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  1. Did any body see the slide show presentation?It made me cry.
  2. http://www.jkp.org/home/home.html Click on Radhe Krishn Darshan. It's worth it! Hare Krsna!
  3. PANCHVARTAMANA The vow of Panchavartamana (the five vows) means abstinence from alcoholism, meat - eating, stealing, adultery and self - conversion as well as converting others. The saints administer the Panchavartamana to a person who strives for salvation and who wishes to become a member of the Swaminarayan sect. The saints make such a person hold water in his right palm and chant the sharan - mantra (holy verse meant for the moment of the act of surrender) which is as follows: Kala Maya Papa Karma Yamadoota Bhayadaham Shri Krishnadevam sharanam prapanno smi sa patu maama The meaning of this holy verse translated into English is that ‘ The fear of Kala (inauspicious Time), Maya (delusions), Papa (sin), Karma (deeds of past life or lives) and Yamadootas (messengers of Lord Yama, the God of Death) haunts me. Lord Swaminarayana I have come to your refuge. O! Lord protect me eternally’. The person is then made to take the vow that he will abstain from alcohol, meat, etc. ( the five things mentioned earlier) throughout his life in order to please Lord Swaminarayana. The person is then made to release the water in his palm onto the ground and then made to wear the kanthi (holy string of basilwood or sandalwood beads). Thus, the sacrament of the Panchavartamana is solemnized. The past sins of a person are washed away by the administering of the Panchavartamana by a saint, on the condition that the person does not ever indulge in any of the five things that he has promised to abstain from. Of all the five things, alcohol is considered most responsible for the degradation of man. 1. ALCOHOL The Shikshapatri prohibits the intake of three types of sura (hard - liquor) and eleven types of madhya (light wines; the varieties available today have far exceeded the number eleven). The followers of Swaminarayanism are forbidden the use of alcohol. How can an alcoholic be characterised? An account of the churning of the ocean by the Gods and demons to obtain nectar is found in the Puranas (The word purana literally means ancient. The Purana is a sacred poetical work giving accounts of Gods and men of ancient times. The Puranas are eighteen in number and are supposed to have been composed by Vyasa). The wine thus obtained from the churning of the ocean was taken away by the demons after being unacceptable to the Gods. This itself is the proof as to which kind of persons would like intoxication. It should be seriously considered how one’s nature is transformed after being intoxicated ? Alcohol transforms the Sattvik ( calm and virtuous) qualities into Taamsi (wrathful and dark) qualities and transforms a person into a demon. Alcohol and meat are forbidden in the Shikshapatri. If this notion is accepted by society, expenditure of lakhs and crores of rupees on propoganda can be saved. Morover, the society would comprise of healthy people and Satyayug (the golden age) of peace, tolerance and happiness would prevail. 2. MEAT Lord Swaminarayana has said that one should not eat meat even in calamitous times and even if it is the remainder of Yajnas (a sacrificial rite consisting of offerings made as oblations to Gods). It is said in the Shikshapatri that if one’s diet consists of pure food, one’s inner being also attains purity and God dwells only in purity. Many argue that eggs are not non - vegetarian ! It is better to get the answer from the hen herself than from our ownselves. The answer can be found in the behaviour of the hen after she has laid her eggs. If someone lifts one of her eggs, she is disturbed because she fears that her chick will be harmed. Is this not the proof that the egg contains her offspring ? Lord Swaminarayana has said that ‘the consumption of meat gives rise to demonic qualities in a man’. How many sighs of the animals would there be in their meat ! One only needs to see the animals being dragged to the slaughter house and their tantrums as they approaches the gate. Their instinct tells them where and why they are being led. What else could you call such people who contribute to the meaningless slaughter of innocent animals for their food, if not demons? 3. STEALING Premananda Swami has said (chori na karni kahuki - which means ‘abstain from stealing of any type). Lord Swaminarayana’s words are: Stena karma na kartavyam dharmathamapi kenachita The meaning of these words is that not only should one never steal for the sake of his house or selfish purpose, but also not for the sake of Dharma (religious purpose). If one sees lovely flowers in a garden or ripe fruit on a tree which one plucks without the permission of the owner, with the idea of making an offering to God, one will take sin upon himself, while the blessings will be bestowed on the owner of the garden. One should thus, not only refrain from stealing for religious purposes, but also for business purposes, like cheating in terms of weight and measure for monetary benefit or abstaining from work in the work - place. One should also never pick up any unowned thing lying on the road. 4. ADULTERY One should never get involved with a woman who is not one’s wife. Shriji Maharaj has clearly said in the Shikshapatri that ‘ men or women followers of Swaminarayanism should never engage in adultery’. The need of this cautious advice is felt a thousand times more in the present age, than it must be at the time when the Shikshapatri was written. The evergrowing advertising media, various types of literature, pictures and cinema are responsible for encouraging adverse effects on the minds of people. A gruhhasta (a householder in the second of the four stages of life) who remains loyal to his wife, is considered to be as holy as a tyagi (one who has renounced the pleasures of life). Shri Hari also voices caution against being in the company of one’s mother, sister or daughter in solitude. ‘Partriya sanga ko tyaga’ (avoid the company of a woman other than one’s wife). One whose life is devoid of the commandment, risks the weakening of his mind and becomes a victim of depression. As a result, he is never able to progress in worship, spirituality and the path of good deeds. His only destination is Yamapuri (the city of Yama; hell). 5. SELF CONVERSION AND CONVERTING OTHERS ‘Bin khapto nahi khat’. These words of the Nand saints means that one should neither convert himself nor should one convert others. This applies not only to religion but also to varnashrama. One who does not eat pure food cannot possess a pure inner - being; one’s mind will be like the food one eats. The mind is defiled by eating food in restaurants, where there is no trace of cleanliness and purity, where plates, bowls and spoons used by diseased persons are just dipped in water to be used again and grains,spices,etc. are of substandard quality. When a person eats such food, not only are his thoughts polluted, but also his health is endangered. -- These are the five vows of the Swaminarayana sect. A faithful devotee of Lord Swaminarayana must follow adopt these vows lovingly and whole - heartedly, only then can he be called a satsangi (a true follower of the Swaminarayana sect).
  4. They will live as long as mother Earth.Parashurama,Vyasdeva and other incarnations are still here undergoing austerities for benefit of all mankind.We cannot perceive them with our material senses.
  5. "If you become conscious of Me, you will pass over all the obstacles of conditional life by My grace. If, however, you do not work in such consciousness but act through false ego, not hearing Me, you will be lost." If one works for Krsna then there is no karmic reaction.The thinking that we are Indians and Americans and that we should work for our nations is false.It is illusion.Serving one another is part of the higher purpose of serving God.
  6. Swami Narayan may be an incarnation of God but he cannot be greater than Lord Krishna.They may be equal but to say that SwamiNarayan is the source of all incarnations including Krishna is not true.
  7. Fayarus, Do you really think people from other religions who call Allah by other names like Rama or Jesus going to hell?It would be interesting to know whatIslam says about other practises. Very best regards from Joy [This message has been edited by bhaktajoy (edited 07-22-2002).]
  8. He was a famous physic.Why people are so mad after him I have got no clue. He used to go out of body and bring the required information. [This message has been edited by bhaktajoy (edited 07-18-2002).]
  9. Prophetic visions of the future As revealed by the near-death experience Many people have been given visions of the future during an near-death experience. Generally, these visions foretell a future of catastrophic natural disasters and social upheaval followed by a new era of peace and enlightenment. Some of these visions have actually already come to pass. Some of them did not happen as foretold. Many of these apocalyptic visions are to happen within the next few decades. Remarkably, these visions agree with prophecies of the Bible, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and the Virgin Mary visitations of Fatima, Garabandal, and Medjugorje. near-death experiencers are given visions of the future to inspire us to prevent these visions from actually happening. For example, Howard Storm was told if humanity changes for the better, the future he was shown will change. Dannion Brinkley was told, "If you follow what you have been taught and keep living the same way you have lived the last thirty years, all of this will surely be upon you. If you change, you can avoid the coming war." Dannion was also told the future is not cast in stone. He was told, "The flow of human events can be changed, but first people have to know what they are." The being of light told Dannion humans are great, powerful, and mighty spiritual beings. In George Ritchie’s near-death experience, Jesus told him it is left to humanity which direction they shall choose. A "Lady of Light" told Ned Doughtery in his near-death experience, "If people turn more to spirituality and less to materiality, these changes need not happen." Ricky Randolph was told, "You must return and help others to change by changing your life!" near-death experience researcher Margot Grey had one particular near-death experiencer tell her these catastrophic earth changes are a reflection of all the social upheaval and violence happening all over the world at the moment. These near-death experience visions of the future show how predestination and free will coexist. They show we choose our own destiny. An near-death experiencer told Margot Grey, "During my experience ... I was also shown events that are likely to happen in the near future, but was made to understand that nothing is absolutely fixed and that everything depends on how we choose to use our own free will, that even those events that are already predestined can be changed or modified by a change in our own way of relating to them." (Grey, 1985, p. 123) A successful prophecy is one that changes enough people to sufficiently prevent the prophecy from actually happening. An example of how prophecy is used to change the future comes from Karen Schaeffer. During her near-death experience, she was shown her children’s future as it would be without her if she decided to stay in the light and not return. Because she decided to return, the future she was shown did not happen. Apparently, the reason for showing her the future was to convince her to return and change it. One can easily conclude all prophecies are given for the purposes of changing the future. With this in mind, the following are visions of the future as revealed to near-death experiencers. Howard Storm There will be no nuclear war because God loves the world and will not permit humans to destroy it. At most, one or two nuclear bombs may explode, but there will be no nuclear war. God permits war in order to get people to come to their senses and stop it. The only way to change the world is by one person at a time. But unless people change for the better, a massive worldwide economic depression will occur. This will lead to a world with almost no technology at all. Within the next two hundred years a new era of peace, love and harmony will rule the world. Communication will be telepathic. Travel will be instantaneous. The climate will be controlled through prayer. Knowledge will be received through prayer. People will have better insight into God and life after death. Raising children will be the highest priority. Children will be the most precious commodity on earth. Dannion Brinkley Of all the visions Dannion received, most have already come to pass. These include the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Persian Gulf war. In the future, great environmental destruction will lead to the establishment of an environmental religion. The world economy will collapse. War will occur between China and Russia. People will be required to have a computer chip implanted in their bodies containing an individual's personal information. People who refuse to have this chip implanted will be considered outcasts. If humanity changes for the better, a horrible world war will be averted. Natural disasters will cause famines and starvation. George Ritchie Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and volcanoes, will increase. Governments will fall. Armies will march into the U.S. from the south. Explosions of tremendous magnitude will occur all over the world. Eventually, the world will become more peaceful. The natural disasters will end and a greater spirituality will come to humanity. Ned Dougherty A major terrorist attack in New York City or Washington D.C. will severely impact the way people live in the US. This was fulfilled on 9/11/01. Terrorist activities and wars will occur first in the Middle East, then in Italy (the Vatican and Rome). Catastrophic natural disasters will happen in the West. A shift of the earth's axis will result in massive earthquakes and tidal waves. The collapse of the U.S. economy and government will occur. The danger of global war will come from China. The conversion of China to God is necessary to prevent global war. If people turn more to spirituality and less to materiality, these disasters need not happen. Ricky Randolph Terrible destruction from wars and natural disasters will occur. A volcano in the U.S. will explode covering many cities with darkness. The U.S. government will collapse. People will have to kill for food and water. A giant explosion in the earth's atmosphere will destroy much land. Eventually, humanity will become more peaceful. David Oakford Humans have fallen away from living in balance with nature. Great damage will be inflicted on the earth before this "harmonic balance" is finally restored. Mellen-Thomas Benedict The clearing of the rain forest in South America will slow down. The earth is in the process of domesticating itself. Gardening and ecological reserves will become more important. Science will one day validate the existence of a spirit realm, even God. God is expanding into the human consciousness. A shift in the human consciousness will cause changes in politics, money and energy. Immortality will be achieved. Knowledge of life and death will increase. Angie Fenimore Humanity is in the final moments before Jesus Christ returns to this earth. The earth is being prepared for this event. The war between the forces of light and the forces of darkness are growing so intense on earth, humanity is in danger of being consumed by the forces of darkness. Cassandra Musgrave From 1992 to 2012, great natural disasters will happen such as earthquakes, floods, tidal waves, and weather changes. Earthquakes will strike the eastern coast of the U.S. Japan will slip into the ocean. There will be three days of darkness from the explosion of volcanoes. Ultimately, these natural disasters will stop. Humanity will always have the light. Elaine Durham Great destruction around the Pacific Rim will occur because of earthquakes. Icebergs will break up, move into warmer waters and melt causing the sea level to rise. This will alter the shape of the coastline. America will not be completely destroyed. Jessica Carde Earthquakes will occur around the Pacific Rim. A one world government will rise up. Concentration camps will be created. Plagues and germ warfare will happen. These horrors will not last and an era of peace and joy will follow. Reinee Pasarow The world will experience tremendous upheaval. Great suffering will occur because humans are breaking the laws of the universe. Like a man arrogantly defying the law of gravity, humanity will experience great suffering as a result breaking these laws. Humanity is being consumed by the "cancers of arrogance, materialism, racism, chauvinism, and separatist thinking." A cleansing of the earth will result for the purpose of education. Humanity will become "born anew." It will be a painful process, but humanity will emerge humbled, educated, peaceful and unified. Edgar Cayce A number of his visions of the future have already come to pass including the beginning and end of World War II, the fall of Communism, and the "rebirth" of Russia. Humanity is rapidly approaching a "day of reckoning." Cayce saw the second coming of Christ occurring in 1998 perhaps through reincarnation. This will be followed by a number of unimaginable natural catastrophes. These catastrophes will cleanse the world in order to bring a new era of peace and enlightenment lasting a thousand years. A shift of the earth’s axis will cause tidal waves and drastic changes to the coastline of the U.S. The polar ice caps will continue to melt causing much of England and Japan to slip into the ocean. Northern Europe will flood very rapidly. New land masses will appear off the eastern coast of the U.S., the so-called "rising of Atlantis." Widespread destruction in the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco will occur. The destruction of Manhattan and disappearance of New York City will also happen. Volcanic eruptions will occur in tropical regions especially the Pacific Rim. Weather patterns will change greatly. A great part of the western U.S. will be submerged in the ocean. Dr. Kenneth Ring's research Ring researched many near-death experiences that foretell great earth changes such as earthquakes, volcanoes, a pole shift, strange weather patterns, droughts, famines, tidal waves and a new social order followed by a "Golden Age." Dr. Ring states, "There is, first of all, a sense of having total knowledge, but specifically one is aware of seeing the entirety of the earth’s evolution and history, from the beginning to the end of time. The future scenario, however, is usually of short duration, seldom extending much beyond the beginning of the twenty-first century. The individual reports that ... there will be an increasing incidence of earthquakes, volcanic activity and generally massive geophysical changes. There will be resultant disturbances in weather patterns and food supplies. The world economic system will collapse, and the possibility of nuclear war of accident is very great (respondents are not agreed on whether a nuclear catastrophe will occur). All of these events are transitional rather than ultimate, however, and they will be followed by a new era in human history, marked by human brotherhood, universal love and world peace. Though many will die, the earth will live." (Ring, 1982, pp 55-56) Here are some of the principal features that together comprise the typical prophetic vision. Earthquakes and Volcanoes "There are going to be a lot of upheavals such as earthquakes and volcanoes occurring in the next few years, which are going to get increasingly worse. I was given to understand that these activities are a reflection of all the social upheaval and violence that is going on all over the world at the moment." (Grey, 1985, p. 125) "The seismic activity is going to increase terribly and the United States is going to start suffering some great seismic problems." (Ring, 1984, p. 199) "Among the many volcanic eruptions that are going to occur, I saw the one that just occurred in Hawaii. As I saw the pictures on the television, it was really quite uncanny, as I had already seen it taking place during the vision I had seen at the time of my near-death experience." (Gray, 1985, p. 125) Geographic changes "The poles are going to shift. I saw the earth stretching and groaning while giving birth to a new consciousness. I saw that every so often in the history of the world this happens and is inevitable in order for the earth to bring forth a new state of evolution." (Grey, 1985, p. 126) "There may be a pole shift ... there are going to be polar changes ... it’s not going to kill all the races off, but we’re going to have to start again from square one ... There’s going to be a larger land mass." (Ring, 1984, p. 200) Meteorological changes "There are going to be very severe droughts in many countries. Others are going to suffer from freak storms that will cause tidal waves or flooding to happen as a result of unnaturally heavy rainfalls ... All in all, the weather is going to be very unpredictable from now on, in fact these disturbances in the weather patterns have already started." (Grey, 1985, p. 127) "Oh, my God, that’s going to be terrible. The weather is going to go crazy. We’re just as likely to have snow in the middle of the summer nowadays as one hundred degree weather ... I see droughts in other countries." (Ring, 1984, p. 201) Food shortages "There are going to be serious food shortages around the world due to droughts in many places. This will push the price of food up so that many people will have to start going without things that they have always taken for granted." (Grey, 1985, p. 127) "We’ll start getting more droughts, which will bring about shortages in crops and the shortage in crops will cause food prices to rise, which will cause a strain on the economic situation, which is already going downhill. Also at the same time ... because of the shortage of food and the failing economy, I see a strengthening of arms which causes tension ... These kinds of hostilities and (increasing) inflation start more hostilities." (Ring, 1984, p 201) A New Social Order "After the darkest hour had passed away, during which time all the former things of this world had disintegrated and decayed, I saw a new consciousness emerging and humanity evolving in a new form. Thereafter I beheld a Golden Age in which people would live in love and harmony with each other and all of nature." (Grey, 1985, p. 133) "At the end of this general period of transition, humanity was to be "born anew", with a new sense of his place in the universe. The birth process, however, as in all the kingdoms, was exquisitely painful. Mankind would emerge humbled yet educated, peaceful, and, at last, unified." (Ring, 1984, p. 198) "Love is most nearly itself when here and now cease to matter." - T.S. Eliot
  10. Everything is same...rivers,mountains,trees but our hearts have been changed mainly due to materialism.We are trying to get more than we deserve so there is pain,depression,etc.In the state of UP population is 180 millions but there are only 2 mental institutions.In rich countries like USA there are mental hospitals practically in every village.See what's happening.This we call advancement.Indians are in difficulty...trapped between spiritualism and sense gratification.Also we are misusing our free will.That's why there is prahlya or destruction from time to time and mother Earth is relieved of her burden and then there is a new start.
  11. Carl's NDE http://near-death.com/jung.html Mandalas http://near-death.com/geometry.html Click on all 3 links
  12. I got this mail:- Dear devotees, Lord krishna always bless you.. One young boy is seriously suffering from kidney Disease His family is not in a position to give necessary immeidate medical treatment without anyone’s help. As per doctors’ advice, Rs. 4,00,000/- (four lakhs) Indian rupee is required. You are requested to extend your help to save a life, please send him a small amount. One organization based on Kerala, is initiated to help the boy. They are accumulating amount from their own source. So please send your help to Mr. Ramachandran, Secretary, Kalari Kurup Panicker Sangham (KKPS) (Regd.), Kalarickal House, Chittissery (P.O), Thrissur, Kerala 680 301 India. The amount will be handed over to the concerned boy. For Further information or any clarification please conduct the Secretary or one of the authorized persons of the Sangham, Dr. Jayakrishnan, Asoka Ayurveda Pharmacy,West Fort, Thrissur, Kerala. His E-mail id drjayan@zyberway.com. Mukundan one of his well wisher
  13. We are part and parcels of Krsna's body.We hurt God when we hurt others.We are God's lover and he is our most intimate friend and knows all about us.Even in this mundane material world a lover feels the pain of his/her "significant" other then what to speak of God? In NDE's God says he feels our pain and that trees,humans,animals,rocks,etc are crying because of seperation from him. "Think of stepping on the shore and finding it heaven, of touching a hand and finding it God's, of breathing new air and finding it celestial, of waking up in glory and finding it home." God bless u all
  14. for example take Lord Jesus Christ...
  15. Yes in those days they had powers and could leave body at will.There was no pain involved and combustion was from within not some outside fire.This way wifes followed their husbands where ever they went.There was nothing wrong in the process.But in kali yuga people are not very intelligent thus sati is misunderstood and even some women are murdered in the name of sati.
  16. Yes in those days they had powers and could leave body at will.There was no pain involved and combustion was from within not some outside fire.This way wifes followed their husbands where ever they went.There was nothing wrong in the process.But in kali yuga people are not very intelligent thus sati is misunderstood and even some women are murdered in the name of sati.
  17. yeah as we go higher and higher there is less negative thinking and at last upon reaching the spiritual world we are free.
  18. Who is Sri Krishna? Krishna is God, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This fact is stated and corroborated in the Vedic scriptures and by various authorities. Lord Brahma in Brahma Samhita says, "Krishna who is known as Govinda is the Supreme Godhead. He has an eternal blissful spiritual body. He is the origin of all. He has no other origin and He is the prime cause of all causes" (BS 5.1). In the Bhagavata Purana Krishna becomes the chief object of devotion. After describing various incarnations of the Lord such as Rama, Balarama, Vamana, Nrsimha, and Vishnu, Srila Sukadeva Goswami states, "All of the above mentioned incarnations are either plenary portions or portions of the plenary portions of the Lord, but Lord Krishna is the original Personality of Godhead" (SB 1.3.28). Lord Shiva in Gita Mahatmya, states that "only one God - Krishna, the son of Devaki" (Verse 7). In the Padma Purana it is stated, "By scrutinizingly reviewing all the revealed scriptures and judging them again and again, it is now concluded that Lord Narayana is the Supreme Absolute Truth, and thus He alone should be worshipped". Similarly it is said in the Skanda Purana, "In the material world, which is full of darkness and dangers, combined with birth and death and full of different anxieties, the only way to get out of the great entanglement is to accept loving transcendental devotional service to Lord Vasudeva. This is accepted by all classes of philosophers". The position of Krishna as God is confirmed by great personalities like Narada, Asita, Devala, Vyasa, Parasara, Brahma and Shiva. Finally Krishna Himself confirms this fact in the Bhagavad-gita to His friend and devotee, Arjuna. He clearly says that He is "the Supreme Lord of all planets and demigods" (BG 5.29), that "there is no truth superior to Me" (BG 7.7) and - "I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me" (BG 10.8). What is the position of Krishna? As God, there is no one equal to or greater than Krishna. He is the original, unborn, eternal person, the most ancient, completely independent, and the cause of all causes. Parasara Muni, the father of Srila Vyasadeva and a great scholar who had himself held the position of Vyasa in a previous kalpa, very nicely defines the position of Bhagavan (God) as one Who is complete in six kinds of opulence namely - wisdom, beauty, fame, power, wealth and renunciation. While there are many great personalities who are very famous or very wealthy, only Krishna as God is replete in all six opulence. The scriptures not only give us the unique position of Krishna but also give us a detailed description of all His aspects. They tell us that above this temporary material universe is an eternal spiritual world called Vaikuntha, and Krishna lives in the topmost planet of this universe called Goloka Vrindavana which is full of palaces made of touch-stone (cintamani), with trees that are capable of fulfilling all desires (kalpa-vraksha) and cows that are called Surabhi. Here Krishna eternally resides, served by hundreds and thousands of goddesses of fortune. He sports with His most confidential and intimate devotees, headed by Srimati Radharani. He has a form just like us but His body is spiritual and thus eternal. His complexion is dark-blue, like that of a rain-filled cloud and His eyes are like lotus petals. He is ever youthful, full of bliss and His beauty excels that of thousands of cupids. He likes to play the flute, He sports a crown with a peacock feather and He is adorned by the exquisite kastuba jewel. What is Krishna avatar? In Chaitanya-charitamrita (2.20.263-264) it is stated that the "avatar, or incarnation of Godhead, descends from the kingdom of God for creating and maintaining the material manifestation. And the particular form of the Personality of Godhead who so descends is called an incarnation, or avatar. Such incarnations are situated in the spiritual world, the kingdom of God. When They descend to the material creation, They assume the name avatar." The Srimad Bhagavatam states that there are countless incarnations just like the waves of the oceans. They fall in various categories like lila (pastime), yuga (period of yuga), manavantara (period of Manu), purusa (Vishnu expansions) and shaktivesa (empowered). These avatars perform various pastimes based on the time, place and circumstances, but their purpose is always the same - "to attract the conditioned souls back to their eternal spiritual abode". The incarnations emanate from Vishnu. Maha-Vishnu is the original cause of all material creation and from Him Garbhodakashai-Vishnu expands and then Ksirodakasayi-Vishnu. Generally all incarnations appearing within the material world are plenary portions of Ksirodakasayi-Vishnu (also known as Hari). However only once in a day of Lord Brahma (which lasts for 4.32 billion of our years), does Krishna descend in His original form, as the avataree, the cause of all avatars. When Krishna appears all the incarnations join with Him. The Supreme Personality of Godhead is the complete whole and all the plenary portions and incarnations always live with Him. So when Krishna appeared, Lord Vishnu was always with Him, and while Krishna enjoyed His pastimes in Vrindavan, the killing of the demons was actually carried out by the His Vishnu portion. Since Krishna eternally resides in Vrindavan, when He left Vrindavan at the age of ten, it was His Vasudeva expansion that actually left. Appearance of Krishna In the era of the Svayambhuva Manu, prajapati Sutapa and his wife Prsni were instructed by Lord Brahma to have progeny. They performed severe austerities for twelve thousand years of the demigods to have the Lord as their child. Pleased by their austerities the Lord appeared and granted them this benediction. Since He gave them this benediction three times, in Satya-yuga He first appeared as the son of Prsni and Sutapa and was called Prsnigarba. In Treta-yuga they were Aditi and Kasyapa Muni and the Lord appeared as Vamanadeva. Finally in the Dvapara yuga, Krishna in His original form, appeared as the child of Devaki and Vasudeva. Krishna appeared specifically on the request of Bhudevi, the presiding deity of the Earth planet. Distressed by the burden of many demons who had appeared as powerful Kshatriyas and were ruling the planet impiously, she assumed the form of a cow and pleaded to Lord Brahma for help. Lord Brahma with all the demigods prayed to Lord Vishnu in Svetadvipa by chanting the Purusa-sukta prayers. At this time the Lord informed Brahma that in order to establish religiosity and destroy evil, He would soon appear as His original Self. In the meantime the various demigods were instructed to take birth in various families in the Yadu dynasty and prepare for the appearance of the Lord. (For more on Advent of Krishna) Lifeline of Sri Krishna Historically, Lord Krishna appeared in the Dvapara yuga, on the midnight of the 8th day of the dark half of the month of Sravan. This corresponds to July 19th 3228 BC. He exhibited His pastimes for a little over 125 years and disappeared on February 18th 3102 BC on the new moon night of Phalgun. His departure marks the beginning of the current age of corruption known as Kali. The great scholar Srila Vishvanatha Chakravarti neatly outlines Lord Krishna's activities in this way. He was born in Mathura in the prison cell of Kamsa and carried to Gokul. The first three years and four months were spent in Gokula, then equal lengths of time in Vrindavan and Nandagram. At the age of eleven He left Vrindavan for Mathura where He lived for eighteen years and four months, and finally ninety-six years and eight months in Dvaraka totaling about 126 years of manifest pastimes. At the time of Mahabharata, when Krishna spoke the Bhagavad-gita, He was about ninety years of age. Pastimes of Krishna The tenth canto of Srimad Bhagavatam describes the activities and transcendental pastimes of Sri Krishna. They are also described in the epic Mahabharata, specially in the Bhishma parva which also contains the Bhagavad-gita. The pastimes of Krishna appeal to the liberated souls, those that are trying to get liberated and also to the gross materialists. The pastimes of Sri Krishna, known as Krishna-katha fall into two categories. Words spoken by Krishna, as the Bhagavad-gita, and words spoken about Krishna, as in the Srimad Bhagavatam. Souls in the liberated stage derive great pleasure in relishing anything and everything related to Krishna. For those that are trying to be liberated, Krishna-katha makes their path of liberation very clear. By studying the Gita one becomes fully conscious of the position of Sri Krishna; and when one is situated at the lotus feet of the Lord, he understands the narration's of Krishna as described in the Srimad Bhagavatam. Even the gross materialists are attracted by the pleasure pastimes of Krishna with the Gopis and His wives. Even though the loving affairs of Krishna have nothing to do with the gross, mundane sex affairs, they attract the people engrossed in sense-gratification and gradually elevate them to higher levels of spirituality. Causeless mercy of Krishna Even though Krishna is completely self sufficient and self satisfied, He descends for the benefit of all the conditioned souls. His most endearing quality is that of "bhakta vatsala". His pure devotees are always trying to please Him, and He is always trying to please His devotees. Just as He lives in the heart of His devotees, His devotees constantly reside in Him. Krishna is so merciful that He not only helps His devotees, but also those who are envious of Him. Krishna destroys evil by providing them with an opportunity to take up devotion. On the greatly auspicious day of Krishna-Janamashtami, let us all pray to Sri Krishna for a drop of His causeless mercy, for only that alone is sufficient to take us out from this material word, back home, back to Godhead. All glories to the appearance day of Lord Krishna ! All glories to Sri Krishna and His devotees !! Courtesy of http://www.acbspn.com/festivals/janmastami.htm with a few adapted links from us:
  19. Understanding God So far we have covered some very important topics: the difference between the body and soul, the separated material energies, the three modes of material nature, the universe and what lies beyond it, time, and the spiritual world. Central to all these is God. The Vedas are the only true extensive source of information concerning God. No other scripture gives such richness of detail. Since God is infinite, and we are so minute and limited, it is impossible to ever truly understand Him. We can, however, by His grace, understand some of His more important aspects, as He has revealed Them to us. We will now take a look at these major aspects. “The Supreme Lord is Krishna, known as Govinda. His form is eternal bliss and knowledge, and He is the original cause of all causes.” (Brahma-samhita, 5.1) Here we learn three interesting points concerning God. The first is His name: Krishna (which mean the all-attractive in Sanskrit) and Govinda (which means He who gives pleasure to the senses or the cows). Later we will see why this peculiar importance is given to the cow. Secondly, we learn that God’s form is sac-cid-ananda, eternal bliss and knowledge. This is the very form of pure spirit – eternal bliss and knowledge. Here in the material world we are used to forms made from a combination of the eight separated material energies, but pure spirit is always sac-cid-ananda. God always has this form. He never, ever, assumes any other form than this. Even when he comes to the material world, He remains sac-cid-ananda. Never does He assume a material form, made of the eight separated material energies. Remember that these eight separated material energies are His inferior energy, not His original, superior spiritual energy. We should now recall that we are His parts and parcels. As such, our original nature is also of eternal bliss and knowledge. Now we can begin to understand what a tragic and tremendous waste of time it is to be ignorant of our spiritual nature, not to be self-realized. We are constituted of eternal bliss and knowledge, and yet we uselessly seek pleasure in the material world, in a material body. It’s like being the world’s richest person and yet forgetting this and living a life of absolute poverty in the dirtiest street, eating out of garbage cans and sleeping in the gutter. This is our situation and why this knowledge being presented is the most important in all existence. Lastly, we learn in this verse that Lord Krishna is the, “the original cause of all causes.” Krishna also says this in the Bhagavad-gita: “I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me. The wise who perfectly know this engage in My devotional service and worship Me with all their hearts.” (Bhagavad-gita, 10.8) God is not just the Supreme Person. He is the Absolute Truth. As we have shown before, everything that exists is His energy, is produced by Him. He is full in all opulences, namely strength, wealth, fame, beauty, knowledge, and renunciation in infinite degrees. This is why His supremacy is completely unquestionable. He is the source of everything, the cause of all other causes. Nothing happens that was not sanctioned by the Lord, nothing exists, that is not His energy. Let’s now understand better how Krishna is the Absolute Truth: “Learned transcendentalists who know the Absolute Truth call this nondual substance Brahman, Paramatma, and Bhagavan” (Srimad Bhagavatam, 1st Canto, Chapter 2, verse 11) Krishna further says in the Bhagavad-gita: “And I am the basis of the impersonal Brahman, which is immortal, imperishable, and eternal and is the constitutional position of ultimate happiness.” (Bhagavad-gita, 14.27) “I am the Supersoul [Paramatma], O Arjuna, seated in the hearts of all living entities. I am the beginning, middle and end of all beings.” (Bhagavad-gita, 10.20) Thus God is realized in three aspects: impersonal (Brahman), localized (Paramatma or Supersoul), and as the Supreme Personality of Godhead (Bhagavan). In his aspect as Brahman he pervades the entire existence and is the object of adoration by all impersonalist practices, such as Buddhism and monism. Whenever you see someone seeking a vague form of the Divine, a cosmic energy, etc., you can understand that he is just seeking Brahman, the impersonal form of God. This is not a very advanced conception, however. More advanced than this is the understanding that God is present in a localized form in all living beings and in all atoms. This is the Paramatma realization, where one understands that God is actually present in one’s heart, not figuratively, but factually so, and also in the heart of all living beings as well as in all atoms of creation. Topmost of all, however, is the understanding of God in His supreme personal form, Bhagavan, with His sac-cid-ananda name, activities, abode, associates, pastimes, etc. Realization of God as Bhagavan includes the other two aspects of God and is therefore the most perfect understanding of the Absolute Truth. The highest aspect of this Absolute Truth is Lord Krishna, Govinda. In the Srimad Bhagavatam we find hundreds and hundreds of pages just describing Krishna and His form, pastimes, eternal associates, abodes, etc. Here are some verses from another important scripture, the Brahma-samhita, which also briefly describe Him: “I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, the first progenitor who is tending the cows, yielding all desires, in abodes built with spiritual gems, surrounded by millions of purpose trees, always served with great reverence and affection by hundreds and thousands of laksmis or gopis.” (Brahma-samhita, 5.29) “I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, who is adept in playing on His flute, with blooming eyes like lotus petals with head bedecked with peacock’s feathers, with the figure of beauty tinged with the hue of blue clouds, and His unique loveliness charming millions of cupids.” (Brahma-samhita, 5.30) “I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, round whose neck is swinging a garland of flowers beautified with the moon-locket, whose two hands are adorned with the flute and jeweled ornaments, who always revels in pastimes of love, whose graceful threefold-bending form of Syamasundara is eternally manifest” (Brahma-samhita, 5.31) “I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, whose transcendental form is full of bliss, truth, substantiality and is thus full of the most dazzling splendor. Each of the limbs of that transcendental figure possesses in Himself the full-fledged functions of all the organs, and eternally sees, maintains and manifests the infinite universes, both spiritual and mundane.” (Brahma-samhita, 5.32) Many manifestations of the one God Having described in brief Lord Krishna, Govinda, Himself, the original form of God, it should be understood that He expands into many forms. “I worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Govinda, who is the original person – nondual, infallible, and without beginning. Although He expands into unlimited forms, He is still the original, and although He is the oldest person, He always appears as a fresh youth.” (Brahma-samhita 5.33) Krishna expands into infinite forms to directly deal with infinite situations. The personal aspect of the Lord, Bhagavan, has been described as the highest aspect of the Absolute Truth. From this we understand that the personal relationship between God and His energies is the highest aspect of the Absolute Truth, which is why He expands in so many forms. In the Srimad Bhagavatam we find thousands and thousands of pages describing the principle forms the Lord assumes, and Their respective pastimes, abodes, paraphernalia, associates, and teachings. The benefits of reading it are therefore inconceivable. God also expands Himself for the creation of the material universes. Since material creation is a lesser concern for Krishna, it is carried out by an expansion of and expansion of a plenary portion of Him, technically known as Maha-Vishnu. From Maha-Vishnu, a further expansion of Him enters each and every universe, and a further expansion enters the heart of all living entities and atoms of that particular universe in the form of Paramatma. We should not be confused at this point. As stated above, the nature of the Absolute Truth is that it is nondual. This means that there is absolutely no difference between one form of the Lord and another. It is one and the same Lord. Since the Lord is in the hearts of all living entities and in every atom and since He is the cause of all causes and the origin of everything, it logically follows that He is the supreme controller, witness and knower: “One should meditate upon the Supreme Person as the one who knows everything, as He who is the oldest, who is the controller, who is smaller than the smallest, who it the maintainer of everything, who is beyond all material conceptions, who is inconceivable, and who is always a person. He is luminous like the sun, and He is transcendental, beyond this material nature” (Bhagavad-gita, 8.9) God descends to the material world One specially merciful aspect of God, and for us of the utmost importance, is that He personally comes to this material world. Krishna explains the reasons for this: “To deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to reestablish the principles of religion, I Myself appear, millennium after millennium.” (Bhagavad-gita, 4.8) Some people, due to not having proper knowledge of spiritual science, have a hard time accepting that God can personally come to this material universe, what to speak of our little planet. Those who think like this usually have a very vague, almost impersonalistic, conception of God, as a very distant Supreme Being or they just don’t think God exists. But as explained here, God does exist (actually nothing but God exists) and He is very personal in nature. Furthermore, as already described, God is always sac-cid-ananda, eternal bliss and knowledge, in any position. As Paramatama in the heart of all living entities He is sad-cid-ananda, so there is no difficulty whatsoever in Him coming personally to this material world, as He is already Here in many ways. This does not mean He becomes in any way material, or even so much as in touch with the material. Spiritual energy is superior to material energy, so when He comes, everything in contact with Him is spiritualized and is no longer material. Since the Lord is Absolute, everything about Him is Absolute and of the same eternal, all blissful nature. Thus His activities here, His pastimes, are also fully spiritual. By performing them here He attracts us back to Him. Just by hearing and talking about these pastimes, we become purified, because it allow us to get in touch with God. We have a chance to see first hand how much better the spiritual world is to the material. To give a crude example, it’s like an ad on TV. We see the product, we see it in use, the people who use it, and how happy they are with it, and thus we also desire to share that experience. Only God is the real thing. Furthermore, this higher knowledge of spiritual science could not exist in the material world if God Himself did not bring it to us, for we certainly have no ability to obtain it by any other process, as we have mentioned before. Being spiritual it is beyond the reach of the material. The last time Krishna manifested His pastimes as Govinda on this planet was about 5,000 years ago, at the end of the previous age. He also appeared in 1486 in the guise of His own devotee as Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. An authorized account of His sac-cid-ananda life, instructions and pastimes can be found in the famous medieval masterpiece, Sri Caitanya Caritamrta. These two appearances of the Lord in His highest aspect are quite special and only occur once every day of Brahma, or once every 8.6 billion years. In both times this knowledge of spiritual science was confirmed and fully explained by the Lord Himself. It is therefore our duty to take full of advantage of this very rare opportunity for our eternal benefit. God appears in His Deity form Another very important form the Lord assumes is His Deity form, technically known as arca-vigraha. The Lord will accept a form made out of paint, wood, stone, metal, or one within your mind, as long as it is in accordance to the procedures and descriptions contained in the revealed scriptures. By doing this the Lord becomes visible to our material eyes, and touchable by our material hands. Thus He mercifully allows us to approach Him, bow down before Him, serve Him, offer Him food, flowers, and incense, decorate Him, among other things. This is not idol worship. This is direct worship of God Himself. Remember, God is nondual, absolute, so there is no difference between the Deity form found in authorized temples and His original form in the spiritual world. Benefits of knowing God Infinitely more can be known about the Lord, but even a little information about Him is sufficient to obtain the greatest benefits, as God Himself explains: “One who knows the transcendental nature of My appearance and activities does not, upon leaving the body, take his birth again in this material world, but attains My eternal abode, O Arjuna.” (Bhagavad-gita, 4.9) “A person in full consciousness of Me, knowing Me to be the ultimate beneficiary of all sacrifices and austerities, the Supreme Lord of all planets and demigods, and the benefactor and well-wisher of all living entities, attains peace from the pangs of material miseries.” (Bhagavad-gita, 5.29) Don’t be surprised if this all seems a bit confusing, and you don’t really understand it. Krishna explains the reason for this: “One can understand Me as I am, as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, only by devotional service. And when one is in full consciousness of Me by such devotion, he can enter into the kingdom of God.” (Bhagavad-gita, 18.55) The very highest aspect of the Absolute Truth is being described here, very briefly, and certainly not by the most intelligent or eloquent person, far from it, so you cannot be expected to understand it all, but, as promised by God Himself, with practice you will understand in due time.
  20. Actually it is 8.6 billion years...guess there is no margin for error At the end of kali yuga God takes avatara.Kalki is not God but only a personality of Godhead.Supreme personality Krishna descends once in a day of Brahma.
  21. Krishna will descend again after 8.5 billion years as told by Srila Prabhupada.
  22. http://www.lifepositive.com/Spirit/death/nde.asp http://www.oberf.org/prana's_sobe.htm http://nderf.org/shibani's_nde.htm this girl was a hare krsna but she was born in buddhist family she now follows buddhism) http://nderf.org/India%20Physician's.htm http://near-death.com/hindu.html [This message has been edited by bhaktajoy (edited 06-23-2002).] [This message has been edited by bhaktajoy (edited 06-23-2002).]
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