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  1. Shree RaadhaaKrsshnaChaitanyäy namaù & Guru Shree Caitanya Mahäprabhave namah may i suggest you buy a small book (in hindi), that has all the details with photogs of the lotus hands and feets of shree Shree RädhäKrshna and of ShreeGauränga Mahäprabhu and Shree Nityänand prabhu. It also states significance of those signs also. name of the book is: ShreeBhagavat-pada-kara-yugal-cinh it could be availed from, Vrajgourav prakashan, Harinämpath, Vrindaavan i have some good pictures of such lots Hands and Feets but i can't attach them here, anyway, GaurHaribol
  2. Shree RaadhaaKrshnaabhyaam namah Shree Chaitanya Mahaaprabhave namah A lot of persons are unaware of a horrbile fact that since last quite a few years, our Divine Vraj-Mandal is being breached deeper and deeper and is being badly hurt. Brutal destruction is being caused by some mining mafia. Dangerous activities by some mine-mafias have endangered the safety and serenity of the Braj-mandal. a detailed report of the brutal destruction could be found here http://www.brajrakshakdal.org/Kalchakra/Kalchakra-Hill%20Edition.htm Brajrakshakdal, literally meaning a group of guardians of Braj, has been fighting against such evil. It's web-adress is http://www.brajrakshakdal.org/ As a part of their on-going resistance agaisnt such evil, they've put online, a writ-petition to the supreme court of india to meddle in and stop these demons from hurting the land and destroying the Divine land of Braj! You all are requested to kindly come to the stage and unite together to fight this demoniac act of the mining mafia. You will find the online writ-petition here... http://www.petitiononline.com/Barsana/petition.html its your duty, mind well, to save the Braj! GaurHaribol
  3. Shree RaadhaaKrshnaChaitanyaay Namah Guru Shree Chaitanya Mahaaprabhave Namah There has been a considerable confusion and ego-tussle as to if Gauraang is actually The Bhagawaan. But all such doubts must come to a complete and satisfactory halt as it has been affirmed & declared time and again, by the present JagadGuru, Shree Kripalujee Mahaaraaj, that not only Gauraang is an Incarnation, but also that He is the Source of all Incarnations, i.e. Gauraang is Shree Krshna only. Shree Kripalujee mahaaraaj, spreads his teachings through samkeertans, books and lecture deliveries and for that He has 'penned' down thousands of highly elevated (both of top class Bhakti and gyaan) keertans. And in many of such samkeertans he has cleartly declared that Mahaprabhu Chaitanya is 'Hari Avataari' and He is Radhe-Shyaam of Vrajdham. Shree Kripalujee Mahaaraaj is the fifth original Jagadguru, only fifth in past 5000 yrs. Website : jkp.org So, all such clouds of doubts for those pitiable souls, bereft of pure Love for Krshn due to some petty logical arguments and ego-tussles, should be dispelled and now everyone should bathe in the nactarean Love shower of Shree Chaitanya Mahaaprabhujee. Jay Gauraang... GaurHaribol
  4. Shree RaadhaaKrshnChaitanyaay Namah Guru Chaitanya Mahaaprabhave Namah http://gitapress.org/Download_Hin_pdf.htm if you can follow hindi, you may download it here, in pdf, GaurHaribol
  5. Shree RaadhaaKrshnChaitanyaay Namah Guru Chaitanya Mahaaprabhave Namah As to why did He not descend in previous yugas, i won't speculate, ya better ask Him, but its not true that no one knew Shree Krshn 5100 years ago. There are Shaastric specifications and even in the Vedas it has been clearly defined and mentioned that Shree Krshn is the Supremed Personality of Godhead. However its not right to compare two incarnation as it would be a spiritual transgression. GaurHaribol
  6. Shree RaadhaaKrshnChaitanyay Namah Guru Chaitanya Mahaaprabhave Namah Hare Krshn, you've mentioned in your post... Lord Jagannatha, Lord Balarama and Lady Subhadra's smiling faces... but as far as i know, its not smiling, such face of Bhagawaan Jagannath was made due to feeling intense pain of sepration... GaurHaribol
  7. ShreeRaadhaaKrshnChaitanya Guru Gauraang Jayatah Vaisnav Reminder is a wonderful and useful software that reminds and keeps one, abreast the future important dates, such as Vaisnav Festivals, Ekadashi dates, appearance and disappearance dates of Vaisnav acharyas, etc. Its very useful to Vaisnavas, its been designed by one apparently initiated disciple, Download size 522 kbs. Web address www.Vreminder.tk GauraHaribol
  8. ShreeRaadhaaKrshnChaitanya Guru Gauraang Jayatah yeah, there are a lotta techinques like this one, as told by Lord Shiva Himself to Maa Paarvati but i doubt if there is any authentic incarnation of the divine bodies, on this earth these days! Anyway, tell me who can separate the body and soul? Who is this you? Is it the body, mind, intellect, Jeevaatmaa or Paramaatmaa? GaurHaribol
  9. Shree RaadhaaKrshnChaitanya Namah http://bvml.mayaglyphs.net/bhajans/index.html here one may download quite a few bhajans for downloading. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  10. Shree RaadhaaKrshnChaitanya Namah Read the translation more carefully, SB 5.21.19: My dear King, in his orbit 'through' the sun-god traverses a distance of 95,100,000 yojanas [760,800,000 miles] at the speed of 2,000 yojanas and two krosas [16,004 miles] in a moment. The word is orbit through Bhu-mandala; its not 'around' it. However it could closely mean the same, there has to be some differnce in meaning. Word for word translation from Sanskrit to English is almost impossible. it may be worthy of being put here that there are around 3 billion Suns in a galaxy and our Sun orbits around the galactic centre. Completing one orbit varies from 225m to 250m earth years, as could be found over here, http://hypertextbook.com/facts/2002/StacyLeong.shtml Moreover, there may also have been changes in the galactic atmosphere and mass of either earth or Sun which can result in the rotational speed, distance inter se and distance in relation to the Galactic centre. Remember, nothing...nothing in the Vedas or Srimad Bhaagwatam is either fake, untrue, an exaggeration or not absolutely right. Trust or die in this mortal world. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  11. ShreeRaadhaaKrshnChaitanya Namah here one can find english translation of Sri Gaura Ganoddesha Dipika, by Kavi Karnapura. http://www.bvml.org/SCM/sggd.html Haribol
  12. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah here is a really wonderful website that has mammoth database to plenty of Vaisnav books. one may search the archives through the name of the books (like books having Shree Caitanya in its name) and even through the author (like Sril Roop Gauswamee). a wonderful database and an essential one for a Vaisnav books reader. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  13. Aum ShreeVishanve Namah Guru Gauraang Jayatah harshad, thanks for the info. and phone number. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  14. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah GauraangHaribol thanks a lot harshad for your reply. i live in ahmedabad and actually as i dont want to disclose my e mail id here on the post, i request you to simply gimme a mail reply that'd automatically be sent to my inbox. by the way, just to make it clear, i'm interested in english copies. Thanks. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  15. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah i'd like to know about the details as to the procedure to get subscription for the back to Godhead magazine. i live in ahmedabad, gujarat, india. i don't know the adress to send the money in india and local temple guys dont seem to give satisfactory info. hope someone else than ShreeKrshn knows it! Hari Aum Tat Sat
  16. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah On the lighter side, and for the kids, here is a link that offers free download of some wonderful Visual pinball games. Of course, in ShreeKrshn and Shree Nityanand-Chaitanya themes! kvz.hr/english/sports/pinball.htm Aum ShreeVishnave Namah Hari Aum Tat Sat
  17. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah Pranaams to all the real Devotees, Recently i came across a wonderful website that has images captured by the hubble telescope. One may just gaze into our closest, yet unreachable neighborhood, within this unlimited material space! http://hubblesite.org/gallery/ Hari Aum Tat Sat
  18. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah Please don't bother me. I don't wanna fight! I was the same a few years ago, but He saved me from the prison of my mind. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  19. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah Thanks for wishing me a good day, 'guest' You asked me that if ShreeKrshn has four hands. DON'T 'THINK' MATERIALLY ======================== I'd advice you not to think in a material way. ShreeKrhsn is not a material identity like me and you. He is spiritual. He is not made up of flesh and bones. NO. This is conditional thinking. If there is darkness in the sky it must be night. No, this thinking is right for the material world but spiritual world is not conditional. First of all our mind is so teeny that we cannot take every condition into accound and even if we somehow do than its very hard to deduce the correct result that it lays down. OUR SENSES ARE LIMITED ====================== Recently there's been this mp3 revolution. All this fuss has been going about mp3. The mp3 technology does not actually compress the file, it only eliminates the frequency and sounds that a human ear can anyway not hear. So, the result is almost 1/11th size. Isn't that ashtonishing? I mean we can hear only 11th size of actual sound recorded in a song. What I want to suggest is that, our senses are limited. We cannot see everything. Unfortunately, we don't want to accept this fact. So we're like a frog in a pond, who never saw the Atlantic Ocean and so was always lived in a misconception that the world was all that he could see from his small pond. Moreover, there has been a misconception of a lot of persons who fall for name and form of God. I don't say that God is formless but yes, one can't restrict Him to one form only. ShreeKrshn is the person who 'was' even prior to the creation. He is omnipotent and omnipresent. Just because our eyes cannot see the full frequency of color spectrum, we cannot see ShreeKrshn. He is there. He is here. He is everywhere. Just like we cannot see UV or IR rays, we can't see air, why? Becuase that color frequency cannot be catched by our eyes. So He doesn't have to come or go, He simply has to menifest Himself before our eyes. SHREEKRHSN IS BEYOND SENSES, MIND, INTELLECT ETC. ================================================= ShreeKrshn is not just beyond our senses i.e eyes, hears, skin, taste, etc., He is even beyond the mind that governs the senses. And this is not it, He is beyond the intellect that is higher and subtler to the mind and even false ego that is subtler to the intelligence. All these functions have been going on inside our teeny brains and minds since time immerorial. We have taken not 1 or 2 but innumerable births. Our desires take our minds to various bodies in which those desires can be fulfilled. CAUSELESS GRACE OF HIS ====================== Its really really a GRACE of SHREEKRHSN that somehow we have heard of HIM and now we have a chance to get free from the bondage of material prison. ACCEPT THE UNIMAGINABLE ======================= So, when it comes to ShreeKrshn, accept the unimaginale! You'd be surprised to know that there are innumerable universes that constitute this atomic material world. Ours is the smallest. Nasa may take millions of years to understand that. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  20. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah ShreeKrshn has no beginning. Because everything that has a beginning, has an end. Just like our life, we were borne and we'd die one day. This is called conditional life. Material life. Everything here is conditioned, mind-related. But ShreeKrshn 'was' even before the creation (As He made it), He 'is' even right now (maintaining it) and He 'will' be even after the dissolution of all the universes. For producing a toy there has to be a manufacturing process. Making of parts of toy and assembly, likewise, for us humans, a prior sexual intercourse is required. In which us jivas, who enter the male's body through food and then from that food is made sperm, which through the intercouse, transmitted into a female, that in a due time, developes in to a material sheath of flesh and bones. So us jivas need sex and parents not only for birth but also maintenance. These concepts of birth and death and parents and siblings and enemies are for the matter and not Supreme spirit. So, Krishn, being unimaginably independent is free from such material constraints and defects. So, Krishn is to everone's parents viz. dead, alive, in-between and He knows who else. Not otherwise! Hari Aum Tat Sat
  21. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah Here is an address of a website where one can read and even listen to the lectures of Srila Prabhupadajee. The topics range widely even of Shree Bhagawad Geetajee, Srimad Bhaagawatam, Shree Chaitanya Charitamrata and other conversations etc. http://www.prabhupadavani.org Hari Aum Tat Sat
  22. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah Shree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu 'appeared' in this mortal world, to deliver the fallen souls and to gracefully invite them to their actual Home to serve and Love ShreeKrsn. Neti Neti... Here, one would find Conclusive Evidence of Shree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s predicted appearance, from the Ved. The web address is, Part I http://www.acbspn.com/godhead/gaura_1predictions.htm & Part II http://www.acbspn.com/godhead/gaura_2predictions.htm Hari Aum Tat Sat
  23. Aum ShreeVishave Namah it really frustrates me, your sorry-tale. Seems that you seemed to be stupified by the sex attack, mate! Love is unconditional and eternal, so the feelings that you had were just raw lust and nothing else. Or at the most intoxicating infatuation, unimaginably far far away from the pious realms of platonic Love. From your expression, it is seems that your attraction is on physical level, lips, eyes etc. Its gross. Take care, its dangerous! Take holy care or all these dolls can steal your intelligence away; what to talk about pure bhakti? Well mate, you just failed in one of the tests, but take care; get yourself stronger! Otherwise forget serving, you may find even hard to remember Who ShreeKrshn is! Thank ShreeKrshn, he saved your hungry soul! Hari Aum Tat Sat
  24. Aum Shree Vishnave Namah First of all, no real KC person would ever commit a suicide and if at all he does, he can't be called a real KC person. Because a genuine KC would know that sufferings are as much a fiction as happiness! And that this life being a Loving Gift of Krshn, he cannot squander it. Moreover, its only his own past karmas that are reflecting back on him in his this life, and no one can save those reactions; even if he escapes it by a suicide he has to face them in his next life! Your mind is the reason for bondage and freedom. Here a genuine Lover would not want to wate his opportunity to serve and Love ShreeKrshn, so he won't opt for freedom. The last thought that you die with is what's gonna be a cause to your next birth's body. So there's no way he can reach the Krshnlok. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  25. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah Naive and maybe rather stupid Big Ban theory has been challenged and proven a rank futile nonsense by HD Prankaashanand Saraswati. http://www.encyclopediaofauthentichinduism.org/articles/49_actual_age.htm Here he gives scientific logical reasons as to how the current figmantal speculation of the age of universe is false and states that age of the universe is 155.52 trillion years. Who is HD Prankaashanand Saraswati? Find it here, http://www.encyclopediaofauthentichinduism.org/author.htm Hari Aum Tat Sat.
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