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  1. yes i think it can be but i think there are other methods also the best among them is bhakti and findiing true love etc
  2. respected gurus i am dhruv and i am currently doing research on atmakarka its aspects i am begining with my own chart because in this way i will be able to judge about truth . my dob is 17 oct 1980 time 4:40 am place jallandha/jalandhar now is there anybody who is really knowledgeable in this site who tell me about my ambitions , future with resons .what job i have or what proffesion is best for me . if i find truth i will agree to the power of jyotish vidya and respect indian science ....... shree krishna hare
  3. now i will tell u why i asked about relationship between ur father firstly ur rashi is dhanu and this stone is cosidered as bhadhaka for guru rashi . again ur guru is placed in fathers house along with shani now if we examine minutely ur guru's degree is 16:41 and of shani is 16:02 this means less than one degree difference , now acc to rules of astrology if there is less than one degree diff between two planets than there is planetry war and the planet with less degree wins which in ur case is shani so in order to make ur guru strong (if u wear that stone it will create more bhadha and thus creating more problems than before) u should do things related with lord brishaspati (guru) . i think u have raj yog in ur kundli but some of factors which reduce these effects should be takled carefully- 1. u should firstly study about this planetry war if u want i will explain its effects also u can watch shani dev serial on ndtv imagine which in one episode has shown war between shani and guru if u understand that mythological story ur life will become more easier as u will then know ur goals . 2. u are born in mool nakshatra which demands gand mool pooja which should be done in same nakshtra by learned bhrahmin also lord of this nakshatra is lord ketu so u should pray to mata chinnmastika or visit chintpurni temple located in himachal pradesh u can read about this godess in site kaalsarpyog.com in dhumavati-chinmastika subtitle. 3.ur atmakarka planet is sun and u are under period of surya so it is most important for u to offer water mixed with sindur(pinch) ,gur (pinch) and yelow flowers to surya remmember the water given should not come in anybodies feet so offer while placing some plant in front of u (not tulsi) so that not even single drop touches any feet remmember it is forbidden to offer water to plants on sundays so do not offer this on sundays (or offer in river if possible on sundays) . 4. chanting of aditya hridya stotram on sundays will strenthen ur raj yog and remove most of obstacles. 5. since sun is god of daan dakshina so offer part of ur salary to poor disabled blind old helpless people do not donate to beggers or healthy people who can work as it will bring bad results . i hav not only answered ur question but also provided u with best measures which can make u most successfull man one day . best wishes/ dhruva jyotish kendra offering service to mankind (tirupati tirumala trust)
  4. guruji plz tell me duration of kaal sarp or kaal amrit yog which is begining from 5th to 11th house in case all panets are in 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th(ketu) 11th(rahu) and 12th house. my dob 17 oct 1980 time 4:45 am place jullundhar or jalandhar
  5. currently u are under sun dasha firstly reply about ur relationship with ur father . tell about his position and effection between u two.
  6. ur lagna lord venus is in 12th house and that too bebiliated which will give a lot of struggles in ur life but due to presence of uchha shani in lagna u are extremely nice person who like to do justice(saturn is lord of justice) but at the same time it will test u spirtually. now regarding venus , venus in 12th house though gives bedtime dreams, enjoyments but being debilitated this may shift u towards wrong diverted side.u should try to control ur pleasures on bed ,since venus also represents wife in male chart try to get married to a girl after matching her horoscope to aid some of remedies which can be followed for this condition 1.chant laxmi stotra in brhammahurta especially on fridays 2. do not eat sour (khatti ) things on fridays 3. do not take milk and milk products items after sunset avoid even cheese or chocaltes (this will prevent all malefic affect of venus) 4. buy sony music or any other companies sukra graha stotra . 5.give feed to cows before sunset on fridays(if u continue this during whole life then no effect of debi venus will be there) the effect will be more if u feed roaming helpless cows which are reallly hungary. 6. avoid beddreaming and eating any food item on bed. 7.donate cow which just has given birth to brahmin or poor brahmin (more effect) at time of ur marriage this will nullify all effcts of debi venus in ur marriage life. i do not want to disclose all effects of debi venus but if u do above acc to my research u can get excellent results and remmember these effects wont come in single day or week or even year u hav to follow them stickly and only after time( when all evil effects genereted by u in previous birth gets nullified )u will hav positive everlasting results . god bless u dhruv jyotish kendra (tirupati tirumala trust)
  7. first of all u both are very lucky to have each other with great bondage of true love ur husband has gaj kesari yog in 2nd house whiich will make him achive great heights one day but since 2004 he is not getting real and equal fruits of his hardwork which is due to ketu's dasha which will end in 2011 after which venus dasha will begin. now some of the points which should be observed are: in daily material life 1.do not disclose ur plans to others 2. ur whole life ur collegues will be jealous of ur husband always so be modest and never praise urself or get urself praised in front of others pray to godess kali on saturdays or do dristi dosh nivaran pooja regularly or chant mantra of godess durga otherwise ur sucess will be delayed always. 3.be optimistic and believe in ur luck u should drink sweet lassi with butter in morning for that. 4.never to take non veg food ,packeted foods, and do not take milk or milk products after sunset. remedies which are spirtual in nature will have more effects are- 1.visit temple and donate funds for their development do not donate anything to beggers or someone who can do his work (i e helathy person) instead donate to old age people diabled ,blind etc on every thursdays or mondays. 2. to reduce the effect of ketu read about chinnmastika mata from following site Kaal Sarp Yog - KaalSarpYog, Rahu Maharaaj, Rahu and Ketu, Mahayagya, Horoscope, Maa Kaal Vinashini Kaali Dhaam Remedy of Kaal Sarp Yog if regular prayer to her is done ur ketu dasha will pass on lsmoothly as silk ALSO U MUST visit her temple which is called "chintpurni temple " located in himachal pradesh devote some time over there which will provide great success in ur life. BEST WISHES DHRUVA JYOTISH KENDRA (TIRUPATI TIRUMALA TRUST)
  8. aap dono ka dil se dhnyavad parmatma apko bhot taraki de . sir one more thing i want to ask about my son who is recently born sir his ketu is in cancer in 9th house which represents luck and also shani is in tenth house in leo and also retrograde this scares me a lot as ninth house represents status of father and 10th relationnship with father after my failed attempts and adverse condition in my family i have him as my last hope plz guide me what effects it will have and how to protect oneself from these his birth details are 7th jan 2009 time 4:15 am place jallandhar /jullundhar. shree ram.
  9. respected gurus i am dhruv dob 17 oct 1980 time 4:35 am place jullundhar /jalandhar i gave ias exams 4 times but failed due to heavy misfortunes . plz predict when i will sttle and what job will suit me . thanking u in advance
  10. i am dhruv dob 17 oct 1980 time 4:40 am place jalandhar. i did bds and later gave ias attempts in which i failed 4 times wasting 5 years of my ligfe though i gave best efforts everything hapened bad to me my interst in astrolgy resulted in my failure because my interviewer being a christian hated hindus and especially astrologers he failed me 2 times bec of same reason. i want to open school and teach children about good sanskars will this happen ? i have no support now plz pedict and help.
  11. the reason u had stressfull life is because of ur atmakarka planet venus in 12th house and u had venus dasha during last 20 years which was also peak period of ur life .currently u are in sun dasha followed by moon which will be best period in ur life as moon is well placed and also ur bhagyakarka. but u should take care of some points like: never trust anybody in ur bussiness . do not procrastinate any work. regularly praying to godesss laxmi u can chant " om shree laxmi narayan bhyam namo namah visit tirupati balaji temple as he is considered laxmi brhamah of this universe . touch earth with hands when u wake up before putting ur feet on earth . since u have budhaditya yoga in ur lagna u should pray to lord narayana or krishna. avoid negative feelings as ur bhudhipati is in enemy's sign,try to be optimistic . hari om ..........
  12. i am dhruv dob 17 oct 1980 time 4:45 am place jullundhar/jalandhar . i am currently facing rahu dasha . i did bds and later gave ias exam 4 times but failed after reaching interview twice. i did lot of hardwork plz tell me when i will sttle and which job will suit me . i have kal amrit yog and rahu in cancer in elevnth house.
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