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  1. I dont want to convince anyone nor Iam stressed out .I unfolded Whatever came into my mind . I have seen your post criticising Sri prabhupada and that shows where are you placed...Better you consult a doctor and get the treatment done.this forum is not meant for the people like you!!!. identify yourself!!! with proper login ???...
  2. I dont whats happening to me .Nowadays I have got a strange feeling or rather i would say i can feel things happening well in advance.First i didnt notice I thought it was pure coincidence, But then yesterday I was returning from my office ,As I reached the station had a feeling something bad is going to happen and my mind said Bomblast!!! I swear when i reached home i switched on the TV there come the Mumbai Blasts.This strange phenomeneon occured 06:10 and blasts occured at 06:25..I think this is happening to me may be other instances are minor but this one shook me .Everyday I chant Hare Krishna morn and Eve....
  3. Thanks Narayani for clearing my doubts ...I saw the photos of Ratha Yathra Excellent!!!!.. Hare Krishna
  4. As you have stated Lord Krishna having 16,108 wives ,Please dont compare his Pastimes as ordinary humanbeing ,once you reach a higher level of Krishna Consciousness you will be able to understand.During the War when Karna used an "Astra" which noone one could defend other than krishna, the pecularity of that weapon was only with person who had remained brahmchari could do it.Krishna defended it .... Thus one must understand Lord Krishnas love was pure and unconditional... You were talking about the people in general were more religious, ya agreed ,but there was also people with deamonic nature with powers much greater than of today.And if I ask a question if draupadi had married someone else then would that have been justified??? Iam not trying to establish that we can have a extramarital relationship... and do whatever we like.As this a discussion forum i thought someone would give conclusive answer.Anyway thanks for that reply atleast to some extent you were able to clarify things:pray:
  5. Hi all, Just a curiousity ...Deapite married to draupadi how could Arjuna tie knot with subadhra and there are also other examples can be taken from puranas.But how can it be justified.as we are all being a krishna devotees we are forbidden to have such kind of relation ships.Could you please throw light on this!!!
  6. Hi all, Today Morning I was doing some House hold cleaning .with my vaccum cleaner.When I was about clean my kitchen I saw cockroaches running around .I was about to suck them with the cleaner the moment I realised That would kill them and badkarma will occur i didnt do it .Sometimes Iam confused it looks odd if leave them also because it doesnt not healthy to retain them.I picked couple of them and let it go in my garden. What shoul dI do in such a situation???........Kindly advice:pray: Regards Prajot
  7. Thanks for all that advice.!!!,Iam sure I can overcome it one day Hare Krishna Prajot:pray:
  8. Dear All, It has been a year i have been associated with spirirtual activites.since iam working for An Airline Company and job pressure demands me to work 12hours at a strech but still I make a point to get chant Hare Kishan two rounds Morning and evening Coming to the point Still there are bad qualities to get ridoff...As I have said earlier Single Book "The Science of Self Realisation" Changed My wholelife .I just sat with a book as if i was in trance .Completed it .Then more and more books After that I left Non-vegetarian stuff and didnt have any prolem to quit that much was the power I had gathered and there was no problem.I began to feel that I was to able to logon to his domain ... I began to avoid parties As per my character goes there was nothing to be changed..as I was down to earth person. But thing I found very hard to give up was SEX .I dont do any dating and engage any physical activity but seeing erotic scenes still remaines .That has come down but still sometimesi cant resis.viewing them .This I consider a stumbling block to my spiritual advancement..I have been married Four years and nearing to age 30..Everywhere you turn you can see shadow of sex ... What you all feel...>I agree ny instincts have come done also switch on the TV set i tune into spirtual channels.But at times I dont Know happens iam lost...Is this my age or something else..Sometimes there is guilty feeling and that haunts me .Hope Krisna will help me.... Could anyone throw light on this.I hope lot of devotees may be undergoin similar situations Regards Prajot:pray:
  9. Hi all, Thanks for all for that replies...Last one by NBT was nicely interpreted Still There Is long way to go and get quailified to become his devotee....Iam trying my best to achieve that Goal.... Hare Krishna Regards Prajot
  10. There is no search menu here...I feel that would be of great help If we want search about certain topics Regards
  11. My wife is pregnant ..Third week is going what care she should take Could you please advice...what to eat ,what should she follow!!! Regards Prajot
  12. Unfortunately iam living in the midst of concrete jungle...So No caves or jungle nearby
  13. Hi all, yesterday night I had a strange dream ....Myself and my freinds was wandering in night ( I recollect forest like place ...).suddenly I noticed a cave anentry to it .And to my surprise i found an IDOL of krishna pinkish in colourand a holding a flute.....It seemed idol was untouched for years..So I thoughtI would offer my prayers .so i started looking out for a matchstik to alightthe lamp .but invain .finally to my surpirise it automatically got alighted.and was overjoyed tears came rolling out of my cheeks.and offered my "pranama" ..mean while my friends gathered and thier joy knew no bounds That was the end of it.But that was a great feeling when i woke up.... Strange Dreams ....How can we interpret it....Morning as usual i chanted the MahaMantra...HareKrishna hare krishna...... Prajot
  14. Hare Krishna, As iwas surfing through the net i read one article about the OSHos "out of body techinique" where in you can separeate your soul from your body .Just wondering how that experience would be.Any Inputs.Not A follower of OSHO but this thing just raised curiosity
  15. The influence of maya is so strong that anyone can fall basically we are all going thru a testing phase, who all come into this krisna Consciousness will have to faceit, because you have to enter the spiritual kingdom, you have to really qaulify for that.krishna consciousness is a gradual process more over we are not living in satyuga, we are in kaliyug,where presence of maya is so strong. Wherever you go,see...her influence either in form of sex,jealousy,...>coming out of it is not a joke.,you have to be careful. As said krisna Consciousness is a gradual process one has to give up all that step by step .Normally people feel its simple to be a krishna devotee.but you must ready to face the acid test to be his devotee.for he requires only those soul who are dedicated .As he knows souls with this Materialistic nature cant survive in his kingdom. If you want to get in a good college you have to prepare yourself and it takes lots of effort.once you qalify in the entrance test you get into it, It is not That Krisna wont help you or that he wont forgive if you commit mistakes.But if you have done dont try to repeat
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