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  1. LAST POST: You think I've been here before, I'm assuming. It isnt pleasurable for me to say -this-, it actually pains me to say it, but it is disappointing to see such a good group of genuinely striving people so caught up in ritual and formalities. God (Krsna) is here now. Krsna is not bound by statements he may or may not have made in the past about his appearances, and do you really think he would appear in an easily recognizable form in the Kali Yuga? Believe me! It's much, much more complicated than that. I'm sorry if I've offended anyone's views about spiritual reality or how radharani should conduct herself, but all I can do and all I have done is speak the truth.
  2. I dont believe in secrets. It's dishonest. And I'm not bragging, I just think it's good to give an idea of what is possible in Krsna consciousness. I realize now I am too radical for this message board.
  3. I'm sorry, I didnt mean to offend anyone. I just have a much more casual type of relationship with Krsna. We joke, it is not all serious all the time. I think a sense of humor is important. Sorry again.
  4. Ok. I'll try this again. The main point to what I was saying was, 'since spirituality has been lost in society' I was not saying there is nothing special about men or women, I was saying that from the viewpoint of modern society, these special traits arent as important, as say, how much money one is capable of earning, for example. Women acting as men: the point I was making here is that with women having equal employment opportunites in comparison with 1900, 1920, etc, instead of bringing the uniqueness that a feminine viewpoint has to offer, women instead fill men's shoes, it seems to me, doing the jobs the way a man would do them, rather than the way a woman would. But probably the way a woman would do something is on its way to being forgotten by many (it seems to me). I think of the evening news, for example, when I'm thinking this, or of all the various other jobs that a woman can do if only she acts like a man.
  5. Imagine someone trying to explain how wonderful prasadam is to a 700 BC barbarian. He'd say, what, you call this food. Give me some meat! Oh wait, people still do that.
  6. I have similar experiences as you, Pete, I just keep trying, what else is there to do? I am drawn to Krsna consciousness because it is the largest spiritual community that I am mostly in agreement with (I dont see using cow's milk as moral, though) but I am drawn to a certain mystery, that maybe there is something to learn here that I cant learn anywhere else. I dont agree with everything, and I dont like every truth that I believe I discover in the process, but if it's true, then I want to know it (or at least I think I do). New truths and new levels of truth are probably still to be discovered. I dont see why anything would have to be set in stone, even within Krsna consciousness. The goal for me (and for humanity), I thought, is to evolve to a greater level of consciousness, I got the impression that's what Krsna consciousness was about, so it would make sense that Krsna would continue to reveal more and more as humanity becomes capable of perceiving it.
  7. what i meant was, the special traits dont seem to be all that important anymore, the special traits are lost to most people.
  8. i'm not 100% sure, but i think i saw on little house on the prairie the other day, that the sign language for eternity, or forever, is the same as what one of krsna's hands/arms does in a lot of his pictures. this was new info. to me. had anyone else heard of this before?
  9. i'm watching the simpsons, homer just said, aaaaaaa! i'm a freak!
  10. i'm not a freak, i'm a vegetarian!
  11. I wonder if technology and spirituality will at some point converge. Or will this all erupt into an unmanageable money-corrupt society? [This message has been edited by radharani (edited 07-03-2002).]
  12. meanwhile the environment turns to crap, and everyone has to scramble to be the first to get the dollar
  13. since spirituality has been lost in society, gender roles dont mean so much. there is nothing special about a woman, or a man. women have to act as men and where did women go? all i see is men, and women trying to be men.
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