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  1. Thanks Niteshm.. i will do perform this puja for hanuman ji.. Thanks
  2. Shri Shri ji, Please explain me the remedy.. or mail me.. at my email given above at my post. Thank you again
  3. which is the other remedy with a cloth or hankerchief, as i have his cloth but it washed so can we use it too. and if not i can try an arrange a cloth.. so how can i do that.. Thanks for your concern
  4. black magic effect is not there on a boy.. its just some spell has been done on him so that his mind changed completly against me and in just a week time and after that its going worse.... before he was completely with me and my family... but what should i do now to get him back...? my family// relations everybody involved in it means knew about us.. and had athought that we would marry but what should i do now? his family also knew and treating me as they have already accepted but now everything has been changed since he has changed and i really dont know what to do... as i can only convince my family when he is with me, otherwise how can i?
  5. i want to marry a boy... who has gone far away from me i feel in just a week time , we met through his mom 4 years back....Trishan his name ... now here is the story i would like to tell you that trishan's (name Changed) mom always use to treat me as her bahu.. in the functions she always use to intoduce me that she is the girl i am planning to get my son engaged and Trishan use to love me a lot.. our families were very close by this year february Trishan's mom was staying with us and nobody stopped us to go anywhere together whether day or night as everybody had a thought that we would marry... but suddenly everything has changed in my life and i dont want to think of marry anybody else.. and Trishan is going around with other girl and want to marry her , that girl just met him 2 months back... and his mind has completely changed against me... till february he was completely with me and we were trying to resolve family dispute but when Trishan has changed like this what can i do alone? my parents did a lot for me , they went and also touched Trishan's mom feet that please get them engaged but she did not listen.. but now my parents are also against and saying that we have done lot and now you will do whatever we are saying and marry where we want... what should i do ? please help me.... i have asked some people who said that something has been done on Trishan by his so that his mind go completely against me... now when Trishan changed suddenly... it amazed me within a week he changed... now his mother came to my house saying that how can i get agnry to you and all that stuff to me and my parents... and on the other hand she has only done something using some tantric on trishan so that his mind changed... one hand family dispute happened by his mother and suddenly trishan's mind changed completely and thirdly and big problem is that , the other girl has come in his life who is doing everything, telling him that she cant live without him and all... in this situation how can i get him back? What can be done now to resolve this... I dont want to marry anybody as its been four years we were together and i always was treated as i am already married to trishan but suddenly everything happened... can somebody do something and how can it be resolved? how suddenly everything changed and everybody is aganinst me now including my parents...please help me .. or suggest me real good trantric or Pandit or anything who can help me and who is not going towards money... Contact me at sandhyaprabhat@gmail.com Thans you
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