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  1. Viswase Milai Krishna Tarke Bahudoor. It is a bengali saying. It means that only belief can bring you God and not argument. So friends do not waste time and chant his name. Om Shri Radha Krishnabhyam Namo.
  2. In India, Sanskrit did not disappear on its own. It was the British who enacted Education Act. The Sanskrit Gurukuls were declared illegal. Grants were stopped. Pls go through Lord Mcalough's speech in British Parliament. He said that unless the indian education system is crushed, they can't rule India. Even now there are villages in India where ONLY SANSKRIT is the spoken language.
  3. Sorry. The spelling is GAYATRI PARIVAR.
  4. Pls contact Gatari Parivar in India. You will get it. S K Das
  5. Lord came to Vrindavan and asked Nand, Yasoda, Radha and all gopas and gopis to go to Golok dhama. A huge chariot came down from heaven and Lord went with them to Goloka. Pls read Garg Samhita (60th chapter). Om Shri Radha Krishnabhyam namo. S K Das
  6. First of all, tell me during the time of Vedas, what are the religions existing in this world? There was no religion at all. There was no Hinduism as well. It was the vedic religion which was global at that time. Later, somebody called the people settling by the sbanks of River Sindhus as Hindus. Other religions sprang out from vedic religion only. So it is already global religion. Pls go through Vedas. They do not mention any religion. They mention only what human being should do. Hope I clariofied a little. If not pls let me know. Om Shri Radha Krishnabhaym Namo
  7. Lord Krishna is Bhagwan Swayam. He is very much kind hearted to all beings. Do not care what the pundit/astrologer said. Chant Krishna naam all day. You will get result. Om Shri Radha Krishnabhyam Namo
  8. All strotras are for well-being for human beings if they are chanted correctly. The chants are in the praise of God. None of them can be bad. To start with you may start with Ganesh Atharva sirsha and then Vishnu Sahsranaam. Om Shri Radha Krishnabhyam Namo.
  9. Om Shri Radha Krishnabhyam Namo Lord's name cannot be spoiled by someone chanting wrongly. Even Ratnakar chanted it Mara... Mara. God is all beautiful by himself. He can only be perceived by Bhakti. It is the Bhakti which matters. Someone chanting it correctly without Bhakti is of no use. Om Shri Radha Krishnabhyam Namo
  10. Om Shri Radha Krishnabhyam Namo Eat Satwik ahar Be in spiritual world always in your thought. Whnever your health permits read spiritual book. Always try to remain in a complacent mood, thinking that God has been very kind to choose your womb to send a part of Him. Thank him as many times as possible. Never think bad about anybody even if he/she is your enemy. Pray to God wholeheartedly to excuse them for their evil deeds. "Kshama" is the greatest virtue and is the first step to spirituality. When you do these, you will always be calm, quiet and peaceful. Remember peace is the abode of Spirituality. Let your womb feel the "Rasa " of that eternal peace and joy. Your this kind of thought has already prepared the path. Now just go ahead. Om Shri Radha Krishnabhyam Namo
  11. Pranam Nilimaji, Actual idols are inside you. If Your urge for worshipping the idols is true, then be rest assured that they have already come inside your heart. So, don't hesitate. Start doing puja by chanting His name. If you need to do puja with idols, then have a new set and start afresh. God himself has said, " ye yatha maang prapadyante, tatra tishthami--- meaning " I be there, wherever any one worships me" . The place where u worship Him, is a temple. So go ahead. God will definitely accept ur puja. Om Shri Radha Krishnabhyam Namoh.
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