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  1. Dear all, please analyse my chart and predict my timing of marriage and marriage life. Please suggest some remedies if so i have doshas. Do i have a yoga to travel abroad? Thanks, Vijay
  2. Thanks Dhruv and rishivatsyan for you answers. Yes i am male.
  3. Dear Gurujis, What is the effect of debiliated Venus in 12th house from lagne in my chart. Also Venus is with mars which is 2nd and 7th lord. Also do i have kaalsarp yoga and kemadruma yoga? DOB:25/11/1983 Time:05:05 AM Place:Bangalore,India Lagna: Libra - Saturn. 2nd house: Mercury,Jupiter,Ketu,Surya. 8th house: Rahu. 10th house: Moon(pushya nakshatra). 12th house: Veus and mars. Also i am wearing Neela, will this be good ? Thanks Vijay
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