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    I\'m an Indophile Ashtanga yogi.
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    Ashtanga Yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism, Bharat Mata\'s culture. Technology.
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    digital video editor
  1. Namaste, newhindu05. Congratulations on having the courage to declare yourself a Hindu. Part of my Western educated mind is still holding out. The only thing I don't like about your idea of spreading Hinduism is that I didn't think of it first. Keep in mind that Christians and Muslims will resist anyone tesching the Dharma because they have too much invested in their harsh, punishing, authoritarian god. Western religions can't compete on a equal level with the Dharma; so they have to oppress and slander Hindus at every turn.
  2. <<How will India become a Super Power in this world? Even if they do, how will the people feel about following sanatana dharma?>> I believe that India will be a different kind of superpower. She will not follow the traditional, European/Arab model of military conquest, oppression, and exploitation. India will be an economic, technological, and cultural force. I once read a quote from a Chinese diplomat about Buddhism: "India conquered China without ever sending a soldier across the border". The Sanatana Dharma will attract billions of people once they know about it.
  3. Is it really possible for a non-Indian to convert to Hinduism and still be accepted? One of the things that keeps me from converting is that I'm not really convinced that I can become a true Hindu since I'm not Indian.
  4. Christianity and Islam are flip sides of the same coin. Both are about "saving" (converting or killng) heathens and infidels. The West has a certain advantage because of its secular-when-it's-convenient policies (first the traders, then the soldiers, THEN the missionaries). Yes, they will lose. India is the next superpower. But what kind of power will she be? Will she be India: a secular, Western style, caste ridden, empire? Or will she be Bharat Mata, the queen of nations who spreads the Dharma all over the world?
  5. Excellent points, maadhav! Obviously, Africa would be better off with closer ties to Bharat Mata instead of the West or the Mid East. However, I believe that the relationship should be more than just friendly cooperation. Not only is the Sanatana Dharma better for Africans--it is better for humanity as a whole. Unfortunetly, one of Hinduism's greatest strengths is also its weakness. Hindus don't force their great culture on anyone. Had India behaved like the Europeans and the Arabs, most Africans would be speaking Sanskrit now (and they'd be a lot better off).
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