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  1. Another condencending to DVD post true to 'form' by aTheist. All pun intended. Plus intended miss direction in the first sentence, DVD is for ISKCON..... letter 5/27/74 to TP Roma I am enclosing brahmana threads and gayatri mantra for Adi Kesava das and Vivasvan das. You must be very careful before you award the brahminical thread by recommending a man to me. Now that we are dividing our society into the four orders as much as possible, it is not that every man has to be made a brahmana after a year. Especially if one cannot even get up early and go to mangala arati he cannot become a brahmana. So consider it carefully before you recommend further men to me. CB-r
  2. Letter to Trai das/Roma dated 5/27/74 I am enclosing brahmana threads and gayatri mantra for Adi Kesava das and Vivasvan das. You must be very careful before you award the brahminical thread by recommending a man to me. Now that we are dividing our society into the four orders as much as possible, it is not that every man has to be made a brahmana after a year. Especially if one cannot even get up early and go to mangala arati he cannot become a brahmana. So consider it carefully before you recommend further men to me. CB-r
  3. converstion on 3/12-14/74 or 2/14/77 on DVD. to much to repost. please go back in this thread or the DVD thread. A list of references was posted early on the DVD thread about a compilation book. CB-r
  4. The diametric expantion of DVD would be a next Hare Krsna explosion. World wide. CB-r
  5. My reference came from a different person, on this subject of DVD, as he said. CB-r
  6. No, No, No offense. It's my spelling that is at fault. Not what I'm saying. To address the other post about meat eating. In the same conversation Prabhupada says 'in ISKCON', 'our centers'. It is there for the honest. He is asked twice in that first conversation about 4 reg's and both times augments the perscription of regulation. It is said by Prabhupada, as I have repeated. And try my best to live. Believe me when I make a big mistake Prabhupada will tell me to correct it. Last time I tryed to present this DVD cosmoligy on line I was told to stop by my Guru and I did. That is why I have been silent for so long, on all the forms. You can see my date of registration is 04. And no posts untill now. Now He has said to speak. Hare Krsna, Caturbahu das Bhakti-raja
  7. There are innocent people/devotees now and again looking in. That is who I try to reach. It is just sh-ts and giggles though, interactive TV. But I have meet in real life some devotees I was posting to and each time we meet I was equally impressed with the person behind the cyber wall. I would not stop posting as I see fit, because a new devotee friend is just around the corrner. And I need all I can get. 1000's are not enough. Hare Krsna, Caturbahu das Bhakti-raja
  8. You seculation is baseless. I have shown the evidence. You think I've never had other confirmation from some those devotees that were there during these conversations and privy to the direct hearing? Silly boy. Srila Prabhupada once said 'If I told you everything, you would faint'. I'm just the one that is shouting from the roof tops. Others are sheepish, can't stand the ridicule I take. But they have told me as confirmation. The date of this reference you site is before the change to a different paradigm. And I can follow an order even if the WHOLE world rejects it. Can I not? Hare Krsna, Caturbahu das Bhakti-raja
  9. I was tring to play nice with you, thinking I was maybe out of line here or there. But no. You take what attempt at preaching I do and ridicual the attempt. Demon type black snake mood/reaction, spiting fire at the devotees(?) preaching. Even if the attempt is from a less qualified devotee, at least I try. I try something instead of doing nothing. I do this in my life now, not in the ether with 10,000 posts of false ego:( I walk the walk. Come see if you are man enough, walk in my shoes for a week. See how I live. I challenge. Come to CB. And yes I get smiles from the clerks I have regular contact with. I also have almost shaven(buzz, no gaurd) head, tilak and neck beads. But when I go to the schools or school board, they run or whatch there P's and Q's. Come with me, you are invited. Anyone who wants to call my bluff of quality of ksatriya is welcome to test. Short of violance. I live in Alachua. All cyber air. Right now I'm conveying the idea of DVD, not to you appearently. Aways I'm giving reference from Prabhjupada and you never take and say 'no, I think it is ment to be understood like this because....' NO, just fire from the belly below, demon exposed. You do not have to like me, I can take it. And then some! But in your hatred for me you have offended the order of Guru to do. If you throw this order for DVD out, then you are disqualified to speak on behalf of Srila Prabhupada and 10,600+ posts means d-ck. You can not pick and choose what you will follow, it is all or? to much junk you speak. Like Prabhupada says..... "Sometimes we are criticized because although I am a sannyasi, I have taken part in the marriage ceremonies of my disciples. It must be explained, however, that since we have started a Krishna conscious society and since a human society must also have ideal marriages, to correctly establish an ideal society we must take part in marrying some of its members, although we have taken to the path of renunciation. This may be astonishing to persons who are not very interested in establishing daiva-varnasrama, the transcendental system of four social orders and four spiritual orders. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura, however, wanted to reestablish daiva-varnasrama. In daiva-varnasrama there cannot be acknowledgement of social status according to birthright because in Bhagavad-gita it is said that the determining considerations are guna and karma, one’s qualities and work. It is this daiva-varnasrama that should be established all over the world to continue a perfect society for Krishna consciousness. This may be astonishing to foolish critics, but it is one of the functions of a Krishna conscious society." What fire are you talking about? Material existance? Who's house is on fire?Then DVD coupled to bhakti principles. It would appear that you are just a foolish critic pretending to be above such low DVD ideas. Hare Krsna, Catrubahu das Bhakti-r
  10. The first part of this is half agreeable. The last line is not at all as Prabhupada would say in the context of the topic. DVD is half of what the movement is. Thats the point is the topic, if you want Krsna katha as in talks about the pastimes of the Lord then go to another topic. Others are great at this and I will not post DVD there unless I see it discussed. Political activites are for ksatriya, I claim. So why not discuss as such? Mental concoction?????? Pigs eye:mad: Manifestation of lack of guidance? That brings me back to the inquirery as to who is Govinda Maharaja's siksha? I have as much guidence as Govinda Maharaja, through Srila prabhupada's merciful instructions, just like anyone else can. Go bark that 'living Guru' tune at someone elses tree, I'm not listening. Hare Krsna, Caturbahu das Bhakti-raja
  11. Yes, but that is another conversation. we are on the eve of distruction, thank Krsna. Like I've said for yrs the only way for DVD, will be full funding or Armagedon. Either one is good for me. CB-r
  12. What do you mean? Oh! you edited. Yes, preaching amoung devotees is first. Anywhere in the world. CB-r
  13. As irrelivent to the issue of Srila Prabhupada's DVD instruction today as it was when spoken. Must be static in the TV reception tonight. What an unnecessary post. Hare Krsna, Caturbahu das bhakti-r
  14. As we have been discussing regulative principle of 4 varnas and 4 asramas? No! And that is why the push to imbide at least the idea amoung those that say 'I am a devotee of Krsna' CB-r
  15. Yes, varna is only relevent in social structure, management of community. Not spiritual unstanding, nor advancement. It is means, not goal. Nor end. CB-r
  16. Finally something intelligent and in line with Prabhupada, agrement 'as it is' CB-r
  17. Without us devotees living like the Pennsylvania Dutch as example, we will have a hard time changing a non Vaisnava anytime soon. Devotees are no better. The real thrust now is to bring this idea to the forefront of discussion. Just like Srila Prabhupada says in BG 18.18....... Knowledge, the object of knowledge and the knower are the three factors which motivate action; the senses, the work and the doer comprise the threefold basis of action. PURPORT There are three kinds of impetus for daily work: knowledge, the object of knowledge and the knower. The instruments of work, the work itself and the worker are called the constituents of work. Any work done by any human being has these elements. Before one acts, there is some impetus, which is called inspiration. Any solution arrived at before work is actualized is a subtle form of work. Then work takes the form of action. First one has to undergo the psychological processes of thinking, feeling and willing, and that is called impetus. Actually the faith to perform acts is called knowledge. The inspiration to work is the same if it comes from the scripture or from the instruction of the spiritual master. When the inspiration is there and the worker is there, then actual activity takes place by the help of the senses. The mind is the center of all senses, and the object is work itself. These are the different phases of work as described in Bhagavad-gétä. The sum total of all activities is called accumulation of work. Guru says it can happen. CB-r
  18. I think this should cover BG 18.43, and give a good dog and pony show. Killing many times as per Srila Prabhupada's vani. I have hunted in India, Sri Lanka, and US. Eating as I like, as I have killed only. I have managed well as per the satisfaction of those managed and resulting increase in production, books out, money collected. I have been resorceful as need, when need and always know what to do next at any give time in my surroundings. I have always been a monogamous grhastha and am only single now because of failure on the wifes part. Adult son are witness to this. All sons and daughter live with me by free will, avoiding the woman. I've spent 27 yrs attempting to develop houshold life as a religious experience and a cultural haven. Living as I preached and lead. Not one day of abandonment, abuse to wife or children, nor lack of support. my wife never worked, not one day. I have always help the weak and defenceless and have been know to stop violence anywhere I am. Or be violent for protection when I'm needed. I have military experience. And upto looseing hearing, practiced killing. I have opened my house many times to devotees in need and given in charity as expected. Though lately I am much more selective. Because I am poor and know how to repare my own cars, I offer to work and devotees cars for free if they are in need. This I do regularly. I preach DVD to everone I meet, God conscious 4 varnas and 4 asramas. On the street, in the grocery store check out, to the plummer, baker and candle stick maker. Talked a middle aged black lady into being a slave, in theory, under the conditions I discribed once. Always I will try for DVD. Its a show, you asked. But all true. Hare Krsna, Caturbahu das Bhakti-raja
  19. BG 18.43 Heroism, power, determination, resourcefulness, courage in battle, generosity, and leadership are the qualities of work for the kñatriyas. CB-r
  20. The jester only has more jokes, not scripture. I though this thread was about regulative principles? Quotes by Srila Prabhupada to support your jesting/condensending mood. Nothing from Mr 10,600+ post, of what? Jest?So much talk, so little said. 'Regulative Principles' of Krsna Consciousness movement from Srila Prabhupada I think is the subject. Something from Prabhupada that will support your jesting/rejection. Hare Krsna, Caturbahu das Bhakti-raja
  21. I'm speaking to the air waves beyond you two. Mahaksa used the VAD, he wants to make as many waves as posible, whenever posible. And this topic is perfect for DVD conversations. I've saved a few LA lady devotees in my time, thank you, court jester. One in San Diego too. From a suffer gang. Those were the days CB-r
  22. You go to far with the Lord Brahma as speaker/instituter of DVD. I saw else where. It is Krsna first, from Krsna. He says in BG. Did Brahma speak BG? Then? Who is creater of the Mahattava? not Brahma. Your priorities are backwards. 3/25/75 Mayapura SB lecture. These few words, if you simply understand... Blindly or openly, it doesn’t matter. Because if you touch fire, either blindly or openly, it will act. It will act. It is not that because I blindly accept Krishna as the Supreme Person, that will not act. No, it will act. Even if you have accepted Krishna blindly, it will act. Because the thing is the same. Either you accept in open eyes or blind eyes. So similarly, if you accept this theory—it is not theory; this is fact, that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead—these few words, then you are advanced student, immediately. Take it from me, that simply this conviction, that “Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead,” then you are advanced student in spiritual life. (CB-r) I just like the above, not you though right? You spite fire at the institution of DVD. I once saw a quote that said the words of the Guru have to act. I took it to mean the word/order was potent/impowered for the follower as long as he acted in some way to support, asist, imbide in the heart, that sooner or later the 'word' would act, give fruit. If you relentlessly reject DVD how can the order live or ever manifest in your life? This whole post was poison and rejectable as a whole. At least I'm presenting Srila Prabhupada's answer to our social problems. And you? You care not for other devotees pain and suffering that could be mitigated? There's nothing worthy to address here, all straw and a waste of time over and over and over again, the same reworded, child like aguements. I have sited Guru, you please counter with Guru's rejection of DVD.... CC. ANTYA 5.71 PURPORT One is forbidden to accept the guru, or spiritual master, as an ordinary human being (gurushu nara-matih). When Ramananda Raya spoke to Pradyumna Misra, Pradyumna Misra could understand that Ramananda Raya was not an ordinary human being. A spiritually advanced person who is authorized to act as the spiritual master speaks as the Supreme Personality of Godhead dictates from within. Thus it is not he that is personally speaking. In other words, when a pure devotee or spiritual master speaks, what he says should be accepted as having been directly spoken by the Supreme Personality of Godhead in the parampara system. 11/24/75 Mumbai CC. Lecture If you want to abide by the orders of Krishna, anu-silanam... Anu-silanam means cultivation. The words are there. The words are not different from Krishna. So as soon as you take the words as it is, you immediately associate with Krishna. Otherwise you take the instruction of guru, representative of Krishna. If you can please your guru, yasya prasadad bhagavat-prasadah... **. If you can please His representative, then you please Him. So in this way, krishnanusilanam, that is our duty, anukulyena, anukula, not pratikula. There are two ways of acting, anukula and pratikula. If you act as I desire, that is anukula, and if you act what I don’t desire, that is pratikula. So Krishna consciousness must be anukula, according to the desire of Krishna, as it is confirmed by guru. That is anukula, favorable. And if you act whimsically, which Krishna does not desire or the guru does not desire, then it is pratikula. So anukulyena krishnanusilanam, that is bhakti. (CB-r) Post Prabhupada's words that support rejection of DVD, as you say to do. This is what to listen to, not me and not Mahaksa's words. Who's preaching is more pleaseing to Prabhupada? Negative diatribe or encourageing attempts? Jai Srila Prabhupada vani. All the above quotes are used to show your mood as wrong. Please counter with proff that rejection is the right understanding or surender to the idea, at least. Hare Krsna, Caturbahu das Bhakti-raja
  23. No, no offer from me. I have all the aversion I need in my life right now, thank you I'm mostly asking for quotes from Srila Prabhupada that support rejection of DVD. And the negative mood of your posts against DVD. Me? nooooooo..........not you at this point! Change and come back in a more willing spirit, then we will see. And test, equally. Have to go out for couple hrs, be back after artik. CB-r
  24. Fall down from a high place can have a very profound effect. Yes, the sannyasa in question would no longer be in that asrama. And as for the brahman varna? Do you agree to have as brahman as child molester? If so, I will live else where. Let him suffer fairly, grhastha asrama and lower varna. Plus it would have to be understood that his actions, even if still Vaisnava, would fall under the catigory of kanishta, not madhyam or uttama. No one should take intructions in God consciousness from him, it would then be as poison from the lips of a serpant. PURPORT BG. 3.7PURPORT Instead of becoming a pseudo-transcendentalist for the sake of wanton living and sense enjoyment, it is far better to remain in one’s own business and execute the purpose of life, which is to get free from material bondage and enter into the kingdom of God. The prime svartha-gati, or goal of self-interest, is to reach Vishnu. The whole institution of varna and asrama is designed to help us reach this goal of life. A householder can also reach this destination by regulated service in Krishna consciousness. For self-realization, one can live a controlled life, as prescribed in the sastras, and continue carrying out his business without attachment, and in that way make progress. Such a sincere person who follows this method is far better situated than the false pretender who adopts show-bottle spiritualism to cheat the innocent public. A sincere sweeper in the street is far better than the charlatan meditator who meditates only for the sake of making a living. What do you think, as in deductive reasoning? Hare Krsna, Caturbahu das Bhakti-raja
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