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  1. <TABLE cellSpacing=3 cellPadding=5 width="100%" align=left border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=storyheading>Guard your vehicle against theft


    </TD></TR><TR><TD class=intro>BY A STAFF REPORTER | Monday, July 03, 2006 11:28:56 IST</TD></TR><TR><TD class=bodytext>The Western India Automobile Association (WIAA) has tied up with Retaina Group of UK for etching of registration numbers on all windscreens of vehicles</TD></TR><TR><TD class=bodytext><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=1 width=150 align=right bgColor=#dedbde border=0><FORM name=frm onsubmit="return chksubmit()" action=site_search/sitesearch1.asp method=post><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top align=middle><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=4 width="100%" bgColor=#ffffe7 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=intro vAlign=center align=middle colSpan=2>

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    </TD></TR><TR><TD class=intro vAlign=top align=left>for : <INPUT style="BORDER-RIGHT: #ffffff 1px groove; BORDER-TOP: #ffffff 1px groove; FONT: 10px Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif; BORDER-LEFT: #ffffff 1px groove; WIDTH: 80px; COLOR: #000000; BORDER-BOTTOM: #ffffff 1px groove; HEIGHT: 16px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: white" alt="Enter name here." size=10 name=qu> </TD><TD class=intro vAlign=bottom align=right><INPUT id=image1 type=image src="http://www.cybernoon.com/images/go.gif" border=0 name=image1> </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD></TR></FORM></TBODY></TABLE>The Western India Automobile Association (WIAA) has tied up with Retaina Group of UK for etching of registration numbers on all windscreens of vehicles. To mark Anti Motor Vehicle Theft day on July 1, Mumbai Police, WIAA and Retaina Group have come together with the motive to reduce the number of vehicle thefts taking place in the city.

    Nitin Dossa, Executive Chairman, WIAA said, “We in the process of appointing agents all over - petrol pumps and also at the WIAA office to bring the technique to be implemented.” He further explained that he checked out the procedure by Indian companies which manufacture it but they were not as strong as Retaina group, the UK-based company’s.

    Colin Gallagher, Sales Manager, Retaina group demonstrated how etching can be done. A sticker-like substance is applied on the surface of glass or iron and a chemical liquid is applied to the sticker. The sticker is then peeled off after 90 seconds.

    “Once the registration number is on the glass through this technique, each mark on the glass takes at least 45 minutes to disappear from the surface.” Etching can also be done with stencil and a machine.

    Commissioner of Police, A N Roy inaugurated the technique. The registration number was etched on some police vehicles. Speaking on the occasion, Roy said, “The technique is very easy to use and with its help we are expecting reduction in the number of vehicle thefts.” Further, he appealed that all vehicle owners use at least one device that can prevent vehicle theft.”

    The technique will be made available within a couple of months’ time. After the system is made available, the vehicle owner can register a vehicle and get etching done on the vehicle by paying Rs. 500.


    Lions join ISKCON

    mid-day meal project

    Lions Club International District 323 A3, under the leadership of District Governor Lion Sudharsanan Nair, have decided to join Iskcon Food Relief Foundation to help government of Maharashtra in its Mid-day Meal Program. The Governor presented an initial cheque of Rs. 1,68,000 from district funds to take care of the needs of 150 children for one

    full year.


    Post graduate course

    Sinhgad Technical Education Society (STES) announces a Post Graduate Diploma in Geo Informatics (15 months), Diploma in Geo Informatics (2 months) and Certificate course in Geo Informatics (15 days) commencing August 1, 2006. The three recent courses to the Educational Program are started at Sinhgad College of Science Vadgaon Badruk (Bk) Pune.


    Biennial award

    Mr. Nanik Rupani, Chairman, Priyadarshni Academy has announced that Priyadarshni Academy’s Biennial Award for Outstanding Contribution to the IT Sector will be bestowed upon Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy, Chairman & Chief Mentor of Infosys Technologies Ltd., Bangalore.

    The Priyadarshni Academy Award for Outstanding Contribution to Public Sector service will be bestowed on Mr. Subir Raha, former Chairman and Managing Director, ONGC Ltd., New Delhi.

    The Awards will be presented at the 22nd Anniversary Global Awards Function on September 19, 2006 at Hotel Hilton Towers, Mumbai.

    Scholarships to Indian students

    The Government of Japan offers scholarships to Indian students who wish to study at Japanese Universities as Undergraduate Students, College of Technology Students and Professional Training College Students for the academic year 2007 under the Japanese Government (Mombukagakusho:MEXT) Scholarship Program.

    Applicants must be of 17-21 years as of April 1, 2007 (i.e. born between April 2, 1985 and April 1, 1990). Applicants must have completed a 12-year course of school education with a minimum of 65% marks in aggregate (Those who will satisfy the above qualifications by March 2007 may apply). Students should be willing to learn the Japanese Language and to receive university education in the Japanese language.

    Allowance will be 134,000 yen (approximately Rs. 50,000) per month (This may be subject to change). The deadline for this application is July, 14, 2006.

    For detailed information on eligibility, terms and conditions for participating in this Programme, key in www.in.emb-japan.go.jp” to access the website of the Embassy of Japan, to download the application form and further details.

    To view last year’s question papers, log in: www.studyjapan.go.jp/en/toj/toj0302e.html#l.





    Srila Bhaktisiddanta Saraswati Thakura has written: The church that has the best chance of survival in this damned world is that of atheism Under the convenient guise of theism. The churches have always proved to be the staunchest upholders of the grossest form of worldliness from which even the worst of non-ecclesiastical criminals are found to recoil." (The Harmonist, issue of January 1932).



    By John Kaminski – June 23 skylax@comcast.net







    The Mindlock, Part 6




    Sunday morning. Sunlight streams through stained glass. Your knees hurt against the thin carpet of the altar as you contemplate the wine in the chalice as it edges slowly toward you along a line of kneeling worshippers. Finally, the Episcopal priest reaches you, and you savor the sweet burgundy that helps you pry that paper thin wafer off the roof of your mouth.


    Ah, the blood and body of the savior. Sunday morning coming down. Praise God. Christianity is founded on the twin principles of cannibalism and child sacrifice, on Hebrew hallucinations (according to Freud) of a burning bush, and a god who pretends to be better than all the other gods in the neighborhood.


    This god kills anyone who stands in his way, according to the Old Testament of the much-tampered-with Judeo-Christian Bible — which governs all but the Hindus and the Buddhists among the world's major religions. That's right. Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and Jews are all in the same boat in one sense, in that they venerate this ugly tradition of murder and robbery for any excuse they deem to be righteous.


    As individual human beings, we act out what we believe. And this is what we have been taught.


    You must kill those who worship another god. Exodus 22:20


    Kill any friends or family that worship a god that is different than your own. Deuteronomy 13:6-10


    Kill all the inhabitants of any city where you find people that worship differently than you. Deuteronomy 13:12-16


    Kill everyone who has religious views that are different than your own. Deuteronomy 17:2-7


    Kill anyone who refuses to listen to a priest. Deuteronomy 17:12-13


    Kill any false prophets. Deuteronomy 18:20


    People who wish to believe in a guiding spirit of the universe are paralyzed by the contradictions between believing what they know to be true in their hearts by virtue of the love that they feel for their families, but witnessing their intellectual belief systems being cut up into little pieces by credible empirical analyses that reveal the psychological deformities and contrived frauds of the world's most famous holy book. Ultimately, our intellects fail us, and we seek refuge in our old familiar paradigms.


    Why? Because of the obvious human existential dilemma — one day in everyone's life, we reach a point where knowledge may not go, where understanding will not bring enlightenment, and you either know or you don't, according to whatever you prefer, or whatever your parents taught you.


    People who don't believe in some all-encompassing external system of principles and laws are caught up in the exterior analyses of these matters and produce such irrefutable evidence of fraud, malfeasance and ulterior motive in the creation of holy scriptures that those who wish to believe can only turn away in a withered silence.


    Yet most of these true believers retain their knowing through the sheer power of blind faith, and refuse to be shaken out of it by facile intellectual arguments, no matter how logical they may be.


    The foundations of existing religions need to be attacked by sincere logic. This is not about questioning the existence of God; it's about understanding the psychological marching orders of Leviticus and Deuteronomy and beginning to realize that the very way we think is causing the destruction of the planet that sustains us.


    Any resemblance to the continuing extermination of innocent Iraqis and Palestinians is not purely coincidental.


    It was all foretold in the Old Testament, you see, with the pronouncement in Zephaniah 1:17.


    “And I will bring distress upon men, that they shall walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the Lord: and their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh as the dung.”


    if human birth is meant to continue on with Krishna Consciousness, then why are all these meat eaters born ever day.


    Most people born into catholic, muslim, etc. families will never even know who Krishna is. Why are the given a human form ?


    Of the 400.000 different human species there're civilized and uncivilized forms of human species.




    jalaja nava-laksani sthavara laksa-vimsati

    krmayo rudra-sankhyakah paksinam dasa-laksanam

    trimsal-laksani pasavah catur-laksani manusah





    "There are 900,000 species of aquatic life; 2,000,000 species of plants and trees; 1,100,000 species of insects; 1,000,000 species of bird life; 3,000,000 species of beasts, and 400,000 species of human life."

    Padma Purana .





    The meaning of "species" understood by biologists is different from the meaning implied here. The meaning used by biologists applies to the gross physical appearance or the gross morphological feature of the living material bodies. The Vedic meaning, however, which is derived after thorough and careful analysis, is based on the level of consciousness of the living being. For example, biologists say that all human beings belong to one species, whereas the Vedic literatures list 400,000 species. In other words, there are 400,000 grades of human beings on different levels of consciousness.





    In other words, whats presently populating this planet are mainly not human-beings by consciousness but varna-sankara...


    Text 24

    utsideyur ime loka

    na kuryam karma ced aham

    sankarasya ca karta syam

    upahanyam imah prajah



    If I did not perform prescribed duties, all these worlds would be put to ruination. I would be the cause of creating unwanted population, and I would thereby destroy the peace of all living beings.



    Commentary by Srila Prabhupada


    Varna-sankara is unwanted population which disturbs the peace of the general society. In order to check this social disturbance, there are prescribed rules and regulations by which the population can automatically become peaceful and organized for spiritual progress in life.




    ....born out of lust who are controlled by the urge of their minds and senses, little more advanced animal consciousness but definitely not human.:kick:



    what exactly do you mean by "unemployment"? if you are out of work because the factory you worked in for 30 years closed down due to cheap imports from China, are you being lazy? Nonsense! If you are looking for work living off unemployment insurance that is not living off charity, as this insurance is part of your compensation for previous work. if you think it is better to steal in such situation, you are an idiot.


    as to whether stealing is better than being lazy and relying on handouts. is accepting charity or begging generating bad karma? because stealing certainly does.


    maybe from the point of view of developing consciousness stealing is better than laziness, as stealing may be considered action in passion while laziness is action in ignorance.


    You're totally right this topic doesnt concern Vaishnavas, but since devotees are also preaching you can point out that it is exactly true what is projected in the Vedas about this age, demoniac governments are killing their own people by enforcing laws which prevent people to work. You might say well, these karmis perform karma, work or no work, whats the difference?

    Now the statistic says in Europian Union, of those 19 Mio unemployed people, about 60.000 per year commit suizide because they dont see any future, feel totally depressed. You might argue, well material bodies, the soul lives eternal, but thats not the attitude of a preacher. As preachers we have to explain how people are being cheated by atheistic demons/governments and spoil this valuable form of human live without getting the mercy of Lord Caitanya's Samkirtan Mission.:pray:



    They say that this world is unreal, with no foundation, no God in control. They say it is produced of sex desire and has no cause other than lust.



    The demoniac person thinks: "So much wealth do I have today, and I will gain more according to my schemes. So much is mine now, and it will increase in the future, more and more. He is my enemy, and I have killed him, and my other enemies will also be killed. I am the lord of everything. I am the enjoyer. I am perfect, powerful and happy. I am the richest man, surrounded by aristocratic relatives. There is none so powerful and happy as I am. I shall perform sacrifices, I shall give some charity, and thus I shall rejoice." In this way, such persons are deluded by ignorance.




    Thus perplexed by various anxieties and bound by a network of illusions, they become too strongly attached to sense enjoyment and fall down into hell.





    I think he is referring to the principle of Karma Yoga from chapter 5 "action in Krsna consciousness"


    When he says,


    "Stealing is bad work, bad work. It is also working, but bad work. So Krishna recommends that instead of keeping yourself lazy, better do bad work."


    "instead of keeping yourself lazy, better do bad work."


    He seems to be promoting any action even stealing as opposed to the false renunciation of the Mayavadi.




    But I could not find an actually quote where he talks about stealing, and I just read that chapter last week. So I would like to think I'd remember.


    Here Krishna says, one has to work, otherwise one cant maintain one's body. In other words, without working one dies. And that what jobless people look like - dead, at least psychologically.:eek3:


    Bhagavad-gita 3.8


    "Perform your prescribed duty, for doing so is better than not working. One cannot even maintain one's physical body without work."


    There was no reference on that so-called quote from Srila Prabhupada.


    There is no way for anyone who is not familiar with it to view it themselves in the full context of the conversation.


    The so-called disciple in the quote has no name attached either.


    There is no date, location or any identifiable information attached to the quote.




    It is an excerpt from morning walk conversation with disciples, Johannesburg, October 16, 1975.

    Actually I wanted to know from which verse of Bhagavad-gita Srila Prabhupada derives the "stealing is better than unemployement"?


    Srila Prabhupada used to write letters to important people like the pope, asking them to follow Krishna's instructions. If they refused the reactions of their sinful example as leaders of society became real heavy, the influence of the demons crumbled and the Sankirtan movement could expand fast.

    Did the devotees actually write letters to G.Bush/Blair/Putin?

  7. Thanks Robin Hood, you actually made some good points! Here's the whole text, so it can be seen in context.


    Disciple: Now the incentive in modern society to become educated or to become engineer is money. What is the incentive in Vedic culture?


    Prabhupada: There is no need of money. The brahmana teaches everything free of charge. There is no question of money. Anyone can take education as a brahmana or a kshatriya, as a vaishya. Vaishya doesn't require any education. Kshatriyas require little. Brahmanas require. But that is free. Just find out a brahmana guru and he will give you free education. That's all. This is society. At the present moment, as soon as one wants to be educated, he requires money. But in the Vedic society there is no question of money. Education free.


    Disciple: So the incentive is the happiness in society?


    Prabhupada: Yes, that is... Everyone is hankering after: "Where is happiness?" This will be the happiness. When people will be peaceful, happy in their living condition, that will bring happiness, not by imagining that "If I have got a skyscraper building, I will be happy," and then jump over and commit suicide. That is going on. He is thinking that "If I have a skyscraper building, I will be happy," and when he is frustrated, he jumps down. That is going on. This is happiness. That means all rascals. They do not know what is happiness. Therefore everyone requires guidance from Krishna. That is Krishna consciousness. Now you were saying that there is high rate of suicide here?


    Disciple: Yes.


    Prabhupada: Why? This is the country possessing gold mine, and why they are...? And you said that it is difficult to become poor here.


    Disciple: Yes. You have to try hard to become poor man here.


    Prabhupada: Yes. And still there is suicide. Why? Every man is rich man, and why he is committing suicide? Hm? Can you reply?


    Disciple: They lack central happiness?


    Prabhupada: Yes. There is no happiness. [pause] Nobody can remain lazy, because he will be hungry. So how he will remain lazy? He'll have to go somewhere, begging food, and he'll say, "First of all work. Then get your food." He'll work. So there is no question of remaining lazy. Just like the hippies. They do not work, but when they do not get food from anywhere, they go and work. Is it not? So he will be obliged to work.


    Disciple: That is the incentive, then.


    Prabhupada: Yes.


    Disciple: Some of them steal. Instead of working, they steal their food.


    Prabhupada: Yes. Steal... When he is arrested, then he has to work in the prison. That's all.


    Disciple: Chopping rocks.


    Prabhupada: Yes. Otherwise whipping. In Bhagavad-gita it is recommended that instead of keeping yourself lazy without working, better to steal. Better to steal.


    Disciple: How is that?


    Prabhupada: That is there. Stealing is bad work, bad work. It is also working, but bad work. So Krishna recommends that instead of keeping yourself lazy, better do bad work.


    Disciple: "Action is better than inaction."


    Prabhupada: Yes, yes. Yes.


    Disciple: A man cannot even keep his own body in shape.


    Prabhupada: Yes. So stealing is still better than keeping oneself lazy.


    Disciple: "It is better to perform one's duty, even though it may be imperfect, than to perform another's duty"?


    Prabhupada: Yes. Yes.


    Disciple: I've always wondered... The food will be taken care of in a perfect varnashrama society; government is taken care of...


    Prabhupada: Government means you, like rascal fools like you. So how you will take care?


    Disciple: When it is properly set up.


    Prabhupada: First of all you see the government, what is government?

    Government means a pack of rascals and fools. That's all. This is modern government. All these thieves and rogues are voted to be government men. So how you expect good government? It is not possible. "People's government." All people are rascals. That means government rascal. People's government.


    Disciple: How would the other necessities of life be taken care of, like medical things? If actually they have no knowledge, and they have to require to build these gigantic hospitals...


    Prabhupada: The brahmanas, the brahmanas will give you medical help. Ayur-Veda. They will read Ayur-Veda. They will give help.


    Disciple: So the Ayur-Veda possibly can work nowadays.


    Prabhupada: Why not?


    Disciple: Some people were telling me that the herbs had lost all their effectiveness in the Kali-yuga.


    Prabhupada: Then die. [laughter] Do you mean to say this modern medical treatment is guarantee for your living?


    Disciple: No.


    Prabhupada: Then? That is also not guarantee. If you see the herbs and plants are no more effective, then if there is no guarantee in your modern medical, there is no guarantee. So why should you spend so much money? As soon as I go to a doctor, immediately twenty dollars. As soon as go to purchase some drugs, immediately twenty. If I have no money... And still that is not guarantee, so why shall I spend so much money?


    Disciple: So actually this money doesn't even exist in Vedic society—money?


    Prabhupada: Money is not required. You require things. Just like instead of money, you are getting papers. Money means gold. Where is gold? You are cheated. Money means gold. So instead of possessing gold, you are possessing some paper, written there, "hundred dollars." And you are such a fool, you are satisfied. You are being cheated. Bank's check and currency notes, you keep it in your..., "Oh, here is my money." Is that money? Just see.


    Disciple: They only do that to make it easier for them, because they've got so much money that they can't carry it...


    Prabhupada: That's all right, but actually it is not money. You are befooled. You are such a fool that you accept a piece of paper as money. Therefore I say you are rascal. That is my business. If I say "Government, give me gold," and government has passed law, "No, you cannot possess gold," that means cheating. How I shall keep gold, that is my business. First of all you give me gold. It is due to me. But you are giving me paper. That means cheating is begun from you.


    Disciple: How will the government decide what my gold is and what his gold is? How does the gold get distributed?


    Prabhupada: Gold coins. Formerly there was gold coins. We have seen in our childhood gold coins, silver coins. There was no paper.

    Disciple: But you have to do something to get it.


    Prabhupada: Yes. I will have to do something. That is another thing. But why you are cheating me? Instead of gold, you are giving me paper. Formerly... You have seen in Krishna book that one fruit man came, and Krishna was taking some grain. It was falling down. So that was the... A fruit man come, and you give him a packet of grain. Then whatever exchange is possible, the fruit man gives you fruit. That's all.


    Disciple: That is called bartering.


    Prabhupada: Bartering. So there is no need of money. Similarly, you go to another shop. You get. So you produce your food, and in exchange, in barter, you get all things, other things. Somebody is producing something, somebody is producing something. But it can be done. Suppose I am a blacksmith. You want some work from me. So you say that "I'll make this instrument for me." So I say, "You give me one kg paddy." So you give me one kg, I prepare you, so your necessity is fulfilled. Now I have got so much paddy. Now, I may go to purchase something else because I am blacksmith, so grains will be used for my eating, and for, say for ghee, I take the same grain somewhere. So where is the money need of?


    Disciple: It's very difficult to cheat in that system. It's very difficult to cheat.


    Prabhupada: Yes. There is no cheating. Everyone is simply simple, honest. And here the government begins cheating. He is engaging you to hard work day and night and paying you a piece of paper, where it is written "one hundred dollars." That's all. This is your society, cheating and cheater. That's all.


    Disciple: People have a hard time understanding that point, because with a hundred dollar note you can buy things.


    Prabhupada: Therefore I say you are all rascals. You do not know. If I say, the government may arrest me that I am infusing people in a different way. But that is the fact.


    Disciple: So a government's duty would be to abolish this false standard of money, and then automatically...


    Prabhupada: Yes. Government's only duty is that government gives me land and I pay tax: "Whatever I produce, take one fourth." Finish. All taxes. If I don't produce, there is no tax. That's all. That is the business between the government and the public. That's all.


    Disciple: If the public are giving like one quarter of a perishable item, what does the government do with that? Let's say they were growing some vegetables, so they give one quarter of that to the government. What would the government do with that? They've got so many tons of vegetables.


    Prabhupada: Yes.


    Disciple: And everybody is taken care of, because they are growing it.


    Prabhupada: After all, vegetable will be eaten by somebody. So let government distribute there. Vegetable, grains, fruits, milk, ghee, yogurt, natural produce—they will be used by somebody. The government may store and distribute, those who are in need. That's all.


    Disciple: Maybe somebody is only producing gold or gold plates, or somebody is producing something that isn't food. So he would give that to the government.


    Prabhupada: Well, gold plates, that is not a necessary thing. He can eat on plantain leaf, natural production. That is luxury. So when people live simple life, the luxuries will no more be required.


    Disciple: Let's say the government is building some wells or some roads. They could feed the people who are doing that, shudras who are doing that.


    Prabhupada: Yes. sudras, that "You dig this well and take your food." That's all. Work will go on. At the present moment I require one scissor. I can go to the blacksmith and pay him some grain. He will give me. Now they are producing, Krupp Company in Germany, millions of razor, millions of scissors. Now they will have to find market, where to sell. And as soon as goes to sell in India, the British government—"No, no. You cannot sell." Then he becomes angry: "Oh, all right." He declares war.


    Disciple: So complex.


    Prabhupada: Yes. This is going on. "These Britishers do not allow me to go there? All right, kill them." That was the Hitler policy and Kaiser's policy, to kill British empire. They did it. They were successful. But they were also killed. This is going on, unnecessary. Why you produce so much razor and scissor? And then find out market, and when there is competition, there is anger, there is enviousness, there is fight, one after another, one after another. Where is peace? Why do you produce so many unnecessarily? Why do you produce so many cars, when there is scarcity of power, and fight with Arabians? Anartha. Therefore it is called anartha, unnecessary. Anarthopasamam sakshad bhakti-yogam adhokshaje [srimad-Bhagavatam 1.7.6]. As soon as people will be devotee, they will not require unnecessary things. They will be satisfied, simply bare necessities of life. That is peaceful condition. You create unnecessary needs of life, and then there is competition, there is hellish life, the factory, and then the factory man requires wine to forget his hard labor, so on, so on. Then he becomes thief. He becomes rogue. This is your society. How you can expect peace?


    Disciple: The only solution is Krishna consciousness.


    Prabhupada: That's it, only solution.


    Disciple: It also seems like the only government that would work would be the Vedic government. Varnashrama-dharma is the only thing that will work.


    Prabhupada: Yes. Krishna conscious government means Vedic government.


    Disciple: We have histories that for millions of years such governments were working successfully. Now, for a few thousand years, they squabble, this type of government, that type of government.


    Prabhupada: Yes. No, first of all, the government is cheating. He is giving me paper in the name of money, and forcing me to accept it.


    Disciple: That seems to be the root cause of...


    Prabhupada: Yes. Government is taking labor from you. You ask, "If you pay me three hundred dollars, then I shall work.All right, I shall give you. Work." Then what is that three hundred? I print and pay you, and you rascal, you accept it, three hundred dollars. What is that three hundred dollars for government? Printing press. And you are so rascal, "Yes, I have got now three hundred dollars." This is going on. This is artificial inflation. Why there is inflation? Now you have got three hundred dollars without any hard labor. And when you go to purchase—I haven't got three hundred dollars; you have got—"All right, I shall pay this price." So price is increased because the seller will see: "Who pays me large price?" So you have got unnecessary money. You offer him large price. So I am poor man; I could not purchase. This is going on.


    Disciple: There was once a few plots exposed, how some governments were ruined because foreign governments were printing up money just like their money, and shipping it in.


    Prabhupada: Yes. Yes. I have seen it. I have seen it during last wartime. One Chinese man was coming to one of my friends, my business friend. So he would give, immediately coming, a bunch of notes, maybe ten thousand.


    Disciple: Indian notes?


    Prabhupada: Yes. And a list of goods. He was his purchasing agent. So that bunch of notes was printed in China. You see? And he brings it and gives to a merchant here, and he gives him real goods, and he takes it out. This is inflation.

    Disciple: Could he spend that money?


    Prabhupada: Yes. I print ten thousand dollars' worth currency note, and I give you, and I take you, actual goods from you, anywhere.


    Disciple: The government is doing that all the time. They take contracts from people.


    Prabhupada: Yes. That is going on. Therefore price is increasing daily. Formerly British government, in the beginning, to prove their honesty, as soon as you go to the currency for changing, they will offer you, "You want coins or paper currency?" So if you think that paper currency will be convenient, you can take. Otherwise, if you want coins, they will pay you.


    Disciple: Gold coins.


    Prabhupada: Yes, gold, silver, whatever you want. That was the... Now this is stopped. You can not ask now gold coins and silver coins. Whatever government will give you, you have to accept. Where is honesty?


    Disciple: Srila Prabhupada, in South Africa they have a coin called the Krugerrand. And one rand is worth one hundred cents, one rand of paper money. But one rand gold is worth about seventy-eight rand.


    Prabhupada: Just see.


    Disciple: It's constantly going up and down, the price. Hundred and eight.


    Prabhupada: Everything mismanaged, cheating.


    Disciple: So until the top man is Krishna conscious, this cheating will basically continue.


    Prabhupada: Who is the top man? Everyone is top man. Instead of one king, now you have got one hundred kings. The minister, the secretaries, the under-secretaries, the deputy minister, and so on, so on, so on. So there was only one unfortunate king. Now you have got three dozen kings, and you have to maintain them like kings. This is going on.


    Disciple: They can pay them with their phony money.


    Prabhupada: And they are seeking this post because they know that without doing anything, money will come. That's all. And as soon as you approach some minister, he will ask you, "All right, give me an application." And after six months' reminding, he will say, "No, it is not possible."

    Disciple: Yes. Because so many people have to apply for any one post. That's a fact. Then he will put his son there.


    Prabhupada: All rogues and thieves.


    Disciple: So actually it is not possible to change the...


    Prabhupada: Change—if they become Krishna conscious.


    Disciple: But the system itself is defective. How can...


    Prabhupada: No, the defective will be correct when you become Krishna conscious. Just like in your past life you had so many defects. Now it is corrected. That is practical.


    Disciple: Let's say somebody is a minister...


    Prabhupada: Anybody.


    Disciple: ...but his occupation is cheating.


    Prabhupada: That's all right. Let him become Krishna conscious. He will stop this cheating business.


    Disciple: But he has to stop.


    Disciple: Yes. Rajarishi [saintly king].


    Prabhupada: Yes. He has to stop. It will be stopped as soon as he becomes a devotee.

    Disciple: So then gradually it will become the varnashrama, with the one central head.

    Prabhupada: Yes.

    Disciple: So we don't try to make a revolutionary system.

    Prabhupada: This is revolution.

    Disciple: We try to just make them Krishna conscious, then it's automatic revolution.

    Prabhupada: Yes. Peaceful revolution. Other revolution will not stand. [break] ...perfect philosophy.

    Disciple: Your method is also the perfect method, the books in the colleges and libraries, educated people and... Wonderful. Actually, you have set everything up to do this.

    Prabhupada: Yes. Everything is spoken by Krishna. I am simply putting them for modern man's understanding. That's all.

    Disciple: Yes.

    Prabhupada: Because they cannot understand, they think, "Dogmatic." It is not dogmatic. Most scientific.

    Disciple: But they're all dull-brained. Satisfied with a few scraps, work like dogs.

    Prabhupada: The kshatriyas have to manage, and the vaishyas will produce, and brahmana will give the brain. Then the society will be peace... And at the present moment these shudras, they are, by artificial votes, they are becoming the brain of the society. How it can be happy? The rascals, they are voted to the legislative assembly, and they are passing every day law which is never perfect. This is going on.

    Disciple: Stopgap measures.

    Prabhupada: Yes.

    Disciple: They create problem, then they try to solve it.

    Prabhupada: That's it.



    Full employment is desireable because it keeps all members of society in a healthy and productive condition. The government should employ those unemployed in various projects for the benefit of society in general as well as for the individuals welfare. But the capitalists would rather have 5% permanetly unemployed so they can have quick access to cheaper labor which keeps the capitalist society more fluid and dynamic. For the benefit of those on top.


    Spiritual communism is the only answer. Not communism but SPIRITUAL communism. One owner, Krsna. All properties are to be used with this in mind and according to His design.


    A great book to read is Small Is Beautiful, Economics As If People Mattered, by E.F. Schumacher. Schumacher was a Buddhist as well as an economist so his work still needs to be Krsnaized.


    They actually dont want cheap labour in European countries, opposite is true, they immediately close down anything and re-open in China/Asia.

    Next is they enforce crazy laws which make it impossible to survive with "Small is Beautiful", like a vedic farm which aspires for self-sufficiency - all over Europe closed, shutdown. Now they say, well we're karmis we do like that, therefore karma cant be that heavy for us. However, when informed about Krishna's instruction and they still dont change, they are finished for ever.:smash:


    LOL, seems like the conspiracy theory just went out the window!



    <TABLE><TBODY><TR><TD class=r>Chapter 12: Further Aspects of Transcendental Service</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

    Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Nectar of Devotion


    The header is there, its the same on every page.

    When it comes to Prabhupada's books there should be no excuse accepted, like, "oh, sorry, I just delivered slovenly work, got sidetracked".

    If you cant do it perfectly leave it off the internet.

  10. The current figures about unemployment in the European Union are 19 Million people without a job - getting paid to survive by the governments who take the money from the tax pot.

    Now I just listened to a morning walk where Prabhupada says something clarifying:


    Prabhupada: In Bhagavad-gita it is recommended that instead of keeping yourself lazy without working, better to steal. Better to steal.


    Disciple: How is that?


    Prabhupada: Stealing is bad work. It is also working, but bad work. So Krishna recommends that instead of keeping yourself lazy, better do bad work.


    Disciple: "Action is better than inaction."


    Prabhupada: Yes.


    Disciple: A man cannot even keep his own body in shape.


    Prabhupada: Yes. So stealing is still better than keeping oneself lazy.



    Actually Srila Prabhupada is saying here that Krishna says this in Bhagavad-gita.

    Since ISKCON stopped preaching in European countries, Kali-yuga is advancing rapidely.

    The demoniac European governments made laws that killed Millions of work stations and purposefully lead the nations into huge indebtedness so they can "sell" valuable government properties to their family members and tell the people they have to do this privatization of government properties in order to decrease the country's indebtedness.

    So in fact they have to be informed what Krishna says about demoniac governments who keep their people unemployed and thus the terrible future karmas in hell of present day politicians will become even more intensely multiplied. And this planet will gradually become a place for vedic farms, cows and Vaishnavas.:rolleyes:

  11. Bhagavad-gita As It Is 10.21

    adityanam aham vishnur

    jyotisham ravir amsuman

    maricir marutam asmi

    nakshatranam aham sasi


    "Of the Adityas I am Vishnu, of lights I am the radiant sun, of the Maruts I am Marici, and among the stars I am the moon."


    Presently the greatest effort of modern science is to find new unlimited resources of clean energy as replacement of oil.

    So far, they believe that the smallest particle, the neutrino, hits an atom and thereby energy is set free and the Sun is powered by such a fusion of hydrogen or helium.







    Unfortunately all experiments, like cold fusion, didnt work out yet.

    The hunt for high energy neutrinos from the cosmos has just started and in the near future we will hopefully learn new interesting facts about our fascinating universe.


    Devotees might not be surprised very much to learn that scientists don't know exactly what makes sunshine. They know that the engine behind is fusion in which the nuclei of atoms are forced together in the Sun's core, new substances are formed, and tremendous energy is released.







    Scientists believe the Sun radiates as much energy every second as 100 billion tons of exploding dynamite. The action starts at the core, where the temperature can reach 28 million degrees Fahrenheit (16 million degrees Kelvin). Such intense heat forces the nuclei of atoms to fuse into heavier atoms in a process called thermonuclear fusion.

    Besides light, fusion also creates tiny basic particles called neutrinos, which have no electrical charge and almost no mass. In recent years, researchers have built novel detectors -- in underground mines, under Antarctic ice, and at the bottom of the sea -- to detect and study neutrinos, both from the Sun and from extrasolar, unknown cosmic sources.

    Bahcall and his colleagues, Carlos Pena-Garay of the Institute for Advanced Study and Concha Gonzales-Garcia from Stony Brook University, reached their conclusion by examining results from several recent solar neutrino detection efforts and laboratory reactor experiments:


    "Neutrinos interact so weakly with matter that they can easily get out of the center of the Sun and reach the Earth," Bahcall explained. "Physicists use neutrinos to look inside the Sun in much the same way that your doctor uses ultrasound or X-rays to look inside your body and diagnose what is going on there."


    Sounds pretty much the like wellknown phrase, we're just about to produce live from chemicals.


    In any case, if some Vaishnavas find the portion in the Vedas where it explains how to produce unlimited clean energy from "cold fusion" or any fusion, the Nobelprize jury is already waiting::rolleyes:




    The neutrino is an elementary particle, which was postulated in 1930 by Wolfgang Pauli, 1945 Nobel Laureate in Physics, in order to solve an energy crisis in nuclear physics. Scientists had difficulty finding energy in radioactive decays and Pauli suggested the existence of a particle which he believed was carrying away the missing energy. But it took some years before the neutrino was discovered. It was Clyde Cowen and Frederick Reines who first detected and identified this particle in 1965. For his contribution, Reines was awarded the 1995 Nobel Prize in Physics.


    I was wondering about something. Why can't Hindus sue this jokers (I meant the producers of the show, not the characters in the show or commercial)?


    A few years back, I got news that Australian/New Zealand production called Xena : Warrior Princess was sued by a group of Hindus (from associations) for insulting Sri Krishna in the show. Xena, along with Hercules, used to revolve around Greek . and very much between Christianity-supporting or atheist-supporting in its themes. After the law-suit, Xena and Hercules stopped airing in Malaysia and still available in Cable (not sure reruns or what).


    Anyway, why don't someone gather Hindus together and sue producers of Simpsons for their insulting Hindusm?


    Thats all pretty narrowminded of people who dont actually know the Simpsons for years. Lisa Simpsons is vegetarian and once she visited Apu who has on the roof of his Quicky market a beautiful garden. Paul McCartney was there and he explained Lisa a vegetarian recipy. Apu sells Soja sausage and in sum they pick up people where they are stuck. In another episode Lisa marries a vegetarian, and all the problems about being a vegetarian are presented. Quite often you even see devotees at the airport trying to sell a Back to Godhead magazine. They show Vishnu as the source of gravity, they make pilgrimiges to the Himalaya and Apu was voted to be the most attractive person in Springfield. Of course the actual humor of the Simpsons isnt understandable for 90%.


    I am seated in everyone’s heart, and from Me come remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness.... [bG 15.15]


    Of course crows have been a long favorite of witches as pets or 'familiars' - yes there may be more going on in a bird brain than there is in 'the brains' of these evolutionists!


    One question for them is this - the struthio camelus [ostrich] [as we see them today] have been around - according to them - for 100 million years - why hasn't it further evolved? Should they be bird like humanoids by now?


    According to them mammalian evolution and specifically - human evolution has taken place in only a fraction of that time frame - so why no changes to these ostriches?


    Further proof could be the fact that brain research scientists discovered that the brain is in fact getting its informations from somewhere else:



    The girl with half a brain

    By Boaz Rauchwerger ,

    Wednesday, May 24, 2006

    boazrauchwerger.gifdot_clear.gif <TABLE cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>........ language=JavaScript type=text/javascript> <!-- function MM_openBrWindow(theURL,winName,features) { //v2.0 window.open(theURL,winName,features); } //--> .........><HR width="100%" SIZE=1>


    During my seminars I relate to my audiences that we all have more power in our brains than any computer humans could ever create. However, most people use only about 10 percent of their brainpower. What if we pushed ourselves and used more -- 11 percent, 12 percent or 13 percent of our abilities? That could put us on the verge of genius.

    What if we could actually use up to 50 percent of our brain power? Would we create amazing things? Would we be able to bring about miraculous changes in our lives? Would we be able to do things that most people would say were impossible?

    If you ever watch ABC's "20/20," you might have seen a recent feature on Brandi Binder. She is known as the girl with half a brain.

    When Brandi was 4, she came down with a rare epileptic condition called Rasmussen's encephalitis. Half of the brain is healthy and normal while the other half is dead and deteriorating. If the dead part of the brain is not surgically removed, the patient dies.

    The problem with Brandi was in the right side of her brain -- the center of creative thinking and problem solving. She was operated on, lived, is now 22 and lucky to be alive. With the help of her remarkable parents, Brandi apparently found a way to do the impossible by teaching the remaining half of her brain to do much more.

    A visit to her Web site, www.brandibinder.com, will show you some amazing artwork that this young lady has created. There you will also find a wonderful quote that describes her life beautifully: "Even though I have half of my brain, I am still a whole person."

    This story began in 1984, when Brandi was born. At first she seemed like a normal, healthy baby. However, by the time she was five, things had changed. Brandi's eyes began to twitch, she would grind her teeth, there was drooling, and she eventually had up to 200 seizures a day. When the neurologist gave the news about her condition to her parents, Cindy and Steven Binder, they were devastated.

    After the operation, called a hermispherectomy, there was fear that Brandi would never walk again due to the fact that the right side of the brain controls that activity. The right side of Brandi's brain, which was removed, also controlled the ability to be creative, to solve problems, to appreciate art and music, and mathematical skills. There was also a question as to whether the remaining left side of her brain would develop completely.

    Recovery would not be easy, but the Binders took one doctor's advice to heart: Challenge their daughter, every day, all the time. The doctor felt that constant stimulation of the remaining portion of Brandi's brain would be very important. What if we challenged ourselves to be more creative, to learn new things, to try things that we thought we could never do? Keep in mind that a mind once expanded, never returns to its original size.

    Combining Brandi's determination, and the incredible daily support from her parents, she not only survived, but she thrived. As her Web site states: "Intensive therapy was started with the hope of teaching Brandi's left brain to perform functions that were once right-brain functions. For example, it was hoped, through therapy, that Brandi's left brain would begin to move her left leg. Normally, it is the right side of the brain, which Brandi was missing, that moves the left leg.

    "Through stimulation, Brandi's left brain was being retrained to develop new pathways to help her recover some of the things she lost when the right side of her brain was removed."

    Ten years after her surgery, Brandi was walking, talking and acting like any other teenager. Although she was not expected to be able to do math, she was getting A's in algebra. She had started drawing and painting. You can judge her talents for yourself by taking a look at her Web site. Two of her drawings were selected to hang in the halls of Congress in Washington, D.C.

    Brandi graduated from high school as a member of the National Honor Society, has been featured on national and international television shows, and has appeared in Time Magazine and many textbooks.

    Now, in addition to her work as an artist, Brandi is a motivational speaker. She was a featured speaker at the 8th International Conferences on Thinking. How appropriate is that?

    Seeing her interviewed on "20/20," it was evident that she is incredibly eloquent and has an amazing, positive spirit. It's no wonder that she inspires millions worldwide to reach past their disabilities and to make a better life for themselves.

    The next time I feel sorry for myself, I'm going to think about Brandi.



    A can-do affirmation

    I can do anything I set my mind to do. I am a very talented person!


    Rauchwerger is a speaker, trainer, author and a high performance coach to CEOs. If you have a question or want to supercharge your company, contact him at (619) 723-3007 or e-mail boaz.rauchwerger@sddt.com. Comments may be published as Letters to the Editor.



    I have received pancha-samskara which includes tapa or branding. Chakra on the right shoulder and sankha on the left. And it is done once and lasts a lifetime.


    Here is some info about it:


    1. thApa SamskAram:

    This is the first samskAram. The AchAryA embosses the impressions of Conch (Shankam) and Discus (Sudarshana chakram) on the left and right arms of the disciple, respectively.


    To give an analogy in the materialistic world, a sales representive wears a logo representing the organization for which he is working. Factually, we (JIvAtmAs) are servants of the Supreme Lord Sriman NArAyanA. So, we also identify ourselves through the things which uniquely represent Him. NArAyanA holds the Conch(PAnchaJanyam) in His Left Hand and the Sudarshana Chakram in His right Hand. So, we also bear the same way. Any highly fortunate jivAtmA, who becomes a devotee of Lord Vishnu will be very happy about wearing Shankam and Chakram.


    The AchAryA with great devotion recites the mantrAs to invoke Sriman NArAyanA and His weapons Sudarshana Chakram & PAnchajanyam. The Supremely merciful NArAyAnA abides by it. The Lord and His weapons thus become present in the Agni (Fire). Then, the AchAryA prays specifically to the divine weapons to be eternally present with the disciples for whom Pancha SamskAram is being performed.


    The emblem of"Sudarshana ChakrA"is heated in the agni and is embossed on the right hand, by chanting a hymn, which translates into "Oh! Sudarshana MahAJwAlA (Highly resplendent), as lusturous as crores of Sun, please show me, an ignorant one, the path of Lord Vishnu".


    Then, the emblem of"PAnchajanyam"is heated in the fire and is embossed on the left hand, by chanting a hymn, which translates into "Oh! PAnchajanyA! You are capable of driving away the sins of individuals through your sound. Please protect me, a sinner, from this samsArA".


    That is surely a powerful Vaishnava ritual of spiritualizing ones body by these auspicious symbols which surely have the effect of keeping away bad influence. How big are those emblems?

    Just found this, Srila Prabhupada also mentioned branding:


    "This practice is found in Hari-bhakti-vilasa, and has been mentioned by Srila Prabhupada in Sri Caitanya Caritamrta Madhya Lila 1.35 Purport, while referring to the subject matter of Hari- bhakti-vilasa, quote "There are also descriptions of branding the body with the symbols of Vishnu" It should also be noted that this system of branding although still common today amongst the vaishnavas of the Madhva and Ramanuja sampradayas, has fallen into disuse among Gaudiya vaishnavas who prefer to stamp or draw the symbols on their bodies with tilaka or sandalpaste."


    Do you have any more pictures of what these markings exactly look like?


    sounds interesting.


    -Hare Krishna


    Here are some other pictures of these markings "that sound interesting" and a quote from Hari Bhakti Vilasa:


    "Whose body is devoid of the mark of Sri Krsna's disk - like crematoriums are those men or women. O king, seeing such a person one should bathe fully dressed and quickly worship Hari!" :deal:





  16. Information request, isnt branding as mentioned below something like that:






    Something which never can be removed?

    Article below says it has to be renewed every year??


    For Protection, You Also Need Weapons


    by Vrindavan dasa (Victor Epand)

    Posted June 8, 2006


    For suicide, you need a gun. To fight in Iraq, you need a gun. But conversely, for protection, you also need weapons. For protection, you need the conch, club, disk, lotus, sword, and bow of Sri Vishnu. What use is a gun without the fire branded weapon marks of Lord Vishnu? "Whose bodies are devoid of the mark of Sri Krsna's disk - like crematoriums are those men or women."

    Here are some quotes from Hari Bhakti Vilasa in reference to the fire branded weapon marks:

    "Who carries the branded disk on his body gets the strength of the gods, of immortal Visnu. Shaking off sin, he proceeds to heaven, where the ascetics with subdued passions enter."

    "Whose bodies are devoid of the mark of Sri Krsna's disk - like crematoriums are those men or women. O king, seeing such a person one should bathe fully dressed and quickly worship Hari!"

    "Even if someone is impure, badly behaved and has given up all religious duties, if he is marked by the branded conch and disk he purifies an assembly."

    "Whether someone decorated with the disk resides in a pure land or one of barbarians, three yojanas in all directions from him is My field on earth."

    "A brahmana who is marked with the disk of Visnu should be worshipped with all rites, but one without the disk of Visnu should be zealously avoided."

    "If a Vaisnava brands his body with all the weapons of Visnu, he will go to the highest abode."

    Pertaining to scriptures that prohibit wearing these marks: "Now, the statements prohibiting this observance are baseless and rejected by the wise, and those statements that are based on scripture pertain to abandoning the rules, etc." The fire branding lasts for 1 year, and should be renewed on the Dvadasi of Sayana Ekadasi.

  17. 2006-06-07 14:46



    When Infosys was looking to plunge their hands into social work, they set up the Akshaya Patra Project that they run out at Iskcon in Bangalore. They had three parameters in mind. One, to cater to the deprived. Two, to provide at least basic needs to this section of society and three, to ensure the model is scalable, which would benefit a large number for a minimum level of investment. So, they zeroed down on the mid-day meal scheme, where school children in government-run schools are given free lunches. This is one of the largest private initiatives in the world. They are feeding around 86,000 children in about six locations, all over India. Director & CFO, Infosys, Mohandas Pai told CNBC-TV18 that "by March of this year, we hope to reach the number 100,000 and by 2010 we hope to reach a million."

    The reason why Infosys chose to fund a mid-day meal for so many children as opposed to setting up a school was as simple as, the fact that food could lure children to attend school. They would get education as well as a nutritous meal. Pai elaborated, "We found that about 40 million children are out of school, the government had a huge educational establishment and if you are able to provide a mid-day meal in government-run schools, then you will attract the child to come. The child will not only get food, the child will also get an education, and by this we will be able to ensure that the child grows mentally and physically."

    Just like its business targets, Infosys has lofty targets, for feeding nearly a million children by 2010. Pai explained, "It's just that we want to make an impact on this country and this is a huge country and doing something in a small number, is not going to make an impact. Another reason is that we want to prove to the people in this country and to the government, that you could run a large-scale project, affecting a large number of people in an effective manner, at the lowest cost possible. So, we want this to be a demonstrator for others to come in."

    He added, "The challenge essentially is technological, logistic and management. So it is a different kind of challenge because you are scaling up, it's easy to feed 1,000-2,000 people in a single location, but today for instance, we feed more than 300 schools in Bangalore - we go up to 60 kms (in the city). The food has to be delivered hot to all these children in various schools by let's say 11.30 am, so we start the kitchen at about 2 am, we complete the cooking by 8 am and by then the vehicles go out and at 11.30 am they reach schools and by 2.30 pm they come back. We also have people who taste the food. We have tied-up with the government - that they will come once in a while to make sure that the place is hygienic - they will certify the quality of the food and we have also set up a laboratory, where we specify the spices. We wanted a menu which can be done very fast in a very hygienic manner."

    The idea was to team up with an organisation that would help with this project, which Pai terms as being "a programme, which is intrinsically secular" and the reason being that the "government has got a very secular policy for admission. Any child in the country can go to the government school, so we made sure that it (food) reaches the largest mass of children."

    The organisation Infosys decided to approach was Iskcon. Pai explained, "We met Swami Madhu Pandit in Iskcon Bangalore and when we discussed the matter, he said why don't we look at working together on a project, so when we spoke to him, he said we could work together and we said what about a mid-day meal, because here in the temple he feeds about 10,000-12,000 people every day, so he said 'yes, we are willing to look at feeding children, provided we get some vehicles because we are distributing food,' and I said we will provide vehicles and we asked how many children will you feed, he said 30,000, so immediately it all fitted in, and by God's grace, we are now at 86,000."

    This massive humanitarian effort must need finances that almost seems bottomless. So what is the model for raising finances, that he has adopted? He elaborated, "We have come out with a financial model by which we can scale up and the financial model means that we get money from different sources. For example, we have built-up a bank of donors who give us money to feed a child, it costs Rs 2,200 a child, for a year. Then we go to corporate houses and ask them for money, then we tie-up with the municipality. For example, the Banglore Municipal Corporation sponsors 16,000 children in municipal schools - they give Rs 6 a day per child and we do the feeding."

    "The Government of Karnataka gives us Rs 1.30 per child and the balance money we bring in. So my role has been to conceptualize. My role has been to work with the design, my role has been to communicate, my role has been to advocate, my role has been to work with Swami Madhu Pandit. So I think, we have brought in some aspect, which is very vital."

    All this may have an additional benefit, such as employees may have greater pleasure in knowing their company is giving them an opportunity to do more for the less privileged. So, how does it help in curbing attrition rate? Pai said, "I think there are three things that we need to do. First, make sure that every individual realises that the more they work in a particular corporation, the more value they add to themselves. Two, make sure that their needs/aspirations are taken care of and they feel wanted and they are part of a team. Three, you must create pride in their work."

    Like the famous Robert Frost line "And miles to go before I sleep", Pai intends to do a lot more too. He said, "The one thing that I want to do is to influence public policy in the field of primary education. If you look around India today, there are millions of children who are deprived of good, high quality primary education." But in meeting such lofty goals, one comes across moments of sheer frustration as well.

    Pai explained, "I think the reason is very clear, the government is used to working in economy, which grows at 5%-6%, earlier it was 3%-4% and we are used to working in an environment, which grows at 30%-40%. Obviously, there is a disconnect, we could double in 2-3 years, whereas for the government in 2-3 years, they have been up 15%-20%. So nothing essentially has changed. We want very rapid pace of growth. We want to make sure that tomorrow's issues are solved today. We should not be solving yesterday's issues and that creates frustration. So, there is a disconnect between the policymakers, who work at a particular pace, and people like us, who grow at a much faster pace."

    On the corporate side, he said, "I think some of the frustration that you face in the corporate side has to do with the outside world. We sometimes find that we are alone in a crowd." He further explained, "Well the whole debate about corporate governance standards in India. We started working on corporate governance standards, benchmarking ourselves globally many years ago and we worked with regulators to make sure that standards are enhanced in India."

    "But sometimes the feedback that you get - the debate between the family-owned enterprise and the independent directors - the debate between the role of management and the role of investors, the debate between whether we need this kind of corporate governance standards, I mean even now, the debate is going on and now we have people in government saying that, independent directors should be chosen by the promoters. So we are looking backwards and it's very frustrating because if you travel out, the world has gone far ahead. The world is totally different, yet we seem to be trying to go back than go forward, though I must admit a large part of India's corporates have advanced forward."

  18. Some good points by the Maharaja for people who plan to go to the cinema and watch The Da Vinci Code, by now banned in religious countries like Pakistan.

    <!-- begin content -->The Da Vinci Code: Can God Marry?



    I have just read that The Da Vinci Code has been banned in Pakistan at the request of both Christians and Muslims. The million-seller book and the movie made from it tell the story of a Harvard professor who teams up with a beautiful woman cryptologist in Paris to solve a murder and stumbles upon a secret the Roman Catholic Church has hid for 2,000 years: that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and they had a daughter whose descendants are now living somewhere in a French château.

    The story seems convincing enough, but it is a work of fiction, and many of its premises are false or at best inaccurate. The biggest mistake of all, however, is not in The Da Vinci Code but in the minds of the Christians.

    Clerics, both Catholic and Protestant, fear that people may believe the story and lose faith. If Jesus married and gave in to the desires of the flesh, they argue, then he could not be divine and the very foundation of Christianity would be shaken.

    Now I have always understood that the foundation of Christianity was the Resurrection of Jesus, not his marital status. I have no reason to believe The Da Vinci Code, but neither is there any reason to believe that a divine incarnation, or avatar, cannot marry. If Jesus stayed single, that was his choice, but a choice nonetheless.

    The Bible speaks of only one avatar—Lord Jesus Christ—but the Vedic scriptures speak of many, both single and married. Marriage and sex, say the Vedas, are not lowly or bad in themselves even though people may make bad use of them. Lord Krishna even says that He is present in sex that follows religious principles:

    "I am the strength of the strong, devoid of passion and desire. I am sex life which is not contrary to religious principles, O lord of the Bharatas [Arjuna]." —Bhagavad-gita As It Is, 7.11

    Sri Nityananda Prabhu and Sri Advaita Acarya both married and had children. Sri Vishnu is married to Srimati Laksmi. Lord Caitanya was married but had no children. Lord Krishna married 16,108 women and fathered ten sons and some daughters with each of them, something only God could manage.

    Banning the movie will not stop people from finding out what is in it, but a little Vedic knowledge would solve the whole problem. "So you think Jesus was married, do you? So what?"

    By the way, if you want a little laugh, check out some of the errors in The Da Vinci Code at this site: http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/davinci-code.htm

    ©Umapati Swami

    June 4, 2006


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    On the Web Again



    Welcome to my new blog site. I hope to be posting every few days, but I won't be accepting comments. Otherwise, I'll get into the same time crunch I had with Dipika. I'm working on a book about my memories of Srila Prabhupada, so I'll need plenty of time for that.

    Hope to see you here.

    Umapati Swami


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    <!-- end content -->



    Former CIA analyst and Presidential advisor Ray McGovern, fresh from his

    heated public confrontation with Donald Rumsfeld, fears that staged terror attacks across Europe and the US are probable in order to justify the Bush administration's plan to launch a military strike against Iran, which he thinks will take place in June or July.

    Appearing on The Alex Jones Show, McGovern was asked about the timetable for war in Iran and said that behind the diplomatic smokescreen, the final chess pieces were being moved into position.

    "There is already one carrier task force there in the Gulf, two are steaming toward it at the last report I have at least - they will all be there in another week or so."

    "The propaganda has been laid, the aircraft carriers are in place, it doesn't take much to fly the bombers out of British and US bases - cruse missiles are at the ready, Israel is egging us on," said McGovern.

    McGovern said Iran's likely response to a US air strike would be threefold - mobilizing worldwide terrorist cells that would make Al-Qaeda look like a girls netball team - utilizing its cruise missile arsenal to attack US ships and sending fighters into Iraq to attack US forces.

    "The Iranians can easily send three divisions of revolutionary guard troops right over....the long border with Iraq," said McGovern, stating that the local Sunni population of Iraq would welcome such an invasion.

    The turmoil caused by such an action would lead the US to tap its so-called 'mini-nuke' arsenal said McGovern, opening a new Pandora's box of chaos.

    McGovern highlighted President Bush's all time record low approval ratings as a reason for launching an attack on Iran to again whip up false patriotic fervour.

    "I can see Karl Rove saying, 'look what you need to do is become a war president again, get us involved with something pretty big here and then strut around and say you can't vote for a bunch of Democrats to pull the rug out from under me while there's a war going on'."


    McGovern drew a comparison with the concillatory cold war stance of Russia and JFK's decision to respond in a similar manner, and the Iranian President's letter which was immediately dismissed by the Bush administration. JFK's approach saved the US from potential nuclear anihalation while Bush's actions put the US in severe danger as Russia and China give ominous mixed signals on what their response to a US strike on Iran will be.

    McGovern lambasted Bush's inner circle as uniformly lacking any real military experience and characterized them as a cabal already hell-bent on war.

    McGovern entertained the notion that western governments and intelligence hierarchies could potentially stage terror attacks in Europe and the US either before or after an invasion of Iran.

    "That's altogether possible," said McGovern.

    "I would say even probable because they need some proximate cause, some casus belli to justify really unleashing things on Iran....I would put very little past this crew - their record of dissembling and disingenuousness is unparalleled."

    McGovern said that Rove, Cheney and Rumsfeld, fearing impeachment and Enron-style criminal proceedings, are urging President Bush to launch a war in order to create a climate unconducive to lengthy investigations and impeachment proceedings.

    Asked to cite specifically when we should expect to see an attack launched, McGovern said, "I think we all agree that an attack is likely before the election and we all agree that it has to do largely with the election - as for timing I see a likelihood that it could come as early as late June or early July, most of my colleagues predict August, September, maybe an October surprise even."

    "My thinking is that for it to be October that would be so crass and so transparent that even this crowd would shy away from making it so obvious," said McGovern.

    McGovern is set to appear along with a host of other respected and credible whistleblowers at the American Scholars Symposium at the end of this month.



    My reply is that no one can legislate matters of the heart. If Krsna is inspiring someone no amount of legislating by a political entity can stand in the way of that. My suggestion to anyone and everyone is to dive deeply into the chanting of the Holy name and to pray to him for guidance. How will you know your Guru when you meet him/her? The answer is only through internal inspiration. Look at the example of Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya - he was greatly learned and still he couldn't recognize who Lord Chaitanya was. His nephew, Gopinatha Acharya told him - I have Krsna's mercy and you don't. Sarvabhauma asked him, 'how can you say that? What is your proof?' Gopinatha's answer was, 'I recognize him and you don't'.


    So my simple answer is that each sadhaka will have to be honest with themselves and develop a prayerful heart and genuinely and sincerely look for good guidance. Krsna will reveal a suitable guide when the sadhaka is ready and when he does there will be no question of external adjustment.


    Thanks Audarya-lila dasa, who would ever try to confute your arguments/quotes?

    But returning to square one, who actually started the whole debate? Almost 30 years have passed since Srila Prabhupada's departure and to this day, thirty so called genuine spiritual masters, diksa-gurus, fell down/resigned/left ISKCON.

    In sum every year so many disciples felt, their internal inspiration didnt work properly was blocked/tied up by something.

    In fact they felt exactly like kids who's internal inspiration says, yes, this ice is strong enough, let me walk to the middle of this frozen lake - after all, my internal inspiration says, do it! Is this what we need, readiness/willingness to take risks of being cheated when surrendering our lives to saksad-dharitvena samasta-sastrair, to worship someone in the same way we worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Sri Krishna?

    Why not replace internal inspiration with knowledge of sastra, NOI/5:


    "In this verse Śrīla Rūpa Gosvāmī advises the devotee to be intelligent enough to distinguish between the kaniṣṭha-adhikārī, madhyama-adhikārī and uttama-adhikārī. The devotee should also know his own position and should not try to imitate a devotee situated on a higher platform. Śrīla Bhaktivinoda Ṭhākura has given some practical hints to the effect that an uttama-adhikārī Vaiṣṇava can be recognized by his ability to convert many fallen souls to Vaiṣṇavism. One should not become a spiritual master unless he has attained the platform of uttama-adhikārī. A neophyte Vaiṣṇava or a Vaiṣṇava situated on the intermediate platform can also accept disciples, but such disciples must be on the same platform, and it should be understood that they cannot advance very well toward the ultimate goal of life under his insufficient guidance. Therefore a disciple should be careful to accept an uttama-adhikārī as a spiritual master."


    Iskcon was left in a quandry when Srila Prabhupada departed because there was no one in 'charge' to say who should function in what role. The leaders made of mess of things due to immaturity and false prestige. However, Srila Prabhupada did invest his shakti in his disciples and that is bearing fruit and spreading more seeds.


    The ritvik fallacy is that due to Srila Prabhupada's disappearance he could not deliver on his promise to 'make' some Guru's and 'complete' the training for some of his sisyas. This is certainly not the case.


    Well, doesnt that sound familiar with what happened when Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Maharaja left this world?

    Can we say, yes, he didnt give the right infos, therefore there was chaos?

    He didnt set up the right successor?

    When we think superficially like that, observers of present Vaishnavism might argue rightly, may be thats the wrong religion for you.

    In order to understand what really happened, we come to the conclusion Bhaktisiddhanta Maharaja didnt tell his disciples to take up the position of diksa-guru, but instead ordered to form a strong Governing body commission and expand the preaching. And, please remember, didnt he want his disciples to preach in the western hemisphere? Who followed?

    So we cant actually teach to the world that the acaryas of our sampradaya made mistakes, we have to carefully study and then explain to the newcomers, no, our acaryas are not defective, those who were supposed to follow their orders were defective.

    Presently the whole guru system is based upon, when a diksa guru doesnt fall down, he is bonafide.

    What do you reply to that question: Isnt that very similiar with buying high risk stocks, you might lose it all?


    They were defeated as revisionists.




    Thanks Bhakta Mark, your quoting of Srila Prabhupada's statements on genuine guru-tattva are most enlightening! Where did you learn all this?


    Unfortunately everywhere people believe, fallen down gurus, isnt that bad!

    How come?

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