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  1. There is a movie on the Mahabharata that caame out in the 80's I think. I've not seen it, but I wish to. I heard it was good.
  2. Sephiroth, No I meant for the Bala Mantra. It is mentioned in the Ramayana when Rama and his brother are out with the sage. The Gita verse in my post [2/69] is my signature. :-)
  3. Does anyone know of a translation for them?
  4. I've read: Gita [100% understanding] Mahabharata [Only read the very beginning up to where King Dhritarashtra laments on all the things that have happened during the war] Quran [95% understanding]
  5. AIDS is sexual transmitted disease and last I checked, Man don't have sex with monkeys. That it is, but people can also get it from the doctor or other instruments where blood is dealt with.
  6. I agree with you Barney, about service to mankind.
  7. Arjuna


    I'd like to discuss the varnas or social classes. Is it an inheritance? For example, I know alot of my family do military service and work for law enforcement [like my brother just joined the marines and two of my blood uncles are cops. I'm trying to be a cop too]. Does that make me a kshatriya? When people from two different varnas marry is it true that the female must take on the males class? Why?
  8. Kafirs = Unbelievers or rejectors
  9. a temple is a community place, and some who come there may get unduely attracted to the priest if she is a young women. theis could cause sinful activity. to avoid such happening, the poojaris are males, and mostly married. Females and males get turned on and are attracted to the opposite sex. I do not see the reason mentioned above as valid because I'm sure a female could avoid sinful activity if a man likes her just as a male can avoid any sinful activity. Besides a female can like a male priest too even though he be married.
  10. all 18 chapters face in 18 directions. I disagree. The main direction is Krishna Conciousness and turning from a material way of thinking. As was the case with Arjuna in the very 1st chapter. He was troubled, forgot, and therefore thought as the material wo/man thought. Then he shows us that is we take Krishna as our teacher, let him guide our chariot, then we can be guided. Arjuna said: My dear Krishna, O infallible one, illusion is now gone, I have regained my memory by Your mercy. I am now firm and free from doubt and am prepared to act according to Your instructions. [bVG 18:73] Because you doubt the scripture you are sure not to understand it [bVG 4:40].
  11. 1. What makes up the Hindu religion? It is the eternal duty, or Sanatana Dharma. There are different sects as far as I know who follow different texts as the core to their ideology. 3. Explain the desire for liberation from earthly existance. The modes of nature/gunas and one's action are part of what keeps people returning to the material life. Devotional service to Krishna and selfless service, denying the fruits of one's work will help to keep one from repeating incarnations.
  12. Why do women play a much smaller role in religion than men? Your questions are interesting and I hope the people here will entertain them. I should also like to know what roles can women play in Sanatana Dharma.
  13. hahahaha, just having a laff. Hey don't hate! /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  14. Arjuna

    bad karma

    One can be free from the bondage of works by working self-lessly with one's mind on their work and on Krishna [bG 2:39-41].
  15. Why should one be so proud that their religion boasts numerous adherents, famous and of normal/average bearing? I like the idea of Sanatana Dharma because it is good for me. It's teachings [bhagavad Gita] are very enlightening if you will meditate on them. Duty to Krishna [God], selfless action, sacrifice/yajna all that you do to Krishna [God]. These things are meaningful.
  16. Arjuna

    Happy life!

    Happy life is the one, in which you wonder and enjoy even small things that life has given you. Enjoying them everytime, every day. Happy life is when you spread smiles to others. "A happy man is the one, whose pleasures are cheap" Regards Shravan Happy life is to eat ice cream, go roller blading, go sailing on an afternoon in a small dingy, flippping the boat and getting back on it, jet sking, singing and dancing with a bunch of people etc What is Happy Life? The happy life is the one where you find peace [2:71-72].
  17. I don't have any guru. Let Krishna be your Guru.
  18. How will India become a Super Power in this world? Even if they do, how will the people feel about following sanatana dharma?
  19. Follow what Sephiroth says. Hunduism is about one's eternal occupation of service to Krishna. Do what you do for Krishna.
  20. Customs may be different. People of the Hindu faith are not all from the same society or countries. There are people of different customs from other religions too. There are Spanish Christians and American, or Spanish American. There are certain rites or sacrifices which are performed by people. There is a body of Vedic literature. I've heard that the Gita is the most prominent among these since it is most widely read.
  21. one should also try harry-potter,beauty and the beast etc. forgive me if i am wrong. Why are you being so ignorant?
  22. Arjuna is the best there, not only because of his skill, but because he walked with Krishna, whose very consort is victory. Arjuna had what I would call the total package which is better than super strength or superior skill. Just as a boxer of lesser skill may use not only his skill but his ring tactics to defeat the other boxer. Wherever there is Krsna, the master of all mystics, and wherever there is Arjuna, the SUPREME ARCHER, there will also certainly be OPULANCE, VICTORY, EXTRAORDINARY power, and morality. That is my opinion. [bg. 18:78]
  23. You are willing to almost kill yourself, by this I mean, the answer has come and eternal life in this planet is possible, but still you are willing to die because of your faith. This is as suicide to me. Your Jesus was willing to die for the sins of mankind. I see no harm in dying for a worthy and righteous cause.
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