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  1. @abaar1234 For me Hasnain Kidwai sounds like a muslim name moreover why do you expect us to call him between 10-11 at night? Strange to me ...... Are you playing some kinda prank on us?
  2. @shri-shri What is that Simple remedy which uses handkerchief or any cloth to gte that person back.
  3. Can someone kindly get in touch with me or allow me to do that, please I am in desparate need of Sammohan/Vashikaran mantra. Dear love_alliance18 pls contact me as I am not able to do.
  4. No one is willing to help here, how sad
  5. Dear love_alliance18 Unfortunately I am not able to PM you as i need to complete atleast 30 posts to do that. I can contact you by mail, you can give urs or u can send a test mail to my ID cheers1180(at)gmail(dot)com ...... I will contact you after that, hope this is ok with you
  6. Dear love_alliance18 I have gone through your vashikaran Mantras but not sure which one to use & neither do i have a guru.Please tell me if anyone of the mantras are showing any positive results for you, also i went tro some of the websites like traantik.org & vashikaran.org who provide these Vashikaran yantras. Anyone has any experience on this ??
  7. I am also waiting for this answer, does anyone out here know anything about this?
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