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  1. What have u been smoking mate? Firstly this Aryan Invasion Theory has been proven false only created by the White Christian Indologists to discredit the vedic civilisation. Secondly I dunno what makes you think "Germans" invaded india. The alledged Aryan people, were Indo-European, apparently from Central Asia/Russia. Not Germans. The German National Socialist movement coined the superior race to be Aryans - they equated this with the Scandanavian/northern european people. It was a complete Myth. The word Aryan in mentioned in the scriptures it means "noble". Not white man. Hitler did not follow hinduism!! Hitler was Catholic, he only became a vegetarian later on it life because of health reasons. Dont start assuming and making up things without having common sense and real knowledge. Gods and Godesses are mentioned throughout Vaishnav literature, and Animal Sacrifice. There was no Slavery. in the previous ages Varna did work, because people had the qualities. But in Kali Yuga it does not, as everyone has the quality of Shudra. The Aryan Invasion Theory is a Myth. There is no archeological evidence suggesting its true. It was a made up idea. Please learn more about this by searching on google.
  2. where's your proof Ratheesh, that the Mahabharat is an elongated work from something called Jaya?
  3. Yes I think hollywood would manage to produce a film that EVERYONE will actual watch, not just Indians. The quality of hollywood movies are superior to Bollywood. My biggest fear is that in this movie there will be lusty, pointless dancing and singing...
  4. i'll be suprised if its good, Bollywood is absolute TRASH. I dont think it will be as good as it could have been. There's no way it can be fit into one movie, it needs to be a trilogy. Secondly its a disgrace the Khans are given the roles of Karan and Arjun. Who will play Krishna? I swear if its a Muslim, there will be riots. I remember a few years back they were trying to make Ramayana, with Salman Khan as Lord Rama and another Khan as Laxman. Disgusting, Salman Khan has murdered people, womanized, beat women and has links with the underground mafia. Luckily Hindus wouldt allow, so the film didnt go through I wish Peter Jackson could have directed it. Bollywood will ruin our wonderful history.
  5. A bollywood movie will not do it justice, it will just be an embarassment and laughing stock.
  6. They're gonna make a bollywood movie out of it. STARRING THE MUSLIM KHANS AND Shameless women of Bollywood. This is a disgrace.
  7. In the Ramayana and Mahabharata there is a horse sacrifice. Why did they kill an animal? Also i read somewhere they ate the meat. From direct translations. Can someone explain this to me.
  8. "then why do these other students not have to reap what they sow every single minute of there hellish existence. " I Promise you that these students will suffer, they will suffer in this life and the next. When they hit their 30s they will suffer a mid life crisis, they would have felt the effects of their meat eating, alcohol and drugs through their detoriation of their health. They will suffer the pain. AND then their promiscuity, and many relationships - they will feel the pain and trauma of divorce, breaking up of relationships...they will cry. Material happiness is only temporary. Even if they are rich, they wont be happy. ive noticed that the richest of people are actually the unhappiest, they only put on a fake smile and in reality their money brings no real happiness.
  9. I myself am in a similar situation to you. I graduated from one of the best universities, and have been unable to find a job. In the past I have not done anything wrong – (BUT I did eat meat- which I have given up for a while now) – but I never drank, I never took drugs, never engaged in the promiscuity (illicit sex) that all the other youth do. The irony of it all is, the people who have been satisfying their material senses to the fullest have been getting the greatest of success. They have very high paid jobs, they have a great social life, and they have “relationships and love life”…..they seem to be enjoying their life and are happy. Being unemployed had got me down, and depressed….. I had self hatred of myself, and the people who I was envious of. “Life’s not fair” I kept thinking, and was in a dreadful state ever since. “My dreams had been shattered, life is terrible, I hate this world. Why me? Why always me? I am a nobody, I am jobless, socially retarded, my existence is pointless! There’s nothing to look forward to in the future” – these were my thoughts. This was a point when I had no one to relate to, I felt isolated from society. I was disgusted with myself and everyone around me. What made it even more difficult was I have very few friends. I didn’t know where to turn, what to do, what to think. I listened to music that I felt I could relate to, Heavy Metal and Hardcore Punk. Because they show anger, and isolation from society. I came across this Music called Straight Edge Punk, something I can relate to because its anti-alcohol, anti-promiscuity, anti-drugs. However, listening to this only made me feel a bit more comfortable, not that happy really. I had to change my mind set. I was reading through religious texts, and seeing the world around me. I wanted to know what’s the meaning of my life. I have spent hours, days, weeks and months thinking about these issues. Here are some things I have come to realize: 1) Whatever happens to you is meant to happen. Be it your past karma or Krishna’s will. Whatever happens is for the best. In my heart I know THERE’S A GREATER PLAN! 2) Do not be effected by the people around you, JUST STAY CLOSE TO WHAT IS TRUE TO YOU! 3) OUR STRUGGLES ARE WHAT DEFINE US! Those who have fallen down, and show the will power to stand up again have the greatest of mental strength. 4) DO NOT have emotional attachment to the past. Its weakness. 5) PESERVERANCE – never give up hope. 6) Look at your position, and think about the people who are dying in Ethiopia kids being shot on the streets, hopeless people with no family, friends and homes. Yeh what I wrote is lengthy, and probably out of the scope of the question, but I hope this can help you and I wanted to get it off my chest. As for getting into medical school, just don’t give up….just fight it. Even if you don’t get in after many attempts, there’s other career paths. Be happy with what you have and be strong. Krishna knows best…….accept what you have been given and work. Regardless of the outcomes, work and keep Krishna in your heart. And remember this Kali Yuga, the corrupt people will be successful. They spread their unrighteous, liberalist attitudes all over the earth. And Remember stay close to what is true to you.
  10. they smell bad, give people bad body odour
  11. i stumbled on to this thread, and havent really thought about this before. it is confusing. Sephiroth does give a good explanation i thought, about how the truth prevails in the end. But, Ram is supposed to be God, wouldnt he know that his wife is chaste? Infact, Sita is God aswell isnt that right? So would everything just be part of a divine plan to show us humans how to live life. Sephiroth, you must be a big fan of the final fantasy series
  12. Right lets get to the basics Firstly we have accusations that Indra drank alcohol. Even if this is true... who cares? He is not God, he is a "Demi-God". Demi-Gods are not the supreme being, Indra is fallible, he has been defeated by Lord Krishna, he runs to Lord Vishnu when he needs help. He is subject to the modes of Material Nature (Read the Bhagavad Gita). "People who worship the demi-Gods go to the planet of the demi-Gods, those who worship me go to my abode" - Bhagavad Gita. Even Lord Shiva may be considered a demi-God, he has acknowledged that Lord Krishna (Vishnu) is the supreme being. - Bhagavata Purana. "Those who worship the demi-Gods are actually worshipping me, although indirectly" Infact the Vedic scriptures in general...associate Brahman with Vishnu. The demi-Gods are the supreme beings universal ministers. The are subject to the modes of material - therefore they can suffer from passion and ignorance. We have heard stories that God Realized Rishis have potential to Curse the demi-Gods. Indra has probably been cursed many times. If you read the Bhagavad Gita, then you will clearly understand that drinking of alcohol is in the modes of passion and ignorance. Lord Buddha is said to be an Avtar, who in Kali Yuga to sort the people out who were too busy killing and sacrificing animals, engaging in illicit sex, taking intoxication etc. Buddha said that it is recommended not to take intoxication - thus as followers of Sanathan Dharma we should avoid alcohol. Use your own logic....Alchohol is bad news. Why would you want to act like a fool once getting drunk, then start puking up?
  13. Arjuna was fighting on the battlefield, with the Kshytriyas code.... It was legal fighting. No innocent women, no children were involved. Only people who had the ability to fight, and who were prepared for death. Arjuna was fighting the irreligion promoted by Durydhodan. Mohammad on the other hand - had jewish families massacred, he raided he looted - because they did not accept him as the final prophet. He took as wives and concubines, those he had killed, and he took their wealth. As it says in the Bhavishya Purana - they will be known as Musulman - corrupters of religion.
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