiva, my ishta devta is Ganesh, and Kuldevi is Parvati. Now my question is this, can a half hindu or non converted hindu worship past Ganesh or is it a mistake to do so. SHould I just stick to Ganapati or Ganesha for now? Any answers would be greatly appreciated!
  3. If it is causing you so much pain, perhaps the simplest release from that pain would be for you to just ask her directly. Explain to her that you were trying to indirectly question her on the subject but she either did not understand or avoided it altogether. If she gets upset explain to her that as her future husband, and as her being your future wife, you BOTH deserve to know eachothers past before you make a commitment to union. It is perfectly normal to be curious on past relationships from your signifcant other, or future to be other. Especially since it is culture for Indian individuals to put emphasis on the matter or at least hold it as very significant. I am not Indian( or desi ) but I have been around Indian culture all my life and have been a practicing ardhya hindu (half hindu ) for a few months now after studying and doing research on my own for a few years. I have some understanding of where your coming from friend, but I believe it is your right as her future husband to know. Perhaps she is also just waiting for you to take initiative. Hope I was able to help. Hari Om, George
  4. hello to everyone, I have a question regarding my ishta devata or i should say finding it. I was born on February 25 1985 at 11pm in Rahway, New jersey. The GMT is -5 hours and no daylight saving time. The latitude is 40 36 29 north and longitude is 74 16 41 west. I currently live in freehold New jersey. latitude 40 15 36 north and longitude 74 16 27 west. same GMT. Please if anyone can help I would be heartfelt with appreciation.
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