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    Of course there is only one such a deposit box in the world, and it happens to be to one you are using... :rolleyes: Every sect in the world is fishing with that line... and they will not rest until they control the entire world :eek4:




    My letters are getting delivered to Krsna just fine...

    Fully agree what you say, I'm not your enemy, thing is how Krsna sees all this. When it came to the most bestial war of all wars at Kuruksetra, Krishna insisted, no, no this or that, I want it like that, no to their own heart's inclination.


    As a last attempt at peace, Krishna Himself travelled to Hastinapur to persuade the Kauravas for peace. This is of philosophical importance as it shows that the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself tried to avoid war at all costs. This aspect is sometimes ignored by those who claim Krishna coaxed Arjuna into violence in the war. At Hastinapur, Krishna took His meals and stayed at the house of the Prime Minister, Vidura, who was a religious person and a devotee of Krishna. Duryodhana hence felt insulted that Krishna turned down his invitation to eat with him and stay in his royal palace. Determined to ensure that the peace mission failed, Duryodhana plotted to arrest Krishna.


    At the formal presentation of the peace proposal by Krishna at the court of Hastinapur, Krishna's peace proposals were ignored, and Duryodhana publically ordered his soldiers to arrest Krishna. Krishna laughed at his mortal attempts, and displayed his divine form, blinding the soldiers and everyone in court with his radiating light. The beautiful divine form of the Lord could be perceived only by those pure in heart, Bhishma, Drona, and Vidura. With His peace mission rejected by Duryodhana, Krishna returned to Upaplavya to inform the Pandavas that there was now no alternative to war for the upholding of the principles of virtue and righteousness.


    Good for you. Now be happy with it and let others pursue knowledge and inspiration according to their own heart's inclination.

    No, this is the whole material world doing already. Therefore we're here in the material world, to engage in one's own heart's inclination. Unfortunately this doesn't lead us out of the material world.


    Without recognizing who's Krishna's real ambassador we simply end up like someone using just any box to deposit his letter. Wrong, only the authorized mailbox does the job. You might put your letter in any box and wait for years, still nothing happens.


    As soon you're using the authorized mailbox things work properly. So it is the duty of any sober person to inform you, sir, you put your letter into the wrong box, nothing will happen there.


    Similiarly, Krishna empowers a dear devotee to be the current link to Krishna's parampara system. This is by default, we cannot chose, let me try this or that to my own heart's inclination.



    When I see these so called disciples of Prabhupada spitting venomous public tirades at other great Vaishnavas like Narayana Maharaja all I see is personality cultism and ignorance - they are more like the hooligan soccer fans in UK than Vaishnavas.

    This is of course not true, the opposite is true. Without so many Prabhupada disciples having joined Narayana Swami, Narayana Swami would never could have set up a global movement. Take Germany, basically all German Vaishnavas joined Narayana Swami. It was all with their help. Then Narayana Swami started repeatedly to state how Prabhupada made mistakes. When Narayana Swami was challenged that he is wrong with his criticism of Prabhupada and he de facto agreed of having made a mistake, wisenheimers like Kula prabhu say, "disciples of Prabhupada spitting venomous public tirades".

    Such behaviour is rather misleading and deceptive.


    When Krishna says,



    na maḿ duskṛtino mudhaḥ

    prapadyante naradhamāḥ


    asuraḿ bhavam asritaḥ




    na — not; mam — unto Me; duskrtinaḥ — miscreants; mudhaḥ — foolish; prapadyante — surrender; nara-adhamaḥ — lowest among mankind; mayaya — by the illusory energy; apahṛta — stolen; jnanaḥ — whose knowledge; asuram — demonic; bhavam — nature; asritaḥ — accepting.




    Those miscreants who are grossly foolish, who are lowest among mankind, whose knowledge is stolen by illusion, and who partake of the atheistic nature of demons do not surrender unto Me.

    Do those who He's addressing say, wow, yes, Krishna is so right!

    Of course NOT!

    They rather reply with: "all we see is personality cultism and ignorance - this is more like the hooligan soccer fans in UK than Vaishnavas."


    But anyway, even Lord Caitanya had to deal with such ilk:


    "When Caitanya Mahaprabhu was explaining dhatu, dhatu means the life force, the vital force. So He was explaining that this dhatu means Krsna. When Krsna is not there, then life is finished. So the disciples who were students, they thought that, “This person has gone mad.” You see? So they criticized. So immediately Caitanya Mahaprabhu closed the patha-sala."


    Mayapur, March 8, 1976


    My point is that Kulapavana seems to be of a mindset that Guru is of nominal importance and that he is more concerned with Krishna or Paramatma etc.


    The problem is that this kind of thinking is just totally bogus beyond anything within the Gaudiya siddhanta.


    To Kulapavana the guru is just an option because Krishna is the real deal.


    Well, what can we say?

    That kind of thinking is just totally non-Vaishnava.


    He can go on with his make believe guru who ripped of Srila Prabhupada for a millions of dollars.


    But, he ain't foolin' nobody but himself.


    He sure ain't fooling me.


    Srila Prabhupada Ki-jaya!!!!!

    In any case, anyone who is not actually an acharya is "officiating" on behalf of the acharyas. Just like Srila Prabhupada says, the postman is a representative (ritvik) who delivers the message of the President of the Government, but the post man is not the President of the Government himself, he is merely the representative. So Srila Prabhupada says, you (neophytes) have to be bona fide post men (ritviks) and deliver the message of the Government, but the postman is not the President of the Government, he is merely the agent.


    So we are supposed to be agents or post men for the real acharya, we are not supposed to claim to be the President ourselves -- simply because we are delivering the mail of the President's government.


    Srila Prabhupada will live forever in his books, and we will utilize. Kula prabhu does not want to utilize the presence of the pure devotee in his books, so he is definately a follower of something else. And even if we wanted to debate with him, he never gives us any e-mail address of his bona fide acharya. He is simply hiding behind a saying that a bona fide guru has to be alive.


    But why all the great acharyas say that even Lord Jesus can still absorb sins and give diksa? And what are present so called acharyas doing, they simply base their preaching upon Srila Prabhupada's work. In other words, Prabhupada is their siksa guru, they are not establishing a new chapter of Vaishnava siddhanta as real acharyas do. But want to be called acharyas, all complete bluffers.


    According to Prabhupada, Christ Jesus was an avatar of God, i.e., God’s representative, or one of His human manifestations on Earth. He regarded Jesus as his guru and stated that Krishna (Krista) and Christ (Kristos) are two of the many different names of the same supreme personal God. Prabhupada saw no difference between Christ and Krishna. God is one, portrayed differently in different cultures by his different names and pastimes.


    It can now be speculated that the Christian account of the appearance of Christ on Earth, bears relevance to understanding the appearance of Krishna as Vishnu’s avatar on Earth as described in the Vedic literature. Importantly, Christ assured his followers that He had a body of flesh and blood, just like them. And in the end, he suffered and died on the cross. Although his body resurrected three days later, Jesus died like an ordinary human being.


    Moreover, it’s a central theme in Christianity that through His suffering and death, Christ took upon himself the sins of the world. And as a result of this sacrifice, humanity is freed from the bondage of care, strife and sin. This Christian believe is highly reminiscent of the Vedic notion of karma and karmic reactions, according to which the overall balance between positive and negative karma is subject to change as a consequence of collective material suffering and enjoyment experienced by all human beings.


    In conclusion: Christ had a material body and died a material death on Earth (although His spirit ultimately reunited with God the Father). His material suffering even may have caused a strong positive karmic reaction to free all of humanity. So if Krishna and Christ are both avatars of the same God (Vishnu), then it seems most likely that Krishna also had a material body and died a material death..


    Material or spiritual - this rather depends upon the realization of the contemplator. At least people used to have style. St.Peter was crucified upside down after he reputedly stated that he was not worthy to die as Jesus did.



  6. This would mean that people also get sick by reading books, since you don't see the face of the writer.


    Kurma dasa, AU : Do Not Read This Blog


    BBC NEWS - Online networking 'harms health'



    "People's health could be harmed by social networking sites because they reduce levels of face-to-face contact, an expert claims.

    Dr Aric Sigman says websites such as Facebook set out to enrich social lives, but end up keeping people apart. Dr Sigman makes his warning in Biologist, the journal of the Institute of Biology.

    A lack of "real" social networking, involving personal interaction, may have biological effects, he suggests. He also says that evidence suggests that a lack of face-to-face networking could alter the way genes work, upset immune responses, hormone levels, the function of arteries, and influence mental performance.

    This, he claims, could increase the risk of health problems as serious as cancer, strokes, heart disease, and dementia.


  7. If People are Dishonest



    Feb 22, USA (SUN) — His Divine Grace is very clear when it comes to Governments, Managers, ABCs, GBCs, Liberals, Conservatives, etc.

    <center>***</center> "In the modern setup of democratic states the citizens can have no cause for grievances, because the whole administration is conducted by the people themselves. If the people themselves are dishonest, the administrative machinery must be corrupt.

    Although a damned government of the people may be given a good or fancy name, if the people are not good they cannot have a good government, regardless of which party governs the administration. Therefore good character is the first principle for good government".

  8. February 15-16, Days Four and Five of the GBC Meetings



    GBC: "For the last several years, strategic planning has been a major theme of the GBC meetings."

    Why exactly are a group of God's direct representatives engaged in "strategic planning" if they are already getting full time dictations from Krishna? That means, either they are over-riding the dictation of God, or else they are bluffing when they say they are getting said dictation. Jesus is busy right now, he had to go to the strategic planning meeting. What is all this?


    GBC: "Several days of the Annual General Meeting, as well as the second GBC meeting later in the year, is exclusively focused on this important theme. This year was no exception. Days four through six saw all regular work shelved and the entire Body, plus many other devotees, come together to proactively discuss the best way for the GBC and ISKCON to prepare for the future."


    The acharya is getting direct dictation from God, so he needs to speculate about the future at some planning commission meeting? Take the City of New York which also has a "strategic planning committee to discuss the future of the city," is this what is needed to manage the acharyas, they need to be managed by a planning department? Where do we find that the spiritual master need to be managed by a planning committee? Where is the guru planning department mentioned in sastra?


    GBC: "He began by asking everyone to take a few minutes to individually meditate on Srila Prabhupada’s vision for ISKCON, and to then analyze how far we have been able to fulfill that."


    Now we are engaged in some freaky new age mediation miracle classes to get guidance from above? Either you are getting guidance or you are not, you cannot simply meditate for five minutes and expect to get a message from God?


    GBC: "Topics on which Srila Prabhupada did not give many details, such as managing the parallel lines of authority of the guru and GBC, sizes of GBC zones, and serving the community of devotees that has now become home-based."

    Right, there is no instruction for "paralell lines" of managers and pure devotees because: the managers do not manage Krishna's representatives. Where do we find this "managing God's pure devotee" board ever mentioned in the Vedas?


    And now the community is "home based," no kidding because you kicked all of us out of the temples!


    GBC: "A major theme of the ensuing discussion, which took most of the day, was the idea of creating an administrative division of the GBC, headed by an executive officer, with mandates such as implementing and following up on GBC resolutions, strategic planning, caring for devotees, etc. To underscore this point, Kaunteya Das of the Organizational Development Team screened a powerpoint presentation entitled "Realigning with Existing GBC Resolutions."


    The GBC already has five hundred and fifty four various committees such as "women's acharya appointment committee" and so on, and now they are making layers and layers of new committees, but they have the same small handful of folks on the same committees, so that means each GBC is the head of about one hundred and seventy committees. And now they admit, after we have been paying them millions of dollars to be the managers, they have not even been following their previous resolutions from their previous meetings. Why have a new meeting if you never followed the old meeting?


    GBC: "Several members expressed that better organization is needed for ISKCON to keep up with other religious groups.

    The day ended with the GBC members writing down their thoughts on the creation of an executive office. These were collected and typed up for review the following day. The response was overwhelmingly positive in principle. This idea is still in the beginning stages, so many GBC members called for a detailed plan, suggested it be introduced in increments, and expressed concern about the possible cost of maintaining such an office."

    After being spiritual masters for 30 years, now they are finally figuring out that they need an "executive body" to oversight and manage their God's representatives, and its just in the beginning stages, "We are God's direct representatives and now we are in the beginning stages of figuring out what that means, and how we can have a committee to manage spiritual masters"?


    GBC: "The Organizational Development team will meet again in London from June 4-8, and will have a detailed plan ready for the October GBC meetings in Juhu. The rest of Day 5 went in meetings of the various strategic planning subcommittees."

    After 30 years of demanding being worshiped as good as God, there is finally going to be a managerial sub-committee to form a strategic guru managing planning sub-committee, which is a sub committee of the acharya board committee, which is a sub-division of the regional zonal development of spiritual master committee, which is trying to form a women diksa-guru by-product committee, and so on and so forth. At least they admit, they are at the beginning, but why insist to be addressed as spiritual master and not as priest?

  9. Democracy = Socialism, i.e. Communism (The Perestroika Deception)


    February 21, 2009

    socialism.jpgBy Jon Baker


    Without going into background on Trotsky in this article and the overthrow of the Tzar of Russia by the International Bankers - just know this: The Soviet Union was established by the same people who own the Federal Reserve and virtually every other central bank in the World. The Soviet Union was created to be an antithesis to capitalism (thesis). Besides making tons of money over the eventual conflict these two opposing dialectics would have on each other, they are the pro-genitive elements that would eventually lead to the preconceived "New Order" for the world. A synthesis of Capitalism and Communism, the China model if you will.


    If the singular source of funding is not enough of a factor to sway your cognitive reasoning, then you perhaps should look at the fact that the New World Order is set to be a global socialist totalitarian form of government. That organizations like the SI (Socialist Internationale) and the United Nations embody such principles and promote them on a global scale. Never-mind that most of the U.S. delegation who signed the U.N. Charter in San Fransisco on October 24, 1945 were later found to be communist spies or have communist ties (i.e. Alger Hiss, FDR's personal attorney present at the Yalta Conference. - Never-mind that FDR took over the entire presidential platform of a gentleman and union icon named Norman Thomas who unsuccessfully ran for President on the Socialist Party ticket 6 times.) Never-mind that the U.N. Charter is virtually identical section by section of the old Soviet constitution. Never-mind that the Constitution for the United States of America, Art. 4, Sec. 4 guarantees a republican form of government, not a democracy. Never mind that mainstream media constantly reinforces that we live in a "Democracy" when that is not true.


    Yes, we're being played as pawns (and fools) in a global chess game, and it's ugly and nobody wants to face it. Excuses and rationalizations run the gamut; "It's too hard to understand, " or "That's just the way it is," or the infamous "There's nothing you can do about it." These are all cop-outs and evasive maneuvers. Yes, socialism sucks.

    The reason the use of the word "Democracy" is used ad nauseam is because in the Socialist community it is well understood to be a "code-word" for "Socialism" and is therefore more palatable for the "masses."


    In Mikhail Gorbachev's book Perestroika: New Thinking for Our Country AND THE WORLD on page 32 he lays it out in the open:


    "We will now firmly stick to the line that only through the consistent development of the democratic forms inherent in socialism and the expansion of self-government can we make progress... It is exactly because we place emphasis on the development of socialist democracy that we pay so much attention to the intellectual sphere, public consciousness and an active social party... In the West, Lenin is often portrayed as an advocate of authoritarian methods of administration. This is a sign of total ignorance of Lenin's ideas and, not infrequently, of their deliberate distortion. In effect, according to Lenin, socialism and democracy are indivisible."


    And on page 34, ibid:


    "Perestroika means mass initiative. It is the comprehensive development of democracy, socialist self-government...But in principle I can say that the end result of perestroika is clear to us. It is a thorough renewal of every aspect of Soviet life; it is giving socialism to the most progressive forms of social organization; it is the fullest exposure of the HUMANIST nature of our social system in its crucial aspects - economic, social, political and moral... The essence of perestroika lies in the fact that IT UNITES SOCIALISM WITH DEMOCRACY and revives the Leninist concept of socialist construction both in theory and in practice."


    And on page 36, ibid:


    "...we are conducting all our reforms in accordance with the socialist choice. We are looking within socialism, rather than outside of it, for the answers to all the questions that arise. We assess our successes and errors alike by socialist standards. THOSE WHO HOPE THAT WE SHALL MOVE AWAY FROM THE SOCIALIST PATH WILL BE GREATLY DISAPPOINTED. EVERY PART OF OUR PROGRAM OF PERESTROIKA- AND THE PROGRAM AS A WHOLE, FOR THAT MATTER -- IS FULLY BASED ON THE PRINCIPLE OF MORE SOCIALISM AND MORE DEMOCRACY...More Socialism means more democracy... We will proceed toward better socialism rather than away from it. We are saying this honestly, without trying to fool our own people or the world. ANY HOPES THAT WE WILL BEGIN TO BUILD A DIFFERENT, NON-SOCIALIST SOCIETY AND GO OVER TO THE OTEHR CAMP ARE UNREALISTIC AND FUTILE."


    V.I. Lenin set the definition of peace to mean the elimination of all forms of opposition to socialism. PEACE=SOCIALISM. This is a form of Orwellian newspeak, but you have to understand their language they use to communicate to each other.


    Also on page 147, ibid, one interesting statement:


    "A third world war, if unleashed by imperialism [bush Doctrine], would lead to new social upheavals [global economic collapse, terrorism] which would finish off the capitalist system for good, and this would spell global peace [socialism]."


    Now, as to clarify the United States position on this policy, let's refer to Presidential Documents (AE2.109:25/47) "Administration of George Bush, " November 22, 1989, page 1822:


    "Off the island nation of Malta [Knights of Malta], Mikhail Gorbachev and I [President George Herbert Walker Bush]will begin the work of years... I will assure him that THERE IS NO GREATER ADVOCATE OF PERESTROIKA THAN THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES."


    As if that weren't enough, in the Los Angeles Times, April 1993, in an article entitled "The Peace Dividend: Gorbachev Pro-Democracy [a.k.a. socialism]Foundation Opens Office at Bay Area's Presidio," subtitled " THE FORMER HEAD OF THE RUSSIAN KGB TAKES OVER A U.S. MILITARY POST IN S.F.," it details how the keys to one of the most hallowed military posts was turned over to Gorbachev to set up a pro-socialism office on the oldest continually operating military base in the United States. Gorbachev was the first applicant granted permission to move onto the post. The article went on to say "Gorbachev gave this assessment of the moment to the crowd of dignitaries shivering in the San Francisco fog: 'This is the symbol of our IRREVERSIBLE TRANSITION from an era of confrontation an militaristic insanity to a NEW WORLD ORDER, one that promises dividends for all.' At the close of the ceremony, Gorbachev was joined via satellite by singer Billy Joel, who announced a June bebefit concert to raise money to IMMUNIZE children in the United States and Russia."


    Thanks Billy Joel, the Founding Fathers would be proud. But seriously, if you haven't gotten a glimpse of the bigger picture, that this is not about Capitalism vs. Communism or East vs. West; this is about INTERNATIONAL STRATEGY by INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS with NO ALLEGIANCE TO ANY NATION. These people don't have a homeland yet. They are transforming the WORLD to make one. These events are being implemented by agents of International Socialism, which is being pushed through think-tanks, academia, non-governmental organizations, and ALL international organizations. Socialism fools people with idealism that never transpires into individual freedom - it's always going to make all the promises that it will save the children from cancer, clean the environment, give every worker a fat check, etc., etc. The truth is this is always a mirage. It is smoke and mirrors - and the idealism is what attracts people. You have no individual unalienable rights in socialism - only collective civil rights that can be repealed by the whim of a politicians. Why would anyone fall for that trap? (Stupidity?)


    Gorbachev Foundation North America


    International Socialist Organization


    Socialist Internationale


    Communist Party U.S.A.


    World Socialist Website


    United Nations Organization


    Socialism is the vehicle to integrate the world, but it is not the driving philosophy, for that is the shiny pinnacle of the pyramid known as Mystery Babylon -- but that's an entirely different article. If you're asking how or why, then you obviously don't know about that. That's your answer above all answers.


    So to the Perestroika Deception By Anatoliy Golitsyn.


    Diehard fans of the theory that Communism is dead will not like this book, whose stated goal is to help such people recover from their blindness. The Perestroika Deception describes with unmerciful clarity the confusion and errors that have been engendered in the world and in the Church by the deceitful Communist strategy of perestroika, under whose reformist guise rebellions and wars have been promoted, and the Church persecuted, in order that the Communist goal of world domination is finally achieved. In other words, what it unintentionally depicts are the very events prophesied by Our Lady of Fatima if the Collegial Consecration of Russia is not done.


    Anatoliy Golitsyn's 1984 book, "New Lies for Old," forecast, with 94% accuracy, all the recent changes in the Communist Bloc, including the economic and political reforms, the rise of Solidarity, the removal of the Berlin Wall, the reunification of Germany and the collapse of the Soviet Union. "The Perestroika Deception," with extensive documentation, reinforces his contention in New Lies for Old that all the changes were meticulously planned years in advance. It explains how they fit into the devious Leninist strategy for achieving with Western cooperation a one-world Communist government or New World Social Order, run by the Russians and Chinese, by 2000 A.D. It also analyzes current events up to the Chechnya struggle and forecasts and developments.


    Golitsyn was a high-ranking KGB official involved in espionage and counter-espionage who defected to the United States in 1961. Convinced that Western interpretations of developments in the Communist Bloc were seriously flawed, he combined his study of Soviet long-range strategy with his inside knowledge of KGB and Leninist thinking in New Lies of Old. For over thirty years he has submitted memoranda to the CIA, in which he has provided very accurate analyses and forecasts of Bloc developments. "The Perestroika Deception" is a collection of dated memoranda covering the years 1984 to 1995.


    Kulapavana loses credibility in my mind because he refuses to accept another spiritual master in light of the fact that his diksha guru was unfit for the position. He criticizes even Srila Prabhupada and yet presumes to somehow or other be cultivating and propagating Krishna consciousness.


    He just seems to be living in denial whilst still trying to presume that he can pass judgement on the actions of Srila Prabhupada without incurring the offense of acharya-aparadha.


    He lives in a limbo-land of cherry-picking the things that he likes about Srila Prabhuapda while on the other hand speaking ill of some of his judgements like "surrounded himself with scoundrels" etc.


    He is a real work for sure.


    He is anti-ritvik and has no bona-fide diksha guru.


    He seems to be a self-appointed authority able to get back to Godhead without a legitimate chaperone.


    Who is his spiritual master that will come to him at the time of death and take him back to Godhead?


    That is the mystery that even he doesn't know.

    This seems a common pattern that sometimes people like Kula prabhu don't recognize that they actually are still traumatized about what happened in their live.


    If you don't really get all the facts straight something strange happens, you turn into a hateful negative character.


    In other words, the vacuum of not allowing the truth to enter is filled up by something else, in this case, negativity and hate.


    Next, when transmitting this inner conflict, the surrounding area reacts also with negativity what heats-up the intensity of your negativism. Nothing remains static, things always move, either upwards or downwards. Thus you're caught in a downward spiral which ultimately can turn a devotee into a demon. Remember, karmis are NOT demons, demons are those who have knowledge.


    Now I understand how easy it is for you to believe in the myths propagated by the old ritviks.


    If you think the present Iskcon is a sahajiya camp, the old one was more like a boot camp of Muslim fanatics.

    Could be that this was the only way how to get it become a global movement.

    Remember, although there're people now who really believe that the Babajis of Radhakund were the actual heroes to bring Krishna to the West, this isnt true. It was Prabhupada's method.



    • Initiation into our Sampradaya isn’t solely dependent upon taking diksa initiation.



    Ex Cathedra, the pope is simultaneously fallible and absolute, this somehow has entered the Vaishnava institutions. Thus there are cases of a guru overwhelmed with sins and not able to transfer them to Krishna because he is not pure. Srila Prabhupada says when a person artificially poses as guru and he is not pure the "guru" accepts the sins and he thus gets sick etc.



    "We believe in the infallibility enjoyed by the Successor of Peter when he speaks ex cathedra as shepherd and teacher of all the faithful, an infallibility which the whole Episcopate also enjoys when it exercises with him the supreme magisterium" (Vol. 2, p.392).

  13. Abu Dhabi's Kalima publishes book on India's Gita



    The Kalima project announced that it is to release its Arabic translation of a publication dealing with the Indian classic spiritual book 'Bhagavad Gita' at the coming Abu Dhabi International Book Fair in March.





    Kalima, a giant translation initiative launched by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH), will be releasing a contemporary literary study of the Gita text by Damodar Thakur, an Indian linguist and scholar specialised in Gita's spiritual philosophy.


    The book, 'Gita: Song of Extraordinary', is a thorough, comprehensive, and comparative study of the Hindu ethical and spiritual teachings, presented by an author who has a long experience in the subject matter and sees himself as a disciple of the Gita.


    Thakur said he is proud that his work, which is highly acclaimed by critics in the United States and Britain, is to be published in Arabic.


    The translation of the book will further enrich modern Arab libraries with cultural understanding, this time of the east, which is among the objectives of ADACH.


    Dr. Ali bin Tamim, Director of Kalima, said the book represents a contemporary study of the classic Gita text, which includes corrections of earlier translations and interpretations, and more insight into the wisdom of its message.

    The book is translated into Arabic by Dr. Abdulwahab Al Muqlah, who praised Kalima for paying attention to the great Indian philosophical text that brings Arab readers knowledge of the spiritual enlightenment of the east.


    By supporting such projects, Muqlah noted, the Kalima project continues to serve as a cultural bridge between civilisations.


    The Gita provides a summary of Hindu religious thought and practice, and is part six of the Mahabharata, the great Indian epic poem.

    <!-- google_ad_section_end -->



    They ground us into the dust to collect their money, and then became millionaires themselves, with private bank accounts, and cushy lifestyles, while the average devotee was left in the dust with nothing.



    This is right we were told not to spent even one cent for owerselves. In the evening in winter we went to the vicarage of a village and asked the priest if the four of us could spend the night in a room of the community center. Sometimes this took hours till finally some priest agreed. Early in the morning we went to the bakery and asked for free bread, etc etc. Then the GBC forbade us to eat karmi bread and we had to eat granola for years and nothing else, no cooked food. When going from door to door we not only had to sell books but also ask for fruits and vegetables. As soon there was a bill for dentist or shoes, we were told to ask our parents for money and so on and so forth. What came out was that the leaders were all such idiots that all the money was spent in a foolish way, they couldnt figure to make something good with all this laxmi.

  15. As for the Catholic Church, they have admitted that their Popes have had problems and are thus not actually on the same level, on par with Lord Jesus in their Church's historical documents. They have admitted that their Popes have had fall downs and are not the uttama class of devotee, but are priests. What is a priest, a priest follows rules and regs and when he is unable to follow, he's replaced. There's no big deal in replacing a priest. Peoples faith in God remains unshakeable in case a priest has to be replaced.


    However, there is a big problem when you have to replace Lord Jesus, God's direct absolute representative, who is worshiped as good as God, saksad hari. And this is what ISKCON does all the time. Infact, they teach now that, "you have to learn to live, tolerate and work with it, that our gurus might fall down".


    The Pope has also never said that he is absorbing sins like a diksa guru, rather the Pope says, he represents the diksa guru, Lord Jesus, so Jesus takes your sins and not the Pope, so that is the perfect ritvik idea.


    Therefore you find ISKCON gurus are always sick saying they absorbed too many sins because they consider themselves to be on the same level like Lord Jesus.

    The Pope never attacks and insults Lord Jesus by comparing him to neophytes who might fall down or deviate.


    In sum, from theological point of view, this is a massive attack on Lord Jesus, the Pope and the Church. ISKCON juxtaposing Lord Jesus, who is according the Vaishnava acaryas, a great devotee of the Lord and diksa-guru, but is juxtaposed with ISKCON's gurus to whom the GBC says, "we cannot give any guarantee that our gurus might fall down, we assume no liability about the spiritual status of our gurus, we disclaime liability in case of one of our gurus falls down, we do not accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury that occurs in case an ISKCON guru quits".


    Clear case of the GBC's failure to publically explain that their gurus are not like Lord Jesus on the uttama-adikari level, but are de facto only priests. Concealment of facts.


    258.335 False statements and concealment of facts prohibited.

    It shall be unlawful for any person knowingly to make any false statement or to conceal

    any fact required to be disclosed under any of the provisions of this chapter.

    Effective: June 17, 1954

    History: Created 1954 Ky. Acts ch. 119, sec. 36, effective June 17, 1954


    In 1977 Prabhupada appointed 11 people to give diksa and first initiations to new devotees. That has nothing to do with 'absolutism of being the next acarya'. When Andy-the-ritvik questions the validity of those initiations he questions Prabhupada's authorization as well. I took first initiation in 1979 and second in 1980 from Harikesa, who was one of the 11 people Prabhupada authorized to do so. Would I take initiation from Harikesa if Prabhupada did not explicitly authorized him to do so? Not likely.


    So if Andy insists on considering such initiations as bogus and blaming the new devotees for allowing themselves to be cheated, he is also blaming Prabhupada for creating a system in which people he authorized as his representatives cheated the newcomers.


    However, Andy has no clue what was going on in that part of the world 30 years ago, because he was not there. He did not see the efforts of various devotees to translate, print, and distribute millions of Prabhupada's books in Eastern Europe, often done by devotees risking their life in the process. I was there so I know. Several times I very narrowly escaped arrest or had to bribe the police to get devotees out of jail. Harikesa was one of the devotees whose own actions inspired us to serve Mahaprabhu's mission. We were told he was appointed by Prabhupada to give us initiations, and we took them, because HE ACTED THE PART PRABHUPADA MADE HIM PLAY!


    Yes, many years later he fell down badly, for various reasons... and may Lord Krsna be kind to him for the service he performed in His mission. I do not give a flying hoot about what Andy or other ritviks think about my diksa. I know what is true and what is valid for me. Let them worry about their own salvation and the validity of their own connection to Krsna and our sampradaya.

    Thing is we cannot leave it like that. People will always try to find out what actually happened. 100% full assurance and certitude, full clarification of facts, what exactly was going on, how they were doing it.

    Deliberately misleading people to what extent? I want to know to exactly what extent they purposefully did the wrong thing and why they rejected Prabhupada? What they were thinking while rejecting Prabhupada?


    And how do you know whose chanting is offenseless? You ritviks have a special Supersoul channel on your TV? :rolleyes:


    and gain ask yourself a question: how was it that Prabhupada himself designated Harikesa and 10 others as initiating gurus? When you say that my diksa is bogus you are saying that Prabhupada's authorization to Harikesa to give diksa is bogus as well.


    This is the way of ritvikvada: no logic, no consistency, just a mental diarrhea caused by envy and fanaticism... :rolleyes:


    After Prabhupada saw the sannyasa fiasco, blooping GBCs fiasco, did he do it again, to appoint people into absolutism of being the next acarya? No, he didn't.




    The Yamadutas are looking for a few good souls,

    The few the proud, The Yamadutas.


    paid advertisement





    What Kulapavana actually is stating is that the world wide Catholic church agrees with his/GBC policy that God's direct representative, diksa-guru is a conditioned kanistha-adikari neophyte. So again this is slandering Lord Jesus and the entire Catholic church. Jesus clearly stated everywhere that he is a human being who was telling them the truth that he heard from God. Jesus never nowhere stated that he himself is God!!!!!!!!

    Yet, we see Vaishnavas saying, Jesus is God. If some Christians say that, they mean to say father and son are one in that sense that the son acts according the will of father. Not that the son became the father.


    Good point! The lynch mob may be angry as hell and the criminal quite guilty or maybe even innocent.

    There is no lynch mob - it is your own feeling of guilt. You did so many wrongs then at one point you feel there's a lynch mob. If there's a lynch mob, this is rather serving justice. But because you have so much to answer for, you see plain justice as lynch mob.

    Lynch mob, you got all worked up about something.


    Prabhupada said in NOD that even a kanistha adhikari can be a guru. Kanisthas are certainly conditioned souls, yet a disciple should see them as a representative of God.


    Christians claim that Jesus is God. Just google up "Jesus is God" and see what you find.

    Right as priest, should see them as officiating priest who is not to be seen as God's direct representative but as priestly representative. Remember, priests are allowed to quit/fall/leave. This is where your neophyte gurus are positioned, they want to have the privilege to quit office. Who can deny? This is priest, not Vaishnava sampradaya acarya.

    No one ever complained for saying that Kirtanananda should not have been allowed to become a diksa guru, rather the GBC itself expelled Kirtanananda because they finally agreed that he is not properly representing Krishna to the world.

    And - one can cite your own documents such as Hrdayananda's Bhagavatam wherein he says Kirtanananda and Bhavananda are his idea of Krishna's representatives.

    In sum there's a real heavy confusion going on and to say a neophyte can become a diksa-guru, but this neophyte diksa-guru has to be worshiped like a mahabhagavat pure devotee, is wrong. He's a priest, neophytes are priests. What is your problem of being a priest?


    For this people don't need an ISKCON movement. It is far better for them to remain Christians and when they can manage to give up meat eating they are better off than anyone else of the neophyte diksa guru idea.


    Prabhupada said in NOD that even a kanistha adhikari can be a guru. Kanisthas are certainly conditioned souls, yet a disciple should see them as a representative of God.


    Christians claim that Jesus is God. Just google up "Jesus is God" and see what you find.

    No, Prabhupada says in NOD a diksa-guru has to be an uttama adikari. Don't come up with the guru confusion. Guru is anyone who says, do this. Diksa guru is something else as pointed out today by a Brijbasi Vaishnava.


    Why Deprive People?

    BY: R. DASA

    Feb 16, 2009, INDIA — A message to Gurukripa prabhu.

    Dear Bhakta Dasa and Gurukripa prabhus, Hare Krishna. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    I came to Krishna Consciousness at age 15 in 1975, and was 17 when I joined the nearest Temple, a couple of hours drive away. Then I ended up staying at the Vrindavan Krishna Balaram Temple in the fall of '77, when I got to see Srila Prabhupada. While there I got to see you, Gurukrpa prabhu, and really admired you and your band of men. I am not sure all the stories about you were true, but we pretty much thought of you being like a transcendental Robin Hood.

    Anyway, I really appreciated someone like you speaking up about the (mis)leadership and what happened. I left ISKCON after Srila Prabhupada's antya lila and had a preaching center for a few years, but mostly just preaching to my parents over the years. They have, as have I, noticed that many things are wrong in the state of affairs: repeated scandals, book changes, poor circulation of BTG, sannyasis condoning homosexuality/crazy artwork/watching sports, rubber stamped gurus, so-called devotees (female and male) criticizing Srila Prabhupada -- AND NO ONE (in the institution) CORRECTS THEM, etc.

    Now, here is my concern: when Srila Prabhupada was on this planet, he agreed to initiate people without meeting them, and simply on the basis of the recommendation of his senior disciples. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE DEVOTEES WHO GOT INITIATED IN THIS MANNER NEVER HAD THE FORTUNE OF HAVING SRILA PRABHUPADA COOK FOR THEM OR RIDING IN THE SAME CAR, OR ANY PHYSICAL INTERACTION. Then just a few months (four) before departing, he agreed to formalize the ritvik system and never placed a time restriction on that. Sure, he wanted his disciples to be gurus, but that doesn't mean they have to become diksa gurus, at least not inside the institution he founded. For example, in the Bhagavad-gita As It Is, Srila Prabhupada states in the introduction:

    • "...Here the Lord clearly tells Arjuna that He is making him the first receiver of a new parampar? (disciplic succession) because the old succession was broken. It was the Lord’s wish, therefore, to establish another parampar? in the same line of thought that was coming down from the sun-god to others, and it was His wish that His teaching be distributed anew by Arjuna. He wanted Arjuna to become the authority ...."

    Even though it is stated that the Lord wanted to make Arjuna the first receiver of a new parampara, and an "authority", we never find Arjuna's name in the list of disciplic succession. In other words, one can still be guru/authority in the parampara, without becoming a diksa guru.

    Now in the case of my parents, they do not have absolute faith in anyone except Srila Prabhupada. SO, IF PEOPLE IN THE PAST COULD GET INITIATED FROM SRILA PRABHUPADA WITHOUT MEETING HIM, WHY SHOULD WE DEPRIVE PEOPLE LIKE MY PARENTS FROM THE SAME OPPORTUNITY? After all, as Srila Prabhupada himself said, the real initiation is in the heart, and the ceremony is just a formality. He also told V... prabhu that just by reading his books, people are initiated.

    Even IF the ritvik system goes against tradition (and that is very debatable), why deprive people in Kali yuga from getting initiated by the greatest Acarya ever known in the history of Vaishnavism, who carried the seeds of bhakti across the globe, and whose appearance was predicted in the scriptures? Did not Ramanujacarya, out of compassion, go up on the roof and start shouting out the mantra that could liberate the common man, even though he was told not to do so?


    R Dasa


    Are you comparing the position of guru in Iskcon with the position of Jesus in Catholic church? A guru in Iskcon is not necessarily a liberated soul, and Jesus in CC is God :rolleyes:


    Rejecting gurus for social or political reasons is against Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition. There are very clear injunctions from our acharyas as to when a guru can be rejected. A disciple can accept another siksa guru that inspires him more than his diksa guru, but a formal rejection of a diksa guru is a big deal and MUST NOT be taken lightly.

    Well no, Lord Jesus Christ is considered by the Catholic Church as the son of God. This is yet another example how Iskconites are twisting anything to make it fit for justifying their chaos.

    Suddenly Jesus= God and an Iskcon guru can be a neophyte but has to be worshiped as God's direct representative? In other words they demand to be worshiped like Jesus, this is what it is. Neophytes want to be worshiped as God's direct representative=Lord Jesus. This is actually slandering Jesus and the Christian religion. Christians would never say that a neophyte should be worshiped like Lord Jesus.

    I always thought, wow, these Christians are so sinful, meat eating, killing of animals etc. But now it should be clear that Iskconites are even more fallen. Enforcing upon innocent people that they should worship someone as God's direct representative who is in fact a conditioned soul. This is by far a bigger sin than all this stuff what the Christians do.

  23. Hard to believe that this is just chance that in this huge ocean two submarines collide?



    Triomphant at the dry dock



    Vanguard & Triomphant Collide!


    UPDATE (2/17/09; 9:12am): Journalist ignorance and arrogance reigns supreme in the coverage of this story ("How could you allow this to happen?! How dare you not be perfect!? You could have destroyed the world!!! etc. etc.) *YAWN* ... meanwhile, beyond the hype, it turns out that events were apparently much less dramatic that has been portrayed by the media & anti-nuke groups:


    French and British sailors did not realise their nuclear submarines had crashed into each other until their governments got in touch over the incident, France's defence minister admitted Tuesday.


    After the French navy announced on February 6 that Le Triomphant had hit an unidentified object under water, British officials approached them "and said 'well hey, we also had a problem'," Herve Morin said on French television.


    Original post follows below....





    The British press is reporting that one of their SSBNs, the HMS Vanguard, collided with the French SSBN Le Triomphant in the "mid-Atlantic"...


    [Vanguard] was last night towed into Faslane in Scotland, with dents and scrapes visible on her hull. Triomphant limped to Brest with extensive damage to her sonar dome.

    Details of course are still sketchy. According to the UK Daily Mail:


    During heavy seas in the middle of the night between February 3 and 4, French sailors heard a loud ‘bang’ that all but destroyed the submarine's sonar dome.


    This part of the boat should have detected the Vanguard in the first place, but Le Triomphant’s crew of 101 neither saw or heard anything before the collision.





    Le Triomphant took at least three days to limp back to her home port, although she did not have to be towed.


    HMS Vanguard, by contrast, apparently had to be towed back to her home base in Faslane, Scotland.

    This makes it sound as if one of the boats was headed to PD and collided with the other which was masked by the wave action of "heavy seas" near the surface. But that of course is sheer conjecture on my part at this point.


    I once enjoyed Christmas dinner as a guest aboard HMS Vanguard--a massive, lovely ship that the Brits are very proud of. It would be a terrible blow if she can't return to sea.


    Stay tuned.


    Suresh dasa: "Gurukrpa’s collecting techniques were so hard-driving aggressive, that he and his party single-handedly receive the credit for ISKCON being kicked out of Japan and removed from that country. Apparently there were also someforms of hush-hush illegal activity as well, and even possibly murder involved in the collecting of that money in Japan. So why give him all the credit and praise for building two temples that were built based not on the love and kindness that ISKCON portrays itself to represent (hiding behind its books and philosophy), but on force, coercion, and pile-driving cruelty to the devotees and non-devotees alike. "



    Many devotees are eager to re-write the past, and whitewash all the dirt of the early period in order to build a legend of the 'Golden Age' of Iskcon in order to promote their own agenda. It is the sober accounts like the one above which allow us to separate the facts from the fiction.


    Good point, I remember being on travelling sankirtan when we received a phonecall from our GBC. He ordered us to steal a church bell from a graveyard chapel. We went there at 3.30 am and climbed up the steeple and actually took the real heavy chapel bell to our sankirtan van. We were so naive and phoned up that GBC if we should go on bookdistribution now in that very city?

    When you serve the devil, you don't need to wait for heaven to receive your reward. This is the problem even today, people follow blindly.

    However, Prabhupada says hundreds of times, one should be intelligent enough not to be induced by leaders telling you the wrong thing.

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