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  1. Einstein was not athiest or agnostic. He did believe in God. You obviously haven't read much on Einstein as a person. Plus his theory of relativity and modern phsyics resonate with vedic philosophy.
  2. Dravidian


    Karna was denied by Drona. However, varnashrama is NOT by birth but by nature. It was the duty of teachers like drona to recognize the nature of an individual and their respective varna. It just happened to be that in more enlightened times that birth and nature of an individual used to work in sinchronism. Because enlightened people could see the nature of people and allowed them to take their rightful place in the order of things. But with the advent of kali yuga on the horizon in the Mahabaratha, such things began to change. And as you see it today in the kali yuga, birth right often tends to be contradictary to and domintaes nature with respect to varnashrama through peoples desire to be powerful and on top of the caste system. Even in the Bhagavad Gita Krishna expresses that varnashrama is of nature orientation, just as all things in the universe. But humans, when corrupt, try to make their own rules out of ego-tainted desires. And so birth right became the means to identify varna or caste. Such abominations will be wiped out, because lies eventually die.
  3. Not a very necessary question. Each avatar is a necessary incarnation. Krishna was incarnate in a way that was unique and appropriate for the time, and the same will be for Kalki. It depends on what the duty for each incarnation is. The duty of the incarnation along with the present state of affairs will be the vague indications of the power of avatars. Since the present state of affairs seems pretty 'bad" from our persepctive of the world you may imagine Kalki to be very powerful to set things "right". But we must know exactly what it is Kalki will be born to do to have some meaningful idea.
  4. I agree and believe that what we call free will is merely the reactions of prakriti. The actions of this world are manifested/manifesting reverbirations from something deeper. A deeper vibration causes all that occurs here. we are the result of what has already occurred. Free will is a way to look at things in a temporary and limited paradigm. But ultimately in the grand scheme of things fee will is an illusion. But many of us are not able to comprehend this deep precept given to us from ages past. And so we were also given a way to understand ourselves within a "free will" paradigm. Hence we have rules of conduct and moral practice to prevent "chaos" and "evil". But eventually one will find that all that happens is necessary and the universe tends to unfold as it should. We are to observe and understand ourselves. Understand that all that happens is meant to and that the only Will is that of the One Almighty. Punishment and reward are simply consequences, the reactions of prakriti, karma. It is said that we must eventually become indifferent to these and move beyond worry of consequences through detachment of ego or identity from the confines of prakriti. All is God.
  5. sorry I couldn't get the post to work. So here is the site: http://www.saxakali.com/southasia/dravidian_india.htm
  6. The problem with this question is the way it is worded. It is worded in such a way as to make it seem that God cannot do something. If God creates a stone that he cannot lift, then there is something he cannot do....lift the stone. The other negative is that if God can lift any stone, then he cannot create a stone that he cannot lift. So it's a "trap" question if you will. The way to answer this qustion is to say that God can creat any stone, and God can lift any rock. Convention still fails in the light of Truth.
  7. I don't think God is describable. But I think as humans we need stepping stones to come to understand the ultimate. So we use vague representation like the scriptures of religion. Although the Vedic culture appears to be the most comprehensive and widest ranging in it's expressions, the Truth can never be uttered by Vak (speech). Although I consider Vedic scriptures to be sacred and enlightening, I still think there is a point in our evolution when we leave it behind. No concepts, or structures to hold on to for reason. The Truth goes beyond all thoughts. Although the vedas may paint a wonderful painting of God and the universe, existence, etc., it is still a painting, and ultimately falls short of reality. Though Vedic parables make wonderful concepts to attempt a description of God. They still never reach the Truth. And I only reffer to the attempt to describe God in this response, nothing else.
  8. Dear Guest, in vedic tradition, anywhere can be a place of worship. However, temples and the like where built to give people a sense of direction. Temples are storehouses for energy. When a temple is made properly it will assume the shape of a pyramid like structure. Like a person sitting in a lotus position. The magnetic field of person is magnified while sitting in the lotus position. The same is true for pyramid shapes buildings. It acts like an antenna to conduct/transmit energy. PLaces of worship were thus designed keeping this in mind. Transmiting energy from the higher planes to the lower (here), and to us. Auspicious Temples have a frequency of vibration that is beneficial to the person. I do not know too much about this subject, but I hope this helps. Please if anyone can add and/or correct me please do.
  9. This is a very good post. I have been meaning to put this up, but you have done this for all to see...thank you. For a long time Western history and science has taught us that the evidence of vimanas from the Ramayana and Mahabaratha epics are myths. Where as my parents and ancestors have taught it as the history of our peoples. Beware the cultural and religious imperialists that would hide the truth of history.
  10. Vanakkam Maadhav, you make an important point. I did not intend to make it seem as if the wisedom and paths of the Rishis of the past are not true. They indeed are paths to the Ultimate. But they still are in the realm of convention when they try to communicate such paths to us. I believe that the various paths of the wise souls of the Vedas lead to the ultimate, but they seem various and divergent only at the conventional level. I think there comes a point when all the paths collapse into the one and the same as they approach their Ultimate end. And this portion of the path(s) is ineffable and beyond expression....it can only be experienced. And so we have myriads of paths, to the One. The One we call so many different names in different forms. This is the beauty of the Vedic tradition. It has the ability to relate to any one of us, because God is an inclusive God not an exclusive God. All is Brahmam, All is Vishnu, All is Siva, All is Shakti. All is All. Beyond time, space, thought, language, and even imagination. Manifest and Unmanifest all is One. For all those who argue the pettiness of God supriority, you miss this point. Chant the name of whomever you please, but do not advertise and market your God, this is not becoming of virtue. I mean no offense to my brothers and sisters, I am just sharing my thoughts which I hope will help.
  11. I think Atanu has brought up a good topic. The expressions of the Ultimate we have are worshipped by many. To argue which expression is greater is not the point. The point is to understand the significance of each expression. Though no expression can be the Truth, it is truth in practicality. It is a stepping stone to the Ultimate. No convention will be the Truth. The Truth is beyond concepts and philosophy, and thought. Even my attempt to bring this notion to light fails for it is a vague and dim shadow in the light of the ultimate Sath. However, it may expose one to the idea that there is no structure that will capture the Truth. The least of all any human language written or spoken. But it is the closest we have as beings in this existence. And these structures point towards the direction of the Truth. Do no mistake the sign for the Truth, for the Truth itself. There will come a time when one will have grown beyond all scripture. Then one will see that even scripture will not even hold any meaning in the light of Truth. Krishna has even said this in the Gita. One may hold a certain expression of the Ultimate as the Truth, and that is one's freedom to do so. But do not suppress the freedom of others to do the same thing. It is the journey of all to find Truth. All paths that follow sanatana dharma are to the Ultimate, whether it be Veda, Gita, or otherwise.
  12. It would depend on what your names mean. If you could find out what your names mean in english it would be easier to find a translation. You may find more than one meaning for your names. It may be difficult to find a good translation for that is the dificulties with all languages especially when the mechanisms of the language vary and the peoples of that language differ with the way the express meanings.
  13. Yes Dravidic people have become fair as well, like my mother. But even in Dravidic culture where my parents are from, they are taught that Dravidic people were originally dark or even black. When one says "Tamil complexion", for many dark skin is one of the first things that come to mind. But, you are correct in that today there are fair and dark Dravidians. Good point! So what makes them Dravidian now? What has always made them Dravidian...the language and culture. Again a good point Shreewd.
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