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  1. lots of people saying they have had good experienses with mantras buy not a single one wants to chare any of them with us here.how can we believe this stuff work if no one chares the working ones ,and a positive power that is chare becomes even more stronger unless the mantras been used are of a negative type.
  2. lots of comments but still no shreem mantra.how can one know this works if no one wants to share its proper way to say and know.
  3. lots of mantras on the internet,but which ones are the ones that really are worth trying? anyone have had any results? can anyone share some love, health and prosperity working mantras? thanks:)
  4. Thanks for answering my message. I havent had great luck in love and would love having that mantra you had sucsees with. also if you have any mantras for gettinf wealthy would be very nice. you can send me an email at jarveyp@, I really would love to be friends with you and learn more from you about this energies.
  5. can you email me some working mantras? papucho_javi@ I will be greatly thankfull if you do. javi.p
  6. What kind of sucsess have u had? can you share ur experienses?
  7. can anyone having sucsess with mantras post the ones working for them here?
  8. Billie would you be kind enougf to share that one complete mantra shreem you used that brought you results,also can you tell me how you did the meditation that brought you those results? what kind of good things happen? any help will be appreciated. jarveyp
  9. billy can I have the complete sreem mantra? the one that you did get results ,can you also help me on how to do the meditation you did to achieve the results? any help will be appreciated. jarveyp.
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