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  1. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah This Golden Incarnation of ShreeKrsn has offered us all, the free invitation to the Krsn-Dhaam. Truly, He is a 'personification' of His Causeless Mercy. Krsn invites us material and conditional zombies to His Eternal Abode, just to quench us with His Pure Love! Don't reject this Invitation from Lord Chaitanya! Please. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  2. Aum Shree Vishnave Namah Hello Ashley, Yeah, its good that you've been fighting both mentally & physically to abide by the scriptural injunctions. Prayers are frank communications with the Almighty. Obviously, you must know Who He is. And that what frankness connotes here to. The essence of prayers is to regain the lost ONENESS with the ONE, to Whom we all Belong. A prayer must have frank, pure, nondual, honest, true, emotional dialogue with GOD. Just as this external world is an illusion, any nonsensical pretention in name of prayer could be soul-killing! But the attitude be always subservient and that of gratitude. Outta 6 odd billion humans on this earth, why do only us few people feel like doin' all these Real Emotional, Devotional Service? There are uncountable souls, encaged in one or other material objects like sex, booz, cars, status in short desires. Why us only? Its HIS unconditional GRACE! I was just another guy on the street just a few years ago, not now, only due to Krshn. If you trust, you can do it! WAKE UP Try to Adress Him a sweet and warm Good-Morning. I mean, we all know that He is beyond the time dimension, but its Love that matters. You may Garland him with Fresh flowers. Here simply 'Create' Krshn in your mind with mother Raadhaa. Then just offer Him a fresh garland of Rose, Tulsi leaves, and even Paarijaat. This might seem little difficult for a few days, but when you do it for some time, it will render you Great Bliss. Mind you, you don't think that such prayer is just another fancy of your mind like having sex or dodging a beer can, its REAL. Yeah. Fact is stranger than Fiction. Krishna is not a whim of mind. The world that you see outside is a fancy. It's nothing but Pure Brahman, but due to our immemorial conditioning our intelligence is tainted with various interpretations and we encage ourselves in some borrowed convictions. In the morning you may also recite prayers like Mukundasthakam and such other prayers. i've typed so much but still i dont feel satisfied as to if i have been able to 'put' it properly. It feels great that you don't wanna leave no stone unturned! Believe me its great. Pure Passion. I'd be obliged to chat(satsang) with you online for the unspecified aspects. Gimme a mail if you're really interested. pragnyanavidya@.co.in Thank you; thank Krsn. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  3. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah Hello 'Prabu', i think you should've , first of all, gotten yourself well-versed with the 'Philosophy' of Shree Caitanya Mahaaprabhu! Iskcon is based on That. Krsna is Unborn so there can be no question of death or being a 'thing' of past, present or future, or even being a thing, for that matter! Its He, Who has made, even the void, the darkness and light, the emptiness and the material universes, the concept of conceptuality, the silence and the sound, the mind and the state of no mind! ============================================================ And you were the one standing next to Krishna during battle right? I'm sure Krishna whispered to you how he does not have a body right? Yo! You were not there! You don't know! So stop talking like you were Krishna's best friend. If you're gonna believe books written by people centuries ago I don't see the difference in believing in the . that they show in CNN. >>>>>So, then you must ask your mum to testimonize her motherhood to you by getting a dna taste! Jokes apart, man, this is serious! This is much much more (infinitely more) sacred than this! You better know! you didnt even know, if the name you have is whats been actually given to you! ============================================================ Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed...whatever..it's the same!! >>>>>With humility to other faiths, ShreeKrishn is without a second! ================================== You people talk as if you own God ================================== >>>>>Better be specific. 'You people' is too vague and generic a term. And if you hint at the Iskcon Movement by Srila Prabhupaad, better go digest the hidden logic. God is beyond the comprehesibility of body, mind, intellect and (false) ego. ============================================================ It is not about gathering crowds. One on one. >>>>>Who is gathering crowds? One on one? Its not a mediawar, claiming the minds to follow a bot-factory or a novel cult, trying to 'program' minds with one's own interpretantions! Its Vedaas. They're for all the 8.4m species withing our whole universe! And of course for human! ============================================================ All of you people have no clue...books? Gita? Bible? Koran? What book did Jesus read? What book did Krishna read? What book did Budhha read... >>>>> Hey, Geeta (at least), is not at all a handwritten and a concocted philosophy! Its a Truth! And Shree Jesus was already a devotee. So how could He have needed any 'books'? ========================================================= Luke 17:20-21 And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: {21} Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you... >>>>>Definitely, what has been said/written by Luke, above, is not wrong! But if everyone would keep the secret to him/herself, what 'bout the future generations? Who'd have taught them to find it withing You. Even Luke then, according to you, shouldn't have bothered to say/right all this! ============================================================ Stop arguing, stop with the ego-trip...that u're right he's wrong... >>>>>However, the word 'Egotrip' that you said, is something that i'd agree with! You're right that one must get outta the clout of body, mind, ego and intellect and see the ONE, KRSN! ============================================================ go find first..then talk...by then I'm sure u woldn't want to talk anymore... >>>>>There's no doubt that, the Compiler of the Eternal Vedas who is, Srila Vyaasdev, being an incarnation of He HImself, needed to 'find' the GOD! ============================================================ He who knows all speaks naught, he who thinks he knows speaks forever..... >>>>>It might be right 'bout us Godless zombies, but ShreeKrsn, out of His Causeless Mercy, 'spoke' the BhagawatGeeta! Its 'bout Love. Its Causeless. Out of Sheer Mercy. Its impossible for us material bots to imagine beyond a condition. Now-a-days ,'Prem' or Love is awefully being used without even knowing its unfathomable depth! Here, devotees talk about 'Pure Love' for the Lord! Unconditional! Everlasting! Its unquestioned! Its completely Voluntary, unlike the hopeless drag behind desires in the modern world! No intellect wasted! Howsoever high may a devotee be, he/she can't even think of putting him/herself even on the equal level to that of THE ONE. A devotee can, at the most reflect the Grace of the Lord (not without His grace, though)! We're not bullshitting 'bout some 'Objective Shibboleths', Krsn is not a objective or subjective 'name'. HE is the 'embodiement' of All that BE! Don't bereave yourself of this Nectar of Unconditional Love. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  4. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah In the purport of Srimad Bhagavatam Canto II, Chapter 1, verse 26, the names of lower planetary systesm can be found. (BhaktiVedanta Book Trust Edition). Upper Planetary Systems: Bhur-, Bhuvar-, Svar-, Mahar-, Janas-, Tapas- & Satyaloka Lower Planetary Systems: Atala-, Vitala-, Sutala-, Talaatal-, Mahaatala-, Rusaatal- & Paatallok It'd be beneficiary to specify that, Srila Suta Goswami, while answering to Raja Parikshit's one of the questions describes in-depth, the whole of Viraat Roop. It can be found in the SECOND CANTO, FIRST CHAPTER, VERSES TWENTY FOUR(24) to THIRTY SEVEN(37). (BhaktiVedanta Book Trust Edition).
  5. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah ============================CAUTION========================= N.B. The views expressed here, are personal views and the reader is adviced not to BLINDLY accept and\or follow them. One should rather, depend on the KRSN directly or indirectly as in a form of a qualified spiritual master. ============================================================ The purpose for such apparent discrimination, as you mentioned, must be for mere practical purposes only. Maybe due to heavy rush in such Temples. But as far as ShreeKrsn Consciousness is concerned, what is important is that you need to feel it...Feel His presence. Just relax, reach the pure depth of your heart and Sincerely Request HIM. Just Reach the DEPTH. And i think, if you're REALLY serious about being in ShreeKrsn Consciousness, than it can't be too difficult for you to reach the Depth. Trust me. Believe me. All you need to do is Surrender. Try that. It'd be my pious duty and pleasure also to help in this Commendable Step that you've taken! Thanks. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  6. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah Certainly, its never late to Wake up. Although i haven't read the whole Book myself but i'd recommend you a book named: 'GEETA for CHILDREN' This book is commented upon by Swami Shri Chinmayanandji. Yo me, he interweaves, apparantely distinct aspects of Gyan and Bhakti, in a great unity. i can't comment upon this particular BOOK, becuase of not having read the whole book yet, but as far as the Author of this book is concerned, i'd give you a big green light. i've been in touch with Srila Parbhupadji's uncommentable literature since quite a long but this acarya is...Its not wise to compare two (uncomparable) personalities. So i won't dig a pit in my intelligence. But yes, you can safely gift this book to your sweet daughter. Go ahead. A little something about the BOOK It is a commentary by Swami Chinmayananji. The book contains 18 chapters with commentary. And after each chapter, a few questions, related to that particular chapter, are asked. It expands to around 150 pages. Nice for a kid. It costs around 30 INR. You may ask me for futher assistance for procuring such books. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  7. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah =========================CAUTION============================ N.B. The views expressed here, are personal views and the reader is adviced not to Blindly accept and\or Follow them. One should rather, depend on the KRSN directly or indirectly as in a form of a qualified spiritual master. ============================================================ The problem is not with just kissing or mating or holding hand or other such actions. The THEME is that the engagement of the mind (conscious & subconscious) should be always Absolutely and Unconditionally in ShreeKrsn. The Gopis, without any distant possibility of lust, used to always think about Lord ShreeKrsn, when He appeared in this Universe on this planet some 5100 odd years ago. Its not the Action, its the Intention that matters. Whatever that builds a Wall between the real Ego (Your AATMAA) and HIM must be avoided. And if I'm not wrong that wall is created by our desires, doubts, fear and other such Thoughts of the false ego (the mind, body, intellect). So, if one is, apparently, chanting the names of the Lord or doing some kind of Pooja but if his/her/its mind is not absolutely ABSORBED in HIm, its just a little over a physical drill. Complete Involvement of mind is a pre-condition. One must always stick to the THEME, Lord ShreeKrsn. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  8. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah First of all, thanks a lot, for continuing with Reading. And yes, you can address me either a Sir or a devotee. The choice is yours. If you ask me, I'd say you address me an othewise orphan, Adopted, Loved and Nurtured by ShriKrsn. Thanks again, for a wise decision. Namo Naaraayan Hari Aum Tat Sat
  9. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah Its great that you've taken that rather outspoken reply from me, in a positive manner. I appreciate that. The way in which you've replied back suggests that you seem to have taken it rather positively and picked only things that're good. I confess, the reply was rather not the most nicest, so far as the nature treating the question is concerened, but you seem to have taken it positively. Congratulations! But your decision to stop reading Ayodhya Kaand or other such 'contradictory' Scriptures, is something that I'd discourage you to proceed with. *PLEASE, DON'T STOP READING... Look, when the road is rough and you're still marching towards your destination, you simply have to put on some shoes. You can't stop marching ahead. Simply paint your intellect with Love for Krsn and thus give its original color. You can't stop reading such Sine-Qua-Non Scriptures. I'd feel the guilt if you stop to do so. * SEEK A GOD-REALIZED GURU IN A DISCIPLIC WAY... Whenever any such question arises, rather posting such important questions on such post where anyone can just write anything and 'program' your mind, you must seek the refuge of a GOD-REALIZED GURU. And request Him to satisfy you by asking in a disciplic manner rather than in a defying or an argumentative way. That could be a solution. Please don't stop reading. While learning in our school days, we're always asked to learn under some guidance. Just think how important than does it become to do so when you're learning the science of SOUL. You must do under some real SADGURU. Take care, man. And yeah, definitely you can keep, forever, chanting the SWEET NAME OF THE LORD. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  10. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah In reply to: what a Proud person is speaking..! Beware!! ================================================== Hey 'gusest', please be clear as to what you mean to say! It seems, out of some reason, you're trying allude an alarm against me. God knows whats in your head. I'd have appreaciated rather a more reason-based remark/answer than an alluded allegation! But thanks for a poke, anyway. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  11. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah In reply to, It is interesting indeed to know and think about these Yuga calculations, but how will it affect our present life? How does it really matter in your daily life? Can you change anything or benefit from this? If no then why bother man? Yes, 'Guest', its right that culmination of all the possible and impossible info and knowledge is, 'LOVING SERVICE OF RADHA-KRSN'. You might have gotten there, but there're uncountable other swaying souls who're still fighting with 'their' material minds to be Absolutely Sure about what 'their' duties are. Its for these rather lost souls, that by giving such information, they could gain strength in their mind about the Sole Supremeacy of Krsn. And head for the only Destination, which is Lotus Feet of the Lord. So, its not altogether unimportant also. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  12. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah Yeah, Kcp1982, a great post! i think its just a matter of time when even the so-called scientists of this faithless modern society, surrender their intellect to the 'unmade' Vedas, which are considered to be just breaths of the sweet LORD. Thanks for bringing such eternal knowledge to us. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  13. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah In reply to, ============================================================ You BETTER be concerned with what Lord Rama did because he came here to teach by example. That is why people say do as Krsna said and Rama did. ============================================================ If i really wasn't concerned, i'd perhaps not have bothered to reply to such a disgusting post! Its only HIS unconditional Grace that anone could ever be concerened. What i meant when i wrote that 'i'm not concered', is that, i'm not concered as to what HE does, the action are immaterial and most certianly not His Intention. Amongst His seemingly different Actions, veils His ever-the-same Intention i.e. Causeless Mercy and Love for everyone. So please, buddy, don't get me wrong! THEY ARE ONE! Hari Aum Tat Sat
  14. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah Hello 'Guest', Look, unless you realize the sacred logic behind the meanings of appraently gross names, you can never link up and feel the depth of their devotion. I could suggest you to read Sri Raamaayun. This has a lot of 'logical' connection that, forever, prooves the untold LOVE of Lord Shiv for RAAM. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  15. Aum ShreeVishanave Namah There is a lot discussion about a renowned western person, who has translated various scriptures. Recently I came across a wonderful website, a Krishn-Bhakt devotee has written something like this about him, 'Max Müller. A paid employee, who translated the Rigved in a demeaning style.' You may visit encyclopediaofauthentichinduism.org/articles/35_max_muller.htm for futher info. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  16. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah Yes Kaustubh, your query is surely absurd and disgusting, but i dont't have the authority to forgive you. FIRST OF ALL, TELL ME, WHO 'ATE' NON VEG.? GROSS BODY or SUBTLE MIND or SUBTLE INTELLECT? I'm not concerned with what Lord did. Becuase He is not a gross body like we think we are. He is also not subtle mind. And He is even beyond subtler intellect. So tell me now, if at all He consumed it, who consumed it...Gross senses? Subtle mind (through gross senses)? or Subtle intellect (through subtle mind)? Look Kaustubh, its very easy to find faults with anything in this world. Unless your heart and vision is pure, you'd always find faults with others. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. I mean, how could you think such a disgusting stuff? Are you a Hindu? This is so shameful to you, man? Even if you come across such rather . stuff, you must not waste your thought energy for all this rogue! Sorry for being rather outspoken but yeah, I mean it. Dont waste your time, thinking about such soulless stuff! Hari Aum Tat Sat
  17. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah Here's a proof for those ambivalents, who sway between a conviction and a doubt and haven't yet rested in the Gracious refuge of FAITH. Check out these Photographs (in a zipped foler) from the NASA. They prove the existence of the Bridge built by Lord Shree RAAM, some millions of years ago in Tretaayoog. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  18. Aum ShreeVishanave Namah I couldn't find the attachment, 'Neo'. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  19. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah Just in case, if anyone doesn't know about such a wonderful website (www.srimadbhagavatam.org), please do check out this K-dedicated website. It has gotten stupendous photographs (www.srimadbhagavatam.org/treasury/pictures.html) on the lines of the Sacred Srîmad Bhâgavatam, the 'Ripened Vedic Fruit'. And also other great Love & Knowledge database, Sri Bhagawat Gitaji. And other textual database alongwith some music files. And lots of such stuff, thank them. One hope, no one violates the copyrights in there! Hari Aum Tat Sat
  20. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah ============================================================ N.B. The views expressed here, are personal views and the reader is advised not to BLINDLY accept and\or follow them. One should rather, depend on KRSN directly or indirectly, as in a form of a qualified spiritual master. ============================================================ I'd suggest the questioner that rather than falling into such confusions of Gross-name-substances, try to concentrate on the meaning that the name suggests. Out of various meanings of Krsn, one meaning could be... 'The One Who gives happiness to everyone' And Shiv means 'Kalyaan' or the 'Unconditional, Causeless and Eternal mercy'. So, thus the difference is hardly ego-based, i.e. your interpretaion. There is no differece in Actuality. Now if you look through these two (rather similar) attributes or natures, you won't be illusioned anymore. At least I (because of His uncondtional krupa), am not illusioned into such pitfalls. Its all ONE. Try to concentrate on the meaning of the name, they'd lead you to ONENESS. You may refer to 'Vishnu sashranam' by Swami Sri Chinmayanandji. This might help you. It has definitely helped me a lot. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  21. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah In reply to ============================================================ Thanks a lot Mr. Godseed I'll do my sincere leval best to love krishna. Please give me blessings sothat I may suceed. ============================================================ Hey, Mr. Guest, your humility suggests you're 'ON THE WAY', but don't you ask for my blessings, I myself is surviving on HIS Unconditional Love and blessings thereof. The sincerer the surrender, more the surety there is of reaching HIM. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  22. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah In reply to ============================================================ Thanks for the Info Mr. Godseed. Any other word of wisdom Mr. Godseed? ============================================================ Thanks for the words Mr. Guest, got one and final word of culmination of all the possible and impossible wisdom...Try to LOVE KRSN (Just in case you haven't started trying). Hari Aum Tat Sat
  23. Aum SriVishnave Namah Yes, there is one, I haven't read it but it is there on the Gitapress website. It should be authentic. The weblink is www.gitapress.org/Download_Eng_pdf.htm All the kaands are in .pdf format. Thank God for making me read your post and write and making Gitapress guys upload it. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  24. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah Think one should not restrict the meaning of being a vegetarian as, one who merely refuses to eat non-veg. items. One must strive ahead to make sure that he neither encourages nor uses or consumption any such articles or accesories or such items for even any remote or external use. Such as a leather wallet, a leather belt, leather shoes, medicines, or working in any such industry. These are indirect and subtler ways to being a non.vegetarian. Hari Aum Tat Sat
  25. Aum ShreeVishnave Namah Hey man, Brownstone, Its no problem. If you differ from the Krsn, He ain't gonna hurt or kill you. He is unconditional. That's why everyone is having fun here Ya know, Bin Laden, Srila Prabhpaadaaji, Me, You, everyone The sun will still feed you with things necessary to keep you alive like Prana, heat etc. The water will quench your thirst etc. He is Love. Love is sacrifice. He'd love you. No matter what you do. You worship Him or ya abuse Him (If you can). Its about your psyche, your moral. But anyway, I don't mind having a friendly, frank and logical discussion. Lets have one open discussion. I dont mind, as long as we discuss without defying eachother's arguments. This is not only necessary, its mandatory. I'm not conditioning your mind to take its own refuge, but its very essential to be open to really know something, right! So if ya wanna have one, we can discuss it out via some personal chat program ( etc.) otherwise I don't care about ya. 'Cause I'm not HIM. Hari Aum Tat Sat
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